Monday, March 31, 2008

KELAM KALIBUT...........

Woohhhhhhhhh, tak sangka sempat jugak update my blog today, betul-betul instant update tau, was very bz the whole day today, my colleague pun on MC , I hv to cover a bit of his job lah, hopefully he will be back in the office tomorrow.

Macam lipas kodong I upate my blog, I need to rush home today, ade hal sikit, I tulis pun asal boleh je lah, if there are typo error, whoever reads it, betulkan lah sendiri k, ni kes nak cepat. I dont want to delay updating it, nanti dah basi lah pulak, hehehe macam leh di makan kan. Actually takut all the idea yg I nak write gone, I ni nowadays cepat lupa, maklumlah, keja kat opis je tak habis kan.

I rasa bersyukur sangat, I dapat mengatasi masaalah stress I ni, tak tau lak camna ek, I didnt go for any therapy, tak sempat nak pegik pun, melainkan shopping je. I just take the nasihat from hubby, he just want me to be patient and ade lah lagik yg he omelkan to me, so at the end of the day, what he told me is all true, I need to try to overcome all this stressness or obstacles yg akan I hadapi at my work place. It will be for quite sometimes until we have all the right replacement candidates or me got a new job. So I harus bersabar, HARUSSSSS.

K dah nak chow ni, 5.30pm sharp I akan terbang balik ke rumah, cheersssssssss to all.

Hubby work on Sunday, but we have already made appointment to go out to IMM. We wanted to look at the furniture there before we decide to buy at Ikea, who knows we can find a better one at IMM. At 6.15pm we waited at the void deck for ayah to fetch us. IMM ni slalu crowded, we pusing-pusing cari parking sampai 1/2 hr. Hubby tak suka park kat atas, so merry go round lah kat level 1, bored jugak ngan my hubby ni, naik darah sekejap with him, than at last he decided to go up to the next level, next level again, and at last we got a parking lot at level 4. Pusing-pusing lah kat level 3 furniture showroom, oiiiiiiiii memang lah tantek-tantek, n hargo pun tersangat lah tantek u all, a set of leather Sofa L shape, promotion price for yesterday only at 2K, actual price is 3K. Aduhai, cantik sangat, but we tak decide lah lagi, saja gatal nak recky-recky je kan. Than we pusing-pusing lagi looking for TV cabinet lah, dining table lah, but its all very the nice, n harganye pun suma very the nice, ended up we didnt buy anything, still under consideration. Actually hubby dah fall in love with the leather sofa, cuma I yg tak keen sangat, so still under pertimbangan.

Dah puas round, the kids lapar lah pulak, kite decided to makan kat luar je, n just grab something light kat IMM, we bought Old Chang Kee and Roti MUM. I really love this Roti MUM kat IMM, sedap giler, when its still hot, its very soft, hmmmmmmm best.

This is the Roti MUM, masih piping hot lagi when we bought it

We left IMM at 8.30pm and terus gi maka at Jurong West, the kids ate Nasi goreng pattaya, while me share ngan hubby nasi ayam goreng sambal.

Perut dah kenyang gila, dalam car tak de keja, tunjukkan perasaan, tak padan jugak budak kecik baju merah tu kan.

We reach home almost 10.30pm, at home hubby masih lagi thinking about getting the sofa, but at last I managed to persuade him not to buy at the moment, cause our old sofa is still in good condition. Baik kan isteri camni, terbalik kot lah pulak, slalunye isteri yg ngoyok betul nak sesuatu but ni the other way round, hi ayah ayah, ape lah kenek ni.


Ni lah photos of Baby Aliff Ashraf that we had visited last Sat, nice kan the name, hmmmmmm cute baby ni, geram lah pulak bila c baby camni, macam nak lagi oiiiiiiiiii, tapi production dah tutup lah, cukup lah dengan 3 sahaja.

Aqil yg snap all these photos :

Saturday, March 29, 2008

WHAT'S THE PLAN TODAY................

As usual lah, today hubby work, pagi lagi I dah woke up, Arin kejut nak go to Madrasah, dah siap nak kluar baru di kejutkan omaknye yg lagi sedap tidur. After Arin kluar, I pun terus bangun bikin ape yg patut lah. Saturdary normally I will not touch the house sangat, sikit-sikit je mana yg nampak depan mata. I will normally cook, send the kids to Madrasah and so on lah if ade plan in the evening. Sunday yg slalunye I bz bikin ape-ape je lah, selain masak, I will vac the floor, cuci baju, menggosok and ade je lah yang I need to do and bereskan.

So today I tak cook, we plan to go out later this evening, visiting my hubby fren nye wife, she just gave birth to a baby boy, this couple is close to us, ape je occasions yg kite buat and jemput they will definitely came, so now its our turn to pay them a visit lah, 1st child lah katakan, meka dua-dua tu happy banget. I pun happy for them.

Since I tak cook, after sending Yana to Madrasah and fetch Arin from Madrasah, I went to buy Chicken rice for them, boleh lah buat alas perut sampai petang. Afer visiting we can go dinner than.

My sister is coming with me later, she knows both of them to. My sis called asking if I'm buying anything for the couple, I doubt so, thought of giving them Ang Pow je, cause we dont know what they like, I rather give them money than buying something they dont like or may b someone had already bought it for them. Biaselah, baby stuffs, so I think the best is give them $, they can use the money for whatever they want to buy or use for.

I just finished paying bills through the internet, banyak bill nak settle, telephone, SCV, power supply, broadband, credit cards, hmmmmmmmmm like this lah every mth, mengeluh panjang di buatnye, but what to do, still kenek lah pay, if not kenek potong pulak facilities kat umah ni.

After this, hv to do filing pulak, so all these bills tak bertaburan, if I wait for another day, piling up lah my paper work nanti, dah macam kat keja pulak, kat keja dengan paper work, kat rumah pun ade paper work kan. Ni lah namanye kehidupan, sentiasa bz di mana saja kite berada. Tataaaaaaaa for now, HAPPY WKEND.

Friday, March 28, 2008

ANAK KU..............

I dont know why I write all these, as I mentioned in my entry yesterday, there are things u can share with others and there are things that are to personal which u hv to keep it to your self. Whatever it is, I just felt like writing it and getting feedback.

Being a mother is not easy, especially when yr kids are growing up. Like me I have 2 daughters age 13 and 15, my son will be 4 yrs old this year. I can say that my daughters are filial but sometimes there are things that a mother like me felt that they have grown up so fast and you felt that they are not listening to you anymore. Every parents want the best for their childrens, to be perfect in all things, a perfectionist I can say. But can we as a parents achive that dream in our children ???????

As a working mother, I have to juggles my responsibilities cleverly between work, being a wife and the most important thing being a mother to my 3 kids. When things happened I felt so hopeless. I ask myself, di mana silapnye, what did I do wrong or semua ini adelah satu kesilapan yg tak di minta ???????????????? Anak adalah anugerah allah, and as a parents tanggungjawab kite pada anak-anak sangatlah berat. Kite harus memikul tanggungjawab ini walaupun kita sendiri terluka dan kecewa. Ianye tidak akan berakhir selagi kite masih hidup di bumi allah ini.

Mereka sentiasa berada di hati kita, walau bagaimana berat kesilapan yg di lakukan tetap kite harus dapat memaafkan mereka kerana di mata mereka hanye ade ibu dan ayah yg dapat menolong dan membimbing mereka selain allah. Tapi adakah cinta kasih ini dapat menolong mereka, dapatkah mereka membezakan baik dan buruk keadaan itu, "Ya allah, ku bermohon kepadamu, lindungi lah anak-anak ku dan pelihara lah mereka ya allah, sentiasa lah kau tunjukkan mereka ke jalan yg benar dan lurus, AMINNNNNNNNN"

Ini adelah keluhan hati seorang ibu yg terlalu banyak dugaan hidup, yg terpaksa di telan walaupun pahit rasanye, demi anak-anak yg di sayangi.


My leave at last suma cancelled, i still work today walaupun dalam keadaan yg tak de mood. Lagi-lagi with senggugut dari yesterday night, but kenek gak work cause I need to settle things.

It's my lunch time now, dont feel like going out, so i rather update my blog. The work pressure still the same, I just need to control my anger je, if I tak cuba control I will never be tenteram.

In my mind, thare are 3 things that I need to get, MY WISHLISH ARE :

- Laptop for my personal use at home, so the kids tak leh kacau I
and they can hv the desktop
- New Japanese coffee table
- To re-bond my hair again

Well these are the 3 items that I really need to get soon, yg lain-lain ada lah jugak, but priority to me right now is these 3 things.


READ THIS, ITS FUN..............

Before marriage....

He: Yes. At last. It was so hard to wait.
She: Do you want me to leave?
He: No! Don't even think about it.
She: Do you love me?
He: Of course! Over and over!
She: Have you ever cheated on me?
He: No! Why are you even asking?
She: Will you kiss me?
He: Every chance I get.
She: Will you hit me?
He: Are you crazy! I'm not that kind of person!
She: Can I trust you?
He: Yes.
She: Darling!

After marriage.... Simply read from bottom to top.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

MY SHOPPING.................

Since I hv to go out earlier this morning to do some errands, I cari peluang to go shopping skali. But of course its already lunch time when I finished everything. At least boleh jugak ilangkan my stress dengan bershopping.

I wanted to buy a pair or shoes, EVERBEST, hmmmmmmmm size pulak tak de, so I told the sales girl to check-out for me at other outlets n give me a call so I can go and get it. Nanti I dah belik I post the pic ok, very the sweet shoe, mak soka.

I ended buying my night cream, new lipstick colour from Loreal and also eye liner from Loreal. Sila tengok ye, sweet tak colour lipstick nye.

The three items that I bought

(Sweet Nude)
I love buying lipstick, ni salah satu dari hobby I, if the colour that I bought doesnt suit me, to light ke, to bright ke, I can just buy another one until I felt satisfied. So bayangkan kat rumah tu, berape jenis lipstick colour yg I ade. I never like to use bright colour, I always like to use nude or brownish je. Sometimes, the colour when u tried a bit kat tangan nampak macam cantik, but once you use it on your lips, lain pulak jadinye. Tu yg bengang kadang-kadang, kalau lah u can try the sample on yr lips itself, kan best, easy for you to decide on the colour. but nanti ape pulak jadinye, macam-macam bau lipstick tester kat counter tu nanti, eeeeee.

So berhopping ni pun salah satu therapy untuk menghilangkan stress kan. Sapa yg soka bershopping tu mesti tau yg ini adelah hobby yg sangattttttttttttt lah kalau boleh jangan di amalkan slalu, kerana nanti belum lagi cukup bulan, ade lobang besar pulak kat kocek, hehehehe :) tapi hobi yg palingggggggggg best for mummies out there and the ladies out there.

MY FATE..................... & WHAT I WANT

Guess what, I am supposed to be on leave today but I hv to be in the office. Last minute my leave has to be cancelled. Due to some urgent matters that need my attentions. Anyway I dont want to talk about my work, it sucksssssssssss afterall.

Lets talk about me only. I am actually still not in the mood to blog, to post comments or ape-ape je lah, tapi I can't, I miss reading frens blog, miss to update my blog, walaupun tak lah ramai sangat orang yg menjenguk tapi I still need to update it, tak de story pun mesti nak update. Blogging ni dah jadi separuh dari kehidupan I gitu, tempat I luahkan perasaan dan I can write anything I want to without people telling me what to do or how to do it.

Before I tak pernah terfikir untuk berblogging but when I came across few famous blogs while surfing the net, I felt that I too want to do this, may be it can make me happy somehow, and its true, it makes me felt happy and sometimes wanted. When I got to know different people all around, and people who wants to be frens with me, I rasa sungguh happy and when they read my blog I rasa teruja sangat, ya lah walaupun my blog ni bukan lah yg terfamous or bukan lah ramai sangat pun orang yg berkunjung but it still make me feel great. Reading their comments, kata-kata perangsang dan nasihat from them, its great, its really great. That is why I rasa I hv to update it everyday selagi I masih hidup dan bernyawa. Who knows my blog will be like them someday yg dah beratusan peminatnya. Everyday I m counting the nos. of visitors visiting my blog, hmmmm soka mak tengok no. tu hari-hari bertukar. But my expectations tak lah high sangat, cukuplah kalau I dapat bloggers yg wants to be frens with me, where we can chat, comments each other, rasanye tu dah membuat I happy.

Sometimes in life, ade yg kite cant share with others, terlalu personal, but sometimes u want to share it with others, u need their comments and nasihat so its easy for you to decide what u can do with it. Sometimes comments you get might be hurting, but you hv to accept it, tak semua akan berikan comments or nasihat yang jujur, ade yg akan kutuk u, condem u berhabis-habisan. This is the risk u hv to take, namanye pun blogging. It happens everyday, banyak blogs yg I read yg mengalami kejadian seperti ini, dan inilah masanye kite beri kata-kata perangsang to them yg mengalaminye. What are frens for right ??????

Well hopefully, I will be able to continue blogging and share my life story with others out there yg sudah ataupun yg akan menjadi kawan I di blogging world ni, Insyaallah.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

BENGANG BETUL...............

Nak cite sikit about yesterday evening on the way back from work. Yesterday I was feeling very frustrated and upset, than on the way back pulak sekumpulan foreign workers ni pulak yg buat I lagi frust. I work in an industrial area, so memang slalu pun all these workers, ade from China, India and Bangladesh, depa ni suma cycle to work and kalau dah cyle tu memang pun slalu berderet n ramai-ramai macam road tu mak bapak dia orang yg punya. So yesterday satu lane sampai 4 basikal, main rd pulak tu, just imagine, kite yg drive, bukan dia orang yg takut kenek langgar, kite yg drive takut pulak langgar dia orang. I was so f???-up sampai I horn at them, buat bodoh pulak tu, dah tentu-tentu lane tu kecik, and dia orang ni semua obstruct all the cars, aku naik meradang sey, maki-hamun and sumpah seranah I kat dalam keta. I was shouting inside the car "SUAR BETULLLLLLLL LAH, NAK MAMPUS AGAKNYE, BABI PUNYA BANGLA, AKU LANGGAR NANTI, MATI KONYOL SUMA" boleh gitu, saja nak lepas tension actually, agaknye kalau I wind-down the window, tak tau ape jadi kan.

So I pun dah tak leh nak buat ape, si bahalol ni suma cars dah horn pun dia orang buat bodoh, so I pun signal to the right, nak potong lah konon, ade satu suar ni from behind tak sabar-sabar agaknye nak balik, dah nampak I signal out, slow down lah sikit, ni tak, tak kasi I chan to change lane, lagi sikit I dah berlanggar ngan keta dia, ya allah, punya lah sakit hati, tak tau nak dinilaikan lagi, betul-betul punya kiasu driver suar ni, sampai dah tak terkeluar kata-kata dari mulut I, cuma yg keluar "BABIIIIIIIIIII".

I thought all this is over lah, so dah nak dekat sampai rumah I, lagi satu incident, a Van with school children inside, dia dah tahu nak change lane bukan nak signal, terus masuk depan I without giving a signal, kalau lah i laju, dah tentu I berlanggar ngan van dia, the driver tak fikir ke yg kat dalam tu semua budak-budak, eeeeeeeee betul-betul menyirap dengan this kind of driver.

Its really a horrible and terrrible day for me yesterday, macam jadi mangsa keadaan lah pulak. Yesterday hubby balik siang, so I dont hv to fetch Aqil from Umi house. When I reached home my hubby and the kids perasan my black face, they all pun tak comments ape-ape. I told my hubby what happen lah, and I sumpah seranah jugak sambil pekik-pekik, my kids cuma cakap, "Ibu apasal ni marah-marah, relaks lah". I pun macam orang balik ke pangkal jalan, terus wash-up, solat magrib and berdoa supaya jiwa dan raga I akan tenteram dan akan berupaya menghadapi keaadan ini, insyaallah.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Soooooooo penat, sampai mood nak update pun malas, ni pun curi-curi nak update jugak walaupun penat. Bukan untuk sesiape pun, untuk my own lah. But if ade yg dah selamanye sudi membaca, silakan lah. Tapi tak de yg interesting yg nak di ceritai. My mood jadi semacam pulak, very down lately,, sikit-sikit lekas merajuk, lekas naik angin, tak tau lah whyyyyyyyyyy. May be all because of my work stress kot agaknye.
When I reached home, lagi tak tau ape nak cakap, asyik naik angin with the kids, kesian jugak kadang-kadang, especially my 2 girls, they cant even talk to me now, cause bila they all tanye sumting asyik lah I nak meradang, really dont know seyyyyyyyy. Like I never encountered this kind of stressed, but pernah jugak, agaknye makin umur ni meningkat ginik lah gayanye. Lucky hubby balik malam everyday, by the time he came back I dah sleep, so lucky lah he tak kenek, if not sama jugak kenek macam anak-anaknye.
This red colour font shows than I am really very stressed and I cant control it anymore,
"ya allah kau lindungi lah hamba mu ini, dan berikan lah yg terbaik untuk ku"

Monday, March 24, 2008


Actually this morning mood nak go to work, was OK lah jugak, tak lah bersemangat sangat pasal keja, but bersemangat pasal pakai new baju yg I belik kat CK Tangs Pavillion kat KL, wakakakaka. Anyway, the mood was seriously OK lah, tapi bila dah sampai keja n boss pun dah masuk office mood terus jadi KO. Kalau ade di antara bloggers yg slalu gak jengok my blog ni akan tahu lah what I mean. For now I am in a very terrible mood, boleh di katakan tak de mood langsung ): Nothing special and interesting to update, cuma nak post my muka ni yg dah tak bersemangat.

Kira bercahaya lah jugak this mrng kan, cahaya environmental kehijauan,

buttttt..........................tengoklah sendiri....................

ginilah gayanye monyok muka black face aku selepas didera..........


Yesterday night sambil menonton Sinetron Seandainya, sempat lah pulak snap the cover of the drama, oh tak lupa jugak actor handsome yg ku minati, hehehehe.

Ni lah dia Ari Wibowo, handsome kan????

The series is every Monday to Sunday from 8pm to 9pm, so sejak cito ni di tayangkan 1 wk ago, I never make any plan to go out from Mon to Fri, because I dont want to miss any episode, but for wkend like Sat ok lah jugak, if I missed Sat, I can watch the repeat on Sun morning or afternoon, but Sunday, pun kalau boleh, no no out for me, if intend to go out pun mesti nak balik before 8pm. Ni lah dia kalau dah addicted with story yg u minat, lebih-lebih lagi actor nye pujaan ramai. Oh btw, the leading actress is Dessy Ratnasari, also best punya heroin lah, mak soka dia. Hmmmmmmmmm seronok sangat watch this drama, so dramatic beb.

Sunday, March 23, 2008


Damn lazy betul lah this wk, ape yg kite plan suma tak menjadi, so the 3 days kat rumah je.

Saturday pagi hubby work, Kak Yana attending NPCC, Arin go madrasah, so I n Aqil at home tidur sampai kul 11am. Bangun kelam kabut masak ape yg patut than at 1.30 rush out to fetch Arin at Madrasah.

Dua branak ni tak de kejo, posing dulu sebelum Kak Arin kluar masjid

Tu dia Kak Arin dah kluar

I went out a while before Magrib with hubby to Shing Shong supermarket, nak cari udang, hubby mengidam nak makan udang lemak cili padi. Do a bit of marketing than rush balik nak watch my favourite Indonesian drama, Seandainye, best gila cite ni, ade my favourite actor Ari Wibowo. By the time I reach home I miss 1/2 of the story, but its ok, hari Ahad ada repeat telecast, nak kenek lah bangun awal sikit so that I wont miss it.

Anak ayah yg sorang ni, dah berangan nak drive keto lah pulak

Today I wake up lambat jugak, I miss the 9am repeat telecast so I akan catch the 2pm punye show. As usual lah, kalau Sunday, I hv to do lots of things, cooking, washing and clean the house. Today I cooked the cili padi prawn yg hubby nak makan, "Ibu sedap sey lauk ni, very manis" I bought a S$13.00 prawn per kg, besar jugak, puas lah budak-budak n bapak budak makan. Aqil tak makan udang, so omaknye kenek lah masak kan lain for him, fried chicken for bujang kecik. After cooking, just nice its almost time for me to watch the drama, so duk nonton drama sambil santap lunch, episode yg ni sedih banget sey, melilih ayer mata den, the hubby died of accident, while the wife berperang to give birth to their 1st child. The drama last for 1 hr, at 3pm baru lah I start to vacumm the house, nak suruh anak dara dua orang, hmmmmmmmm tak payah lah, menyakitkan hati je, lebih baik i buat sendiri. Dah abis suma kejo baru lah boleh relaks sikit sambil menanti hubby pulang from work. Dah about 5.30 hubby masih tak balik lagi, rupa-rupa nye depa kat parking cuci keto. Baguih lah jugak, dah kotoq sangat keto tu, ni lah disadvantage nye kalau amik keta colour white. Tapi not me who chosed it, hubby yg pilih, so dia lah yg kenek maintain keta tu.

Done with my update, now nak pi watch my favourite drama yg akan start at 8pm.


Cuti Gd Friday tak ke mana sey, santai kat rumah je, anak-beranak bangun sampai kul 12pm. Wuhhhhh best giler tidur, hubby pun tak work, sama-sama bangun lambat. Actually dah plan nak go breakfast kat Mcdonald with the kids, at last makan epok-epok kat umah. Abt 12.30 I ask the girls to do some marketing for me, mak nye malas nak kluar, so I ask them to go lah n also pesanlah belik breakfast epok-epok, our breakfast is at 1pm. So we had late lunch, nearly 4pm than we had lunch. Banyak sangat plan for Friday, but suma pun tak jadi, macam malas betul nak kluar. Hmmmmmm so melekat lah at home on Friday sambil makan-makan n relaks-relaks. Lagipun hubby need to work on Saturday.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Hmmm cant wait for tomorrow, Good Friday and its off dayyyyyyyyy. Today Maulidur Rasul, di Malaysia sumanye bercuti, kat Singapore ni tak cuti, kenek keja. But besok coti panjang sampai lah Monday. Rasa sunyi pulak hari ni, visit blogs, lum ade yg mengupdate, maybe they all gi walk-walk agaknye, maklumlah cuti kan.

Today I hv to bring Aqil to work again, Umi ade hal, so i told her yesterday night not to bring Aqil, nanti leceh pulak kang. I hv to bring suma barang-barang school Aqil cause I intend to sent him to school than Umi can fetch him from school. But at 12.30pm Umi called, she's on the way to fetch Aqil to school. Okay lah jugak, no need for me to rush, I actually bz jugak kat opis ni. Anyway, Aqil dah makan, dah siap pun with his school uniform. At 1pm sharp Umi arrived with Abi.

My New office boy

Office boy ngan Boss sempat berposing

I m still bz with lots n lots of works, one after another, kalau i nak buat dak je, nanti I yg susah, so kayuh lah pelan-pelan. But today exceptional lah sikit, pasal besok coti, today I tak de mood nak keja sangat, so buat je lah ape yg patut. As I say keja ni tak pernah habis, it will continue and keep continuing everyday.
Nothing much to update today, malas pun ye, n mata ni pun dah ngantuk jugak, cause this morning tak sempat nak drink coffee lagi.
Happy Holiday To all yg bercuti tomorrow, cheersssssssssssssss.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I've always have this interest and ambitions to become a wedding planner, but of course freelance. Its not easy to go into this so call business, your PR need to be good. So far, alhamdulillah lah jugak, adalah jugak yg menggunakan my service. I hv posted slide pictures of hantaran which I hv done, hopefully by doing this, ade banyak lah lagi enquiries yg akan datang from couples or anyone yg akan melangsungkan pertunangan or even perkahwinan. Not limited to hantaran sahaja, catering and pelamin, or any other enquiries related can be arrange and discuss. Please email me for any enquiries at or just leave messages in my cbox :) Insyaallah me will do the best on your special day.

(More slides will follow-up on hantaran and pelamin)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

NGANTOK SEKALI............

I was feeling very sleepy sangat today, u know why, breakfast without coffee today :) I cant go without coffee, I'm coffee addict. I had wholemeal bread with HL milk, mana tahan seyyyyyyy, ni suma hubby nye pasal. I told him i hv HL milk in the office, so this morning when we were in the car, oh btw, he send me to work, since he is on afternoon shift, he will be going to JB kejap to pump petrol. So I told him, I malas nak go canteen to buy coffee, I ask him to help me to buy, and he says "alah, tak payah lah minum kopi, kan ibu ade susu kat opis, once a while minum susu kan bagus". Eh eh orang tua ni, dah slalu ape i minum susu kat umah, bukan tak minum, saja je kan malas nak tolong isteri yg dah lambat ni. Ok lah I pun turutkan ape yg di kata, pasal I pun malas nak pegi canteen. Makanlah bread with milk. About 10am I dah rasa mengantuk, ni lah jadinye if I tak drink coffee in the morning, eeeeeeeee tak leh angkat beb my eyes. Lucky my boss out of town in Batam for a day.

Well, ape nak cakap, buat jugak lah keja sambil terngantuk-ngantuk, looking at my watch dah 11.40am, ade date ngan hubby nak pegik lunch. At 12pm he already waited for me, baru kluar dari JB, my car is full with petrol, boleh lah tahan lagi 5 days before we pump again. He parked the car, we went lunch using the company Opel. Since I need to go to the bank, we ate lunch at usual place, banquet. He ate sambal fish rice and me ate Yong Tau Fu. Chit chat a while than I sent him back to our block, he need to go to work, than I pun cabut balik opis.

Uhhhhhhhhh, best nye dapat minum coffee, I suruh member kat production belikkan, segar bugar balik, tapi penat tetap jugak penat, penat tak de obatnye, kecuali pegik holiday lama-lama. 2 more days to go, n it will be holiday, Good Friday. Tak sabar nak coti, nak relaks kat umah, penat betul lah semenjak dua menjak ni.

Its almost 2 weeks after I came back from my holiday, I masih terkenangkan saat-saat di KL, the moments with my love ones and also of course yg best nye dapat jumpa the bloggers, masih teringat-ingat jumpa them, macam best gitu, love u gals, mmuachhhhhh. Hopefully insyaallah dapat jumpa them again, or may b other bloggers yg sudi berjumpa ngan Moralle.

Monday, March 17, 2008

KU KEBIZIANN..............

Ape lah nasib, banyak betuiiiiiii kejo, dah lah Monday blues, blues-blues pun kenek jugak lah bikin keje. What am I going to do, how long can I tolerate, may b for as long as I can lah, betul tak???????? As long as I am still here, ginik je lah hari-hari. Now betul-betul really shorthanded kat sini. Even the guys downstairs kat production pun menyumpah hari-hari. My responsibilities are beyond my own scope, n jangan lah cakap pasal gaji, I am really underpaid seyyyyy. Otak ni dah tak leh berfungsi lagi, dah tak leh nak berfikir lagi, every min, every second, every hr, kat otak ni penuh ngan pasal keja, dah tak leh fikir pasal lain. Everyday at work, I have to be alert, if not, ya ampunnnnnnnnn, aku jugak yg susah. Menderita rasanye aku kat sini.
Malas nak update panjang lebar, tak de idea ape pun nak update today, my brain dah macam rojak.

Anyway, nak post picture that I took yesterday night when I went out with my sis, I kepoh follow my sis to furniture shop, saja ikut, cause ingatkan nak tengok-tengok side cabinet, tapi tak de yg berkenan di hati. On the way back kite gi minum-minum kejap before proceed balik umah.

My sis, brother in-law, 2 of their children, lagi 2 tak ikut, kejo

Ni tak yah introduce, common faces, cuma yg lagi 2 je tak de kat sini

Saturday, March 15, 2008


Semua dah sleep kecuali the mummy lum leh sleep lagi. Don't know why, mata ni macam susah nak lelap pulak. So ape lagi, duk depan PC visit satu persatu blog yg slalu ku kunjungi. Most of them tak update lagi, maklumlah wkend, may b masing-masing bz with their wkend activities.

My day today was hectic jugak. Early morning pukul 8.30am the delivery guy called to say they are coming at 10am to deliver my things. Ape lagi, kelam kabut lah I wake up, bikin ape yg patut while waiting for them to come. I called hubby to check if he already got his M/C, rupa-rupanye he's at the parking lagi cuci car, so I told him the delivery man is coming at 10.

Exactly at 10am the delivery man came, hmmmm my new washing machine is here, best nye, tak de lah lagi masaalah nak cuci baju.

The old machine, nostalgia, diam tak diam almost 7 yrs the age of this machine

My new washing machine, 8.5 kg, transparent opening on top

Beside the washing machine, I ve mentioned that there will be another new gadjet that we have bought, tadaaaaaaaaaaaaa, here it is, my new Phillip LCD .............., mak soka sangatttttttt uuuuuuu.

42" LCD Phillip TV

Oopsssss ni my old TV, nostalgia jugak, age dah about 6 yrs gitu lah

The new TV will be mounted to the wall, so there will be a different guy from Phillip to do the mounting. After the delivery man left, I pun told hubby that I need to do some marketing, kat fridge dah kering kontang tak de barang, so while hubby and Aqil with kakak kat rumah, me and Arin went to the market. Oh ya, I almost forgot, dah sekian lama I tak receive call from my in-laws, tetiba the phone rang, my adik ipar call, he says he's coming over to send some dishes to us, hmmmmmmmm, what a surprise, I tau sebenarnye what is the occasion today, tapi I act blurr, because I knew they will never want me n family to come, so be it lah kan, I buat bodoh je. I told him to come over abt 12pm after I balik from market. Orang dah nak kasi rezki tak kan I nak tolak, nanti nampak sangat kan, so bagus lah jugak, tak payah I masak lunch today, leh relaks sikit.

Okay back to my story, after I came back from market, the TV had already been mounted, kejapnye, my hubby says tak sampai 1/2 hrs dah siap. Cantik sungguh TV baru dan gambarnye, maklumlah TV lama dah lama buat hal, gambar suma senget-senget masih jugak kite anak branak dok depan TV tonton. And now with the new LCD TV, fuyohhhhhhhhhh, best giler gambar dia, so sharp lah beb.

From the side

Front View

After my brother in-law came to deliver the lauk pauk, kite pun anak branak makanlah, sedap jugak, dah lama tak makan masakan mak mentua. She cooked, ayam lemak cili padi, urap, daging kicap n also ada begedil and tempeh goreng. Hmmmmmm enak skali sambil menonton TV baru.

At about 4pm we decided to go out a while to Ikea. We want to look for small cabinet where we can put or SCV box. Jalan pusing-pusing, at first we decided to buy a longer cabinet, than lepas tu rasa macam wasted, cause I bukan nye suka taruk banyak-banyak perhiasan, so to me its not worth lah, at the end we decided to buy just one small side table, okay lah jugak, simple and murah. Sempat jugak kite bergambar kat ikea, malu jugak nak snap-snap, cause ramai orang, but buat bodoh je lah, camera kite peeeeeee.

on the way to Ikea

posing at Ikea, this time ayah is the cameraman

We left Ikea dalam kul 7pm gitu, thought of going somewhere lah, tapi rasa penat pulak, asyik lah nak merayap, macam tak cukup-cukup merayap kat KL, so kite decided to balik straight je lah.

Reach home we ate dinner, than hubby fixed the small side table, cantik pulak dah taruk at the side.

Pukul 1030pm suma masuk tidur, ayah dah ngantuk sangat sampai tertidur kat sofa, tomorrow kenek OT, tak pe lah cari rezki lebih. Itu yg me tak leh nak sleep lagi, dari tak boleh tidur, lebih baik lah I update my blog.

Now dah rasa kelat pulak mata ni, skarang confirm dah boleh tidur, gd niteeeeeeeeeeee.

Friday, March 14, 2008


I'm supposed to update these today while in the office after I came back from doing all the errands. But, oh goddddddddd, I just dont hv the time.

Today baru nampak matahari sikit, mudah-mudahan hari ni tak lah hujan, biar lah terang sikit, kering baju kat rumah tu.

Menghayati matahari yg telah lama tak kelihatan

This morning boss masuk bawak donut, hmmmmmm ape kenek orang tua ni, belikkan I donut pagi-pagi. Orang dah belik i sambar je lah. Ok jugak the taste, its from E Donut, not bad, very soft.

Inside the box ade six, I dah sebat 2 pcs, sedappppp

I bought this mango from Jerk Thai at Civic Centre on the way back to office, sedappppp manis banget
The rest of the day very bz, banyak yg masih pending, which I dont think I leh abis kan pon, so buat je lah yg mana termampu. I went out a while to do some errands, by the time I came back its already 3pm. Continue lah sampai about 6+ baru I left office.

Muka yg boring dan penat after work, clock kat keta is to proof yg I ni sangat lah rajin bekerja, very the pekerja contoh, wakakakaka

Reached home pun I very bz with house work, macam tak abis kan kerja-kerja ni suma. From office to home, ohhhhhhhh alangkah bestnye if I hv a maid again ): but tak mungkin, tak mungkin, my kids suma dah besor, waste money je to bayar maid, tak pe lah, biarlah I jadi isteri dan ibu misali :)

After cooking, washing, solat, time for me to relaxs lah while waiting for my nephew to come from JB. He wants to collect his 2nd hand laptop yg he bought from my fren. Ade niat nak bukak bz katanya, insyaallah mudah-mudahan, segala impian nya akan tercapai. He came about 9pm, jam jugak nak masuk Singapore, tapi masih bergerak lah jugak, nanti balik to Johor yg teruk dia nak tempuh. He left my place about 10.15. After he left, I pun ape lagi, terus duk depan computer dok type ni suma.

Sunyi pulak rumah ni rasanye, the 2 girls dah masuk tidur, Aqil pulak merayap follow Abi, hubby pulak belum return from work. Sometimes if Aqil is around, dia yg temankan ibunye duk depan PC ni sambil he play his PSP. Selagi I tak abis, dia pun selagi tu lah tak sleep.

I'm sooooooooo shag today, my eyes pun dah sleepy sangat, but I tak leh nak tidur lagi, bujang kecik lum balik lagi, mana si Aqil ni, lambat betul balik, dah malam pun masih merayap lagi,hmmmmmm, terpaksalah I tunggu Aqil balik than I can sleep.

Cant wait for tomorrow, my new washing machine and my new ????????????? will be delivered tomorrow. Nanti I will pose pic of the new machine and the ????????????????.

For now gd nite n sweeeeeeeet dreamssssssss to sapa-sapa lah yg menjenguk my blog ni.


Like never end my backdate story ni, yesterday night baru finished updating my trip and today at work I m updating my yesterday nye story pulak at office. After this, leh lah cite yg baru-baru pulak kalau ade.

I started work yesterday, punya lah bz bagai, macam nak rak. The whole day duk kat kusi ni tak bergerak, terlalu and terlampau banyak yg harus di buat. Morning my work terganggu sikit, cause I hv to bring my son to work, babysitter (umi) has to go for her monthly check-up, tak de orang nak tolong jaga si kecik ni. The elder sister pulak, even though school holiday, she needs to report to school for her NPCC. So terpaksa bawak Aqil and Arin to work. Punyalah baik anak I sorang ni, ibu nak itu, ibu nak ini, how to concentrate with my work, nak tak nak layan kan lah jugak, kakaknya malas nak layan, ngadap computer main games. Abt 12pm gitu I send him to Umi house. Lepak jap at my sis house and back in the office about 1.30pm.

Back in the office me pun terus lah on balik with my work yg berlambak dah yg entah bila akan habis. And also my colleague yg satu today his last day so kenek handover a lots of things lah, alah pendekkan cite, tak bernafas betul bikin keja semalam. I left office about 5.50pm, malas nak tunggu lama lagi, kalau I stayback pun tak akan abis my work. Continue tomorrow je.

I didn't cook dinner yesterday, so hubby kebetulan tak OT, kenek lah dia pegik beli makan. Hujan masih lebat lagi hingga ke malam semalam, sejuk cuaca this few days. At 10pm after watching my favourite Manja Lara I pun start updating my blog, part 3 of my trip. I hv to finished it yesterday, cause I know I will not have time to update it in the office. So this entry will be the last backdated entry lah, pun I want to finish it before I go out in a short while. I am going out to do some errands and will be back later in the office.

When I'm back I will update todays story, tak nak backdate-backdate lagi, malas ah. Walaupun bz I akan luangkan masa untuk update my blog, hehehehe, ini harus :)

Thursday, March 13, 2008


As usual, pagi turun breakfast than back to our room to do packing. We r checking-out today. We had planned to recky Pavillion first before we drive back to Singapore. We check-out at 11.30am.

Posing-posing inside the room before we check-out :

After check-out, we didnt actually go to Pavillion first, we walk down to Lot 10 again to c if we can find anything interesting there. Me managed to grab a nice purse which is on sale at Isetan. Okay lah, cantik for me, hubby yg pilih. Harganye pun leh lah tahan jugak. Round-round kat Isetan than we proceed to Pavillion.

At Pavillion straight I went in to Tangs, hubby n Aqil tak ikut masuk, cause dah penat jalan, so they waited for me outside Tangs. I pun suka lah jugak, dapat take my own sweet time to pilih-pilih mana yg berkenan. Pusing nye pusing, adelah jugak I dapat grab 2 pcs of blouse, simple but nice. Both price is at RM159.00, because they are having 50% discount so I pay 1/2 je for each. Worth it betul, macam nak jalan-jalan lagi, tapi when I look at my watch dah about 1 hr I kat dalam Tangs, takut pulak pak cik kat luar tu nanti mengamuk. So after paying I pun tutup mata sebelah terus cari pintu kluar.

From Pavillion kite went back to hotel to collect our luggage and we drove back to Singapore. We left KL about 2pm.

We have not taken lunch yet, so we stop at perhentian Jejatas Air Keroh. We all suka stop kat situ, because ade varieties of food and also fast food like Kentucky and A&W. The kids nak makan Kentucky je, so all of us makan kentucky. When we left perhentian Air Keroh, hujan pun turun selebat-lebatnye. Hubby pun drive slow je cause tak nampak betul jalan. Our 2nd stop is at Machap, we pump petrol dan terus berdesut balik ke Singapore. We used 2nd link, because its more convinient. Hujan tak berhenti all the way. We pump petrol another time before we masuk Malaysia custom, its very smooth tak jam pun. When we reached Singapore custom pun tak jam. So suka lah kan, dah penat-penat drive at least its not jam. Alhamdullilah we reached Singapore at about 6.45pm. Kalau tak hujan mungkin kite dah reach earlier.

From 2nd link it take about another 45mins to reach my house, we are stuck in the jam at KJE, tak tau apasal pulak jam teruk kat situ, all the way sampai kite exit Woodlands. We stop over at Al Ameen to buy dinner, 2 packets of Nasi goreng Seafood and 2 packets Nasi goreng Pataya.

We reached home at 8.15pm, unpack all the necessary things and do all the necessary things lah. We have dinner, relaxs-relaxs kejap sambil cuci baju yg kotor. The girls dah berdengkor masuk tidur, tinggallah mak dan paknye masih lum tidur lagi, masih ade keja nak dibereskan. Once everything is done, we went to sleep at midnight.

Overall the trip was good, its the most enjoyable ones we have, pasal banyak shopping, hehehehe. As for the hotel, its superb, layanan yg mesra from all the hotel staffs, service is good, pendek kan cite, I recommend lah this hotel to those yg nak bershopping kat Bukit Bintang, its located at BB area itsself, betul-betul berdepan ngan Planet Hollywood. The 5 star rating is really a 5 star service, and its worth paying.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


After the gals left I joined my hubby with the kids yg dah duduk kat Kenny Rogers, they had already ordered their dinner pun, belek punya belek, I tak jadi nak order anything, share je lah, rasa macam dah kenyang pulak after drinking a big mug of coffee mocha. I kacau-kacau hubby n the kids meal je.

Aqil with his folk and spoon, tunjuk muka emo pulak bujang kecik ni, agaknye pasal his food lambat sangat sampai

Ater dinner, I ajak hubby gi Pavillion jalan-jalan jap, may b buy donuts gitu lah, actually dah about 9.45pm, but tak pe lah, just jalan-jalan je. Sampai Pavillion dah nak dekat tutup pun, they close at 10.30 according to the security, so kite cuma cuci-cuci mata, donut pun tak sempat nak belik. So I promised the kids, next day after check-out before we balik Singapore we will recky Pavillion again. Me actually nak pegik Tangs, its on sale, manalah tau, I can get something there. For all the shopping that we have done, I aje yg tak dapat ape pun, cuma 1 pair of pants from SODA boutique kat Sungei Wang tu je.

Sempat jugak posing kat depan Pavillion, the car behind is Jaguar car

After kite kluar from Pavillion, we continue to walk at BB area, dapat lah the kids belik lagi 2 each T shirts from Baleno. Hubby pun dapat lah jugak lagi shirts from Baleno, murah-murah betul lah kat Baleno, they r having sales, its worth buying.

Dah penat berjalan we balik hotel, bergambar kat depan hotel, duduk-duduk relaxs jap kat Lobby before kite naik to our room.

Before masuk hotel, sempat bergambar kat luar hotel

duduk-duduk kat Lobby sambil beremotional gitu

Even though I rasa penat sangat, boleh lagi nak berposed, tapi mak happy u

Aqil pun dah penat masih leh posed lagi, oopssssss tak nampak pulak muka ayah
Ni dah over sikit ni, maklumlah kat Lobby tu tak de orang, cuma kite 5 beranak and ade lah another 2 couples yg dok minum coffee

Yg ni dah tak de idea nak snap ape, so kite snap lah gambo our new sandals that we had bought

What a Sunday, but a fruitful Sunday meeting with my dearest adik-adik yg comel loteh.

Part 3 of the trip I will post it tomorrow at work lah, dah malam nak bobok, nanti besok tak leh bangun gi kerja lagi :)