Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Fuyohhhh.........lama bonar tak update blog............padahal dah jadi fulltime housewive, but still tak der time nak mengupdate blog.

Actually to be a full time mom ni lagi bz than being in the office from 8 to 5, serious ni, yr housework like never ends tau, no break nor lunch time.  And yr brain is always thinking of what to cook everyday, the menu yg buat kepala pening, belum lagi going to the market to do marketing......the best if u ask yr kids or huby what they want to eat, aikkkkkkkkk macam-macam menu suruh masak, lagi fening, but felt happy doing it thou :):)

Since I quit a month ago, I hv been spending time staying at home like any other full time mom from Mon to Thurs.  Fri I will be out doing my deco, sat will be at home, sometimes out doing deco and Sun will be out to dismantle all the deco.  Bz jugak kan, but my bzness is during the wkends.

And of course m still serving the net or newspaper to look for job, but belum ade rezki, n it made me a lazy person pulak now to work in the office from 8 to 5 after a month at home.  So now m more keen to work part-time rather than full time. 

The past few weeks I was bz with my nephew wedding preparations for 5/12, from gubahan to deco.  Alhamdulillah majlis berjalan dengan lancar but something happen that night, Aqil met with an accident while we are all bz that sat night.  He fell down n was rush to nearby hospital.  Will post his photo in another entry.  Alhamdulilah he is better now.

Another event coming up, niece engagement on 25/12, just simple gubahan for her.  Will also be busy with wedding deco from this wk till end of Dec and few other outings that had been planned.

What else, ermmm I hv lots of deco photos to download an post at my wedding blog, dont know when will I hv time to do it, hopefully can do it by this week but it seems that this week pun bz jugak juggling with deco, Aqil bday and My Kendarat over the wkends.

OMG, m so occupied this wkends, but will try to find time to update more often :):)