Friday, January 30, 2009


Oooooooooo boshan giler seyyyy sitting around doing nothing....thou there are things to do, but I'm pretending not to be bzzzzzzzzz.

Boss came in this morning, then when I left at 12.30 to send Aqil to school, he pun chow sama.....n till now tak balik lagi, so looks like he will not be back.

I have to bring Aqil to work today, Umi need to go to hospital for day surgery so since no body can look after him, terpaksalah he join me at the office today, okay lah jugak, office pun masih sunyi sepi, with his mulut yg kecoh tak lah sunyi sangat.

my new staff playing computer game

Oh lupa pasal Fortune Cookies pulak. Yesterday after fetched Aqil from Umi house, we went to Vista Point, I bought some dishes for dinner, biaser lah, lazy to cook....than went to 7-Eleven to buy bread and jajan for Aqil.

Since its Lunar New Year, 7-Eleven is having this so called free goodies, Golden Fortune cookies. Every customer will be given 1 pkt of the cookies.

So when I reached home, I opened the Fortune Cookies................broke it into two...... you will c a piece of paper with your fortune written on it..........hehehe...

So what's mine.................let'c

Insyaallah, hopefully our love (me n hubby) will blossom forever and ever, "till death do us part", I will have a blossoming frenship with all my frens cyber or not, and also blossoming love with all my family, AMINNNNN......


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

...CNY PART 2...

I'm back at work today, not very bz, all Chinese staff are still on leave, except my boss, he came in early this morning n already left the office.

The building here very quiet today, most companies are still closed till end of this week, even canteen also closed till this Friday, so I hv to bring foods from home or hv to drive out for foods, but its a good opportunity to diet :)

Blogging pun sepi jugak, masih ader yg bercuti till next week agaknyer.

Continuation on my CNY holiday.............felt so so tired, tak duduk diam at home, I thought Monday is our last outing and wanted to rest at home on Tuesday. Lagipun I'm not feeling well, having flu n cough.

But Hubby pulak plan to go swimming, Aqil dah few times tanye ayah bila nak go swimming pool, so aper lagi, kebetulan holiday, penat biar penat sekali and let the kids enjoy the holiday.

Ok lah laling, I pun ikutkan jer lah kehendak mereka, we ajak Umi n Abi to join us sekali.

So on Tues morning, I woke-up around 10am, thought nak bangun a bit early, nak wash clothes and make breakfast, but was shocked, when I woke-up, all was done, clothes dah hanging outside and breakfast pun dah ready. Rupa-rupanye my dear hubby dah bereskan everything for me, he pun tau agaknyer I kepenatan sangat melayan kerenah dia orang n lagipun I'm not feeling so good. Sayang ayah, thanks laling for being so understanding :)

hubby went out early to buy the famous roti prata at Transit

We went out at 1.45, Abi used his car to fetch us to Jurong West Swimming Pool. I dont hv the intention to swim, so I tak bring my swim suit, caused I thought its holiday, sure crowded with people but surprisingly tak ramai orang, hmmmmmmmm rugi rugi tak swim, so at last Umi n me just sat around and chot chet while the rest went swimming.

I snap this photo while hubby, Umi n Abi dok termenung sambil melayan fikiran masing-masing

We left Aquatic centre at 4.30 and went to Makan Syiokk to eat.

the girls ate nasi ayam penyet

umi dish, cannot remember the name, but nice

life music by S Jibeng, serious this guy looks like S Jibeng, kesian buta, but he played good music

Satay for all, I didnt eat anything, throat not feeling good, so kacau sana-sini jer orang makan

We left makan syiokkk at 6pm, went home straight and relaxsssssssss..................the end of my story mory of my Wkends and CNY holiday.


Hi all, hw's the holiday, mine was great but tired thou, tak duk rumah langsung, lots of story mory to tell but will jut let the pics do the talking ya, if I were to write in details confirmed my jari jemari tak larat to type n uols nak baca pun tak larat here it goes...........

Saturday hubby was at home, after settling the kids in the morning, we went to the kids grandma house, lepak sana cause MIL called hubby, she cooked bubur kacang durian so she called ajak we all makan sana. We were there sampai malam than went home around 9pm.

Sunday, MIL called me at 12pm, hubby worked 1/2 day, she told me my FIL not well, nak go urut at JB, so she needs hubby help to drive them to JB.............hubby reached home at 1230, I told him than ape lagi, kite anak beranak pun siap-siap, at 2pm my FIL came to fetch us, we didnt drive our car, used my FIL car, crossroad.........

not so massive jam, but still jam at JB chkpoint

reached JB, FIL go n urut, we all lepak at kedai mamak chendol

ni mamak chendol tu, his chendol very power, n also kite borong makan his wadeh, his wadeh pun aduhai super power, if I went to my sis house,sure singgah sini belik wadeh

while waiting for atok, we all lepak kat kedai mamak sambil borak-borak

n this car belongs to my FIL, Honda Crossroad

After my FIL urut, we all went to AEON tebrau, thou we knew its CNY eve, we still went there ajak my in- law jalan-jalan, we all park our car and went to TESCO jer, besar betul tempat ni, if its not CNY eve, sure happening lah our shopping. At last cuma me n Arin yg belik shoe, kedai kasut ni having sales n tak tutup langsung, I saw the sales girl cam kesian, she is a Chinese, orang dah lah ramai berebut nak belik kasut, she pun kelam kabut melayan, nasib lah baik dia coolllll jer, if not pengsan kat situ jugak with her big tummy, oh she is pregnant lagi....but a good lady with a good attitude to customer, thou she has to work during CNY eve and looks so tired, she still layan customer with her great smile....

never use this brand before, Fabiano Ricco, but all the shoes looks nice and comfty to use

my pumps, so comfty n simple


Dah jalan-jalan kejap, we all lepak at Food court to eat than left TESCO around 8.30pm, FIL ajak hubby singgah pasar Tani to buy fruits kat Pasar malam. We reached home at 11pm.

Monday, we all dah janji with the kids grandma nak go Picnic again at East Coast Park, so terpaksa lah layan kan jugak. Before we went to East Coast to joint MIL, we went to Mustaffa Centre to buy our toiletries there. Certain things like toiletries I found it cheap at Mustaffa, so since our stock at home dah almost habis, apelagi Mustaffa lah tempatnye.

not only toiletries, me also grab this wonderful scents of Red Door, 2 for S$66, sm great buy kan

From Mustaffa centre, on the way to East Coast we passed by Sungei Road, stopped a while to bring the kids n c this place.

lots of stuffs here, karong goni stuffs, but still ader jugak orang yg belik

From here we went straight to East Coast, perut pun dah keroncong, aper lagi its good time to go n hv our late lunch there........hehe makan free. We reached East Coast at 4.30pm. Lepak at East Coast sampai malam 12 midnight.

atok lagi melayan cucu-cucunyer main game

c hw tired I looked like, but still layankan jugak lah keluarga ku

Some pics of hw bz East Coast park on Monday, here n there tents bersepah, manusia pun punya lah ramai tak terkira...

To be continue, ni pun dah so tired, my eyes dah kero tengok PC

Friday, January 23, 2009


This is sticky mode entry yer, please scroll down for updates on my latest story :)

Oh this is cut and paste from nad entry, afterall it will be the same event, venue and all, tak payah lah I perah-perah otak to think of what to write :)

Concept holiday: Santai & Lepak
Date: 27(Fri), 28 & 29 March, 2009. (3 days, 2 night trip)
Location: Shah's Beach Resort, Melaka, Malaysia

For more info you can visit: Shah's Beach Resort here!

Standard room per night + 3 breakfast = RM212 (x 2 nights = RM424)

Currently we have already booked 3 rooms and are still open for more! Bloggers or not, if you happen to blog hop here and read this and would like to join us, lets lah! Mane tau kot-kot kalau lagi ramai join, boleh dapat discount kan kan kan? =)

Confirmed participants:

1) Nad / Otak Belacan
2) Sodep
3) Mama Moralle & Family
4) Kak Retna / AKO
5) Brader Ross Lee

6) Raf/Cikgu Hawt/Blushwax

Tak kisahlah yang mane nak stay satu malam kah, dua malam kah, terpulang. Free & Easy. Just chill, lepak, gelak, makan, lepak, chill, makan, ahhh gitu lah. Its holiday kannnnnn ....

Bagi sesiapa would like to join, sila message kat comment board or you may want to e-mail me personally at or (nad email) if you have any queries.

Please do confirm soon pasal chalets are limited! confirmed participants and other info will be updated from time to time if there is any changes. Let me know latest by Tuesday, 27 January 2009 but before end month :)


Ha ha sesungguhnyer the title tak related langsung yer..........its just that...........

Yesterday I bought some fresh and red superlicious n the girls favourite, thou its our favourite, we only buy if there are discounts going on, hehehe........NTUC supermarket is having discounts here n there on their house brand and others, me and Aqil went to buy some stuffs for stocking, so ternampak lah this red delicious fruit.....

What with Ben 10 ????????????? yesterday Aqil got kejutan from his daddy...while we were watching Ben 10, hubby came back from work and asked his son, "Aqil good boy or not today" and as usual his boring answer, "hmmmmmmmmm"......


Uols tentu can guessed his reactions at that time, no need for me to explain jela-jela lah yer, its what he had been dreaming off these few days, and he memang shocked betul yesterday, konon-konon tak sangka gitew, Ben 10 CD for his PSP is in-front of his eyes.

So after ayah dah load the CD in, aper lagi, terus main tak ingat donia, father n son samer jer, almost 1 am baru they went to sleep.

That's the al-kisah on Thursday night of strawberries n Ben 10 :)