Monday, June 30, 2008


Hubby was supposed to work on Sunday, but he took M/C.

Early morning he went out, need to report to work first and take medical chit to c doctor. He reached home about 10am, thought he bought breakfast for us yg lagi sedap tidur, huru hara di buatnye, semua kenek bangun. We are going out to hv lunch and go walk-walk.

Woke up, hubby help me with the house chores, vacumm and wash clothes. We did together-gether while the kids get the school things ready for Monday. All these have to be completed before we go out, if not balik dah penat semua nak mengamuk nanti.

I intent to survey some furnitures at IKEA so we had our lunch at Anchorpoint. We wanted to eat Nasi Ayam at Brickworks but its closed, so we ate at Signature Banquet. Alahai, ingatkan like the normal banguet, memang very signature, few benches and only one stall selling few dishes, Nasi Briyani, pratas and wontan noodles only. The kids and hubby ate rice while me ate the Wanton noodles, hmmmm its nice thou.

After lunch we went to IKEA, survey here and there, decided on this and that. We had few things in mind, but not going to buy it now, may b before Hari Raya.

From IKEA we went to Causeway Point. Hubby had promised Aqil to go to TIMEZONE. Enjoy sakan the kids at Timezone, while I snap-snap their photos.

Oh ya I bought BEARD PAPA Cream puff. The counter had just opened at CP. Very the niceeeeeeeee, I loike it, not like the normal cream puff, this is much much better in taste, the cream is so smooth like ice-cream okayyyy, the kids and hubby love it to.


Updates on the weekends activities. I'll start with my dag dig dug feelings.

I had made arrangement to meet someone on Sat night. Venue confirmed at ASEANA restaurant, Danga Bay Johor Bahru. I've passed by Danga Bay almost often but this is my 2nd time stopping at Danga Bay.

Morning of Sat as usual very bz sending the kids to Madrasah, going to the market and fetch the kids back from Madrasah. I'm very excited since morning, preparing gifts make sure all in order, hehehe.

At 5.30 off we went to JB. I was very dissappointed with Singapore Immigration. Woodlands custom very heavily congested, the jam started from expressway all the way to the custom, from Marsiling MRT, masyaallah teruk betul lah. Looking at it, we all pun proceed to 2nd Link at Tuas. Actually dah expected Tuas also will be heavily congested, but if we continue to queue at Woodlands, we might be stuck there for hours.

Guess what??????? Tuas was also bad, the gueue started before the bridge, well what can we do, we had no choiced. We reached Tuas at 6.05pm, cleared only at 8pm. Malaysia custom very clear, sikit pun tak jam. Goodness, I was very angry betul lah. Already very far using Tuas Checkpoint, the toll pun very expensive, lucky I'm only thinking about meeting my dearie frens, if not I will not continue with it, patah balik lah nampaknye. I salute betul with my hubby, dia yg begitu panas baran, but that night he cool aje, he knows this appointment is important for me, and I really appreciate his support walaupun I knew he was very tired, after worked still need to layan the jam and all. "Thanks ayah for yr understanding, love u muachhhhhhhhs......".

Bored to death stuck for 2 hrs at Tuas Chkpoint, hubby tired, Aqil take over the steering while ayah relaks a while, gaya dan pose from Aqil while driving

I was supposed to meet them at 7.30, but I sms them to changed it to 8pm instead. At the end I reached Danga Bay at 8.30pm. Felt ashamed jugak first time jumpa tak tepati masa, but they knew pun I bukan nye sengaja kan dearies..........

I'm meeting............. rasp AND ted. I've met Ted last wkend and this wk kite meet again. Both of us knew that Rasp in coming down to JB with hubby and Sapphire for short holiday, so kite pun beria-ia betul wants her to meet us. Surprisingly Rasp agreed to meet us.

Tak sangka, Rasp yg tak pernah kite lihat di blog, ooooooo orangnye ahem ahem. She looks like Arab, very fair sangat, hubby and Sapphire pun putih-putih belaka. Macam family Arab lah pulak. Both wife and husband very friendly, macam kite dah kenal lama gitu. Ted second time meeting her pun dah macam old buddy, hubby nye pun dah rancak betul with my hubby and Rasp hubby. Looking at the guys berbual mesra, macam its their occasion pulak that night not ours, hahaha.

Dinner at ASEANA was good, oh its was Tod and Ted who paid the dinner that night. Me malu jugak, I hve 2 grown up kids, four of us ordered individual serving while Rasp and Hubby tak makan pun. They had eaten before they meet us. Ted next time we return back to ASEANA my treat pulak okkkkk ........ :)

Chit chat chit chat, tak sadar its almost 10pm, Sapphire and Ned dah rengek-rengek nak sleep. Kesian two babies ni, according to Rasp, Sapphire suka golek-golek dulu before she goes to sleep, and of course lah she tak feel comfortable that night, dah ngantuk sangat agaknye. Ned pun dah ngantuk sampai mengamuk-ngamuk jugak. Rasp make a move first back to hotel just before 10pm. My hubby with Tod still talking and talking while Ned kesiannye dah ngantuk sangat. We parted about 10.15.

The meeting with the 2 bloggers was very memorable occasion, they are peramah and their hubby are peramah to, I really felt happy that night, tak sangka orang yg kite tak pernah jumpa selama ini, we interacts and communicates through blogging for few mths and we met on 28/6/2008.

Some of the photos taken, I've asked permission from Rasp to post her picture in this entry, she has given me her permission, so this will be her 1st photo in the blog for bloggers who wanted to c how she looks like. Rasp I'm really honoured to be the first one to post yr pic here in my blog.......... :)

To Shopper-Mama, as I had promised, this is specially for u, it will be more fun if you can joint us that night.

RASP, Hubby and Sapphire

Here we are, at ASEANA Danga Bay, Moralle, Rasp and Ted

The kids, Yana and Sapphire, Ned, Me and Family

To Rasp and Ted, thanks for the wonderful evening dearies and thanks for the advance bday gift and gifts for my kids, my kids love it soooooooooo much.... :)

SALAM CERIA...............

Happy Monday to all, salam ceria di hari Isnin :)

Me very bz now, will update story mory on my wkend activities probably late afternoon. Need to upload some photos first baru best nak update.

To all Happy working.................

Friday, June 27, 2008

TOO TIRED..........

OMG!!!!!!!! I'm too tired to update now, just came back to the office after almost 3 hrs queing at the bank, I hated it very much.

But sekejap je my anger, tomorrow kan Saturday, cannot angry angry, I dont want to spoil my own wkend mood which I m really looking forward.

After berjam-jam stuck at the bank, nak hilangkan my anger, I didnt go back straight to the office, instead I go shopping moping sikit. I am sooooo happy, I got what I want, not for me, for someone I'm going to meet tomorrow, I hope they all will love my gift yg tak seberapa ni, ohhhhh I am so excited thinking about tomorrow, mudah-mudahan its all going to work out great, insyaallah.

So to the person yg I'm meeting tomorrow, c u all kkkk..... muachhhhh.......muachhhhh.............

To all "Have a great and wonderful wkend"..........

HAPPY AND EXCITED...............

Assalammualaikum kengkawan semua :)

Today is Friday, tomorrow is Saturday, yeahhhhhhhh, weekend is here again.

I hv lots to update, but I'm not sure if I hv the time today to finish it all. I hv been busy with works. Month end coming, salary lagi, ohhhhhh macam-macam di benak ku..............

Before I start with my entries of story mory, I would like to thanks all my dear frens who has been reading my blog on 26/5/2008. The sweet and wonderful comments given had touched Kak Yana and myself very deeply.

Kak Yana read my blog and I was told by Arin that she cried and was so touched with all the comments received from all my dearies frens.

I am really in a happy mood today, there are few things that had me smiled since morning, senyum yg hingga ke telinga, wakakaka...................

And I felt excited to today because I am going to meet someone that I had wanted to meet sooooooooo very much, insyaallah if everything goes smoothly as plan, it will happen............. I dont want to miss this opportunity, hubby dah gave me green light with his willingness and approval....... thanks laling for being so understanding with yr wife yang macam-macam ni :)

Okay, now I' m going out for lunch with boss and the office staff, boss good mood today and we are going to hv sumptious lunch at SAF Yatch Club.

Afer lunch I need to go to the bank, if I hv the time, I will upload some photos of Kak Yana bday present she received......... TATA..............TITI........TUTU.......

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


This special entry is dedicated to my daughter Nur Maliyanah on her 15th Birthday.

She was born on 25/6/1993 at 1643hrs, weighing 3680gm at birth. A chubby and cute baby girl from the love of M&M. Anugerah yg kami nantikan dan akhirnye ALLAH telah mendengarkan doa kami.

Sabda Rasullullah :

“Moga-moga berkatlah anak yg baru lahir ini. Syukurlah yg dapat dipanjatkan kepada ALLAH yg mengurniakannye. Alangkah luasnye kepemurahannye dan kerananya kamu telah mendapat limpahannya”

Nur-Maliyanah (Cahaya Kelembutan) name given to our precious little baby.

Terlalu banyak rintangan ku hadapi, dari segi kesihatan, physical dan mental. Pahit ku telan, derita ku tanggung. Ini semua kerana seorang insan kecil yg ku kandung.

“I can’t hear the hearbeat from your baby” I was in my 6 mths pregnancy. I went for my monthly check-up and need to do Ultrasound for the baby. I was very shocked when my gynae told me my baby has no heartbeat. Alhamdullillah it was just false alarm. The reason was simply she is super big and its difficult to listen to the heartbeat.

I was admitted on my 37 weeks of pregnancy. Baby is growing fast and I need to be induced to avoid risk and complications.

Years of growing up with her was fun and memorable. She was showered with loved by everyone, especially my hubby family caused she was the 1st grandchildren. Every year her bday was celebrated, be it big or small.

She was a loving sister. I conceived again when she was 1 ½ yrs old. There was no symptom of jealously in her.

Her school years from Nursery to Primary school was a learning process which she had achieved tremendously, thou there are hiccups here & there.

I still remembered when she was in P1. She used to cry everyday before she goes to school. Everyday at 12pm I will received called from my maid without failed. My work place is quite near so I hv to rush home to comfort and even gave her a good scolding most of the times. This continues for few mths until its time for parents and teacher meeting. We checked with the teacher and we were told that she cried at school during lessons everyday. To make the story short, we only knew the reason after we sent her to eye centre. Its confirmed that she has eyes problem, astig and she needs to wear spec. She has been wearing spectacle sinced Pri 1 until now.

All the crying stops and she loved going to school everyday.

She entered Secondary sch at 13 yrs old. It was tough for her, but she managed to go through smoothly and happily.

A year ago, 25/6/2007, musibah menimpa kami, it was a traumatic experienced for us. Seperti kata pepatah, berat mata memandang, berat lagi bahu yg memikul. Till today the memories of what had happened to her is still hunting and torturing me. But as it says “ALLAH tidak akan memberi kita sesuatu yg tidak mampu kita hadapi, sebagai umatnye, kite harus redha dengan ape yg diberikan untuk kita”. Me and hubby redha dengan ape yg sudah berlaku.

She is 15th today. I wanted her to read and understand what I hv been through........

“My dear girl, u hv grown up to be a sweet girl, thou ibu might not be the best mother in this world, I wanted u to know, I love u sooooooo much, that I will sacrificed anything just to make u , yr sis and yr brother the happiest person on earth. I have always been proud of you. Every moments we spent, may it be happy or sad. Ibu hoped that you knew why it happened and understand why it happened and you will be more matured and always remembered that in this world there are many colours of life to choose and don’t ever choose the wrong colour which will lead you to the wrong path of life, Ibu will always be there for u”

I hv prepared the slide especially for her, and also to my frens out there who wanted to c how my 15 yrs old daughter had grown up to be a beautiful sweet girl. Please on yr speaker an enjoy MARIAH CAREY – HERO.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

SUNDAY JB .............. PART 2

I'm in JB for only 1/2 day, tapi ade Part 1 and Part 2, mana je and ape jeeeeeeeee lah I nak story kan..........

Well, after meeting Ted at Danga Bay, I straight went to my sis house. My sis sms me while I'm at Danga Bay, "Tak jadi masuk ke", my reply to her, "Jadi, now at Danga Bay meeting fren, abt 3+ gitu nanti sampai sana".

We reached my sis house around 3.30 gitu, oh soka nye I, my cucu-cucu pun ade kat sana, miss them soooooo much. Few mths tak nampak cucu-cucu ku, dah besau-besau rasanye, Mashita dah besar, dah boleh walk-walk, cuteeeee nyerrrr dia. Mashita is my nephew nyer 3rd daughter, budak kecik ni senang jaga, susah menangis kecuali if kite cubit dia lah, hehehe. Kalau di agah-agah, ya ampun ketawa sampai kat telinga. But now dah besar and dah lama tak nampak nek cu nyer, she cried when I nak carry her, lum season lagi.

Kite minum petang kat sana, pisang goreng, Ubi goreng and epok-epok. Cedapppppppp minum bersama Kopi panas di petang yg indah sambil santai. I soka my sis house, rumah kampung, terkenang zaman kecik-kecik dulu time I tinggal kampung kat Singapore. Now dah cannot c rumah kampung, all rumah batu, pusing keliling, atas bawah pun batu jugak.

Hubby ajak balik about 5.30 gitu, takut jam teruk nanti kalau balik petang-petang sangat, but sis pulak ajak we all walk-walk kat Taman Hutan Bandar. So okay lah, joint them dulu than terus balik from there.

Pictures kat bawah ni I snap while kat Hutan Bandar, taman rekreasi for family, Tempat ni best kalau pakai sports attire, boleh jogging buang lemak-lemak. Very crowded jugak Hutan Bandar ni, ade yg berjogging, ade yg santai ade jugak yg berdating, hmmmmmmmmm Sunday lah katakan........... so enjoy lah the pics yg ade ni okayyyyy, cheersssssssssssssss.....................

Ni lah Mashita, kenek marah with Kak Yana, "ooooooo garang nye kak kau", cian muka dia

QUICK ONE....................

Happy Afternoon, happy happy always :)

I've yet to update my JB story part 2. Still pending till late today, now quick update of what I did today.

Today as usual okayyy, bz as always. My boss has been in the office lately, menyibuk betul lah. I tak bebas sebebas bebasnye nak berblogging. Curi-curi nak blogging, tapi dapat lah jugak here and there blog hop. Dia lesap pegi toilet, I pun dengan sepantas kilat berblogging, dia naik atas, I pun terputus hubungan dengan blogging. I missed lots of story mory from my bloggers, but tak pe lah, nanti I kadak lah when I'm free a bit...........

Today Hubby send Kak Yana to make her I/C. Oh!!!!!! anak ibu dah besar, dah dapat IC sendiri..........

Letter of Notification from Immigaration for Kak Yana I/C

As usual, hubby sent me to office this morning than he went with Kak Yana to Immigration.

At 11.30 he sms me, they are on the way to fetch me. I thought nak go lunch with hubby and Kak Yana, but hubby already bought Murtabak from Beach Road. Best jugak, yesterday I visited Rasp.... blog she made entry on Murtabak, so today I dapat makan Murtabak. But Rasp murtabak looks superlicious, gedik-gedik rupanye, mine pun okay jugak, cuma tak gedik je, famous murtabak from Zam-Zam.

At 12.15 I pun chow balik rumah a while to sent hubby and Kak Yana back and makan murtabak kat umah with them.

Okay lah for now, later today I will update my story mory need to rush something out........

Monday, June 23, 2008

SUNDAY IN JB...................PART 1

We planned to go to JB to do few things. I missed my sister yg I dah lama tak visit, to pump petrol and to meet someone ??????????????

I woke-up at 9am, clean the house a bit here and there, than at 10.30am like Tarzan kejut budak-budak and bapak budak.

We left the house at 12pm, luckily custom quite smooth, we are stuck only about 1/2hr. I've already made appt to meet someone at 1pm. On Saturday I sms to plan and meet her at Angsana but when I reached JB, I changed my venue. Angsana will be very crowded for sure on Sunday, so its not a good place to meet and talk, especially meeting for the 1st time.

At the end I ended stopping at Danga Bay. I sms her and told her that we meet kat Danga Bay je, so she pun on ah, lagipun from her place to Danga Bay not so far. Berdebar jugak nak meet this someone ni, maklumlah 1st time meeting her, tak tau macam mana our reactions nanti.

While waiting we all jalan-jalan dulu, shopping sikit-sikit and since kite pun belum lunch, we had our lunch at Secret Recipe.

Service very slow, so sesi posing dulu while waiting for the foods

My meeting point with that someone pun at SR, I sms her and told her that I will wait for her at SR, waited and waited and there she is ............................ with her lovely daughter and hubby.

She is sweet looking and petite in reality. Gegirl so cute, shyyyy like her daddy :) her hubby macam a bit pemalu, but bila dah jumpa my hubby ok lah jugak, may b first time kan.

We chit-chat a while and I gave her SATC DVD which I had promised to get for her. She didnt stay long, her hubby ade hal, but thou the meeting was short, its memorable.

Insyaallah, we will meet again right ted, hmmmm bila lah agaknye kan, tak puas rasanye meeting sekejap je.

After ted and family left, I continue with my lunch yg dah cold waiting for me to santap. I was so happy meeting Ted sampai lupa nak snap photo of the foods that we all oder.

Ni sesi suap menyuap kek from us to Kak Yana, if you all remember few weeks ago I mentioned that I will be doing a special entry for someone, well that someone is my daughter, she is celebrating her bday on 25/6/2008. I will be doing a special entry for her on 25/6 itself. This is advance celebration for her, cause on 25/6 itself hubby on afternoon shift so no celebration on that day.

We left Danga Bay about 2.30pm and proceed to Kempas to my sis house............... END OF PART 1...........

WKENDS .............BBQ...........

Today me really on Monday blues. Work jangan lah di persoal dan di pertikaikan, never ends. I lazy yg teramat sangat nak bercerita panjang, so I cite sikit-sikit and post some pics. Let the Pictures do the talking.......................

BBQ on Saturday...........okayyyyyy, enjoyable, fun but tired.

Went out at 4.30pm, we reached East Coast about 5.30pm and reached home about 12am. The best about the BBQ, I dont have to bring anything, dont hv to prepare anything, everything had been arranged by the guys. But as usual, kalau guys yg dah arranged, ade je yg tak de dan tak complete, but its okay, yg best wife relaks one corner, story-mory and makan.

The BBQ menu was simple, not really interesting but still its ok, since all the foods was arranged by the guys so better dont complained to much, nanti kecik hati pulak bapak-bapak semua.

Saturday, June 21, 2008


I bought 4 DVDs at work yesterday. The kids wanted to watch Kung Fu Panda, since the seller had it I bought for them yesterday. I bought love story, Over Her Dead Body, and 2 x Sex And The City. When I was looking at all the DVDs, I came across 1 bollywood DVD, surprisingly, so I grab it, krazzy 4, it looks intereresting so I pun beli jugak.

The 1st SATC I bought the picture was not very clear, when the seller came yesterday I changed it and I bought 1 additional for someone. I will pass to that someone tomorrow if we jadi meet, if not it will be next week.

Before the kids watched Kung Fu Panda, I asked Kak Yana to try and check on all the DVDs that I had bought, puas hati, all the pictures are very clear, like buying ori.

Okay, now i want to join the kids watching Kung Fu Panda, than continue with Krazzy 4.

We are going out later at 4.30 for our BBQ, hopefully by than we will finish 2 DVDs on time.

Friday, June 20, 2008

LAWAK................FUNNY FUNNY.............

1/2 hr more to go before 5.30pm, shhhhhhhhhh............... boss is around, I'm doing this very slowly and quietly.

Me want u all to enjoy the jokes before u all leave office today or enjoy it at home during the wkend when u visit my blog, cheersssssssssss...........................

It might be small, u all find ways to make it larger okayyyyyy....................