Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Updates Terkini...

Assalammualaikum n hi there to all luvlies :):)

Alhamdulillah m very happy that everything turns out great like we had planned.  Thou wkends had been hectic for us to go in n out frm Sin to JB to hunt for our new place.

And the hunt is over, we got a place.  Everything seems to be smooth for us, last week within a day we managed to find our new place, got a tenant for our existing place and our refinancing with the bank had all been approved, alhamdulillah segalanye di permudahkan untuk kami.

We had seen few places in JB, frm a landed property to condominiums, and we decided with this :):)

The reason being, hubby is concern abt the kids n we want security more than anything else.  And the security here is so tight, that we luv the place so much, the interior jangan lah cakap, we fell in luv, we just have to bring our clothings jer, macam Nad cakap, mama u just hv to buy toothbrush jer, haha, poyo.....oh my Naddy, she was superb, she had been helping me since we decided to move to JB, Nad, mama lup u many many lahhhh :):)

With the full condo facilities, we hope the kids wont get bored when mummy n daddy not at home, and not forgetting the distance to Singapore is so near.

We do hv plans for landed property, insyaallah will go into that once we are comfortable living seberang tambak n we have to c hw the kids can adapt to it also. 

Now we are in the midst of doing some packings, my head macam nak pecah, thou we are not bringing any of our furnitures or watsover except for our clothings, but we still have to do lots of stuffs and settle all the home subscription for internet, phone blah n blah, aduhh many many things lah to do.

Insyaallah if everything goes smoothly, handing over keys will be by 13/5 and we will be officially staying in JB on 12/5.

And our new journey and life will start from that date onwards,I really hope that everything will go very smoothly for us especially the kiddos.

Frankly for me, perasaan tak sabar, haha cause I luv the place sooooo very much, the kitchen, my master room n all lahhh.......walaupun me will be the main person handling and settling the kids to sch into Singapore every morning, but m already prepared for everything, so I kept telling hubby, u dont worry, I can do it, if others can why not me, betul tak??? willpower mesti nak ada kan kan kan.

Ok than, till we meet again with another update on  my new place, perhaps with some photos of my kids yg dah lama I tak post here, salam :):)

Friday, April 15, 2011

My Relaks Corner..

Salam hari Jumaat uols............its wkends again ya, hope uols have a great n wonderful wkends with the luv ones.

Ni I nak show off sikit pic of my new office, my lepaking corner, so called cosy corner for me n for my boss to berhembus.

View from the 10th Floor

Pic ni I took yesterday when the rain was super heavy, tak nampak anything pun.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Update Terkini :)

Salam Hari Wednesday, meh lah hang nak habaq sikit pasal itu tuuu......sat ni belum ada perkembangan lagi lah kan, semangat memang lah berkobar-kobar, cuma masih mencari dan mencari.

Walaupun dah suruh si Agent mencari, tapi macam slow, but never mind lah janji kiter tak yah nak kehulu-kehilir kan, just wait for the call or sms. Lagipun bukan nye senang jugak nak mencari ni, lagi-lagi yg boleh di percayai.

Currently ader 2 places yg we have yet to view, both house belongs to Singaporean, its fully furnished, cuma cuci kaki jer, but still we all kenek go n c the place dulu if sesuai, insyaallah end of this week we will go down n c the place.

Well, we all masih lagi bertanya sana-sini with frens yg dah berhijrah ker sana, especially hubby, dalam diam-diam dah few of his work frens yg dah ke sana without him knowing it, so now he is busy interrogating or to be exact interviewing his frens yg hari-hari ulang alik from home to work.

As for me, cuma perlukan semangat yg kuat dan kental untuk mengharungi suasana hiruk-pikuk di chkpoint setiap hari with the kids, other than that semangat I memang dah berkobar-kobar sangat nak ker sana dengan secepat mungkin.

The kids, the 2 girls masih macam hesitate but hope they will like it lah, Aqil happy jer, siap nak suruh bikin badminton court kat depan rumah, haha poyo my son tu.

I can understand why the girls macam hesitate, biaserlah anak dara kan, there will be lots of hiccups for them, especially kenek cut down on their merayap, which I suka, hehe...n also timing to sch, as for kakak, timing dia lain sikit dari Arin and Aqil. Insyaallah, mudah-mudahan akan di permudahkan untuk kami sekeluarga.

Itu sahaja for now, perkembangan baru akan di update kalau ada masa terluang di office, at home jangan harap lah, nowadays terus tak der mood nak use the PC when m at home, kecuali I-Phone senang kan, but its more for my FB.

Ok frens, take care ya n hv a great wk ahead.

Monday, April 4, 2011


Ohhhh hw I missed my afternoon nap at home..............just like this pic, so truely heaven :):)

1.5 hrs left to go

Friday, April 1, 2011

Shhhhhh.....Rahsia Ku Rahsia Mu

Hi there all, Assalammualaikum semua, its almost wkends ya, now I can feel it cause dah back to work life, if not wkdays n wkends samer jer for a  full time hsewife.  No break at all, Mon to Sun still hsework, cook, blah n blah....

Okay back to my rahsia ni, so whoever read this, its going to be a secret between me n my blogger frens okay, its not going to be in my FB at all :):) shut the mouth, hehe.  I story pasal ni pun because I dah tak der story nak storykan.  Boleh lah jugak di jadikan story untuk my dearest frens.

M a Singaporean, n I luv my country Singapore very very much okayyy,  tanah tumpah lahir ku di sini, but currently me n hubby ada perancangan to berpindah angin, tak jauh pun, di seberang tambak jer.  Its going to be a slow n steady process, not the kelam kabut process.  We have to look at the pros and cons, which we have already, n still looking into it.  We are still looking for a place, which we have a criteria that need to suits us and the kids, all given to our agent for them to do the hard work.  We also need to look for a tenant to rent our 5 room unit while we r in JB.  No intention to sell at all, manalah tau, if it doest work for us, ade jugak harta n tempat untuk we all to go to. 

We hv checked with frens yg already did this, and we know that  its not going to be easy, dah ramai yg did this n they give up than balik semula, with many reasons especially the hassle of going in n out.  But ada jugak yg dah berjaya n they enjoyed their new life and environment, walaupun hassle tetap ada, but to them its going to be for a while, sampai lah mereka terbiasa.   In life ni mana ada yg senang kan, dah senang nak senang lagi, haizzzz sampai bila-bila pun tak kan ader perubahan.

To get a tenant for my 5 room its not a problem at all, demand for foreigners yg nak rent tempat tinggal berlambak kat Singapore ni, price pun alhamdulillah jugak lah for 5 room.  And for our tenant yg nak rent pun kite have criteria jugak, of course its only available to family and ladies jer, races ader jugak lah our choice, sebab nye ader yg pengotor kan so tak sanggup we all  nak sewakan to this type of people.

Yang will be a problem, to find a good place for us di seberang.  Thou we have agent to do it, but we still  need to check around with frens yg asal nyer memang Bumiputra, their input is very important cause they tahu lebih dari kite so we really need to recky and find a good place.  Its true tak semua yg kiter nak can be perfect but at least aman dan damai serta puas hati.

Actually we planned to do this like few yrs back, but what really macam trigger us beriya-iya betul nak do it now......even the kids, keep telling me, "best ah stay rumah camni, gerekkkk, relakssss"....its started again after we came back from Nad hse 2 weeks ago, anak angkat kesayangan I tu, kerana dia lah my hubby pun excited nak mencuba. Nad parents rented a place in JB, the hse was so big, double story, best giler I tengok, so itulah yg I pun beriya-iya sungguh...............Nad if u r reading this, pls just smileeeeeeeeeeee broadly okayyy.  So its really a yes yes now, the kids pun dah agree, huby pun agree, me lagi agree, n we will try to make it happen.

So, camner, ok tak uols rasa, n for my Malaysian blogger frens, tak der lah alasan lagi tak dapat nak singgah rumah I kalau berholiday ker JB, cause tak payah lagi pakai passport, hehe.

Insyaallah, kalau everything goes smoothly , few mths from now we will proceed with our plans.  Once everything is in place and settle, will let uols know of the outcome.

Okay my secret is revealed, sepatutnye tak bleh britau now, but who knows I might have a good feedback or comments abt this from uols kan, so pls lah feel free to give me tips, advise or watever lah yg patut k.