Friday, February 29, 2008


I dari pagi sampai lah now, very the bz, terkejar sana-sini, bikin errand, pegik Bank (ya ampun bank ramainye manusia) kenek queue up panjang sangat, adelah 1 jam gitu kat bank. Tak sempat nak grab anything for lunch, cause nak kenek rush back to office, one of my foreign worker going back to day, so dia dok opis tunggu I balik dari bank to settle all his money.
Back to office, rasa lapar lah pulak my perut, luckily kat fridge ade leftover cherry tomato, so makan je for alas perut gitu. Anyway, later this evening pun I have dinner appt. with my girl frens. Hmmmmmmmm mesti shok jumpa they all. Nanti I nak snap-snap muka-muka meka suma, than I nak post at my blog. Mesti best, not going to tell them that I m going to post their face in the blog. Dah post baru let them know, jangan kenek maki sudah.
Arrangement had been made with my hubby 1 wk before for this appt. So today my hubby will be the baby sitter at home. Tapi no problem lah, my kids pun dah grown up, cuma nak kenek entertain my bujang kecik lebih sikit. Pandai-pandai lah my hubby treat them for dinner, or may be I will ta pau back dinner for them, depending what time I will finish. " Sorry ayah, u hv to tolong ibu tonight, be a good daddy okay" My hubby very understanding tau, when I want to have some times on my own, or with frens, he is ok with it, he will help me with taking care of the kids. Zaman skarang ni banyak jugak hubby-hubby yg ok with this kind of situations, tapiiiiii ade jugak yg not ok, still got this kolot thinking that the wife are not allowed to go out with frens anymore after marriaged moreover bila dah beranak pinak. Agreeable or not?????? adekan hubby yg camni lagi??????? Tapi sometimes they have their reasons, so the wife kenek lah find out the reason directly from their hubby.
Enough of my membebel, now finishing my work and getting ready to meet my darling-darling mummy, "HAPPY WKEND"
Oh lupa lah pulak, in this entry today, I nak doakan semoga one of my blogger fren (VP) yg menjalani pembedahan today, semoga she cepat sembuh, tabah menghadapi segala kesakitan yg dialami, kerana ini semua adalah dugaan kite di dunia, dan juga semuga she can blog lagi with lots of updates, AMINNNNNNNN.


Haaa, title kat atas tu, ingat tak dengan lagu hujan??? yeterday on the way home from work, hujan lebat sekali, drive pun harus berhati-hati, tak nampak jalanraya. Tapi sempat lah pulak snap dari dalam keta.

Yesterday 5.30 sharp i chow from office, dalam hujan yg lebat, go and fetch Aqil from Umi house (my sister). Lucky jugak, reached my sis place, hujan dah mula reda, kalau tak susah jugak I nak dukung Aqil dalam hujan yg lebat. Aqil everyday after school, bath, susu terus tidur. Maklumlah pagi dah bangun, than 1/2 day from 1 to 5 will be at school. Reached je car-park at my house hujan pun turun dengan lebatnye lagi. The girls balik dari school pun basah kuyup.

View from my house, hujan dah mula reda

Cuaca sejuk semalam, so ape lagi, as I mentioned in my blog, i nak sleep early, at 9pm sharp I dah masuk bobok. The girls pun satu hari kat school, dah kepenatan pun masuk tidur jugak, Aqil yg dah bangun after magrib pun ikut tidur jugak. I dont realized pun my hubby balik kul berape, so dari semalam I lum nampak dia lagi sampai lah pagi tadi, cause tadi pagi dia gi kejo pun I lum bangun. I wake up at 6.30am when the girls dah ready nak gi school. After solat subuh, I sempat jugak continue lepak-lepak kat katil until about 7.30am.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

SO TIREDdddddddd...........

I m back in the office today, took a day leave yesterday, came back today with lots of works, which I didnt know came from where, it is piling up in my tray. Sometimes I just felt like quitting and stays home. If I m born with golden spoon, dah tentu I tak nak keja, duk umah diam-diam jadi tai-tai. Siapa yang tak nak kan??Tapi ape kan daya, ape yg dah ade pun I dah bersyukur.
Had no choiced but have to do all these shits, rushing so many things, and I dont think I can finish up everything today, impossible.
Enough lah about work, lets story mory about my leave yesterday. I took leave because my new gajet will be installed yesterday. Its the MIO Plan from SINGTEL. Its my new broadband service provider. I migrated from PI to Singtel. A fren recommended it, but its worth. Especially me yg ade anak dara who likes to bergantung kat talipon. MIO plans came with unlimited access of broadband services, free incoming and outgoing local calls n also MIO mobile plan with free HP. Oh ni my hubby lah dapat, cause amongst us only his hp yg dah teruk, old model. So we decided that the mobile line will go to him. Well the plan is good, but one disadvantage is , once they had installed the MIO box, we cant remove it anywhere and the phoneline also can only be accessed at where the MIO box is. Buttttttt, they can help us to do the telephone wiring to get the access from other rooms. The contractor who came yesterday was a very nice chap, instead of waiting to get another appt. for contractor to help with the phone line, he freely do it for me on the spot, so now I can also access the phone line from all the 4 connections at my home. Ahhhhhh, everything was settled yesterday, without any hassel and hiccups.

The MIO box

To continue with my yesterday story, my nephew came with his wife from JB. He bought a 2nd hand desktop from my fren, the LCD rosak so I sent him to my fren place to change. At 8pm we are back at my place, serve them dinner which I had cooked before I left. Nothing fancy, i fried laksa goreng, "hmmmmmm sedap busu" sedap ke atau dah lapar sebab dari keja terus masuk Singapore. Heeee, cian dia, nak rush time terpaksa lah buat camni. Well me pun memang ade intention to go in to JB to pump petrol, so kite pun bertolak lah sama-sama. Guess what, its 10pm, and I m stuck in the jam from 10pm and only cleared at JB checkpoint at 12.30pm. Goshhhhhhhh, its unbelievable. Kalau we know its going to be that mad the jammed, sumpah we all tak masuk, pump je kat sini. The real reason for the jam, which we didnt know, we only knew when we reached the S'pore counter, we tanye the custom officer why the 100% check. ITS IN THE NEWSSSS, JI leader had escaped from his detention yesterday. So tak nak elaborate lah pulak pasal ni kan, kot kot nanti salah cakap, aku plak masuk jail. So kite pun ape nak cakap, dah stuck for few hrs, lepas je Singapore custom, stuck lah pulak up to JB custom. Of course lah both sides mesti ade 100% check kan, this is bukan main-main beb. At this time, my nephew and us dah seperated, we go our own way lah. Ingatkan after JB custom, all will be cleared, tapi "oh my goddddddd" out from JB custom stuck in the jam lagi sepanjang-panjang tidak, ade Chinggay lah pulak kat JB, bayangkan how fed-up and frustrated we are in the car, luckily Aqil tak buat hal. My hubby jangan lah cakap, dah sumpah seranah segala. So stuck lah lagi kite for another 1 1/2 hrs nak get out from the traffic. I SMS my nephew, they are about to reach home soon, n kite baru nak pump petrol. Si dua ekor tu pun lupa yg JB ade Chinggay celebration, dah masuk and stuck in the jam baru ingat. Ended up kite reach home at 2.30am. Aqil sampai dah berdengkor kat keta, my hubby hilang mood pasal dah ngantok sangat, and myselft, felt so tired and gerammmmmmm. What a day to remember, never before we are stuck that long, from 10 to 2.30am. Ikutkan hati memang malas nak masuk JB just to pump petrol, tapi apekan daya, petrol kat Singapore mahal, sangatlah mahal, jadi untuk enough kan budget, terpaksa lah redah jugak.

I will chow early from office today, and nak sleep early today, my hubby yg kesian, he had to worked till night today, will only reached home at 11.30pm, i dah pesan him, "ayah ibu nak sleep early ok, so dont kacau me when u balik, n of course ibu will prepare yr dinner first, if ayah tak makan, campak je kat dalam fridge" spontan jugak my hubby jawab, "tidur lah, tak de sapa pun nak kacau, tak yah prepare dinner, I will eat dinner kat keja, ayah pun balik terus nak bobok" So its settled, I will sleep early, nak wake-up fresh tomorrow, and oh ya, tak sabar nak meet up and have dinner with my best frens tomorrow.

I tried to control my eyes yg tersangat ngantok ni, tapi ya allah, susahnye. Dah bercawan kopi i sebat, ngantok gak. Lucky my boss came in early this morning, than chow after that. If not, tak tau how I nak sit here with my eyes half closed gitu. Well panjang lebar jugak my story, walaupun ngantok. Kalau ade typo error tu, betulkan lah sendiri kalau u all baca, maklumlah orang yg mengantuk yg typed this entry :)

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I hv nothing interesting to update today, furthermore I m sooooooooo bz with work. Need to rush all by today, cause tomorrow I will be on leave.

Will update if something interesting came up by then.

Cheersssssssss to all.

Monday, February 25, 2008


This was taken on Saturday afternoon, while waiting for Arin at Madrasah, sempat me n aqil berposing

Si kecik ni suka sangat driving

Saturday night, taken at hotel lobby, Royal Plaza at Scotts

This is the couple with their daughter, orang yg belanja kite lah

Me and the wife

My hubby, his partner and the wife

The only picture of the food taken, roast beef agaknye, taken by my son, oh btw, all photos at dining table was taken by aqil, our photographer for that night


Wat a day, until I didnt realize, lagi 2 hrs dah nak chow. Today very bz, a lot of works to do. But, even though bz, I m still chatting with my ex colleague, minah ni ngan I kalau dah berbual tak ingat dunia, we used to be very closed when we work together, suka duka slalu bersama, "boleh gitu Ana". She reads my blog to, hopefully she will read this entry. Kite hv lots of secrets together, and it will be our secrets forever. Oh ya, I'm meeting her and my other ex colleague this Friday, get together, dah lama we didnt see each other, miss them lah.

I dont really want to talk about work today, hari-hari pun sama jugak, work never ends. So back to my story ngan my ex colleague ni, kite ni sama kepala tau, sebab tu kite leh klick. When I used to work with her in my previous company, hari-hari tak kering gusi, ade je story yg nak di storykan, lucu-lucu pulak, and she memang lah suka kalau I ni talk rubbish, menggelikan hati. Sometimes in work place, u hv to have that kind of kawan which will make your day. While chatting with her pun, leh jugak cakap yg rubbish-rubbish gitu ???????? . Maklumlah orang dah kahwin, wakakaka. Ade lah ups and downs with her tapi tak se-serious mana pun, tapi pun macam never pulak I quarrel ngan dia, slalunye yg gila-gila ade lah. We shared our stories, from family to in-laws to ape-ape aje, except yg private lah kan, nanti dah story part tu, susah lah pulak, "sorry Ana". K lah I pun dont want to story banyak-banyak about her, marah pulak makcik ni kang. Well, I cant wait to c u, dah berapa kali this get together kenek postpone, insyaallah, this Friday on k.

Saturdays Updates :
As mentioned in my last wk friday update, I have something planned for Saturday. We were invited (me n hubby only) to a posh restaurant, its called 'CAROUSEL' located at Royal Plaza at Scotts hotel. Its serves Asian & Mediterranean buffet. From 1 to 5, I give 4 rating lah, because I ni bukan nye suka makan Jap food, or raw-raw food ni, so I only enjoyed the desserts, and of course the seafood. The story is like this : we were invited by this couple, the wife and daughter actually my hubby trainee, btw my hubby is a driving instructor, so bila the daughter dah passed the mom pulak belajar driving. Bila dua-dua dah passed, tu yang as a gratitude they invite us for dinner, bukan we all je, there is also another instructor which is in the same group with my hubby, was also invited. But its couple je lah, so my 2 daughters I terpaksa post kan kat somewhere, but no choice I still hv to bring the bujang kecik. Well the dinner was quite good, this hotel belongs to Brunei, so kebanyakkan of their customers pun from Brunei. Susah nak compare, brunei ngan singaporean muslim kan sama je, unless kite dengar their conversation a bit je different. Back to the foods, they have everything served, and the desserts was marvellous (sorry tak de gambar) I didnt snap any photos of the foods, its very crowded and malu lah pulak nak snap-snap. Only a few photos taken, during the makan and also me posing at hotel lobby. This is the 1st time my hubby was invited to such occasions if trainee passed their driving, all the while only small token je. Normally he will bring back chocolate, sampai muak makan chocolate.

Sunday nothing much to update, was at home the whole day, hubby is working, left me n the kids at home. As usual, banyak kerja kat umah yg harus di perbuat. Actually I pun dont really like to go out on Sunday, i rather spend time at home. At least all those house works u can finish up on Sunday. If not it will keep piling up every day.

Nothing else to story mory, so I end my story here, will upload the photo yg I snap sikit-sikit kat hotel tu k.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Benciiiiiiiiii............. Tapi apekan Daya

Snap gambar ni semasa kat keta this morning, Aqil masih tak boleh bukak mata

I m not in the mood to update my blog today, but dari duk pikiak pasal nasib ni, lebih baik story mory sikit. My anger was from yesterday evening. Saat saat nak packing to go back, i received email from my boss, the email says :

"Mariah can you please prepare appt letter for this guy ?????????????, he will be joining us next wk on monday as a Service Manager, his basic salary will be S$ ????????????? "

Damn it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! , u know why am I so angry???, this guy basically had no experience in this line, and he is drawing higher than me, I yg dah nak abt 5 yrs with the company, the difference soooooooo much. That is what I am angry about, I m really angry with my boss yg berat sebelah. Can't he c and observed that I hv put so much effort in my work, and this is how he treated me. Even though there is an increement before n future, but it will take few increments for my salary to be level with this stupid guy, Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee gerammmmmmmmmm, gerammmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :(

So itu lah dia yg buat I tak de mood sesangat today. When my boss came in this morning, I dont even greet him, malas pun nak c his face, when he ask me questions, i answer pun tak tengok muka dia, I think he did sensed something is wrong, he tried to create conversation with me, but I dont care gitu. I really ignore him today.
Lunch I went out to the bank and do some errand, macam mana marah still hv to do my work. Last minute my sis called, need my help to send my son to school, she is not well. So before i bikin keja-keja tu suma, i swave to my sister place to send my son. Happy kecik tu, "yeahhhhhhhhhh macam stress" c lah my son pun realized yg my face ni lagi stress. I pun make him happy " No lah, ibu tak stress, ibu happy face kan" . Ini lah kurnian tuhan yg sangat berharga, "anak", bagaimana berdukanye sekalipun kite, when we c their face, kedukaan itu akan lenyap untuk sementara.

My face yg begitu stress today

Aqil at school

Hmmmmm, itu lah yg I nak citekan today dalam blog I ni, betapi benci dan sedih dengan keadaan sekarang, hopefully this will not spoilt my weekend.

"Happy wkend to all"


TIRU MACAM SAYA!!!!!!!!!!!!

Malu-malu kucing, senyum simpul face
Angry face

Happy face

Sad face, tapi macam tak sad

Funny face, idung kembang

Thursday, February 21, 2008


Tengok lah putra ku ini, bukan main seronok memetik guitarnya. Sila on speaker kuat-kuat k and enjoy the song title ???????????????????? (belum ade title lagi)
**Anyone want to give a title to this song, silakan lah**


I' m late today, guess what time i woke up this morning, its 9am, orang dah start keja I m still sleeping. Quickly i sms my boss telling him that I will be late, will reach office around 10am, no reason given :)

Its not because of PSP, I overslept, after solat this mrng, I went back to sleep, so syok gitu, sampai terover.

Sempat berposing jugak walaupun dah terlebih lambat to work

When I reached office my boss was smiling at me, I think he knows cause I came to work without make-up, that means I m late, and rushing to work, hehehe. His mood is good today, apasal ek????? well, bagus lah boss mood baik, so I start keja pun dengan hati yg gumbira, hehehehe.

Sesudah bermake-up nak pose kejap

I had a discussion with my boss abt yesterday issues, biase lah si tua ni, he says "Mariah, I understand your situation, I just want you to bear with it until we hv a logistic assistant to handle all issues pertaining to logistic" boleh gitu, ok lah tak pe, I give-in lagi, just wait and c, how long it will be or how long will I be here.

So today, macam bz lah sikit, sampai tak perasan its lunch time. Today hubby tersayang prepare my breakfast n lunch. Sayang kan ayah ngan ibu, hehehehe, wifey membongkang tidoq, cik abang kenek prepare breakfast sendiri, tak ketinggalan preparekan sekali untuk wife terchinto. Well 2 sets of wholemeal bread with egg for me, 1 for breakfast and the other for lunch. Sila lah lihat gambar roti I yg simple dan sedappppp, maklumlah yg prepare kan abang tersayang.

Sedap tau roti ni, lagi lagi yg prepare kan abeng tersayang

While munching my bread, rasa macam nak buat spring cleaning lah pulak, my workstation ni dah macam ape, berabuk lagi, the cleaner never did a good job, tapi nak naik gaji, ape hal kan, of course my boss bising ah. So ape lagi, since my work pun tak memerlukan yg urgent, I start to do my spring cleaning. My boss came back from his lunch and say, "what is with you today, people do spring cleaning before the CNY, u the other way round" dalam hati, aku nye pasal lah, nak sebelum ke, selepas ke, kok susah sey, macam lah kite ni pantang cam dia. My boss ni walaupun quite modern tapi banyak jugak his pantang larang. Yg paling dia serious sekali is, no red colour in the office area or at the production, overall kat tempat keja lah. Ni his fengshui. But of course not limited to individual lah, working attire tak termasuk lah, mana boleh kan, suka hati u lah, nak pakai baju red ke, bra red or panties red, he wants to check ke, wakakaka.

Well, I managed to clean my workstation less than 2hrs, lama jugak, banyak sangat sampah sarap. Hmmmmm walaupun a lot yg I dah throw, masih jugak nampak banyak sangat barang kat table I ni. Tapi tak pe lah, nanti kalau kontang orang cakap makan jagi buta pulak budak ni, macam tak de kejo kan.


Sesudah, sama je kan, banyak sangat khazanah yg important


Yesterday night while I m in the kitchen, suddenly, "Ibuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, aqil nak makan maggi, ibu cepat-cepat masakkan aqil ok, cayangggggggggg ibuuuuuuuuu" .

Bujang kecik ni tak nak makan nasi pulak for his dinner, ngidam nak maggi, so I pun cook lah 1 bungkus for him. Surprisingly he can finish 1 bungkus, wahhhhhhhhh gagah betul, macam betul-betul ngidam, makan dengan sesungguhnye, take a look at the pics, sempat I snap while he santap his maggi. And dah lepas makan maggi, about 1 hr later mintak nasi pulak, agaknye tengah selera so I ikutkan aje lah kerenah dia.

Dengan sesungguhnye menghadapi santapan yg di idamkan :)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Ape niiiiiiiiiiiiiii, so frust betul lah today, dah lah comp asyik hang je from morning, every time I open file, save file, go to internet, it hangs, may b dah too many things uploaded agaknye, tapi really frustrated betul lah.

Since morning dah lah bz macam nak rak, every single things are urgent, fed-up betul lah. I m really in a bloody moody mood betul lah. Tak tau camna nak expresskan at my blog ni, the only thing I know I m really eeeeeee :(

I went out a while during lunch just to take a fresh air, rasa nye tersumbat pernafasan today duk dalam opis, if I didnt go out, I will feel miserable the whole day. So I went to Sun Plaza for shopping. Pusing-pusing, at last I bought a simple and nice black top, though its simple tapi harga leh tahan gak, but I dont care, lagi boring nyepasal I just grabbed it and pay. Hmmmmmmmmm I can wear this on Saturday for my ??????????, oh my last wkend event was postponed to this Saturday, will blog about it next week. I spend almost 2 hrs for lunch today, terover pulak time, but who cares.

My New simple black top from This Fashion

Reached office, my boss is waiting for me, Phrghhhhhhhhhhhhh, ade lagi si tua ni kat opis. So I kasi lah excuses yg I was held up by something, tu sebab late. Actually dia tak tanye pun why I'm late back to office, he is waiting for me because he want to drive the Opel out. Ooooooooooo, abih lah aku, he has appt at 2pm, I reached office at 2.30pm. I malas nak drive my car out, so I drive the office Opel car. Asal pulak dia tak drive his Lexus ???? well anyway, I felt a bit better after the jalan-jalan n shopping.

Than, while doing my work, suddenly it happened againnnnnnnnn, ni kali I angry pulak ngan my Ops manager, dia ni tak patut pun jadi Manager ah, he really didnt have the Manager responsibility, geram ah, because of his dont care attitude I yg kenek with customer. Really toooooooo much, I have to bring this matter to my boss, if not every time customer could not get him, I will be the person yg kene attacked, its not fare, really not fare for me, I m not paid to be his bullet proof jacket, to hell with him, I will definitely put this to a stop.

Nak tayang muka orang lagi penggggg, nampak tak my angriness ni

Today betul-betul menguji kesabaran I, kalaulah I ni tak leh control, rasanye dari tadi lagi I dah cabut balik, rumah bukan jauh pun, bedek -bedek not well, jumpa doktor amik MC.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Look at me in purple today, ape mood ya in purple, actually my mood sort of ok ok lah, macam penat. Was bz the whole mrng, ni pun curi-curi update blog since my boss is out for lunch. He will be in whole day today, conducting interview till late afternoon.

Work as usual, I was quite upset this morning, had an argument with a customer, sarcastic customer to be exact, but after talking to my boss and after his explaination on how to handle this client, I was back to my normal self. Sometimes u still need yr boss to pujuk n advise u with this kind of situation. No doubt my boss is good at this but sometimes he also very demanding. The argument I had with the customer this mrng is also because of him. But anyway, work is still work, no matter hw unhappy u r, u just have no choice. U cant run away from it but u hv to face it.

I dont feel like taking my lunch today, had taken heavy breakfast this mrng, probably just grab a fruits later on. Kerja berlambak nak habiskan, so today will be a very bz day for me. Tapi no matter what I will still curi-curi blogging :), kerja sampai maut pun tak kan abis the work.

Posting this photo which Arin took for me, this photo was taken yesterday night, mamat kecik ni nak bersuap pulak lah makan, he says "Ibu, ibu suap adik makan K, sayang ibu" so sambil menyuap, sempat lah panggil akaknye to snap the 2 photos.

Dah macam filipino maid lah pulak kat umah ngan baju tidoq yg serabai ni.


I now pass it on to our wonderful bloggers

Monday, February 18, 2008

WATCH IT !!!!!!!!

My son, sibuk suruh record him nyanyi lagu Aliff Aziz, c how cute, tapi malu-malu lak pulak, tapi mauuuuuuuu, camera ibu jadi mike dia pulak, cause Aliff song media is in the HP, so dia ikut-ikut lah.

ENJOYYYYYYYYYYY the new Singer from Singapore, MUHD AQIL


Today mrng hubby send me to work, after that nak go and service our car. Mrng sangat sampai today, reached office about 8.10, woooooh, sangat lah pagi. BTW, i had Macdonald breakfast this morng, hubby drove me to Mac and I bought 2 sets of Mcmuffin with coffee, 1 set for hubby so that he can makan while waiting for the car.
I had planned to have lunch with hubby today, while waiting for the clock to reach 12pm, I pun bikin lah kerja sesungguhnye walaupun my tummy not feeling to well today, meragam pulak perut ni, apasal agaknye. The whole tummy cramp, I had to take pain killer in order to stop the pain. After taking the pain killer, ok lah sikit.

At 12 sharp hubby sms yg dia dah kat bawah, I pun turun and we go and have our lunch together gether. Dont know where to go, Banquet jugak lah at Causeway Point. I had E-mee soup while hubby had kueteow kerang. Ok lah, dua-dua pun sedap. After lunch I drove him back to take his motorbike, me back to office while he off to work, this wk he is on afternoon shift. While driving back to office, my tummy cramp datang balik, so uncomfortable having tummy ache while driving. Alhamdulillah sampai office ngan selamat, than kelam kabut take the pain killer lagi. Rasa-rasa macam nak kenek c pak doktor, kenek kasi duit lagi lah nampaknye malam ni. When the pain is gone again, ape lagi, continue with work and blogging. Sempat jugak update my blog while work is piling up jugak.

Monday blues ah today, so bikin keja also a bit slow and I m taking my own sweet time until 530 pm :)


As mentioned in my last wk update, there are few things that had been arranged, but so sadly ): me stuck at home with the kids over the wkends, all that had been planned was cancelled, hubby had to work OT from Sat till Sun. As a result, we did not go anywhere, except that my niece & nephew from JB came to our place to collect their computer that I had help to purchase. The rest is me doing housework and teaching the kids at home.

Tengok mambang 2 ekoq ni, bukan main relaks kat umah busu, anyway, photo taken by Aqil. My anak sedara is the guy, my sis 2nd son from JB, tu binik depa, makin kembang pulak lah si minah ni.

But then on Friday, the bday celebration was still on, here are the pictures that I hv taken :

My gift to the bday boy, he is so crazy with orange colour, so Nizam hope u like the orange NIKE bodyfit.

Aik minah kecik ni pun nak pose, anyway its to celebrate her belated bday, both bday falls in Feb, so sekaki lah posing

Bday body posing alone with his bday cake, happy nye, oh maklumlah dapat PSP dari ibu tercinto on his bday

Nizam, me and Mastura, my sis 3rd daughter

Haha, ni lah my sis family, my sis yg pakai tudung itam tu belah belakang, on the left hand side tu Hisham with his wife, they got married last year early Dec, masih pengantin baru lagi kot, tak ketinggalan my 3 kids

These photos were taken during Hisham wedding in Dec, 2 mths back

Friday, February 15, 2008



Satu hari CINTA dan KAWAN berjalan dalam kampung...Tiba-tiba
CINTA terjatuh dalam telaga...

Kerana CINTA itu buta... Lalu
KAWAN pun ikut terjun dalam
telaga... Kenapa??

KeranA... KAWAN akan buat ape
sahaja demi CINTA !! Di dalam
telaga CINTA hilang... Kenapa??

Kerana... CINTA itu halus, mudah
hilang kalau tak di jaga, sukar
di cari apatah lagi dalam telaga
yang gelap... Sedangkan KAWAN
masih lagi tercari-cari dimana
CINTA dan terus menunggu...

Kerana... KAWAN itu sejati dan
akan kekal sebagai KAWAN yang
setia...kan?? so, hargai lah
KAWAN kita selagi kita terasa dia

Walaupun kita punya couple, teman still
paling setia...
Walau kite punya harta banyak
teman still paling berharga

Frenz never break.......................


Muka orang boring yg berada di dalam kereta semasa jam, tapi sempat berposing dengan muka yg bored

The wdkend is here again. Few things had been planned over the wkend. Tonight we will be celebrating my nephew bday at my sis place, will take photos of the handsome bday boy and the celebration. Nothing fancy, just a family get together.

Wake up this morning, wondering what to wear to work, dont felt like wearing jeans and T, so I sneaked into my daughter wardrobe, and pinjam her long blouse. Hahaha, mother and daughter has the same size (my 1st girl), imagine how chubby she is until I can wear some of her clothes, not all though. So here I am at work with leggings and long blouse from THIS FASHION.

This morning I was late to work again, not because I overslept, but because of the jam. Most of the company had started work again since yesterday, so the road that I always used was jam with cars, sooooooooo many cars. And the taffic light, so fast changing from green to red. It had started again, the road is jamming with cars. I thought I can be at work early today, but I reached office almost 9. Luckily my boss is not in early today, if not I have to answer to all his stupid questions. But so far, he never really query me if I m late, he knows the route I always took is jam, he himself will pass by that route. So no issues lah.

Had a meeting with my boss this morning, few things to do and follow-up. As usual, bad debtors, manpower matters, blah blah and blah. All this issues had been a routine matters to follow up during my meeting session with him. The rest of the day will c how, though tonnes of things to do, but today is Friday beb, relax lah kan, tak yah nak overworked.

Going out later during lunch to buy a present for my nephew, but still thinking what to buy. Few things in my mind, actually few things to buy, including my own things.

Till further update, "HAPPY WKEND TO ALL"

Thursday, February 14, 2008


*** To All Who Are *** SINGLE
Love is like a butterfly.
The more you chase it, the more it eludes you,
But if you just let it fly, it will come to yo when you least expect it
Love can make you happy, but often it hurts,
but love's only special when you give it to someone who is really worth it.
*** To All Who Are *** NOT SO SINGLE
Love isnt about becoming somebody else's "perfect person."
Its about finding someone who helps you become the best person you can be.
*** To All Who Are *** PLAYBOY/GIRL TYPE
Never say "I love you" if you don't care.
Never talk about feelings if they aren't there.
Never touch a life if you mean to break a heart
Never look in the eye when all you do is lie. The cruelest thing a guy
can do to a girl is to let her fall in love, when he doesn't intend to catch her fall
and it works both ways ....
*** To All Who Are *** MARRIED
Love is not about "Its your fault", but "I m sorry"
Not "where are you", but "I m right here"
Not "how could you", but "I understand"
Not "I wish you were", but "I m thankful you are"
*** To All Who Are *** ENGAGED
The true measure of compatibility is not the years spent together,
but how good you are for each other.
*** To All Who Are *** HEARTBROKEN
Heartbreaks last as long as you want and cut as deep as you allow
them to go.
The challenge is not how to survive heartbreak but to learn from them.
*** To All Who Are *** NAIVE
How to be in love : Fall but dont stumble, be consistent but not too persistent,
share and never be unfair, understand and try not to demand, and get
hurt but never keep the pain
*** To All Who Are *** POSSESSIVE
It breaks your heart to see the one you love is happy with
someone else,
but its more painful to know that the one you love is unhappy with you.
*** To All Who Are *** AFRAID TO CONFESS
Love hurts when you break up with someone.
It hurts even more when someone breaks up with you.
But love hurts the most when the person you love has no idea how you feel.
*** To All Who Are *** STILL HOLDING ON
A sad thing about life is when you meet someone and fall in love,
only to find out in the end that it was never meant to be,
and that you have wasted years on someone who wasnt worth it.
If he isnt worth it now he is not going to be worth it a year or 10 years from now.
LET GO......
*** TO ALL OF YOU***

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Today I m late again, because of PSP, haiiiiiiii, memang betul kata Ceera and EJ, dah gian ni main PSP. Anyway same story, I dah lah lambat, dragging myself to work, n also, time nak kluar rumah kejut bujang kecik macam nak rak, pujuk punya pujuk baru open his eyes. He told me, "Ibu aqil cannot open eyes", cian dia, but have to, no choice, ibu going to work and I cant carry you, dah tak larat.

Bz as usual at work this morning, boss back from outstation, so bz lah sesangatnye. Tik tuk tik tuk, i realize dah 12.30pm. As I was about to go out for lunch and to the bank, my fren called, she had just finished her driving theory lesson and on the way home, member on MC 1 bulan, oooooooooo best nyeeeeeeee. So apelagi, kite janji to meet lah for lunch, we met at Causewaypoint, I settled kan dulu my keja, go bank collect $$$$ and post office than baru gi makan. We ate at Banquet je, actually dont really know what to eat, ended up I ate fish & chip, and she ate Chicken rice. We ate and chit chat lah kejap, talked about the kids school, kids life, macam-macam lah lagi. We left banquet at abt 2pm, I sent her back and I pun balik opis. Reached office, everybody is not in. I m all alone again in the office, but its ok, used to it, orang kata dah lali.

After balik lunch ngantok lah pulak, so ape lagi, bikin kopi, duk diam-diam serve the internet. I pun make confirmation to book my hotel in KL, I hv decided on Swiss Garden. Than sok sek ngan Ceera and Apple, boleh lah jugak buat tahan mata yang ngantok ni. Lagi sedap godeh internet, my boss called lah pulak, ask me to check on soooooooooo many things, geram ah, tapi tak pe lah, dah tugas kan, what to do.

Since me pun dah hampir habis update my Wednesday acara di blog ni, so I pun bikin lah ape yg telah di tugaskan, ni lah pekerja contoh :) Sambil sambil chatting.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


As mentioned earlier, inilah istana ku, tempat di mana setiap hari kami sekeluarga menghabiskan masa suka dan duka, riang dan gembira, dan berbagailah lagi. Simple deco, because I jenis yg simple, striking colour has always been my favourite, tak suka banyak perabot, very leceh nak do cleaning, well c for yourself.

The Entrance

Open the door - this is what u c

Part of the living room - near the main door

My living room area

My entertainment corner, for movies and karaoke

Close up of my entertainment corner

This is the dining area, the lorong tu menuju ke bilik

This is the counter and kitchen area

1st room from the lorong, utilities room lah gitu, computer, study table, tempat menggosok suma kat sini, all in one

2nd bedroom - my 2 girls room, with simple furniture

This is the master bedroom, tempat I memadu kasih :) also with simple bedroom furniture, oh Aqil room is also here, nak menyelit aje ngan ibu and ayah