Sunday, December 4, 2011

My New Aprt in JB...

Assalammualaikum ....setiap kali nak update terasa so lazy, tak macam dulu, update blog suka sangat, semua nak story, now semua story kat FB and Twitter.

Rasa kesian ngan blog Moralle ni, but nvm, I will still retain it here cause will update it once a while kalau kerajinan, n will try to update like before lah, insyaallah.

Ok, mata pun dah kuyu ni nak slp, bila dah ngantok baru nak update blog, kalau segar bugar tak terfikir pulak, anyway, posting some photos of my new place in JB, simple touch by the previous owner, n I luv it...

Kitchen area

Resting Area

Living & Dining 

Master Bedroom 

Dining Area 

Girls Room 

Last but not least, photo of my kids hving lunch together-gether, hehe...

The Apartment is small compared to our 5 room flat in singapore, but its ok I lagi suka, cause easy for me to clean everyday without any hassle.

Alhamdulillah, we are settled here after almost 7 months at Danga Bay Apartment in Johor Bahru.

Thats it for tonite, time to bobok, insyaallah rajin akan terjah lagi blog sendiri and of course frens blog, but sorry never leave any trace to comment....ASSALAMMUALAIKUM.