Friday, May 30, 2008

MY NEW FREN............

We went out for lunch cum window shopping to SunPlaza, now its we not me already lorrr :)

My new fren is a bubbly and friendly girl, I didnt met her when she came for interview, I was out for a meeting. She was chosen because she had experienced in Marine, we had advertised, conducted interviews before, none was successfull. At last the position was filled and closed. Hopefully she loike working with me and will stay on.

Hi, I'm Matilda

We didnt really buy anything, window shopping and just bought 1 or 2 things. Than we bought our simple lunch at Old Chang Kee and Ice blended Soya Milk with Pearl.

I bought Squid head, sodapppppppp

Shampoo for my daughter, new Nivea deodorant from Avocado-extract , refill compact powder and ZA lipstick for me

Its raining heavily here at my office, boss had already chow to attend meeting. So I hv time to update a bit, chot chet with Matilda enjoying our Friday.

Hoping everyone had a good weekend. For me as usual I will be visiting my brother during the wkend, and also have plan to go to Expo Centre for Robinson Sale.


SAD STORY...............

What happened??????????

Its Aqil, the past 2 days kakaknye away for camping. I was very touched about this. Yesterday night dia memang nampak tak de mood, duduk depan TV with me. Normally he will play with his toys, PSP, n will mintak itu ini to play with. Tapi I noticed the whole night yesterday he was very quiet sampai lah hubby came back from work at 11.30pm.

After hubby dah minum kopi, makan fried banana I bought for him, kite pun masuk tidur. I dah changed him into his pyjamas, pakai his socks and vicks than suddenly I noticed dia termenung sambil duduk kat katil with tears in his eyes. At this time hubby masih kat toilet. So I pun asked him, "Aqil why u look so sad sayang", and u know what?????????? he nangis sampai tersedu-sedu, macam tak boleh di tahan-tahan lagi. I pun hug him and try to comfort him, I dah suspected something, but I didnt mentioned anything. Than I asked him again, "Aqil missed kakak eh", he nod his head and said, "Aqil rindu kakak, kenapa kakak tak balik".

Ohhhhhhhhh kesian nye, I pulak macam nak nangis, tak sangka budak yg sekecil ini akan merasa kehilangan kakaknye dalam masa 2 hari.

He cried and cried, sampai hubby keluar from toilet terperanjat to c him crying. I told hubby why he cried, hubby pun tried to comfort him. When my hubby comforted him, he cried lagi, macam sedih sangat our words to him. At the end bila dia dah stop crying, I told him to go to kakak room and take their soft toys on the bed, Kak Arin bear and Kak Yana Panda. Kelam kabut he woke up to take the two toys and peluk sambil tidur.

Aqil, Aqil, tak sangka with his behaviour semalam. Selalunye when kakak went for camping tak pernah dia so sensitive like this, mungkin now dia dah besar, going to 5 years, so he felt lonely and kehilangan gitu bila kakaknye tak de.

This morning my sis called me to ask why Aqil bad mood and macam nak cry je. I told sis about what happened yesterday, so sis understand and pujuk him. Umi told him that later kakak come back from camping will singgah her place and hug him. My sis cakap he tersenyum lebar bila dengar kakak coming home today.

Tu lah dia cerita sedih yg menyayat hati I semalam, kalau dah bersama selalu nak gaduh, yg kakak nye walaupun dah tau adiknye tu baru 4+, pun nak bertelagah jugak, same with Aqil, kalau gaduh dengan kakak-kakaknye macam lah dia tu dah besar sangat, hmmmmmmmmmmmmm ini lah yg dikatakan adik bradik kan.

Now its lunch time, not sure nak go out or not, macam malas but macam boring duk kat office.

Thursday, May 29, 2008


This is the feelings I m feeling right now................ why???????????????? me pun tak de answer nye, but since yesterday my feeling macam semacam, susah nak di luahkan, well may b .......................

Firstly, walaupun I bz with works but I m happy caused I hv new fren at work, a girl lagi, with her around my workload for the servicing & sale side berkurangan lah sikit, she will be handling it, so I can concentrate with PA/HR/Finance. The best i ade fren to chot chet, selama ini I bersendirian tiada teman berbual mesra, melainkan adik-adik mechanic, technician dan apek-apek yg di production side :)

Secondly I happy because my adik-adik yg di KL loike my presey, walaupun tak seberapa they still love it.

Thirdly, fourthly, fifthly.................... i dont know......................

Funny kan, sometimes I felt so depressed, sad & angry, sometimes happy seperti di awang-awangan tanpa sebab, ini lah yg dikatakan kehidupan, berputar setiap masa selagi kite masih bernyawa dan berada di bumi allah.

Yesterday evening after hubby fetch me, we all go to Causeway Point je, malas nak go jauh-jauh, takut I tak sempat nak watch my fav Sinetron. Well fening my head when we reached CP, punya lah ramai manusia tak terkata, GSS lah katakan, sana-sini on sale. I tak sanggup betul with the crowd, cepat-cepat larik masuk Robinson, grab my Compact powder and belik perfume lagi. I ni boleh di katakan soka jugak belik perfume, suma murah-murah tau for daily use. Yg mahal pakai time tertentu je or when I felt like using it, kalau camni yg mahal boleh tahan lama sikit. I loike to buy perfume from Robinson, macam-macam jenis & brand. Yesterday I bought CHARM, the smells very niceeeeeeeee, sweet je and the bottle is pinkish in colour.

After buying my powder and the perfume kite pun cabut balik, very lazy nak jalan-jalan lagi, tak sanggup. On the way home we bought dinner for 3 of us, Seafood fried rice and fried seafood bee hoon.

Very sepi my house without my 2 girls, Aqil pun kesian jugak, main sorang-sorang, kalau ade kakak boleh jugak layan dia main.

We tuck-in very early yesterday, 9.30pm, today wake-up quite segar lah jugak. Tonight will be my night with Aqil, hubby work sampai 11.30pm, hmmmmmmmmm sungguh sepi.

Latest update on my brother conditions :

I spoke to my SIL this afternoon, my brother had started with dialysis since Monday, but they had stopped the dialysis since yesterday, my brother now having problem with his back, it seems after the 2 days dialysis, tulang belakang dia sakit, so yesterday he went for full x-ray on the back, the results will only come out today. I will only know later after my SIL update me on the results. My brother conditions not getting better, more problems after dialysis, mudah-mudahan results X-ray is not that serious. Pls doakan supaya my brother akan cepat sembuh, kesian lihat dia menderita camtu after one another.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


What's with the title, its like this, me kan very trouble this few days, bz with works, worried abt my brother, Aqil yg tak berapa sihat and gedebag gedebug, itu dan ini lah yg bersangkutan with kids and suami yg kadang-kadang macam budak-budak jugak.

My sweet honey bunny, dah ceria semalam when I pick-him up

Alhamdulillah hari ini rasanye macam lega sikit, I dont know why, tapi rasa macam sebak kat dada ni rasa berkurangan sikit. Mood agaknye kot :) Walau apepun, I banyak receive doa's from frens supaya bersabar slalu dan tabah menghadapi segala dugaan, insyaallah.

This morning my two girls will be away for their 3 days 2 nights camp at school, its the uniform group camping. Sepi lah kat umah nanti tak dengar suara Aqil and kakak-kakaknye gaduh. Hubby pulak this week afternoon shift, so left me with Aqil till hubby comes back at 11pm.

Kak Yana, yg keluar pagi tadi at 6.15am

Kak Arin, yg keluar at 7.20am

But today hubby on urgent leave :), I loike, ade kawan kat umah nanti. Cite nye camni why hubby on urgent leave.

Hubby had already informed me yesterday night that he will send me to work this morning cause dont hv any morning OT and he wants to pump petrol for the car at JB. I told him I need to go to the bank first before he send me to work. Early this morning I received sms from sis, she wants me to send Aqil lambat sikit, she is not feeling well. Than I told sis ok, nanti my hubby will send Aqil before he go to work, so she can rest in the morning. I pun told hubby we need to bring Aqil along cause my sis tak well.

At 8.30 hubby sent me to the bank than we had breakfast at Ya Kun Kaya Toast at Causeway Point. After breakfast he sent me to the office than he and Aqil pun go to JB to pump petrol. In the office at about 10am I received call from my sis asking me to take urgent leave cause she really cannot look afer Aqil today, she is still not well. Hopefully my sis will recover from her sickness, so tomorrow I can send Aqil there.

Do i look handsome with daddy sunglass :)

I fikiran lah kejap on how to settle this. Than I call hubby, talk to him and ask him to send Aqil to my office instead of Umi house since Umi is not well. So its settled, I will look after Aqil at work. At 12.30 hubby call from home, he will try to apply urgent leave so he can look after Aqil. He hu ha hu ha with his supervisor, and his urgent leave was approved. So itu lah sebabnye suami ku tak bekerja today, he will be with me and Aqil this evening, 3 of us :), windu pulak with the 2 girls, belum 1 malam dah rindu ngan puteri-puteri ku. "Miss u girls" ):

I had lunched with hubby and Aqil today. I invited the new girl to join us for lunch, suka lah jugak dia, tak lonely kat office.

This evening dah janji with hubby and my son, dinner and shopping-shopping jap, not sure where to go but surely somewhere nearby cause I want to be home by 8pm. I cannot miss sinetron "Cinta Fitri".

Fuyohhhhhhhh, panjang lebar pulak mak type today, actually bz tak habis lagi, tapi my hand ni very itchy nak story mory. K, now back to work..........................

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Ooooooooo I bz banget today, sampai tak sempat nak berblogging. I did blog hop here & there, ade yg sempat I comment, ade yg tidak, sowieeee.

While doing my accounts, I terjah my blog kejap to update abt my bro, my son & my gift from someone :)

To all thanks again for the doa's untuk my brother and also for my son Aqil. My brother is still at the hospital, I myself belum sempat nak call my SIL to check on him, but I think he had started with his dialysis already, and hopefully he is getting better. As for Aqil, yesterday night he stop vomiting, and today he he soooo much better according to my sis. When I called him this afternoon, his voice dah ceria balik, alhamdulillah.

To my fren Rasp, I want to thank her for the gift I hv received from her 2 wks ago, sorry dear lambat sangat nak load gambar yr presey to me, but I really really loike the gift, and I already wore the neklace last wk for a wedding, tapi lupa nak snap photo pulak.

Thanks again dear, sila lah lihat ape yg ku dapat dari KL :)

Monday, May 26, 2008

MONDAY OH MONDAY..............

I hv new staff joining us today, nice girl, today bz doing orientation and all the necessary things that need to let her know......

My mind quite berserabut right now, macam banyak sangat nak kenek ingat, nak kenek follow-up, work & personal.

Boss wants these & that, hubby call for these & that, the girls call for these & that to, my mind pulak fikir kan nasib my brother, suma I nak kenek settle, macam penat betul lah, sometimes like giving up je. I malas nak stress banyak-banyak pasal ni, cause my mind pun dah tak leh nak think lagi.

Aqil condition pun not getting better, this morning sis call to say he complain of stomach ache again, than kenek diarrhoea pulak this morning. Will c how is his condition today, if berlarutan I think need to send him to hospital je lah, takut pulak with his condition camni.

Budak kecik ni tak de mood, suruh pose pun tak nak, siap bawak plastic takut vomit kat keta

Yesterday I went to visit my brother at the hospital, kesian betul his conditions, not getting better thou. I felt like crying when I saw him but I tahan kesedihan I ni, malu dengan my anak-anak sdara n the rest yg ade kat situ. He cant lie down now, tidur pun atas sofa je, his private part yg swollen tu still swollen and getting bigger, ni semua caused by his 2 kidneys yg dah tak berfungsi lagi. There are 2 tubes inserted at his stomach to prepare him for dialysis either today or tomorrow. According to the doctor, the swollen will subside slowly after dialysis, hopefully it will, insyaallah. It looks like he will be in the hospital for few more weeks until his conditions is stable.

I snap my brother pic with his wife yesterday at the hospital

Saturday, May 24, 2008


Today I tak kemana-mana, at home bermalasan.

As usual, morning settle the kids to madrasah cause hubby is working today. I nak visit my brother pun tak jadi today, Aqil mendadak this morning kenek stomach flu lagi. Mudah-mudahan my brother is getting better. I called my SIL tak dapat, my anak-anak sdara satu pun tak angkat, cekik darah betul, nak tanye my brother new ward. My brother had been transferred to Alexandra hospital, his records are all there its easier that way.

So today nursing Aqil at home, he has been vomiting since morning, ape yg di makan semua keluar balik, I gave him his medicine yg dah ade from KK hospital. Actually Aqil already has flu and cough, I think the coughing is causing him to vomit, macam loya gitu. Now he nampak ok lah jugak, mudah-mudahan he will not vomit again and will be better tomorrow.

Boring memang lah boring kalau duk kat rumah during wkend camni, but ape kan daya, mood nak jalan pun tak de, my son pulak not feeling well, tapi bagus lah jugak dapat bereskan kerja-kerja rumah yg belum sempat di buat.

The kids pun sedang bermimpi sekarang ni, siang dah masuk tidur, ayah & Aqil pun dah bobok, so after this entry I pun nak bobok lah jugak since everyone pun dah sleep. Nak watch AF final pun tak dapat, sambil nak lelapkan mata nanti on radio ERA aje lah for the results.

"Good niteeeeeeeeeeee"

Friday, May 23, 2008


Its Friday, its supposed to be a happy go lucky day for everyone out there cause tomorrow is the weekend. Long waiting day for all.

For me, its wrecking day at the office today, my moods for the wkends had been destroyed ):

Anyway walau ape-pun, only 1/2 day left, i will stay strong till end of today and will chow from this office at exactly 5.30pm.

Wkends no major plans, most probably will be at the hospital visiting my brother yg masih lagi dalam keadaan yg still not stable.

Looks like I will not serbu the GSS which had started today, not in the mood this wk. To my dear fren SM, enjoy yr shopping spree laling.


Thursday, May 22, 2008

LATE ENTRY.........

Hi hi, bye bye, I hv nothing to update today except that I'm very bz, worst than ever. My mind is not working properly due to lots of disruptions from all angles.

Lots of loves from me thou.....................

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I'm actually not in the mood to update this blog of mine, lots of reasons behind it. Firstly, I was really really bz with works in the office, rush out a while to meet Aqil teacher for parents teacher session (alhamdulillah, Aqil had improved tremendously compared to previous meeting with his teacher early this year) , rush out to the bank, rushing out workers insurance matter which is still not settle, lots & lots of other things to think off, but the most important thing is my brother conditions.

I tak sempat nak menjenguk my brother yesterday, insyaallah will visit him tonight. But I called my nephew to ask abt my brother conditions. He is not getting better, the doctor will send him for dialysis caused his body parts dah membengkak due to his kidney, n his private parts not getting better, still swollen jugak, and he is having difficulty breathing due to swollen part at his private part. He was sent back to the CCU unit due to all these reasons.

I m really worried about his conditions, walaupun dah slalu jugak my brother ni berulang alik masuk hospital, but this time terlalu critical masaalahnye. Walau apepun, I tetap berdoa agar my brother cepat melalui masa critical ini dan akan cepat sembuh walaupun tak sempurna mana. I cant imagine how he is suffering right now.

To all frens that left comments with doa's for my brother, thanks a million, mudah-mudahan dengan berkat doa semua, my brother akan cepat sembuh, AMINNNNNNNNN.

I would like to share with all picture of my brother yg sedang uzur di hospital, this was taken 1 mth ago during bday celebration for his 3rd cucu, Ayuni at East Coast Park.

"To my brother, walaupun kite slalu berlainan pendapat dalam segala hal, I will always love u and will always mendoakan kesihatan dan kesembuhan abang"

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Since boss yg bad mood today is out for a meeting & be back later, I pun cari kesempatan to update my activities. Photos banyak betul I snap, but I will just load a few je, terlalu banyak , malas pulak, random pick sahaja.

Saturday : Me with frens at Batam

The trip to Batam was great, we have funs. The spa, urut-urutan, hair treatment was superb. But the sad thing, less shopping done. Not much time to do shopping cause the time spend at Mustika Ratu was almost 1/2 days. I only managed to buy J CO donuts which was really cheap there and some keropok from Batam. But I was happy thou, my trip to Batam was to do the spa & urut, so I achieved my task, and I dont mind if dont really have the time to do shopping. We will be going there again for sure. My body now felt really out of stress, the best ever urut and body treatment I had ever had.

Posing & having breakfast while waiting for ferry at 8.45am

In the ferry to Batam

First stop, Mustika Ratu for the Spa, Urut & Hair treatment

I think this is at Nagoya, to stop for our late lunch

Inside ferry on the way back to Singapore, me with my J CO donuts

My frens posing with the goodies they bought, N myself, nampak tak segar bugar selepas spa & urut, or nampak penat je kot muka, its tiring actually, with the hot weather.

I reached Singapore at 9pm, hubby & kids fetched me at Harbourfront, they to hv great time without the mummy, daddy belanja makan at Swensen and jalan-jalan at VIVO city.

The almost gone J CO donuts my kids, hubby & myself santap when we reached home

Sunday : With Family

Hubby work on Sunday, but we have plans in the late afternoon. Before hubby comes back, I went to a wedding invitation with my sis, its our old kampung people. We met lots and lots of orang-orang kampung yg dah lama tak jumpa sejak kita pindah. Its fun, ade yg dah tua, yg my age suma dah beranak penak, dah lama tak berjumpa, bila jumpa banyak sungguh perubahan nye.

At 4.15 hubby came back and we went swimming. Since Woodlands swimming complex had completed the major renovation on the pools, baru sekarang we went. Normally we went to JW or CCK swimming complex. Oh I janji with my fren to meet at the complex. We spend about 2hrs there but to the kids tu pun tak cukup, especially Aqil, dah naik kecut tangan & kaki pun masih tak cukup lagi. I promised the kids to bring them to Changi beach at night and my fren wants to tag along.

While waiting for my fren to arrive, the kids dah berdebush first

At 8pm my fren met me at my block and we went to Changi Beach. On the way we bought Nasi lemak, mee goreng, teh tarik to makan-makan there. Its very crowded, as usual it will be very crowded during the holiday, banyak family yg overnight kat situ. Quite difficult to find parking at last hubby decided to park illegally, anyway banyak jugak yg park illegally there, so kite pun ikut-ikut, mudah-mudahan tak kenek saman.

My fren 4 kids, The powerpuff girls

Loving couple, pantang suruh posing, cik abang senyum lebar :)

Hmmmm, di malam hari makan nasi lemak, drink birds nest, syokkkkk Alamak, oopppppppps, tak censored lah pulak laki aku tu.......

Duduk makan-makan, borak-borak, Aqil so happy watching the aeroplanes yg nak landing, kebetulan the spot yg kite duduk is where the aeroplane suma nak land, so its very-very near, terjerit-jerit bujang kecik, happy sangat. We left Changi airport at about 11.30 when the kids and bapak budak suma dah nampak layu je, Cuma mak nye aje yg still looking hyper, tak tau penat.

Posed from 2 mummies before we chow

Monday : Vesak Day & Rancangan yg tergendala

I hv planned with hubby to bring the kids to watch movie, Ayat-Ayat Cinta, my sis had already watched the movie with her children, so she advised that I should bring my two girls to watch it. Its a good movie, love story between a Christian and Muslim and story about young love.

But my plan tergendala, when I woke up in the morning I received sms from my SIL, my brother is critically ill at NUH hospital. My sis from JB pun sms, she is coming in to visit my brother, so I will hv to wait for her before I go, we are going together.

Sis reached my place at 1.30pm, she had lunch at my place and we janji with my other sister to go together.
At 4pm my sis fetch us from my block to go to NUH. I terpaksa lah apologized to the girls cause tak dapat watch movie with them, and they also tak follow me to NUH. They will understand it for sure, I tak sangka lain yg di plan lain yg berlaku.

Me & my sis from JB, 2nd big sister, she looks more like arwah my mother

At NUH while waiting for my BIL & hubby to park the car & smoking

When we reached NUH, all my brother kids are there, and my brother was in a very bad conditions. He's on oxygen, cant really talk properly. I broke into tears, I was very very sad at that time looking at his conditions. This is my elder brother, even thou he is a person who is very unreasonable at times, but I do still love him. My brother is a diabetic, one of his leg had been amputated, he's almost blind, and now his 2 kidneys are not functioning. Due to this, he can't pass urine and his leg and his private parts are blotted. Seeing him like that I really cant imagine how he's suffering. Dia dah meracau yg bukan-bukan, dont want to stay at the hospital, he wants to go home. But the doctor wont allow it, they need to do further investigations to know the cause first before they can decide what to do with him.

Me and my sis pun pujuk lah dia to sabar and beristigfar banyak-banyak. Memang he is suffering right now but kite mesti nak redha dengan ape yg telah di berikan pada kite. We are there for few hrs before we left.

Mudah-mudahan my brother will recover soon walaupun dengan keadaan yg tak berape sempurna, dan kami adik-beradik, isteri dan anak-anaknye redha dengan ape yg akan berlaku padanye. Tak sanggup rasanye melihat my brother sengsara seperti ini, "Ya allah ya tuhanku, kau berikan lah yg terbaik untuk abang kami ya allah, dah kau kasihani lah dirinye ya allah, ampunilah segala dosa-dosanye, kami redha ya allah, permudah kan lah perjalanan nye ya allah walaupun dengan ape cara sekalipun yg engkau kehendaki, AMINNNNNNN"

MY TUESDAY..........HOW'S YRS?????

Happy Tuesday to all, today back to work, now I felt like taking MC ):

Today not a good day for me, its all concerning work. My boss not in a good mood, wake-up from the wrong side of the bed I think, myself worst, lagi no mood, I m sooooooooooo bz, like everything are urgent today, my colleague are also not in a good mood. So today office is really moody moody day. If everyone is looking moody and bored, the best thing is to go and c doctor to take MC, am I right ??????

I hv lots to update during the wkends and holiday, will download the photo first and will update slowly , may be later on when I dah feel good sikit. The MC, c how dulu, if the moody situation continues, besok I nak take MC for sure, I cant handle this type of peoples. Thou just had a course on how to handle human related issues, but susah banget ni, myself pun I tak leh nak handle lagi.

Friday, May 16, 2008


Lalalala, wkend is back, longgggggggg wkend with Vesak Day on Monday. Best & happy giler. Nak work today pun 1/2 mood je, thou banyak kerja, anyway relak-relaks lah sikit, ponat den.

I just came back from Sun Plaza to buy my toiletries yg almost finish at home. If I dont buy it today, weekend nanti no shampoo for me to use. Sales had started here & there. The beauty shop that I always bought my shampoo is really on sale, so save lah sikit, cause banyak jugak I nak kenek belik. With the sale, I paid only $52 bugs for Shampoo, conditioner, cleanser, day cream and my son Baby bath. Worth right????? If not my shampoo & Conditioner will cost me $56, belum my cleanser and day cream lagi, but now for 5 items I only pd $52. Oooooo selamat sikit, need to budget sikit, I m going to Batam tomorrow.

I'm off to Batam with few frens tomorrow, day trip. Mummies day for us tomorrow, husbands & kids all at home, sekali-sekali gitu kan. Anyway Sunday and Monday can be with family lah pulak. My fren hubby so nice pulak nak fetch us from MRT to the Ferry terminal. So it will not be so rushing for all of us. Cant wait for tomorrow to jalan-jalan with my kakisssssssssssss tu suma. Mesti fun, all of us ni kalau dah berjumpa tak kering gusi lah from A to Z.

I also went to the cobbler at Sun Plaza to repair my wedge. I nak kenek pakai that wedge, I hv to put-on sumting comfortable tomorrow. And my everbest wedge tu is the best lah kirakan, very comfortable , lucky its repairable and can be ready by this evening. For sure jalan sana-sini mesti penat, so need sumting comfy, if not nanti kaki sakit, mood pun gone.

Thats about it lah okay, now I will slowly do my work dulu until its time to cabut at 5.30. I must leave office on time today, need to collect my wedge, do a bit of marketing for tomorrow cooking. Oh yaaaaaaa I need to cook first before I go for "happy hours" with frens, kesian kan my hubby with the kids at home. No matter what tanggungjawab sebagai seorang isteri dan ibu tidak boleh di abaikan, betul tak????????


Thursday, May 15, 2008

OHHHHHH......MY AWARD........

I'm very bz, but I missed my blog, I nak update, nak visit frens blog & read their story mory........ and guess what, I received an award from my adik ni, thanks Raf for the wonderful award.

Am I friendly ????????? yaaaaaaa of course I am, hehehe. I am a friendly person since the day I knew what is frens, who is my frens and whoever wants to be my fren. Sometimes terover friendly sangat sampai tersalah di nilaikan. That is why the course I had attended I loike the subject related to human relations, "Understanding Yrself and Others"

K lah tak nak merepek lagi, I'd like to present this award to shopper-mama, Raf, Rasp, Ceera, Linda, Apple, Nemo,nasaz, ej, & ted. All these ladies are friendly okayyyyyyyyy. The names doesnt stop here, there r lots of friendly bloggers out there with their different ways of showing that they r friendly.

I M BACK TODAY...............

Today back in the office after 2 days out at SMU. Try u all semua imagine, walaupun 2 days only, imagine the workload................ n let me know, hehehe.

I dont even hv time to eat lunch, just 1 pc of leftover bread that I had for breakfast. Tengok keja yg overloaded my hunger for food pun tak da lah.

Reach office this morning rushing things here & there, went out to the bank to settle things, and now still bz like mad. I dont even hv time to call my son Aqil this morning before he go to school. I always call him and talk to him over the phone at least 10 or 15 mins before he go to school. Nanti sure he will be angry with me cause Umi called earlier and says that Aqil today go school ngambek, maknanye merajuk gitu lah.

Short brief of the course : The course I attended yesterday was good, very good I should say, I hv learned lots of things that are related to my job & responsibilites to the company. Things like Identify yr position, staying proactive, Task orientation skills like planning, organising, leading and controlling. People skills, understanding yrself and others (I loike this part), well this is part of the course outline, there r lots of other topics related to the role of Aministrator that was discussed.

It was fun thou, the group discussion, role play, games and last but not least the trainer itself.

Alrite, now I hv to rush back to work, still lots of pending works, what time agaknye I can leave office today ):


Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I kan dah cakap, If I hv time I surely will update lah blog I yg tak seberape ini, well good enough for frens who knows me and who wants to read :)

Quick update before I go to sleep bebeh!!!!!!!!!!!!

K, If u all read my entry yesterday, I m supposed to go for course on Wed & Thurs. But am I forgetful, my god, getting older right, or am I to bz till I forgot the actual date for the course.

This morning I reached office as usual, bz here n there, than when I was about to go out to the bank at abt 9.15am to settle TR, TT and cash out the workers 1/2 mth salary, I received a phone call from EON the training provider, and here it goes :

My briefed conversation with Agnes (from EON)

"Mdm Mariah, are you coming down to SMU for the course"
"Oh when, today? I thought the course is tomorrow"
"No mam, the course is today, 13th and 14th"
'Oh my god, oh I'm sorry I overlooked on the date'
"Its ok, can u rush down now to SMU and be there by 10.30am"
"Whatttt, I dont think I can make it, with the heavy traffic in the morning, even if take a cab there, I can only reach SMU by 10.45 or later.
"What if I change to another date, is it possible, or if I arrive there late will I get the cert for the course"
"Mam if u change the date, its consider cancel and we will charge 80% of the course fee for cancelation and if u really cannot make it by 10.30, no certificate will be given cause attendance is at least 75%.
"No I dont want that to happen, I do want the certificate, its important for me, well I think I will try to rush there and would appreciate very much if you can help me with the cert"
"Ok mam, I will try my best to help u and will talk to the trainer"

So, dah huha huha with the lady, I pun packed all my things, get help from my technician to send me to nearest taxi stand. I left my car at the office, will go back to office to pick up my car after the course. I took a cab from Sembawang MRT taxi stand to SMU, and $18.00 terbang for nothing kan. Luckily tak jam pulak, so I reached there just in time at 10.30am.

When I reached there, everyone was having tea break, and I pun ape lagi joint sekaki, rushing nye pasal sampai kelaparan. After tea break, I pun introduced myself yg star karat ni to all the candidates and the rest of the day was fun, new frens, group discussions during the course, and so on.........

Well itulah yg berlaku pada ku hari ini, but what to say, bukan sengaja I lupa kan, ini semua tak di sengajakan.

Okay lah, I pun nak bobok and will blog about my course when I m back in the office on Thursday. N I apologized cause tak sempat nak visit all yr blog, will do it when I hv time tomorrow night okay, tata titi tutu.

Monday, May 12, 2008

MY CATCHED YESTERDAY................

Yesterday hubby called from work at about 5.30pm, he suruh kite suma siap-siap than wait for him at void deck at 6.15pm. We are going out a while to do few things.

1st stop - tailor, to send kak Yana NPCC uniform for logo stitching, my curtains, suruh nyonyah adjust the length.

2nd stop - Sheng Shiong supermarket, to buy rice, price for rice really very expensive betul lah, dah check at NTUC, shop and save, all the places suma harga sama, the price tremendiously goes up so much.

3rd stop - Old Woodlands centre, to change battery for my watch. Last wk I did posed an entry on my watch kan, so hubby thought its the battery, but its not. Sumting wrong with the internal parts, so we wait a while while uncle tu repair, and walaaaaaaaaa my watch is back . Selamat my hubby tak payah nak belikkan new watch for me.

4th stop - we went to Causeway Point. Me nak buy shoe. I need to buy a simple not so high shoe for my 2 days course. Go course pun nak kenek belik new shoe. I will not be driving for the 2 days, will take MRT and its quite a walking distance from MRT to SMU. So, I need sumting comfortable to slip in and walk to SMU. My working shoes are all high heels, yg low heals all dah teruk, so I kenek lah beli yg new kan. Cari punya cari, pilih punya pilih, I ended buying from Charles & Keith n hubby pay for me. Hmmm 2nd gift from hubby on Mothers day, "thanks laling for the shoe"

Tantek tak shoe ni, very comfortable n not to high, just nice.

ME THIS WEEK..............

Wow, today punya lah bz sampai tak sempat nak berblogging :)

I will be very bz the whole week, there might or might not be any entry from me, will miss visiting frens blog definitely, and ade ke orang yg akan merindui ku ):, chewahhhhhhhh macam lah famous sangat kan sampai ade orang nak rindu kat I ni..............

Quick update of my itineraries for this wk :

Mon & Tues - will b stuck in the office rushing lots & lots of things (will curi-curi lah jugak update or visit blogs if I hv the time)

Wed & Thurs - Out of the office, attending 2 days course at SMU (yg ni 2 days tak leh berblogging, unless from home if I m not tired)

Fri - back in the office, definitely bz teruk doing pending 2 days works.

Last but not least, to relaks & pamper myselft after all the kepenatan, I will be going to Batam with 5 of my frens to relaks-relaks doing spa, manicure & pedicure, shopping-mopping, its only 1 day trip, but definitely it will be enjoyable.

So, that's it for this wk, hoping for the best and its Monday but I dah tak sabar nak wait for Saturday. To all my gilos-gilos frens, c u all on Saturday at Harbourfront gurls.....................

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Woke up early this morning, at 9am I think, tersadar dek deringan talipon from my fren, she nak antar kan I lauk, sambal tumis petai. She had promised me, kalau bila-bila she cook sambal petai, she sure antar rumah I, so hari ni dia nak antar, boleh lah I buat makan lunch nanti.

I'm sitting in front of my PC feeling tired. After all house chores dah habis, baru lah leh relaks now while the kids watching TV. No celebration today, hubby work, so stuck at home with the kids.

Yesterday afternoon about 5pm I went out with hubby to watch him play football, its so called the farewell game for one of the Japanese instructor that will be be leaving them and return to Japan. I went with Aqil while the girls are at home.

We went out yesterday night to celebrate, not really a celebration, the purposed is to hv dinner cause ibunye tak cook, than jalan-jalan at Thomsom Pierce Reservoir at 10.30pm. A place supposed to be for lovers at night, but kite datang anak-branak dating kat sana.

Dah malam-malam pun sempat jugak nak snap photos of us enjoying our night yesterday.

Kami sekeluarga, Adios............