Thursday, July 31, 2008

..........BACK AT WORK.............

Dear all, million thanks for the doas' for Aqil speedy recovery. Alhamdulillah he is recovering, today most of the redness at his feet and hand was gone. His throat ulcers is also heeling, he can talk properly, pot pet pot pet non stop this morning when I called him at Umi house. He says "Ibu mulut Aqil tak sakit lagi, dah baik, Abi bought for Aqil big sword". Felt a big relieved to hear Aqil cheerful voice over the phone :)

As for me, lots of things to do, whats left behind 2 days ago and the workers salary. I Just came back from the bank to cash out $$$$ for the workers.

But than I have to return twice to the bank. This morning when I was rushing things in the office, collected the chq from my boss that need to cash out, I didnt check-it than went to the bank. Wahhhhhhhh I was so very happy the bank was not crowded at all, in fact I went straight to the counter to cash out. After I wrote my name and IC no. as usual, I pass to the CS, than she looked at me.

CS : "Is this yr personal chq"
Me : "Nope, its company chq"
CS : Sorry Mem, u cant cash it out, the chq is not sign"

Goshhhhh!!!!!!!, the chq is really not sign, what am I thinking, ya ya only want to cash out the chq, but its not sign. Hmmmmmmm quite angry at that moment, my boss overlooked on it, and me to didnt check it before I left office.

I left the bank feeling malu and irritated to. Went back to the office, get the chq sign than return back to the bank, lucky its still not crowded, but still need to join the queue. Waited not long when its my turn, the CS looked at me again, but its not the same person.

CS : "Mem r u the signatory"
Me : "No I am not, its my MD"
CS : "I need to verify with your MD, can I hv yr IC please"

What is it again this time. It took her almost 15mins to verify and back at the counter. She says the signature doesnt look the same with what they hv in the system. OMG!!!!!!!!! what are they thinking, I'm trying to imitate my MD signature. My goodness, this is another bank that I hated, UOB. Had bad experienced with UOB to, but its work related not personal. Well, what to do they are just doing their job, I cant get angry over this issue, its my boss that I should get angry with. Every time his signature sure got problem, not consistent at all. Because of his signature I always hv problems with Bank, not only UOB but DBS to.

After all done, I drove back to the office feeling tired and lethargy. What a day at the bank ..........

Now bz with other works and dont even hv time to eat lunch yet, probably hv to skip lunch today.....

P/S sowie I dont even hv time to blog-hop yet, will do it once I hv the time, Hv a great day ahead to all, muachhhhhhhhsssss........................

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I am at home today, took urgent leave to look after Aqil. Since 6am I woke-up I cant go back to sleep. Did some clean-up to the house while Aqil still asleep.

Yesterday I left office at 4pm, hubby is already at home, fetched Aqil at Umi house n went to Children A&E at KK Hospital.

The doctor says that Aqil condition is consider still mild but need monitoring. Thou his Ulcers is quite bad and he is not eating but as long as he his drinking it should be okay. The most important things is that he didn't dehydrates. We need to give him plain, Isotonic drink or barley water just to make sure he drinks well to avoid dehydration and fever. His Ulcers in the mouth is quite big no wonder he cant swollow any foods.

If he cant even drink water than we need to rush him back to the hospital. His fever is okay, since yesterday his fever is also not high.

As of now, Aqil conditions looks ok, just hv to monitor his fever and his Ulcers.

To all my dearest frens, thank you so much for your doas' untuk kesembuhan Aqil, mudah-mudahan berkat doa semua Aqil will recover soon..........

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Sorry my dear frens, there are nothing else that I could update except for my son conditions.

I m still in the office, Aqil is at Umi house. Every hrly I will check his conditions with Umi. Fever not very high but the worst is his mouth. Seems that the ulcers is everywhere inside his mouth, Umi says he cant talk properly and eating pun sikit jer.

He is now sleeping but yg menyedihkan hati I before he went to sleep he told Umi this :

"Umi mulut Aqil semua sakit kat dalam, Aqil tak tahan sakit"

Looks like I will need to sent him to the hospital. I'm scared that his HMFD virus is worst in his mouth than the one at his feet and hand.

Please doakan yg terbaik untuk Aqil, at this moments there is nothing else in my mind selain dari kesembuhan Aqil.


Aqil infected with HMFD (Hands, mouth and Food Disease).

Dear frens, please doakan kesihatan Aqil. He was infected with HMFD. I am worried and sad with his conditions now.

Yesterday after he came back from the ZOO, Umi called me in the office and says that Aqil doesnt look very happy, so we thought he is tired agak nye lah, Umi ask him about the ZOO trip pun he dont want to answer her.

When I went back and fetched him from Umi house yesterday I didnt noticed anything. I expected him to hv lots of story about his trip, he kan very excited over it and for sure he will hv lots of story mory. But Aqil tak banyak cakap cuma complained that inside his mouth sakit. I thought may be he got Ulcer so ask him to drink lots of water.

About 8.30pm I fed him dinner, he complained he cant swollow because its very pain on his left, right and throat. Than I comforted him and told him that nanti we go and see doctor. He didnt finish his dinner, he cant eat it he says.

While nak paksa him to eat again, I baru perasan that there is a red dot, in fact a few on his hands, so I pun ask him to show me. I rasa macam lain macam than check his feet also, OMG!!!!!!! there are lots of red dots on his feet and his hands. I dah tak tentu arah, my mind thinking about HMFD. How could it be, where does he get it from?????????

I pun tak lengah-lengah call Umi and told her I m sending Aqil to c a doctor for check-up. When I was about to go out Umi called, she and Abi will send us to the doctor. On the way to the doctor I tried to call hubby but could not reached him, so I pun left him sms to return call.

Reached clinic, lucky its not so crowded so we waited a while. Hati I dah gedebak-gedebuk, mudah-mudahan its not what I expected it to be. But ini semua ketentuan ALLAH, when doctor checked his feet, hand and his mouth, it's confirmed HMFD. Aqil throat infected quite bad, no wonder dia tak boleh makan. I dah tak boleh nak bersuara at that time, lemah seluruh anggota, lucky my sis is there with me.

HMFD is very serious, it can caused fatal if we didnt take care of it. The most important things, we need to make sure the kids doesnt hv high fever and dehydration.

When hubby called me at 11pm on his way home from work, I told him about Aqil, he was shocked jugak, why so sudden Aqil kenek attack with the virus. No symptoms at all. I told the doctor he has fever, cough, running nose and allergy few days ago, but the doctor says it has got nothing to do with his HMFD. Normally if the kids were infected, there are sometimes no symptoms at all until the kids has high fever and the redness start to come out.

Alhamdulillah from yesterday night till this morning, Aqil fever is under control, I didnt sleep the whole night looking after him, I'm really scared kalau his fever shoot up. But still he cannot eat anything, so we have to give him milk and plain water just to make sure dia tak kenek dehydration.

I came in late to the office today, had informed my boss about Aqil conditions. Anytime if my sis called I will have to rush home.

I m really worried now, I cant concentrate on my work thinking of Aqil. Hopefully Aqil will recover soon and it doest get worst.

Monday, July 28, 2008

.............AQIL EXCURSION.........

Usually I woke up at around 6.00am before the girls go to school and sometimes after Sholat Subur I will go back to sleep. Everyday when hubby go to work the wife still sleeping, so much of the Isteri Mithali, hehehe....

But today, need to sent Aqil to school at 7.45am sharp. My boy is going to the ZOO, school excursion. I woke up at 5.20am , prepare breakfast for everybody. After hubby and the girls went out I woke Aqil up. Its difficult for him to wake up so early, but when I told him, "Aqil going to the ZOO today right, faster wake-up if not you cannot go" than only his eyes wide opened.

As usual, he needs his energy booster first (milk) than bathed him and gave him honeystar for his breakfast. He still looks very sleepy but excited too. Had to give him his puff this morning caused he was sneezing heavily and coughing. Just in case, so I gave him the puff.

By 7.30am me and him are all ready to go. He reached school excactly at 7.45am. The excursion bus are there and the kids all looks so happy, all looks super excited.

I waited a while for the bus to leave, bus left at 8.10am, I can c how Happy Aqil is by looking at his face from the bus window :)

Ater the bus left than I left to work..................


Happy Monday and very good morning to all :)

Hw was the weekend, hope u all enjoyed yr wkend. Mine was okay, enjoying my 2 days with frens and love ones.

Lets start the day with this cute composition written by Ah Lek's, hv a great day ahead...........

You might like it. This is hilarious... ..even anEnglishman could not construct sentences using numeric,which is exclusive only to Malaysians and Singaporeans.

Ah Lek was asked to make a sentence using 1, 2, 3, 4,5,6, 7, 8, 9, 10.Not only did he do it 1 to 10, he did it again from 10 back to 1. This is what he came up with.....

1 day I go 2 climb a 3 outside a house to peep. But the couple saw me, so I panic and 4 down. The man rushed out and wanted to 5 with me.... I ran until I fell 6 and threw up. So I go into 7 -eleven and grabbed some 8 to throw at him. Then I took a 9 and try to stab at him. 10 God he run away.

10 I put the 9 back and pay for the 8 and left 7-eleven.Next day I called my boss and told him I was 6 . He said 5 , tomorrow also no need to come back 4 work. ! He also asked me to go climb a 3 and jump down. I don't understand. I am so nice 2 him but I don't know what he 1.

Friday, July 25, 2008

.......WKEND IS HERE AGAIN............

Yahoooooooo, wkend is here again. Friday is always the best and syokkkk day to work, am I right????????

Thou bz but still looking forward to the wekend, whether there are any activities or not, its still what everyone are waiting for, rest and relaks with loves one, family, frens, etc etc etc...............

For me this wkend, I hv to help fren with a wedding. My fren BIL is getting married this Sunday, so we all close frens will just help out or u can say sibuk-sibuk :) going over to her place on Saturday to rewang-rewang, makan-makan and sembang-sembang than Sunday will only be going for the jemputan.

Anyway in Singapore cant hardly c any rewang-rewang in a wedding, now semua arrange by wedding planner and caterer, so relatives and frens will just come over to borak-borak and sibuk-sibuk. I really missed the rewang-rewang session during wedding. Like my nephew wedding in JB last yr, we still hv this activities where orang-orang kampung will come down to help, relatives and adik beradik berkumpul to help out, the atmosphere is really different compared to wedding in Singapore. Its the bonding and sibuk-sibuk that u cant c in Singapore wedding nowadays ): People will just come, say hi hi than makan-makan thats it, even kemas mengemas will be done by caterer, that is the best part lah, u dont hv to susah-susah berkemas after jemputan is over :)

Well, watever the activities or whatever u all hv planned, I hope u all will hv a "GREAT WKEND" muachhssss........

Thursday, July 24, 2008

:::::::OUR LUNCH TODAY::::::

"Oh MacDonald Had a Farm, Iya Iya yooooooooooo, And in his farm he has a cow, Iya Iya yooooooooo, And a MOo MOo there, MOo MOo here" Opsssssss, forgot the rest of the lyrics, anyone please continue :) or I should ask Aqil to continue...............

Feeling bored while waiting to chow, so few minutes left with last minute entry, muachhhhhhh... bye byeeeee..........

......MY SON.............

Alhamdulillah Aqil getting better but I'm very sad looking at this ..................

Hati ibu mana yg tak terharu melihat anak nyer dengan keadaan begini, when I tried to apply lotion dia dah menjerit kepedihan, kesian kan ): "Ibu adik tak nak pakai, sakittttttt, pedihhhhhhhh"

Yesterday night struggling jugak nak apply kan lotion especially kat bahagian buttock yg very teruk sekali, badan halus and lembut dah bertukar menjadi teruk and kasar........

Banyak jugak medication he needs to take, lotion to apply, itchiness syrup, flu and cough syrup, and also his spray which doctor ask to continue lagi. We stop giving him the spray 2 mths ago, unless he really need to use it during cold day or heavy cough.

Lucky Aqil ni budak yg senang makan ubat, from baby lagi its very easy to give him medicines. Some kids dont like medicine kan, but Aqil dah lali makan ubat, ubat ape pun dia boleh telan :)

To all dear frens, thank u for the doa untuk kesembuhan Aqil, he is on MC for 2 days but today he is going back to school, he told umi this morning "Umi Aqil want to go school, boring duduk rumah"........... Kecik-kecik pun dah tau boring, but if that will make him happy why not kan.......... at least we know that he is feeling better already :)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Kemalasan bekerja satu hal, tapi bila kemalasan tahap maxima melanda ini lah menu dinner for yesterday.

Yesterday reached home felt very tired and lazy yg teramat sangat. Lucky the girls dah uruskan Aqil, dah makan pun adiknyer, rumah pun dah beres bersih. I reached home, put my bag aside terus lepak with Aqil at entertainment area. Aqil masih okay lagi belum kenek gegata at that time. Dia lagi syok watched Iron Man movie. I thinked dia dah hafal betul this Iron Man story, hari-hari kat Umi house than balik rumah pun suruh kakak nyer on kan lagi. Tak jemu-jemu.

Baring lepak and gurau-gurau with Aqil. Kakak pulak rajin bikinkan ibu coffee, ape lagi ibu nye pun mengada-ngada lah sikit. Hubby tak de bermanja lah ngan anak-anak :)

While layankan Aqil and his Iron Man movie, I snap-snap lah our pics, sampai boring budak kecik tu cause I kacau his concentration. Watch his face expressions..........

COLD COLD DAY....................

Weather today so sold, its nice to snuggle in yr blanket and pillow at home :)

I'm not in the mood to work today, not that I m not well or whatsover, its Aqil. Worried about him, yesterday whole night he could not sleep. Now Umi and Abi is at the clinic, he had slight fever this morning, his eyes and bebird swollen due to itchiness. Aqil macam kenek gegata, not sure due to what.

My sis just called, doctor says due to his cough and running nose, his lungs a bit blocked, so need to put him on spray again. The itchiness pulak due tu habuk. But I suspected due to his pyjamas yg kakak dia pakaikan semalam.

Yesterday Umi cant fetch him from school so my girls fetched him. The two girls yg uruskan Aqil, mandikan adiknyer semua lah. Pyjamas yg di pakaikan kakak nyer yesterday pun pyjamas lama and dah kecik lagi. May b dah di simpan lama sangat so tu yg buat gatal kan, skin Aqil ni a bit sensitive, like father like son, my hubby pun memang ade sensitive skin.

Kesian budak kecik tu baru jer nak sehat dah sakit lagi, really worried about him. Last 2 weeks baru went to c his doctor for his 6 monthly check-up, doc was satisfied with his health, now dah sakit.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


This entry no story mory, I'm just gone to post pictures of gifts that I had for my bday. Alhamdulillah I loike all the gifts :)

From the anonymous bloggers, my kids had their share to :)

And also advance gift received for me and for my kids

Oh ya almost forgot, I went to the Library book sale at EXPO on Sunday, we bought many many books, the thicker one is for me, the thinner one is for the girls. Not bad, for all the books that we had chosed, only cost us S$13.00.


I'm back at work today, bz bzian :)

Still tried to curi-curi blogging and blog hop, but tak sempat nak leave comments yet.......... Yesterday night almost habis jugak I kadaq visiting frens blog while waiting for hubby to come back from work.

Just on time, hubby came back at 11.30pm I pun baru nak off PC. We tak jadik masuk JB yesterday night, traffic congested very bad. Imagine, at 11.30pm, traffic is still heavy. I dont understand why banyak sangat kereta yg nak masuk JB malam-malam buta, padahal harga minyak pun dah naik kat Malaysia, hmmmmmmmmm heran bin ajaib betul lah.......... Wkend lagi worst, the jam mintak ampun, my daughter cannot go on their own to Madrasah on Sat, they will be stuck at the jam, halfway bus will stop to use another route, so passsengers yg nak menuju ke chkpoint or Woodlands kenek jalan kaki.

Oh ya, this morning when I reached office, I received a belated bday presey from a fren in JB, she is also a blogger, nor, we knew each other dah lama, around 3 yrs ade lah, We all ni ade bisness sikit when it comes to Hari Raya, bisness kecil-kecilan :) Anyway, thanks Nor for the presey, tantekkkkk sangat.

I hv typed this entry since 11.30am this morning, only now I'm able to finish and publish it.

Monday, July 21, 2008


As it says, berkat doa yg kite dapat dari orang-orang yg mengingati dan menyayangi kite dengan setulus hati mereka, alhamdulilah my health check-up was good and nothing to worry for now.

I'm feeling better now and hope to be back at work tomorrow.
Nak story a bit about what happened this afternoon. Kadang-kadang I tend to forget things. This is what happened.

Nampak tak budak tu, terselit kat tepi, nak suruh mandi pun susah

Now dah mandi, nak get ready to go to school

When I sent Aqil this afternoon to school, I was surprised to see all his classmates without school uniform except Aqil. Then only I remembered that today is Racial Harmony Day, so the children semua pakai traditional costumes to school.

OMG!!!! hw could I forgot, there is a letter given last week and I forgot about it. Nampak betul age is catching-up :)

So ape lagi, Aqil pun malu-malu nak masuk class becaused all his frens wearing traditional costumes except him. Pity pulak tengokkan dia, kelam kabut ajak Aqil balik to change. Lucky his school and my house tak jauh, about 3 blocks apart jer.

Reached home, I changed him to his green baju melayu than rushed back to school.

All his frens semua dah masuk, Aqil late about 15mins only. If Umi yg sent him sure tak lupa. Actually if without traditional costumes pun still ok but biaselah, all his frens cantik with their costumes dia pun teringin lah jugak, than his face pun dah very sad, so nak tak nak terpaksa lah balik tukarkan.

After sending him to school I went to buy some groceries at NTUC than sent it home. After that baru lah I went to c my doctor for my medical check-up.

After check-up timing just right to fetch Aqil from school. Reached home, bathed him, gave him milk and me pun start to cook dinner for the kids.

Aqil came back with this, di reka khas oleh teacher nyer, pattern ape agaknyer

Insyaallah tonite dah janji ngan hubby nak pump petrol kat JB, it all depends lah if jam or not, dah lama jugak tak masuk JB. Last I went in about 3 weeks ago to meet Rasp and Ted.

I will continue later or may b tomorrow at work, now nak watch my favourite Sinetron "Cinta Fitri". If tak malas I will log-in to read frens blog sambil tunggu hubby come back from work at 11pm.

SICK MONDAY................

Happy Monday to all :)

I'm blogging from home today. I'm supposed to be on 1/2 day leave today in the afternoon, I have doctor quarterly appt. again. As usual blood test and other test was done last wk so today is the result.

But this morning I sms my boss to request for 1 day leave due to unforseen circumtances.

Just had my cup of coffee and thought I better update my blog first before I'm bz with Aqil. My appt. is at 3pm. Later at 12.45 will send Aqil to school, do some groceries than go for my appointment.

Every quarterly I have to go for medical examination due to my sickness, its very troublesome but I redha, semua ini kehendaknyer. I hope my results today will be okay so that my medications will not be increased or changed. Sick and tired of eating medicine everyday.

OK for now, happy working to uols, if I hv the time later will blog-hop and update a bit here and there, muachhhhssssssss.........

Saturday, July 19, 2008

THE DAY I WAS BORN................

Happy Sat to all and "HAPPY B'DAY TO ME" ............... :)

I was fine this morning when I woke up. As usual Sat is time to relaks, house work so so only. Dont hv to sent the girls to Madrasah, Arin at school, Kak Yana going with his frens to Madarasah.

Early this morning I log-in to my comp and went straight to RASP blog. She had a special entry just for my bday..... After reading her blog, I shed tears, I felt so touched with what she says about me. Its very strange, frenship can happen anywhere anytime. My frenship and hers happened in the blogging world, and its unique. Not only Rasp, other bloggers that are very dearie to me. We all met in the blogging world and the frenship we had is very unique.

TO RASP, thanks dearie for the special entry on my bday. And to the others thou I didnt mentioned any names, thank you for the warm wishes and love u all had given me.

Now I am dragging myself up just to post this entry. Today is my birthday and I am not feeling to good, I felt sick.

I was born on 19/7/1968 (its not a secret anymore what's my age) :) at 12:05pm KKH Hospital. The youngest in the family, 2 brothers and 3 sisters, six of us. My mum and dad had passed away, left 6 of us struggling to be as closed as possible, walaupun terlalu banyak dugaan dan rintangan we need to lalui.

I'm married with a very loving, responsible and caring husband. The one and only man that I will shared my life with forever and ever, insyaallah. We had 3 wonderful kids, Yana 15, Arin 13 and our hero Aqil 4yrs old.

I had pools of frens, near, far, old and new. At this age there are nothing else that I wanted in this world, except for my health to c my kids growing up and become somebody in the future. Kalau di izinkan allah, mendapat kesempatan untuk berbaik-baik semula dengan my in-laws and my adik-adik ipar. We have been far apart for so many years.... setiap kali solat I always berdoa ALLAH akan membuka kan mata dan pintu hati mereka untuk berbaik-baik semula dengan hubby and me. Memberikan kesihatan dan memelihara semua ahli keluarga ku dan kawan-kawan yg ku sayangi, AMINNNNNNN...........

Last but no least, just to show how much hubby love me, thou I will never get my gift which I really wanted from him on my bday disebabkan sesuatu yg tak dapat di elakkan, I understand why, and I am not going to feel sad or watsoever, hopefully I will get it soon, may be in Sept as Anniversary gift or may be earlier, god knows................ :)

From Hubby : Today at 12.05pm ibu turn 40. There is a saying life starts at 40. With dat ayah wish ibu HAPPY B'DAY to u. Semoga rezki dan kesihatan ibu bertambah dan hidup ibu di berkati ALLAH slalu. Tahun nie belum ade rezki nak belikkan present tapi u can be sure the present dat I can give u is my deepest n sincere love always, LUV Ayah :) - Tears flowing wen I read this too, me very sensitive person in reality, hehehe.

Well, nothing else I can write here, that's about it. I'm going to hv a quick nap, looks like I will not be going out due to my sickness ni, my sis will come later at 6pm, hmmmmm may be she has a gift for me :) will update photos of all my gifts that I had received early next week, to all, CHEERSSSSS AND HAPPY WKEND..............

Friday, July 18, 2008

SMILEY FRIDAY.................

I came in late to the office this morning, had to go to the bank and Post Office to do some errands. When I reached office, I had a shocked again, on my table there is a nice colourful bag with a gift in it.

I was looking at three person in the office, my boss, new Ops Manager Jansson and Matilda. Then I knew who is it from, its from my dearie Matilda. She smiled when I looked at her, so sweet right, she bought me a presey for my bday. I hv not opened it yet, but read the small cute little pinkish card. Very touched, its in Malay, written by her boyfren. Her boyfren is from Malaysia, Taipeng Perak and worked in Singapore.

Me and Matilda had been quite closed sinced she joined a month ago. Everyday we talked about our life stories and we really can clicked, thou she is younger than me, she is so sweet, always listen to my motherly story about my kids and my hubby. Even thou I hv not met her boyfren face to face, I knew he is a nice guy, caused I knew she always talked about me and my family behind my back with her boyfren :)

Today a bit moody to work, monthly fren made my stomach cramp like mad and work bz as usual. But whatever the feeling is today, I cant wait for tomorrow, its my special day tomorrow and I want to enjoy it with a smiley face and laughter with my love ones.

To all frens "HV A GREAT WKEND", muachhhhhhssss...............

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Happy morning to all, like how I felt happy this morning :)

Before I started with any other things I would like to post this entry very much. My feeling right now is so touched, shocked and happy. But whyyyyy ??????????????

Yesterday at about 5.15pm, a courier guy came to my office to deliver a package for Gemini Marine. After I sign and stamp than I realize the envelop was attention to my name.

Who could hv sent me the envelope ????, it says "Pls do not bend", so definitely its not a letter. Eagerly and excitedly I open the envelope.

OMG!!!!!!! Its a gift, not only 1 but 3 wrapped gifts attention to me, my 2 girls and Aqil. I was very surprised thou, dont know who the sender is but its from Singapore. Not much clue who is it from except a piece of rolled paper with a sweet and beautiful notes. After reading the notes spontaneously I was thinking of someone, its her, Ohhhhhhhh really I am so touched and I didnt expect that she will gave me such a surprised.

I didnt open the gift yet, its already 5.30, time for me to go home. Decided to open the gift together with my kids when I reached home.

After me and the kids had our dinner, we opened the gift. My kids, especially Aqil was very excited with his gift and the girls love it to. As for me, I loved it soooooooo much till I shed tears. I dont know why but I know that these gifts are really special from someone who is very special. We knew each other through blogging, hv never met before and its really nice of her to send me those gifts. Not only for me but for my kids to. To her, "thanks dearie".

P/S : To the sender of the gift, u says u want to remain anonymous, I knew who u are, and I knew once I released this entry, those who are closed to me will know who is it from to, I really want to show the gift you had given me, kindly give me yr consent :)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Bye bye three, welcome four, ****ihiksssssss**** I am counting the days till the countdown..........3 more days to go :)

How time flies, cant believe that I am going to leave the three soon. Getting older and older, what am I going to change about myself ???? NONE :) I'm happy to be who I am now. I hv a loving hubby and kids, I'm loike by most of my frens, I'm very understanding and caring. I dont like to hurt others unlike others who like to hurt me. That is who I am now and insyaallah it will never change till the day i die.

Insyaallah, what I am really hoping is to always be isteri yg soleha, memperdekatkan lagi diri dengan ALLAH subahanahu wataala dan memperdalamkan lagi pengetahuan ugama. Semoga ALLAH sentiasa merahmati kehidupan ku sekeluarga, melindungi dan memberi hikmah dan hidayat nye kepada keluarga ku dan orang-orang yg kusayangi dan ku kenali, AMINNNNN....

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I M TIRED BUT HAPPY...............

I m so very tired today, rushed here and there. But I did it with an open heart for the love to my kids and my family. I hv to be strong to overcome all problems.

Today I had to bring Aqil to work, Umi stayed overnight at the hospital to look after Abi. I hv told my boss in advance that I might hv to bring Aqil to work this week as and when necessary due to my BIL conditions. As usual, my boss is very supportive and understanding. That is one thing I like about him. How many bosses can we find that is very understanding when it comes to family related matters?????????? Some boses felt that your personal matters is your problem, dont mixed it with your work.

When Aqil is around, I cant really concentrate doing my work, mummy here mummy there. At 12.20 I went home first to give Aqil his lunch, change to his school uniform than sent him to school. It is rushing, by the time I reached home its already 12.40pm. He is a bit late, reached school at 1.10pm.

I reached office at 1.35pm and continue with my work. I will be very bz with works later, its better to update my blog now, definitely I will hv no time to update later.

One thing I knew, no matter how tired I felt and whatever obstacles to come I hv to be strong :)

Monday, July 14, 2008

WHAT THE HACK.................

No matter hw I rushed, I still cant get everything complete by today.

To many things to settle. My Accounts for June, GST submissions by this month. Manpower Issues, Advertisements and the best is Human related issues. I thought after Matilda took over some of my responsibilites, I will be hooray hooray a bit, but it doesnt looks like it.

How clever my boss is, I got an increment last month, and he increased my work also, hmmmmmmm i dont loike it at all ):

Bit of update on what I did on Saturday and Sunday :

I went to visit my brother at his house with Hubby, Aqil Umi and Abi in the evening. The two girls dont want to follow, to tired agaknye, lagipun they hv Madrasah earlier.

When we reached there my SIL is about to drain my brother dialysis water from him kidney than change it to a new Peritoneal dialysis water. My brother has to be on dialysis since he was discharged from Hospital. Its like 4 to 5 times a day. I knew a bit about kidney patients caused I ever worked with Baxter Healthcare for 8 years. Baxter is specialized for Kidney dialysis patients.

My brother looks week as usual, no improvement, now depending on the dialysis. We can only berdoa that he will recover soon, Insyaallah.

Chit-chat a while with my SIL, she explains how she took care of my brother, the cost involved for dialysis, tentang hal anak-anak yg tak bertanggungjawab, I am really sad to hear. At the same time I am very very angry with my anak-anak sedara. Me and sis will help sebanyak mana yg kite mampu, we all pun hv our own responsibilities, insyaallah we will visit him often untuk memberikan bantuan yg termampu.

We left my brother place about 8pm. Abi felt hungry so we went to Teh Tarik to tapau some foods back. Dinner is paid by my sis as a thanks to drive her & Abi to brother house :)

Sunday is to kadaq tidur and relaks-relaks at home. Hubby still need to work, cian hubby. Woke-up, house cleaning a bit than cooked lunch. Lemak sayur, sambal udang and fried fish. Hmmmmm yummy yummy :)

Yesterday night while waiting for Incredible Tales shows at 10pm, we received called from Umi. She needs help from hubby to sent Abi to hospital. Abi kenek sesak nafas lagi.

Kelam kabut jugak hubby siap-siap and went to Umi house. Lucky our house are not that far apart, hubby drove Abi car to sent him with Umi.

Hubby came back about 11.30pm, he didnt wait for Umi caused BIL kenek observation dulu. At about 2.00am Umi sms, Abi had to be warded again, his heart beat not stable.

This week will be difficult week for me. Umi had to stay overnight at the hospital. According to doctor someone need to be around with Abi, takut-takut dia kenek serangan lagi.

So I hv to bring Aqil to work from tomorrow onwards than send him to school at 1pm. Petang pulak the two girls will fetch him back from school.

Mudah-mudah semuanye akan berjalan dengan lancar dan Abi akan cepat sembuh.

HI HI.........BYE BYE.............

Saja nak menggedik and menggatal kat sini.

I just came back to office today, as usual kerja berlambak, baru coti 1 day, macam dah 1 week tinggalkan office.

Will update later if I hv the time, if not will wait dulu lah. There are lots of urgent things that I need to rush.

Managed to blog-hop kejap to few blogs, the rest nanti I hv time I kadaq okayyyyy....
Cheersssssssss ........... and Happy Monday to all......................

Saturday, July 12, 2008

STILL TIRED.............

Happy happy Sat to all. I am still very tired , not enought rest yet.

This morning nearly missed my quarterly blood test. My lab test is at 10.20am, I woke up at 9.30am. Hubby forgot to set my alarm clock when he went to work this morning. He must have forgotten that I had lab appt this morning. I rushed to sent Arin to Madrasah than Kak Yana and Aqil followed me to the clinic. I arrived clinic just in time for my appt, and I dont hv to wait to long for my no. to be called. Finished all the lab test at 11.30am, bought roti prata for our late breakfast and went home.

Reached home, I hang the clothes that I had washed earlier when I left to the clinic than had my breakfast. Do a bit of housework here and there, at 1.45pm went out again to send Kak Yana and fetch Arin to Madrasah.

Now baru lah nak relaks kejap before I went out again to fetch Kak Yana at 5pm and after Maghrib nak visit my brother at his house.

WHAT I DID ON FRIDAY............

Me, hubby and Aqil went out at 9.30am to visit BIL at the hospital first. I tumpangkan my sis and his son cause she is going in the morning. My BIL will be discharge in the afternoon. Alhamdulillah he looks better but the operation is still not done yet, waiting for his scan results. Doctor found another lump outside his kidney beside his kidney stone problems. So next week he need to return back to AH for further investigations. Hopefully nothing serious.

Sinced we all belum breakfast, so we ajak my BIL skali to have breakfast with us at AH canteen. Not bad and cheap :)

We left AH at 11.45am and proceed to KK Hospital for Aqil check-up. As usual not crowded and the timing also just right. Appt at 12.20pm, we waited for 20mins only for doctor to c him. Alhamdulillah his lungs are cleared, heart beat ok, except for his blocked nose. Doctor are happy with his health. Next appointment was set for another 6months, Dec 26th 2008.

We left KK and fetched the girls at Newton MRT. The girls was at shcool in the morning than after school they went home to change and took MRT to meet us at Newton.

By the time we fetched the girls it was already 2pm. We are supposed to go to ICA to change the girls photo but realized that it cannot be done. Sinced S'pore implemented the Biometric passport, no photos are allowed to changed. Lucky SH commented on my entry on Thursday and informed me about this, if not I will be wasting my time to go there. 2 choices, leave it first as it is until they stamp on the girls passport to change as a warning or change both the girls passport to Biometric. We dicided to wait and c :)

After fetched the girls we went for lunch at Hajjah Mainmunah and went to TKC. Round and round the boutiques at TKC, ended we found something sweet and nice at FL2 for me and the girls. Than we hunt for hubby and Aqil baju kurung melayu. We found theirs to and all are completed. Alhamdulillah we got wat we wanted and I'm so happy we managed to find it on the same day. So dont hv to return again to TKC before or during Ramadhan.

One thing good about my gilrs, they are not fussy, just like the mommy :) As long as they like the colour, it suits them, than its settled.

Our mission had been accomplished, so after that we went walk-walk. We finished at TKC around 6pm, from TKC we went to EXPO centre a while, hubby want to pick-up our car Rd tax from our car agent, their office is at Bukit Timah but they hv exhibition at EXPO.

From EXPO we went to Suntec, me wanted to buy something there. Got what I wanted to buy at Suntec than we bought Char Kway and sit around at the Fountain of Wealth to relax while watching the fountain show. Not bad, very nice, frankly speaking its my first time watching it. Ha ha ha, what a Singaporean I am.

Its already 8.30pm, all of us dah very tired. We went home from Suntec but before that had our dinner at Woodlands Transit. Ate our late dinner than went home. We reached home almost 10.30pm.

Almost more than 12hrs we have been out sinced morning, break record hubby says, its really very tiring, and till today I m still feeling very tired and lethargy.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

4 OUT OF 5..........SOOOOOOOO HAPPY......

Its end of the week for me today. I will be on leave tomorrow, be back in the office on Monday. There are lots of things to settle and I need to make sure that there are no urgent outstandings left behind.

Tomorrow Aqil has his 6 mthly check up at KK Hospital, hubby took leave tomorrow to follow me and Aqil. The girls will meet us at KK after school than I'm going to bring them to the Immigaration to change their passport photo. Malaysian custom had warned us about the girls photo, since both of us are on leave tomorrow and the girls finish school early so might as well we settle it than. After that I'm going to Geylang to look for Hari Raya ready made baju kurung for the girls. Its our third year wearing ready made, I'm to lazy to buy materials than send to tailor, cost about the same, might as well I buy ready made. And I always buy before Ramadhan, dont like to buy during Ramadhan, very crowded and very inconvinient. The earlier I settle the better, tak banyak fikiran.

I also want to share this with everyone who visit my blog. Aqil will be 5 years old in Dec. Parents mana yg tak akan merasa bangga anaknye yg berumur 4+ boleh membaca surah Al Fateha dengan lantang dan clear.

Thanks to Abi (my BIL yg sedang berada di hospital sekarang) yg telah berusaha sedikit demi sedikit dengan sabar mengajar Aqil. It takes Aqil almost a month untuk menghafal dengan lancar. I was shocked the first time when I heard it, that time it was only 1/2 of the surah. From there me and hubby will go through with him when we hv time just to make sure he get it right and proper. As times goes by, he managed, and he can recite it very well.

I recorded him reciting the Surah yesterday. "Aqil, ibu and ayah are very proud of you" muachhhhssss.......

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

U R MY SUNSHINE.................

I am starting my day with a big smile and good breakfast from Macdonald :)

Trying to wash away my anger and sadness that had been bothering me for the past days. Thanks to frens that had given me their support. I know now that I hv a shoulder to cry on when I'm down thou its far away but its deep in my heart.

Hoping the days to come will shine like the sunshine song, sang by Aqil. Some words might be difficult to understand, what matters most is to enjoy the days like we enjoy the sunshine smile. Pls on yr speaker louder.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

IN LOVING MEMORIES...............

Today mood the same as yesterday, a little bit better thou. Trying to keep myself occupied with work till end of the day.

Sadness in my life melanda terus menerus. One after another. I tried to look happy, cheerful but my heart is fulled of sadness and I felt miserable most of the times. At times hubby need to comfort me like small kids longing for someone to listen to me and caress me. I am very lucky to have understanding and loving husband who knows what I need and when I need it.

I am sad enough thinking about my brother behaviour that I cant tolerate at all. At times or almost everytime when I read about people having good times together with their parents, celebrating Bday, mothers or fathers day, cried on their parents shoulder when they have problems. I missed all that, I missed my mom and dad. How I wished I could turned back the clocked and made my parents happy like other parents. There were lots of sad memories, hurtful memories between us which I will always remembered for the rest of my life.

I really hope that arwah my parents dapat merestui my life now and hoped that they had forgiven me sebelum mereka pergi. Being the youngest in the family, I know and they knows it too that I hv never menyusahkan mereka, anything I want I will get it myself, susah senang it will be me alone and will never get them involved.

Like what others felt about their parents, I felt that my parents is the best in this world, pasangan yg tegar mengharungi kehidupan walau apepun rintangan yg mereka hadapi.

Hubby came across my mum & dad photo in one of our album. This photo of them made me want to post entry yg sedih ni, caused I missed them so so so muchhhhhhhhh.....................

Monday, July 7, 2008


Really not in the mood today. From morning until now, lazy, worried and angry feelings at one go.

Monday bluesssss.........this is more than bluesssssssss.

I've been quiet since morning, didnt talk much to anybody at the office. I'm really not in the mood to talk, felt very lazy to talk to anyone.

I'm worried thinking of my 3 kids at home. Today Aqil is taken care by his 2 sisters. Umi cant take care of him, she needs to go to Hospital to look after my BIL. I understand the situation of course but just worried thinking of my 3 kids at home. Lucky today school is closed for youth day, if not I hv to bring Aqil to work today and send him to school from work. I went back home a while during lunch just to check on them and had lunch with them at home. Kebetualan hubby called to tell me that he bought lunch for the kids and wants me to join him at home to hv lunch with them.

And I'm angry with someone. That someone is my brother, I had another brother which is about 5 yrs older than me. He is really pain in the ??? I dont want to elaborate about what had happened to us in my blog about him, he made me very mad at him since day 1 my elder brother was sick until today or to be precised since 2 months ago. It didnt really matter much to me anyway, thou he is my brother, but when I received SMS from him this morning, and when I tried to confront him about his behaviour, I could hardly control my anger towards him. We exchanged harshed sms to each other and he is really making me very mad. I used vulgar words towards him which I have never before. OMG!!!!!!!!!!! I am really out of control over my anger towards him.

I called my sis at the hospital, I cried over the phone tersedu-sedan telling my sis about what had happened. I told her that what I am trying to do is to get an answer from him why he did all these to us his own flesh and blood. What have we done wrong to him............. I still didnt get any answer from him......he discontinued the sms and didnt reply to me at all.

I know sis understand that I meant well for everyone, being the youngest in the family, I just want all of us to be together like before. Our parents dah tak de, yg tinggal cuma kite adik beradik, susah senang, suka duka selain keluarga sendiri, adik beradik lah tempat kite mengadu nasib. Especially me, slalu mencari-cari kasih sayang abang dan kakak untuk mengadu kerana terlalu rindukan arwah my mon and dad. My sis is always there for me, my brother to, but he had changed, I dont understand why??????????

Furthermore Puasa and Hari Raya pun nak dekat. I have to do something, to get this family back together again, I want to help him, but how, how can I help him if he is behaving very strangely towards us. "Ya allah tunjukkan lah jalan kepada hamba mu ini, ya allah, berikan hamba mu ini kekuatan untuk menyatukan kami kembali"

Saturday, July 5, 2008


After dinner, we all went to Changi Airport. Actually dont know where to go, nak go to EXPO Ctr for JL sale macam malas, its Sat, so definitely very very crowded. Aqil sibuk nak tengok Aeroplane, at last we went to CA. We went to T3, since T3 opened, we all belum pegi lagi.

Namanye Airport tapi dah macam shopping complex pulak. 1st floor penuh dengan food court, very crowded with people. Ade NTUC supermarket, bakeries, gift shops, accessories, books and macam-macam lah. Looking at it tak macam T1 and T2.

We all pun masuk kedai sana, keluar kedai sini, naik sana, naik sini, hmmm naik penat pulak ikutkan budak-budak ni. Especially Aqil suka lah macam orang gayat.

At the airport, kalau snap photos here and there tak malu sangat, macam tourist lah gitu, so enjoy the pics yg we all took k.

Fom Changi airport we went home, hubby dah penat, next day working.

On the way home, I called my fren, she went to Batam today, I kirim her JC donuts. Thought nak go her place kejap to collect donut yg I kirim, , but she baru nak on the way balik.

At 9.45PM she called and ask me to wait for her kat tepi road near my blk, she's inside a cab, she will pass me the donut on the way.

I ingatkan nak kasi my sis sikit lah Donut tu, dah malam bukan nye boleh habis kan makan. I called her house tak de orang angkat. I called her HP, dia kat hospital with my BIL. My BIL sesak nafas according to my sis lepas maghrib, so called ambulance to take him to the hospital.

Baru discharged siang tadi ni dah masuk lagi. Just got an update from her, my BIL will be warded again.

So on Sunday my plan tukar lah sikit, after hubby come back from work, I visit my BIL dulu kat hospital before I visit my brother.

Now dah penat pun, mata pun dah naik kelat, dah dapat brita my BIL and dah finished updating, boleh lah tidur dengan aman, Niteee..... Niteeee.....