Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Friday 27/3/09, we left home at 11.30am, fetched kak Yana from ITE Simei terus berdesut to Second Link, raf n nad dah tunggu we all at Gelang Patah.

Reached GP around 1pm if I'm not mistaken, kak Yana tak sempat-sempat tukar her school uniform sampai lah kat Malacca.

1st stop from GP is after Malacca Tol........hubby berkenalan with raf and Mr H.

From there we went straight to the hotel...............bak kata pepatah, aper yg nampak di web tak seindah rupa yg nyata...........

The first words that came out frm hubby mouth, "mak ai hotel cam haunted jer"

And its really menakutkan..........MALACCA CITY RESORT.............it should be called THE HAUNTED MALACCA CITY RESORT.......

at the reception, only us + 2 front desk the empty apartments lounge pun closed the dirty pool yg berlumut ghost town, cant c anybody loitering around children pool, look at the slide

Nad contacted the guy yg responsible to book for us the hotel, after the blah blah blah, pot pet pot pet, at last we managed to collect back our deposit, alhamdulillah.

After all settled, its time for us to go cari makan, kelaparan semacam, we headed to town area and ended makan our late lunch at Tesco, The Chicken Rice Shop............tak sodap, we dont like it.

From Tesco I contacted my BIL yg stayed at Mahkota Hotel. Kebetulan my sis (Aqil Umi) and her family pun went to Malacca for a short holiday, BIL dapat free 2 nights stay kat Mahkota Hotel.

BIL checked for us if there are any rooms available, nasib kiter cam kentang, alhamdulillah, there are rooms available so he reserved for us first and told the recept that we will reach hotel shortly.

From Tesco we all pun bergerak to Mahkota Hotel. Jauh berbeza this time from the Watercity Resort, me n family dah biase stayed kat Mahkota Hotel, n this hotel pun dah memang famous amos at Malacca.

posing at reception counter

We booked the 3 rooms apartment, syokness habis, raf n hubby pun tak kisah to share with me n nad, so memang lah seronok banget, gempak n gegar satu apartment.

view from our room, Frangipani wing at 17th storey pics from my hp camera, should recky nad or raf blog for a really nice shot from the pro cam

After we unpacked, relaxed dah cukup, we all pun went out to jalan-jalan kat Malacca Town, we went to Dataran Pahlawan, giler tempat ni, banyak branded goods dehhh...tapi jalan jeling-jeling jer, well ader jugak yg we all grabs n bought and some titbits for us to eat kat hotel.

Finished jalan-jalan went back to hotel to take our car..........this time nak cari dinner pulak. Our first day in Malacca dinner at Umbai.............dinner that I cant forget.........sodap giler...........the best Ikan Bakar I ever had...............marvelesssss.....

We left Umbai around 12.30am, berdesut balik to Hotel, keletihan yg amat sangat.

We had already planned our 2nd day outing in Malacca and so on......... TO BE CONTINUE.....

Monday, March 30, 2009


Hi hi salam to all, I'm fully re-charging my battery at home today..........but still nak jugak taruk one or two lines here.

Be back to work on Tuesday.

First of all thanks to everyone yg mendoakan kesihatan Aqil, alhamdulillah Aqil dah sihat seperti biase....and because he dah fully recovered on Friday, our planned for short trip to Malacca di teruskan jugak, alhamdulillah.

It was a wonderful get-away with my lovely frens or lebih enak my lovely dovey sisters.

Thou there are slight hiccups, perasaan yg terguris, marah, but still we enjoyed our 3 days 2 nights in Malacca.

A trip that will be remembered deeply in my heart by me n my family.

I'll update the trip soonnnnn...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I'm on Child care leave today. Had to sent Aqil to hospital early this morning ard 5am. His fever came back again , reached hospital its already 40.3 deg.

Like the other night, he had the same problem, shivering before the fever went up. Hubby decided to take him to the hospital when he couldnt stop shivering.

When we reached hospital, after the registering process, waited not long, our no. was called. A foreign doctor frm Philippines, I think she is still under training, doesnt look pro enough to handle kids. After asking this and that, Aqil need to be X-ray to check his lungs conditions and also take blood test to see if there is any infections.

Yang I cant handle is when he cried tak nak amik blood............ya ampun, terpekik kat dalam A&E tu only his loud scream yg bergema .........I dont want........I dont want.........I dont want.........tangan pun he sembunyikan tak nak nurse amik his blood.

Wah my darah pun up kejap, hubby pulak at the X-ray dept waiting for result, I pun keluar looked for him n asked him to come in and handle aqil.

Cried tetap cried, but takut ngan hubby nyer pasal, dia hulurkan jugak jari dia for the nurse to take his blood.

We waited for 45 mins for results to be out. We were called again dalam 20 mins gitu, not even 45 mins the result dah out.

The results : His lungs looks ok and clear, only his blood has slight problems. His white blood cells counts are very high. According to the doctor, for normal reading, it should be 5.5 to 15.5 but his is 21.6, possible caused is infected by Bacteria.

Doctor wanted to admit him, but before that she needs to consult her senior for confirmation. Sah lah si pompuan ni still under training. The senior doctor came, friendly and very pro habis, I liked the way he explains Aqil conditions.

Ater explaining, he told us its not really necessary to admit Aqil for now, but he needs proper medications and observations. He was given a high dosage of antibiotics to make the white blood cells back to its normal readings, if after taking the antibiotics, fever still high at 39 or 40 we need to bring him back to the hospital for admission, another method of giving his antibiotics will be done. And it will be a dripping method, and I cant imagine if he has to go through that. (medications given, high dosage of antibiotics, 7 bottles, one day to take 18ml, imagine hw he suffers taking antibiotics yg taste nyer begitu tak sedap)

Finished collecting all his medicines, we went for our breakfast at MacD, its at KKH also. Lepas breakfast terus balik. Reached home at 9am, hubby went out again to pump petrol kat JB,me n Aqil pengsan zzzzzzzzzzzz.............

Sadar-sadar its already 12.30, kelam kabut bangun cooked lunch while Aqil still sleeping. Hubby pun came back, after makan his lunch dia pulak pengsan sampai lah ke petang. Aqil pengsan from tengahari sampai ke petang baru bangun.

Right now, Aqil conditions is under control, his fever is also under control.....mudah-mudahan he will recover soon, hopefully the antibiotics will work wonders on him.

Monday, March 23, 2009


The sister dah beransur pulih, now adik pulak yg tak sihat. Arin fever had subsided, in-fact dah beransur pulih, aqil pulak yg having high fever now.

Sunday night while I was asleep, he woke-me up, he was shivering. I was shocked jugak, nak kata cuaca sejuk tak jugak, but than he was really shivering. I pun ambik kan selimut n covered him with it..he was still shivering. We went back to sleep, abt half an hour later, bila i nak pusing I tersentuh badan dia, my god, panas nyer....I pun melentinglah bangun. Its already 4am in the morning.

Aqil pun dah start menggelisah, I woke hubby up, we took his temperature, its 39 deg, me tak lengah-lengah went to the kitchen and took his Bufen from the fridge. Lucky kat fridge ader spare cooling gel pad, put it at his forehead, than he went back to sleep.

So from 4am this morning I tidur-tidur ayam jer, takut-takut his fever making teruk. Aqil kan ader history of fits, so tak berani nak betul-betul sleep.

Alhamdulillah he slept till 8am, woke-him up and send him to Umi house. I cant take any leave cause ader ISO meeting, but than told Umi kalau ader any emergency to call me ASAP.

While driving inside the car, I told Aqil, since Aqil today demam, tak yah go school. Terus bergenang air-mata and he told me........"no today I want to go school, I want to study with my frens".............lah budak ni, setengah budak tu kalau suruh ponteng, aduh kesukaan, but dia dok nak cried pulak. I pun pujuk lah and told him........."okay if yr fever not so high,u go school k".....but still lah muka dia muram merajuk. Reached Umi house muka dia masih masam mencuka, I told umi to pandai-pandai lah pujuk him.

As usual jugak, if Aqil yg demam I memang tak leh nak concentrate with work.....from morning till afternoon I kept calling Umi to check on him.....so far under control according to Umi.

But when I was having meeting at 2pm, I got a called from Umi............oh oh.....Umi says he started shivering again, kaki dah pucat lesi and Umi dah panic....apelagi now Umi pun dah looked afer her own cucu, 4 mths old baby.

Aduh I pun dah tak tentu arah, terus told my boss I need to go, tak sempat my boss nak say yes or no I dah capai my bag, logg-off my PC terus berdesut balik.

Reached Umi house, Aqil was still sleeping, can c he is shivering, kaki dah sejuk liked ice....I woke him up, gave him paracetamol and sponge him.

For 2hrs I'm at Umi house, when Aqil dah reda sikit, I pun bergerak back to office. I need to settle some important documents, so kenek left Aqil with Umi again a while.

I reached office at 3.45, beres kan aper yg patut than left office around 6pm.

When I fetched Aqil from Umi house....his fever that agak-agak ok. Reached home gave him his medicine and asked him to rest.

Aqil biaserlah, if sakit pun he hyper jugak, unless betul-betul dah tak tahan agaknyer baru lah he lepak.

Alhamdulillah his fever dah berkurangan, but tonight still kenek jaga-jaga. His fever kalau nak shoot up anytime jer.

Mudah-mudahan my kids will get better soon, we hv plans this wkends, semuanyer already planned, I really-really hoped they will get better, so we can continue with our plans....insyaallah.

...I'VE WON...

[Nuffnang] Congratulations! You have won yourself a pair of tickets to Confessions of a Shopaholic‏

"you've just won yourself a pair of tickets to catch Confessions of a Shopaholic!"

The movie screening will be held on:

Date: 24th March ‘09, Tuesday
Venue: GV Plaza Singapura, Hall 4
Time: 7.15 pm

Yeszzzzzzz, I'm one of the lucky winner of the 50 pairs of tickets giveaway...........and of caused lah moralle had invited sm to come with me.........but than ):

Due to unforseen circumtances.........sm tak boleh join me.......so kenek lah cari lain kaki to join.

Actually if possible nak bawak all the voguiiiiii gang.......but I hv only 2 tickets......so gang sowie ya.....nex time ader rezki for other contest I bawak uols semua alrite.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


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My 1st entry for Nuffnang............hoping for more after this :)))))))))))

I know my friend is a Shopaholic because she is madly in love with Mr Robinsons, Mr Takashimaya, Mrs OG and other Mr and Mrs at Orchard Road, Bugis and last but not least for a bazaar-style shopping with true ethnic characters at the famous Arab Street.

Lets take a peek of some pics taken during her recent shopping spree...........(supporting pics with consent from the Shopper Mama)........and let the pics do the talkings too :)

hrmmmm ........the big one or the small one...

she's really crazy for bags........most of her grabs are bags n bags

it all came to these...

the addicted shopper, love this pic of her "SATISFACTIONS GUARANTEE"

opssssssss from all that to another shopping galore...

A day at Arab street to scout for bling-bling fabrics........

Asked her anything about shopping, the answers is at her fingertips. She called it the "POWER OF TWO" and when she shopped, its important to have someone to provide each other with 'emotional', 'physical' and 'psychological' support with her shopping buddies....aint that superb.

Madness of shopping will bring her to this and...


Will she go on shopping again or will she be on confinement with her Shopaholic activities...................haha SHOPPER MAMA I doubt so :)

So, to all Shopaholics out there, lets march to catch "CONFESSIONS OF A SHOPAHOLIC ON 26TH MARCH 2009"