Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Assalammualaikum uolzzz...dah macam mak Jemah kan uolzzzzzz dari ERA....

I cant wait for the wkends to come, because its a long holiday for me.....N m so loving it cause I nak relaks di rumah sepuas-puasnye.  I think same goes to those yg slalu berulang-alik hari-hari dari JB to Sin to n fro, if opportunity like this, tak sabar rasanye untuk merehatkan diri yg dah terlalu capekkkkk berulang-aling menempuh hiruk-pikuk di Causeway :)  So to those yg tak work on Saturday, apalagi, long holiday lah kan.

As for me, this Saturday was supposed to be my work day, but since I dah replace last Saturday, so m relieveeeee....but still, thou resting, need to do revision with Aqil cause his exam is not over yet.  But small matter lah, we r just going to enjoy the study bonding time together at home.

Anyway, sempena nak menyambut Aidil Adha yg bakal menjelang tiba ni, me wishing semua umat islam tak kira di mana sahaja, ter-especially yg berada di Makkah, SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDIL ADHA UNTUK SEMUA....

Last but not least, to all yg akan pulang ke kampung untuk beraya tu, berhati-hati semasa memandu semuga semuanye selamat ke destinasi yg hendak di tuju ok.....ENJOY THE HOLIDAY UOLZZZZZZ.

Saturday, October 20, 2012


Hi Assalammualaikum....hv been out of the office for 2 days, was not feeling good, but today on Saturday I hv to be here in this boring office..still recovering and feeling week after 2 days of resting at home.

Anyway, have a great wkends to uolzzz ya...enjoy the wkends :):)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Nur (Cahaya) Madarina (Tempat Peredaran Bintang)...the given name to my 2nd doter.  She is now 18 years old and my doter yg tersangat high maintenance for her.  Her mother pun tak lah sangat high maintenance.

Anyway, just felt like blogging about her.  I got this photo of her from her FB, entah mana she got this, when she was young dah pandai nak bermake-up, adorable kan tapi yg paling rabakkkkk kalau crying when she was small.

Well now dah pun membesar, a sweet young gurl with a big dreamzzzz...a dream to be a top model....hehehe, itulah kata-kata dia, as a mother, of course I want the best for my kids, insyaallah selagi apa yg di lalukan tidak menyalahi ugama dan mencari rezki yg halal.

Showing some of her photoshoot that was in her portfolio. Bergedik sana n bergedik sini, not bad jugak anak ibu sorang ni, ada talent yg tersembunyi.

Make-up done on her own, hw is she good in make-up..........U TUBE....if at home itu lah kerja dia kat rumah, cari any info about beauty kat U-tube..goggle sana sini.

Her pic without make-up and with her long hair that she is missing now...

Her recent pic with short hair...

Watever dreams she has, she has to finish her school first, thats the major thing I want her to fulfill and for now part-time modelling will only be allowed for her.

If possible, I prefer her to model for bridal, at least tak lah risau hati ni, sopan sikit kan bermodelkan busana pengantin.  Tapi they have to go through me lah, I kan manager dia :):)

So ini lah puteri hati me yg kedua, will blog about puteri hati yg pertama bila tiba masanye.

Oh almost 12pm....lunch time soon...when its lunch, means its Adam & Hawa time at Dailymotion.

Assalammualaikum uolzzzzzz.....

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Vahhhhh  semangat lah nak berblogging, early morning the idea what to blog about dah dengan pantas log-in and start to blog before idea gone and malazzzz also datang.

Anyway just to imbas kembali for the past 2 years what I have been through, going in and out without failed with the heavy or at times very massive to travel in and out to Singapore and JB.  Its very tough, for those yg temperamental my advise tak payah lah stay in JB if you have to travel to n fro everyday, cause akan menambahkan dosa yg dah ada tu kan, dengan maki hamun n aper-aper lagi sumpah seranah yg kluar tu.  So stay where u feel comfortable without having to go through like the photos below.  What M going to show is sikit jer ni, photos pun I google jer, the actual will be worst lah from this at times......

This photo going through Sin Chkpoint 

At JB bridge going through JB Chkpoint

This traffic from Sin to JB and JB to Sin - everyday scene 

Massive traffic from the highway going to Sin Chkpoint

Night view of the traffic congestion all the way from highway to Sin chkpoint

Bikers that are stuck in the traffic, beribu bikers will b like this everyday

Well, ini lah scene-scene yg slalu I have to go through setiap hari, be it in the morning or in the evening, nowadays it seems that there isnt any time yg tak jam, almost everyday and at all times its like this, so just imagine what m going through everyday, n also hw the others yg can tolerate this takes courage and patience to go through this, it really is......

So M still in come back or will be decided by next year in 2013 once contract for both side ends.

Monday, October 15, 2012


Assalammualaikum....uishhhhh nak berjinak balik berblogging, but doesnt seems to know hw to start.

Really clueless, like I cant write a simple story at all and cant think of what to write also.

So since its the exam month, I decided to post this photo of naughty boy here yg dah ready sangat with his exam next week onwards.

This is the pic yg I can upload here in the office, cause I didnt bring my hp USB cable.  This boy, yg tak lama lagi nak celebrate his 9th bday, is in P3.

When I asked him...Aqil u ready for your exam....simple answer......sudahhh lahhh ibu, dont keep asking me itu lah dia my one and only son yg dah tersangat ready with his upcoming exam.  All oral, listening compre and compo semua dah habis last week, now 3 days closure for PSLE Marking and next week will be all the other papers.

M hoping he can make it insyaallah, because since we shifted to JB pelajaran dia agak terganggu sikit, I think because of the journey that we always faced to n fro, n by the time we reached home its almost time to eat n sleep.  Its worrying me lah, but m hoping for the best.  Me pun nak ulangkaji his sch work at home frm Mon to Fri memang dah tak sempat, too tired by the time we reached home.  Wkends pun jarang can spend time with him studying.   Mudah-mudahan Allah terangkan hati anak bujang I ni semasa exam nanti, insyaallah.

Looking into the situations, most probably we will come back to Singapore next yr, masih dalam perancangan lagi.  The gurls memang excited giler nak balik SG, n Aqil we will c hw it goes next yr.  Two years in JB, alhamdulillah we can adapt but cuma the kids tak der life at all, including me :(.  Too hectic for us everyday to travel and the kids especially Aqil always missed activitites at sch cause we hv to rush home almost everyday. N for me I cant even stay late at work, which is also not a good sign for me if I want to stay long with the Company.

So we will wait for both contract in SG and JB to end next year, n we will c hw it goes.  About 70% we dah confirm nak come back to SG....hopefully decision will be made early next year.  Actually I pun macam tak sabar nak balik SG, macam dah penat sangat mengharungi traffic jam in the morning and evening. Its very tiring, I wonder hw other SG yg dah bertahun tinggal di JB boleh go through this because perlukan kesabaran yg betul-betul to the max to go through this.  I had it for almost 2 yrs now, n dah tak der excited to come back to SG, last yr excited to migrate to JB, now the other way round, macam tak der kerja lain, asyik nak pindah randah, lucky my house here still available, if not duduk jer in JB and endure.

Well anyway, to all dear  frens yg the kids are taking final exam this prayers are with them, semuga semua berjaya mendapat markah yg cemerlang, aminnnnnn.

Wowww bleh tahan jugak my entry ni, well for a start lah kan, insyaallah when time permits more story to write, cuma hoping blogger frens will read again my entry like before :)