Friday, October 31, 2008


Wkends are here again, hope uols will hv a WONDERFUL WKENDS :)

As for me, will b bz shopping for Kak Yana stuffs for her Cambodia Trip. For info, me and hubby have decided to let Kak Yana go for the Cambodia trip. We already hv full information about her trip itinerary to Cambodia, so less worries.....she will be staying at the hotel throughout the 7 days trip, this is also a relieved for me, at least she will have a comfortable night sleep. The rest will be trips to the schools, historic places, night market and markets, plantations, etc.....and also thanks to uols for the comments given on my previous entry to Kak Yana on the galakan and sokongan fo her trip to CAMBODIA.

Lets enjoy the jokes and keep SMILING :):):)

SAM: Kenapa kau cakap minum susu segar boleh bawa maut?
DOL: Sebab semalam semasa aku tengah minum, lembu tu terajang aku. Nasib baik tak mati.

============ ========= ========= =====

SAM: Apasal ko marah kat tokey kedai 2 Ringgit tu?
DOL: Sebab dia tipu. Aku beli 3 barang dia mintak 6 ringgit. Kata kedai 2 Ringgit!!

============ ========= ========= =====

SAM: Kau kata ikan emas peliharaan kau mati lemas? Mana kau tau dia mati lemas?
DOL: Sebab aku jumpa ia mati dalam air!

============ ========= ========= =====

SAM: Semalam aku nampak hantu!
DOL: Uih! kau terkejut tak?
SAM: Taklah.... hantu tu yang terkejut tengok aku.
DOL: Mana kau tahu?
SAM: Aku tengok muka dia pucat semacam jer....

============ ========= ========= =====

SAM: Apasal kopi yang kau buat ni rasa masin?
DOL: Gula dah habis!
SAM: Yang kau pergi campur garam apasal?
DOL: Kan aku kata, sebab gula dah habislah!

============ ========= ========= =====

SAM: Aku tengok kau beberapa hari ini "candle light dinner" dengan bini kau, mesti dia suka.
DOL: kena marah adalah! Api rumah aku dah kena potong lah, lupa nak bayar bil elektrik!

============ ========= ========= =====

SAM: Aku ada AIDS? mana ada...
DOL: Aku baca 1 dari 10 orang kat Negara ni ada aids. Aku dah tanya 9 orang, semua tak ada aids, kau orang ke 10, tak payah tanya, aku dah tahu...

============ ========= ========= =====

SAM: Dol, aku dengar bunyi batuk kau makin teruk!
DOL: Iya ke? kalau macamni aku kena banyak berlatih agar dapat Batuk dengan lebih baik lagi.

============ ========= ========= =====

SAM: Dah dua kali perompak yang sama datang merompak kedai kita.
DOL: Tu lah aku dah cakap kat kau, jangan pasang signboard "SILA DATANG LAGI"...degil!


We had farewell lunch yesterday, not me leaving yet :) its one of our Tech. Young guy, joined us for 6 mths than decided to leave the company to join MNC firm.

Boss wants me to choose the venue, since at my work place ni not many place to choose from, its so called tempat Jin bertendang, I chose Swensen at Causeway point.

All of us went including the workers, before that I told them to change to proper attire, biaselah workers ni kan, if u tak inform them nanti ngan work pants and T-shirts they all pakai.

The 3 China workers terkebil-kebil tak tau nak order n eat what, I tak teringat yg they cant read English or speak well, so terpaksalah I orderkan for them. And also I hv to order something yg they biase makan, western foods of course they tak suka, I ordered spring chicken for them + plain rice, hmmmmm habis jugak dia orang bedal.

The rest of us ordered our individual set, me as usual my fish n chips. I tak berani nak snap photos of the foods and us, my boss sitting beside me. When I snap my fish n chips uols know what he says, "u r just like those Korean tourists, eating also must take photo" ):

I looked at him, "oh is it, I didnt know Korean tourist took photos of foods that they eat, must be for their blog, hehehe"

After lunch, all went back to office, except me hv to queue at UOB to cash out workers salary.

Yesterday baru reached carpark at home, my BIL called, hubby nyer brother, he's on his way to my place to sent my VS perfume that I ordered from him. My BIL work at Changi Airport so he has special discount for all duty free stuffs at the airport.

When my VS running low, I will call him to order for me, staff price very cheap compare to price u buy outside. I ordered 5 bottles from him but only get one, the rest will be next week.

Anyone interested to buy, I can get the special price for uols semua :)

I love this purple colour, love spell, nice smell

Thursday, October 30, 2008


I recorded trailer of this sinetron, sorry ya pics not so good, I'm using my cybershot hp


“kerana aku sudah mulai mencintai mu mas” Reva confessed to Krisna her true feelings. Krisna was very shocked, he couldnt utter a words to what Reva had confessed. He told Reva that she should not feel that way towards him and its wrong, he reminded Reva again abt the marriage contract and the reason for it............Reva agreed with Krisna and she apologized to him for having such feelings towards him, thou she felt deeply sad with what Krisna had said.

Alya's had already asleep when Krisna returned. He went near her and caress her forehead, "Alya aku sangat beruntung mempunyai isteri seperti kamu, tiada perempuan lain yg bisa menggantikan tempat kamu di hati ku" ...

The next morning while they are having breakfast together, the phone rang, according to Narti (the maid) its from Reva husband, and he is coming back to fetch Reva. OMG!!!!!!!! Alya, Krisna and Reva herself was shocked.........well the truth is, it was just a tricked from Krisna mother, she purposedly ask Narti to pick-up the call so that she can put-up an act on this......she wants to know the truth, she had sensed that something is not right with the story Alya and Krisna had created about Reva.

Reva ran up to her room feeling very uncomfortable, she was scared that Krisna mother will know the lies and what will happen next. While Alya and Krisna tried their very best to hide the truth from Krisna mother. They had to make-up another story by telling them that Reva husband had left her and they had to help her caused she had no one else and that they dont want Reva to go through all this alone.

Reva fainted in her room due to tensions that she is feeling......she was brought to the hospital. Dr told them that Reva is in a critical conditions and she might and will have a miscarriage. Alya and Krisna was so shocked, Krisna was blaming his mother for what had happened to Reva.

Krisna mother told him that she was just trying to find out the truth about the baby Reva is carrying and she wants to know the truth. She left the hospital feeling hurt with Krisna harshed words towards her.

At the hospital, Dr told Alya and Krisna that this will be Reva 1st and final pregnancy, due to the complications of her womb she will not be able to conceive anymore...........Alya's was terribly disturbed with the news and couldnt help but feeling guilty with what had happened to Reva.

"ya allah, kalau saja aku dapat menjadi wanita yg sempurna yg dapat memberi kan zuriat kepada suamiku, tidak mungkin Reva akan menderita seperti ini"

When she went back to Reva room, Krisna was caressing and kissing Reva on her forehead. Alya's heart breaks each times she sees her husband and Reva's getting closer. However, Alya's trusted her husband so much.

She ran out from the room and bumped into her fren Dr Diya. She cried and told Diya how she felt when she saw Krisna in Reva's room.

"Alya, kenapa sih kamu, kamu adelah wanita yg paling kuat yg pernah ku kenal, kenapa kamu seperti ini.

"Aku tidak kuat menghadapi dan melihat keakraban suamiku dan Reva, sesungguhnya aku jugak seorang wanita yg sangat mencintai suamiku Diya"

"Alya, kamu harus tabah, kerana semua ini adelah kamu yg merancangkan, perkahwinan Krisna, malam pertama Krisna, semua nyer kamu restui, dan seharusnya kamu sedar semua ini akan berlaku dan kamu harus tabah untuk menghadapinya, kamu sendiri tahu Krisna jugak enggak mau ini sebelumnya, tapi kamu yg memaksanya, kalau dia mahu menduakan kamu kerana zuriat, tanpa kamu paksa pun dia sudah mendapatinya nya tanpa persetujuan kamu"

Dr Diya words made Alya realized and she thanks Diya for it..........she should not be feeling the way she felt right now.

Reva conditions worsen, she was into labour, but she is having difficulty in labour, Krisna and Alya are forced to choose between saving Reva or the baby........

And Alya had to fake her labour with her mother in-law to, they dont want her to know the truth if Reva give birth and at the same time Alya also has to give birth to her faked pregnancy.

The hospital runs out of medication for Reva, so Krishna has to go and search for it within 3 hrs, if not Reva and the baby cant be save........

Krisna came back on time when Reva was really in pain, she is already in labour, Alya and Krisna can only pray that both of them will survive.........TO BE CONTINUE......

Aduh penat jugak jadi producer Sinetron ni, if can I want to story from A to Z, but hv to skipped jugak some parts yg tak so important, janji jalan cerita nyer ade lah to those yg menantikan this episode, enjoyyzzzzz........

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Dear frens, hw was uol nyer day today, mine.........pretty bz, very bz, super duper bz.

Morning I came in to office had my breakfast, bread with coffee than started to work on all the pending works since last week. My boss came in around 10, had a meeting with him from 10.30am to 11.45pm. Ooooooooo panjang lebar betul discussions with him, lots of updates from him and so on, mostly related to manpower, accounts and finance, well that's my duties lah, for those yg baru mengenali moralle :)

Thou bz, still hv time to chat with sis retna yg baru I kenali, very the peramah lady, thanks for making my day not so bored ya sis........

Yesterday evening I made my jelly, banyak jugak dapat, puas lah the kids sila enjoy the pics jer k......

The colourful jellies

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Since hubby had already promised his son nak go Time Zone, yesterday at 4pm dalam hujan lebat we left to CP, the girls are there waiting already, baru habis watch movie High School Musical.

Very crowded with people, not only kids, orang-orang tua pun sungguh ramai play games at Time Zone ni.

Yang heran dan jugak menggeramkan, uol c for yrself k...........

excited minaci ni main motor...

This is Aqil favourite game, kalau go Time Zone, this will be the first one he play, but uols c lah, kenek tunggu si minaci ni habis main pulak, tak pegi collection ker si minachi ni, aduhhhh we waited nearly 20mins for her to finish........Aqil muka dah cramp.

Actually ade Chinese guy ni with his 2 sons yg dah tunggu nak main jugak, so kenek lah take turn kan, but this guy very nice, after the budak pompuan tu finish straight away he ask Aqil to play first, his son will play the other one, share adik beradik.

Ape lagi, Aqil suka lah kan, I think that Chinese guy realize how excited agaknyer Aqil waiting. Hubby let him play a while so that the chinese boy can play with his brother side by side. Dah baik jugak lah si Chinese guy tu nak kasi Aqil play dulu.

After that, the excitement continue, game after game, I snap a few photos of him playing, leave him with hubby than I chow to John Little to get my perfume. JL is having 20% discounts, I bought my compact, the girls and my perfume, cost me about S$40...okay lah, tak overspending.

All games yg he main semuanyer motor, favourite betul dak kecik ni naik Motor GP

From JL I called hubby nak tanyer dah habis or not, belum lagi, hmmm kenek lah naik balik to time zone.

Aqil was very happy yesterday, can really c the looks at his face, puas main games kat Time Zone, than hubby bought for him Ben 10 shoe kat Bata....aduh my boy suka sangat, very happy betul his face sampai he says, "ibu see Aqil face"..than he smile broadly....

From CP Time Zone, we all go n makan rojak at Woodlands Transit. Reached home 7.30.

Rojak Buah-buahan

Rojak tahu bakar

While watching TV my fren called nak kasi kad jemputan, so I went downstairs to meet her, dah tu I pelawa lah she and her hubby naik borak-borak sambil makan mee kuah.........jadinyer we all borak-borak sampai ke pukul 10.30pm.

They left, I pun kemas sikit-sikit, kepenatan, slept at 11pm.

Woke-up this morning at 9.30am, hubby need to work, the girls pun ade acara sendiri, need to cook cause Aqil has school today :)


Tak rasa seyyyy today cuti.........tomorrow dah back to work ):, felt like extending one more day..........gilerrrrrrr nyer kes............end month beb, need to prepare salary.

I'm alone at home, Aqil went to school, will fetch him at 5pm. Yana went to school at 2pm for her Cambodia meeting, Arin went to her Red Cross since 8am until 6pm.

my handsome son, ready to go school, siap suruh I sumpah must fetch him at 5pm

Just had my lunch, only cooked Sardines Tumis today, sedap jugak makan sardines once a while. After sending Aqil to school, I went to Shop-n-save supermarket to buy somethings for my holiday project later today. Quite sometimes tak bikin ni, so since today coti, may be later I bikin lah, our favourite :)

Will post my KONNYAKU jelly once its ready ya.......

Monday, October 27, 2008


Happy Deepavali to all my blog readers :)
I guess today still ade yg menghabiskan raya, like attending open house, and also those yg ade Indian colleague, may b uols pun ade open house jugak.

As for me, now my rest time after makan lunch. I cooked mee kuah today, dont feel like eating rice. The two girls dah keluar, watch movie High School Musical kat cinema. Later at 4pm, we will meet them kat Causeway Point cause hubby nak bring Aqil to time zone as promised.

Woke-up quite late this morning. Bangun jer breakfast dah ready, hubby went out very early to pump petrol kat JB than on the way home belik roti prata. After breakfast went to market ngan hubby and Aqil than wait for him to cut his hair.

I had late night yesterday, in-fact I slept around 2.30am this morning. As usual cant sleep, so nak released tension, on PC, blog-hop, chot-chat ngan my sis nun jauh, cian dia kenek temankan I sampai pagi........thanks ya sis, muachhhsss....... and at the same time chot-chet with the msjbox members, tak sadar sampai ke pagi.

Hilang jugak stressed yg dah membeku after I dapat curahkan perasaan kat my sis, she's a great help, bleh lah sis u jadi consultant camni.........I'll be yr first customer :)

To the msjbox members, wowwwww gerek lah uols semua, really enjoyed our chatting yesterday. Soon I'll migrate to msjbox k or will add additional chatting box jer.

Now layan lah si handsome ni nyer photo k, taken yesterday at hubby aunty house........kat bawah block, dalam rumah tak leh snap, ramai lah orang, malu nak snap sana sini.

ooopssssssss, ni yrs truly yer, snap time nak naik tangga

Got to go now, meeting the girls at 4, oooooo cuaca sangat lah mendung + guruh lagi.......cheersssss....btw tomorrow I masih on holiday, so hopefully will get the chance to visit uols nyer blog for updates.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Every year all the kiddos duit raya will go to me, I will keep for them. Not for my own use, I cuma tolong simpan kan sahaja......if Kak Yana and Arin need it, they just have to let me know.

Its our tradition every yr to count their duit raya on the last day of hari raya, exactly 1 mth baru we all count. But this yr I'm breaking the rules, we counted it last week, raya belum habis we all dah kira. And my 2 girls since young until now even thou kak Yana dah 15, Arin dah 13, still ibu will keep for them, they will not keep the money with them, well to tell the truth I pun still belum kasi green light for them to keep it. Not being so kolot, but I think its good jugak I keep for them caused I know my girls dua-dua ni tersangatlah boros, very shopaholic jugak pantang nampak barang yg berkenan di hati, ade duit kat tangan, habis lah di kerjakan........hmmmm seperti siape anak-anak ku ini.......macam I know lah......macam ibu nyer kot masa muda-muda dulu, now ajer dah kurengggggg.

Ni lah sesi count duit raya this year, Aqil had counted his with me kat atas katil without the 2 girls..........than the next day, Arin counting hers, kak Yana duit raya was counted by Aqil and Arin......she dont want to count it, malu I nak snap her pic while opening the envelope.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Not doing anything today, bermalasan di rumah, kepala ni kalau lah gelas agaknyer dah pecah rabak............berderai..........pecah kaca pecah gelas, pecah kepala hidup berserabai, ha tu dia pantun yg tak der kene mengena ngan my update malam ni.

Everyone all dah sleep, dah ker dreamland, tapi me still cant sleep, so dari I baring kat katil pusing-pusing, lebih baik sit depan PC ni, blog-hop and update mana yg patut.

Today I was so very malas, lucky the kiddos nak makan yg easy-easy, so I cooked nasi lemak today.........simple nasi lemak, no chicken, no fish, only sambal ikan bilis, kacang, telur and timun.........i super duper lazy tapi still nice jugak....selera jugak budak-budak makan my nasi lemak, hubby balik work pun terus ngapppppppp nasi lemak.

Memang we all tak plan nak kemana, so sit at home watching TV, dok berbual pasal kak Yana trip to Cambodia and her camping, thats all , sampai lah time to ngorokkkkk.......the kiddos at 9.30 dah pengsan, Aqil biaserlah, kalau tak der orang masuk bilik with him, dia tetap ligat at last me n hubby masuk he pun masuk. Kesudahannyer, both of them dah lenyak, I masih terkial-kial nak close my eyes.

Actually kalau our plan is not cancel we all dah ade kat Melaka tonight, going there with hubby working colleague, 5 family altogether. Will only b back on Monday, but last minute one of the guy tak jadi, and this guy pun kebetulan the owner of the bungalow kat Malaka yg we all nak stay, so owner tak jadi pegi kite pun cancel lah. Lucky I belum do the packing if not buat penat jer. So my leave that I dah applied for next Tuesday, I relaks-relaks jer lah at home with the kids yg dah school holiday.

I received phone call from hubby nyer auntie this morning, jemput we all kenduri doa selamat on sunday, so tomorrow after hubby balik kerja kita pergi makan free kat his auntie place than c lah after that, macam nak masuk JB to my sis house, may b sleep over than balik on Monday or may b not, just jalan-jalan somewhere.

Monday, Deepavali, no plans yet, but hubby dah plan nak bring Aqil to Time Zone, biaselah, main games, he promised Aqil since bulan puasa, budak kecik tu dah asyik tuntut bila ayah nak bawak dia pergi Time Zone........

Well thats all the not so interesting wkends and holiday plans, but watever it is, I need a break, need the rest, to be back like normal..........I really need this, to be with my love ones........lots of things had fact, bukan I sorang need this break, hubby, kak Yana, all of us need it badly, thou hubby still need to work, we can arrange for sumting, sumting that will make my family happy.


Was given this award from sis Rasp n sis ell, I've known rasp for quite sumtimes already, had met each other, nice lady, nice character, very loving, very caring, very cute like arabian lady, very friendly and the very very very very..............I think those who knew her agreed with me :)

sis ell...........hmm I've known her baru kot, recently kita baru link link our blog, but I can felt her warm frenship, uols pun kenal who she is, betulkan she is one frenly and loving fren......... :)

Thank u to both my sista for these awards, love love nnnnnn loveeeee............

from sis rasp

this award goes to all my daily readers, silent readers , singgah and jenguk-jenguk readers to, lets be frens alrite, cheersss......

from sis ell

1) Put the logo on yr blog...

2) Add a link to the person who awarded you...

3) Nominate 10 other blogs...

4) Add links to those blogs on yours...

5) Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs...

so I follow the rules ya, the award goes to :

** sm

** tya

** noris

** zie

** ako

** nad

** perantausepi

** rasp

** ted

** erinsza

so ladies, pleasseeeeeeeeee accept this award with lots of love from he, hugs n kisses also...........

Its time to go to sleep now, nite nite, bleh tahan penat jugak after reading, commenting and typing :)

Friday, October 24, 2008

... :) :) :) :) ....

Salam for uols semua, muachhhsssssssssss........... I sayang kat uols semua,,,

Menyepi untuk sementara tak bermakna I hv to stop bloging kan kan kan...........I was terribly menggelitik nak berblogging but just cant due to reasons :)

Its wkends tomorrow........longgggggggggg wkend for all..........dont want to miss the opportunity to wish uols semua HAPPY WKEND AND HAPPY HOLIDAY.

To end this entry, I would like to continue with the Indonesian Sinetron below, I've promised to some bloggers, insyaallah I will continue to blog about this story wkly and I hv been typing and saving this for the past few days...


After the 1st night with Reva (the new wife), the next morning Krisna rushed to Alya room (the 1st wife) feeling miserable and guilty. Feeling sad and trying to avoid Krisna, Alya rushed out of the room with an excused to prepare breakfast with a feeling that only god knows how she had felt.

While Alya is preparing breakfast for Krisna, accidentally Krisna found a diary in Alya drawer. Krisna was shocked to read what Alya had written, the truth about her feeling getting Krisna married to Reva, why she did it, the whole truth nothing but the truth…….

Krisna had always thought that Reva is only doing all this for the sake of money, selling herself for money, until one day, Reva had to rushed to the hospital to c her sister. Krisna had followed her all the way. At the hospital, Krisna saw how closed Reva with the doctor and mistakenly thought that the doctor was Reva boyfren. Krisna was so angry that he had called Alya and told her what he had saw at the hospital.

Due to complications at the hospital Reva had to bring her sister back to Alya house. Krisna was so angry with Reva and accused her of having an affair behind their back, and Dina (Reva sister) was Reva and the doctor illegitimate child. Dina fainted when she heard Krisna screaming at Reva. That is when Reva had told Krisna the truth about Dina who had been cripple since birth and the sacrifices she did was all for Dina so that she can walk again like other children. Krisna was silent with shocked and apologized to Reva for what he had said to her…….. when Alya walked in Krisna was hugging Reva to comfort her…..

Krisna told Alya that he was wrong to judge Reva and had told Alya about Dina to. The days after that was happiness to Dina and Reva, they were treated like family from Alya and Krisna.

Until one day, Reva was in her room, she was feeling giddy and had fainted. Alya called her fren, Doctor Diya, Doctor Diya confirmed that Reva was pregnant. Krisna and Alya was so happy and they promised to take care of Reva and make her feel happy till the baby is born.

Krisna mother will be discharge from hospital, they had to come up with a plan so that Krisna mother will not know about this. Reva had to shift to the visitor room while Alya had to shift back to her room with Krisna.

To make her MIL happy, Alya told her MIL that she is pregnant and Reva was her school mate and she to is in her early pregnancy while the husband is away for work so Alya is taking care of her. To the extend Alya has to use a pillow, just to show her MIL that her tummy is growing bigger just like Reva. She felt so incomplete as a woman when she has to do this……….

Alya MIL had sensed something is not right caused Krisna is showing more concerned towards Reva than Alya. Krisna and Reva had been very closed and it made Alya very jealous but she admitted to herself that this is what she wanted and what she had planned. She has to be contented to it. Few occasions Alya saw how closed Krisna and Reva, she saw Krisna singing lullaby while caressing Reva tummy and she can see hw happy Reva was.

Reva was admitted to hospital when she was in severe pain. Her placenta was ditached away from the baby and the baby was in critical condition. Reva had to be hospitalize to make sure she and the baby will survive. When Reva was in the hospital Krisna was so worried and he spent most of his time at the hospital with Reva that he did not realized he had ignored Alya totally. Even his mother became more worried about Krisna concerned over Reva.

Reva was discharged but need more rest. Krisna attention towards Reva had made Alya very disturbed, sad but she still did not show it to Krisna and Reva. All she wants is to make Krisna happy and Reva will deliver a healthy baby.

As for Reva, Krisna concerned towards her and seeing how excited he is to have the baby, had made her fell in love with him. She knows the feeling was wrong but she could not help it, she knows this will hurt Alya, the person that she respect the most but she could not hide her feeling anymore……………the night when Krisna brought her out because she was craving for ice-cream, she was so helpless when Krisna cleaned her lips with his handkerchief, she asked why Krisna is so nice to her, she don’t want Krisna to treat her so nicely, when Krisna asked her why……….she told him the truth, “kerana aku sudah mulai mencintai mu mas”

Monday, October 20, 2008


To all my dear frens that I love and care.........

Thanks for the warmth of all yr care towards me, I am so glad to know all of you through this blog of mine. Thou I've only met some of you, but I'm really touched with the encouragement given to me all this while, be it happy or sad.

I'm not myself right now, why am I so weak at this ?????? There r no words that I can used to say hw much I really appreciated every moments we spent together visiting and writing each others a comments...........only god knows how sad I felt at this moment..

With this entry, I'm going to stop writing for a while to catch-up with things that's on my mind right assured I will be at yr blog if I hv the time, might not leave any comments ya, but I will still be there to read yr entry and to be sure that all of u r always happy n in good health.

Take care my dear frens....................will miss uols for the time being :) its like I'm leaving my blog forever, I'm shedding tears when I'm typing this, I'm not sure why....but I'm not leaving this blog of mine, MORALLE, I will be back with entries to stay close with all of u.............


Saturday, October 18, 2008






I'm asking this myself, I know its silly, in life, why must there be unhappy moments, cant we always be happy, all the time.........

OMG!!!!!!!! I'm acting like someone who lost its think that in life we will always be happy ....... but there are right ??? people who are always happy..........alwayzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.........

Friday, October 17, 2008


Wkends are here again.............but my wkends moods not as happy as alwayzzzzzzzz ):

All these arised because of my arguments with Kak Yana yesterday night about her Cambodia Trip. Sumtimes it hurts so bad when yr daughter who is only 15 yrs old dah pandai berdebat and even raised her voiced at you, thou I knew she didnt meant it. Terror betul budak-budak sekarang ni.

Actually, me n hubby had made a decision to let her go, but few days back there are news about a crisis between Cambodia and Thailand. So as usual lah, me as a mother macam worried pulak about these issues right now with these two countries.

Yesterday night I asked her if she knew abt the issues that is now currently happening at Cambodia and Thailand. Than she told me that they had a meeting at school to discuss about it but they were informed that the crisis will not affect the trip at all, blah blah blah and the school will follow-up closely on the outcome. I argued with her about few things caused to me it seems that she totally dont understand what is happening right now and to her macam no need to worry so much lah kan, tu yg I jadi melenting and felt that she dont want to listen to me at all.

I knew she really wanted to go for this trip, and I gave her my support as a mother but she just didnt understand how worried I am and she pulak thought going to Cambodia tu is like going to seberang tambak kat JB jer. Ya ampunnn.....I'm really having a headache with this girl.......

At last the arguments ended without any solutions, I just told her we will discuss about this again over the wkend wen her daddy is at home. We will sit and talk to her and will try to come out with a conclusions that will make all of us happy and satisfied, especially her.

I hv planned to go to Kota Tinggi this wkend, lucky my sister told me yesterday its cancelled, nasib baik jugak, I pun tak feeling nak jalan-jalan.

Thou I'm feeling a bit down but I felt happy 2 caused my dream of having lappy lappy will come true. Me n hubby are going down to Sim Lim Square tomorrow to look at one great offer of Mr HP :)

Fren of mine recommended his fren shop there and I've got a good deal to grab. If its really worth I will get the sexy mexy Mr HP.................


Thursday, October 16, 2008


K K some of u might hv read my entry abt my laksa goreng during Ramadhan, but so sowie yer, I dont hv story mory to tell, so because yesterday night my dinner was Laksa Goreng, I thought since there is nothing to story mory, why not post some pics of my laksa goreng :)

This is so called balanced from the wkends, ingredients all are ready, just had to re-heat the ingredients back in the wok than add in the mee laksa and vegetables, and its ready to be ngappppppp...............

walaaaaaaaaaaa....its ready

My kids n hubby will never be jelak with laksa goreng compared to mee goreng which I pun jarang-jarang used.

And today instead of the big MMMM its the big BZZZZZZZ day for me, only now hv the chance to post, oh fyi, as usual if my boss is around, I hv to curi-curi to post this :)

Cheerssssssss and hv a wonderful evening to uols semua........muachhhssssssss.......

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

...I M LAZY, YES I AM....

My MMMMMM is back, really sucks k.........since morning I've been blog hopping, but without leaving any comments, kan I dah cakap, the big MMMMM is back, served the internet for dont know what, I'm clueless about what I m doing today.......

Lucky my sis yg nun jauh tu today coti, n she dok layan I chatting with my story mory.......thank you my dearest sista :)

But I wanted to story mory a bit about the Sinetron Indonesia that I watched at Suria Channel last night, "ISTERI UNTUK SUAMIKU"..............yesterday was the 2nd episode.........if bloggers fren yg kat Malaysia tu dapat watch Suria Channel, pls watch k, its really good, every Tuesday at 9.30 to 11.30pm. I'm sure u all will love the story.......

Its a story about a wife who made a sacrificed to her marriage.........yrs of marriage they hv not been blessed with any kids..........due to her strong love towards her husband and MIL yg tersangat inginkan cucu........she decided to find another woman for her husband to get him a zuriat, she called it kawin contract, like surrogate mother gitu.

As fo the husband, he was against the idea...........caused he loved his wife very very much, to him no other woman can replaced her in his life, thou she could not give him any zuriat.

After desakan dan paksaan from his wife, he at last agreed with it, but to him also its just to make her wife and mother happy.....

Yesterday 2nd episode was really touching, sampaikan I broke into tears tau....the wife found a woman for the husband, this lady pun actually in need of money for her sister yg cacat, so she agreed to this kawin contract....all wedding preparation was arranged by the wife and she even let the woman wore her wedding gown and prepare the bedroom for the hubby and the woman.

Its very difficult at first for the husband to get intimate with this woman apelagi to hv 1st night with a stranger.......... lots of arguments and so on.............. sampai lah his wife sujud depan dia to try and accept this woman in his life for her and his mother sake....sampai gitu sekali pengorbanan isteri dia tau.

But only god knows hw unwilling she is to share her husband love with another woman, but she just had no choice...........all these because she wants the husband to have his own zuriat.

The part that made me burst into tears is the part yg at last the hubby so called managed to sleep with his new wife, the next morning he went in to his wife room and his wife just couldnt look at his face, she felt really hurt but she had to control it so that her husband cant see her sadness and when she asked him, if its done..........OMG macam I yg terasa, its really touching.....

The answer he gave her, "will u be satisfied n happy if it happen"...........the wife trying to hide it as deep as possible, n she nod her head.....TO BE CONTINUE.....

The best if u all can follow the story, if not hmmmmm rugi lorrrrr........ if I hv video cam confirm I shoot the story for u all than tempek kat blog i ni every Tuesday :)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

... :)...

Alhamdulillah, very full already...........I hv been bz since morning, just came back from the bank. I felt like eating Tom Yam, so went to buy Fried Fish Tom Yam Bee Hoon from Banquet CP.

Superlicious or may b because I'm to hungry...........

Fried Fish Tom Yam Bee Hoon, still sizzling hot in the container...........

"Ouhhhhhhhhhhhhh", finishing soon................

I dont hv anything to story mory except for my late lunch of Bee Hoon Tom Yam :)

GTG, will blog hop wen I hv the time ya...............cheerssssssssss..............

Monday, October 13, 2008

..ITS MONDAY ): ...

Hi uols, lazy and bz Monday ????? I'm all alone in the office today, my fren Matilda on MC today and tomorrow, the rest are all out with individual activities with customers.

Its raining heavily here, I'm taking short break to update my wkend activites.....


Me and hubby had planned to visit my fren yg dah gave birth, since 1st week of puasa she gave birth I have not visited her, rasa guilty bangetttt. And also to visit my another fren. My two gals pulak, jalan beraya since Friday afternoon sampailah ke petang, we all waited for them to come back, tak jugak balik-balik. They promised me to come back before 6pm so that I can bring them lah sekali to my frens place.

At last they reached home around 7pm with their frens, hmmm geram jugak, we all dah nak siap-siap, than sibuk pulak bawak kawan beraya kat rumah. Thou I'm angry jugak, but I control lah, sediakan drinks and kuih-kuih, while the frens makan-makan I called both of them to the room, hmmmm ape lagi, I membebel non stop lah with my two girls.

I thought dah habis their jalan-jalan, eh eh eh, ade lagi 2 houses, betul-betul kasi my anger naik lagi kan, since the frens dah beraya kat rumah, so I let them go lah jugak but told them that I will fetch them at 8.30 from the last house yg they are going.

After fetching them at 8.30, I reached my frens house almost 9.15pm. Berbual kejap, makan-makan, hugs hugs her baby yg comel than we proceed to the other fren place. Reached her place around 10.15, chit chat a while than balik caused Sat morning we all nak bertolak beraya di JB.


We all bertolak pagi, 10am, alhamdulillah, not so bad the jam, quite smooth the morning journey to JB.

1st stop, blogger noris house, nor n me had been frens for almost 3 years, this is the 2nd yr I beraya at her place. Reached her house at 11.45am, chit-chat, makan-makan, she cooked for us mee bandung muar, hmmmm delicious, I dapat free bawak balik rencah mee lagi, thanks nor, nanti senang-senang I nak try pulak :)

Sambil makan-makan I ask nor what time kite nak bertolak to go the other house, than she told me the other blogger ni nanti will come to her place and baru lah we all bertolak.

Saper kah ituuuuu.......nasazfrog, adik ku yg cun melecun ni walaupun dah sarat mengandung tetap vogue tau with her perfect complextions.....she came with her cute mute wanie...hubby nasaz ade urusan di Senai so tak dapat nak kenalkan with our hubbies, perhaps next time kan nasaz.....

We left nor place around 2.30 than proceed to nasaz house.....

Lepak at nasaz house kejap jer caused me n nor nak ke kulai...nasaz ni walaupun lagi sarat mengandung , she also bz jugak doing preparation for her new istana, jangan lupa calling-calling kalau buat open house kat rumah baru k nasaz :)

Left nasaz house at 3.30pm. I'm going to kasawari house, this guy is jb blogger, famous amos jugak di kawasan JB ni, I asked nor n her hubby to tagged along supaya leh lah kenal-kenal, and also my hubby tak tau sangat jalan ke kulai, so keneklah nor n hubby temankan we all, nasaz pun intend to joint us but hubby dia tak der than her MIL pun nak visit her.

On the way to Kulai, its was raining very heavily, we are stucked in the jam here n there, at last reached kasawari house at 4.30pm.

1st time meeting kasawari and his family, aduhhhh brother ni very peramah, so its easy for my hubby and nor hubby to click with him. His wife pun peramah jugak, macam dah lama kenal tau we all ni semua, best lah rasanye dapat kawan-kawan yg peramah in this blogging world.....terharu dan tersangat happy..........kedatangan kami di sambut dengan penuh keramahan dari tuan rumah...........thanks kasawari for the hospitality, n yr wife nasi ayam very power lah, Linda bleh kasi resepi tak????? hehehe............

We met shai, blogger dari KL, he came to kasawari house to beraya and mengiratkan silaturrahim jugak, so we all pun kenal-kenal lah with Mr shai ni...........very peramah jugak, suka layan the kids :)

We all bertolak dari sangkar kasawari at 5.30pm, nor ade acara yg harus di settlekan, me pulak going to visit my anak sedara di kawasan pulai jugak, but its kangkar pulai.

Reached my nephew house at 6.30pm, makan-makan lagi sambil layan my cucu-cucu. Lama tak jumpa they all. Lepas maghrib we bertolak to my sis house ... she knows I'll be in JB nak visit her kids, so sibuk suruh singgah her place.

Reached my sis house dah pukul 8.30pm. Chot-chet ngan my sis, than bertolak ke rumah my niece kat Bukit Cagar. My sis temankan sekali.

Berborak n makan lagi at my niece house, yg ni belum ade cahayamata lagi, masih menunggu. We left her place at 10.45 than went back to Singapore. From Bukit Cagar we all dah dekat sangat with custom, from my niece place pun we all can see if its jam or not. Line clear both custom, ape lagi berdesut balik, reached home at 11.45pm.


Yesterday, I'm at home melayan tetamu, few frens and relatives are coming to beraya, ade yg called on Friday nak datang on Saturday, but I told semua to come on Sunday. Simple menu yesterday, I cuma fried mee laksa goreng, easy and simple. I prepared all the ingredients and fried the rencah-rencah dulu.

So when ade tetamu I cuma tinggal masukkan the mee jer, sonang kan camtu. Tak terkurang dan tak membazir :)

Very tiring, since 12pm sampai ke malam melayan tetamu, last visit is from my fren at 10pm. I closed door at 11pm, hahaha.............dah closed shop, tak larat, anyway nobody else call to come.

Clean-up here and there than went to sleep at 12pm. I baru realized yesterday tak snap even 1 photo, hmmm apelah, even hubby pun tak ingat ):

Lengthy story mory of my wkend activities, very satisfied and very the tired.........Today back to work like zombie, lots of works to settle and feeling bored alone in the office ):