Thursday, May 26, 2011


Salam semua, hishhh so long sudah tak update blog ni, bz se bz bz nyerrrrrrrrrr.

Alhamdulillah semuanye sudah selesai, I hv finally moved to JB.  We shifted on 15/5/2011.  Like I mentioned in my post before this, we decided to stay at Condominium instead of Landed property.  After we have seen few apartments, at last we decided to stay at Danga Bay Apartment.  Reason being, the unit we got is nice, well taken care of by owner, the view also was so superb, we got the pool view from the balcony, n all the 3 rooms are view to a kill, haha maksud I, we can still see Singapore from our bedroom window, and of course the Lido Beach which is now famously known as Danga Bay.  N also the security there are very tight, we feel very safe n secure when we are at home or when we are out the whole day :):)

Everything went very smoothly, the moving was done by me n huby, yessss we moved all our things by ourselves using my father in-law cross road, sebab nye Lancer saya tak muat nak angkut kotak-kotak.

We left all our furnitures at the old house, only moved our clothes, pinggan mangkuk yg important sahaja and my LCD TV which is only 2 yrs old. So sebab tu lah we dont really need a mover to do it.  We have about 40 cartons and we moved it daily from Sin to JB for 5 days non-stop, penat giler but puas hati lah and also save some cost.  Cost yg we all save, dapat jugak we pay tax at JB custom for the LCD TV, the rest was not taxable, only electrical.  Other electrical like our boiler, vacuum and rice cooker pun save jugak tak kenek tax, cause I kenen mata ngan mat kastam, haha............anyway most of them are understanding enuf, we told them lah, ni semua second hand stuff, "nak pindah rumah encik"...........n ader yg jawab, "nak pindah rumah lah pulokkk"..haha, cuma the LCD tak bleh nak escape, besar sangat, so kenek bayar jugak lah tax, alhamdulillah cuma 30% of the cost jer, cost pun they just estimated jer.

After finished all the moving of boxes, me n family spend one saturday to unpack everything and kemas mengemas for the whole day before we really shifted on the actual day.  It has always been my style, to make sure all are in order before we moved in so tak semak mata memandang kotak-kotak.

Thou lots of things to settle, n we managed to really settle down within few days there.  N the kids luv it there, mainly because of the facilities especially the pool and gym.

Our life there are very routine, Mon to Fri we will wake-up at 5am, leave the hse around 6am to Singapore, and of course not forgetting the traffic at CIQ, especially the Singapore side which I really dont understand why lah Singapore ni so teruk sangat, not like in JB CIQ, thou its heavy traffic but still very fast moving.  Well, the most we will get stuck only for 20 mins jer, ok lah kan, cause ramai sangat yg told me, the traffic so heavy sampai tak moving lah, itu lah n ini lah, but alhamdulillah we have gone through it for the past 2 weeks and it is acceptable to us :):)

Same when we are going back to JB in the evening, I finished at 330pm, pick-up the kids one by one, Arin, Aqil and last will be kak Yana, cause she finish at 5pm.  If its still ard 5+ the traffic was ok, by 630 the most we all dah selamat sampai ke rumah.  Huby routine pun sama lah jugak, if he work morning shift he will park his bike at our old hse and go back with us together, if afternoon shift, we will go back on our own.

Since I shifted to JB ni, I jarang lah masak, cause macam penat n macam tak sempat gitu, haha poyo kan, reasons jer ni, but really, betul tak larat, so we will always buy our dinner or sometimes just makan ape yg we have at home, like maggi mee or watever yg easy lah.  I will only cooked on wkends, routine cooking ni actually same routine when I was in Singapore, haha, but when I was in Singapore I penat giler because of my work, stressed, tu yg buat masak pun tak der mood.  As for now work tak stress sangat but because of journey jer, tapi overall we are happy.  Bukan lah jauh pun journey we all, from JB CIQ to my house abt 20 mins jer kalau really smooth no traffic here n there.

Ermm what else, oh we just did our doa selamat last wkends, tak invite anyone pun, just my in-law family n get my father in-law to baca doa, yg best I only cooked sambal tumis telur, my mother in-law came n bawak lauk, ayam lemak cili padi and hati masak rempah, sedap sungguh n berselera, small kenduri for us and my in-laws enjoy their day at my place.

Okay done with the updates of my new place, insyaallah nanti kalau I free boleh lah snap photos here n there n post it here.

Assalammualaikum :):)