Wednesday, December 31, 2008


To all my cyber frens, tak kira lah di mana yer, moralle would like to wish uols HAPPY NEW YEAR, hopefully the New Year will bring happiness to u n family...

Moralle RESOLUTIONS for 2009, mudah-mudahan Allah berikan kesihatan to Moralle sekeluarga dan jugak kebahagian kepada kami, dan not forgetting jugak, to all, semoga sama-sama kite diberi yg terbaik dari ALLAH, Aminnnnnnnnnnn.......................

Oh yer, today moralle 1/2 day, boss last minute britau via sms this morning when I was at the bank, and we r going for New Year Lunch later, beramai-ramai.......Happy Holidays to all, I'll be on leave till Monday 5/1/2009, muachhhhsssssssssssss .....

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


What a day today in the office, jelek bangettt, segalanye jelekkkkkkkkk sekali..........lagi-lagi thinking about tomorrow, most company semuanye 1/2 day, even hubby pun tomorrow 1/2 day, but mine, hmmmmm lambat ah, tak der citer pun nak 1/2 day tomorrow ):

Since morning I hv to settle lots of unsettle stuffs that needs my attention, than doing salary for yr end..............nothing special lah, rabakkkkkkk seyyyyyyyyy.....nadddddddd mama dah terikut-ikut ni, camner seyyyyyyyyyy.....

Hopeless lah my boss ni, hampehhhhhhh betul...........forget it lah, I dont want to elaborate further about the remuneration........hopefully before CNY we will get great ones, hope n hope jer lah moralle ?????????

There are story yg tak terupdate, so I will just update it today...........its story mory for last week yg I lum sempat nak post, cause I wanted to update the MSJBOX camping event first :)

26/12/2008 - visit from Jun dan Carneyz

jun (MSJBOX boss) and carneyz (Jun wifey) came to Singapore on Friday, Carneyz had been to Singapore few times, so since they are in JB for the MSJBox Camping event, Carneyz bawak Jun jalan-jalan ke Singapore. I didnt really got the chance to bring them anywhere cause I had appt at KK for Aqil than hubby pulak need to work in the afternoon.

at KK while waiting for Aqil medicine

But alhamdulillah dapat jugak I met them, morning I sent them to Clarke Quay than met them again for lunch at Victory Restaurant, makan murtabak n briyani............after lunch they are on their own again.....I need to sent hubby to work. I only met both of them again at 10pm, on the way nak amik hubby from work, I fetched them from Night Safari to Kranji MRT. They need to go back to JB for the event the next morning, both of them looks so tired...nak keluar pagi lagi the next day for the event. Jun, Carneyz, sis hope u hv a great day here in Singapore and so sorry sis tak dapat nak joint both of u for the sightseeing when u r here :)

Monday, December 29, 2008


"APA YG PENTING"...................KERJASAMA!!!!

Happening rabak seyyyy, thou penat tak hilang lagi, but memories for the 2days 1 night at Sedeli and KT was memorable for me n family.

Sebelum ku coret kan the story mory n pics, first of all would like to thanks the organizer for the wonderful event ni, if not tak merasa jugak my kids camping camni :).........sis-lin and kasawari, u guys bleh lah jadik organizer lagi for next event k.....caya sama uols lah ..... but dont forget to invite kite yg diseberang ni lah yer....and to all, if ade aper-aper yg tak berkenan di hati from moralle family, maafkan lah kami sekeluarga.......tapi sesungguhnye for kami sekeluarga, we really enjoyed every moments of it.

All bloggers, memang gerek sangat, 1st time meeting them, spending the two days with them n their families, really touched my heart, really really great.............sis-lin and family, especially sis-lin hubby yg so helpful to get for us lunch n breakfast at sedeli, we all semua appreciated it very much sis, jun and carneyz the honyemooners, cute couple, kasawari n family, fun and loving tengok depa ni anak-beranak, n thanks Linda for being so nice to Aqil yg banyak bertonyeh ni, cm&ct family, best borak-borak ngan uols berdua, bondarock and her kiddos, really rock, I love iman, cute n really a survivor on his own, nad n matok, dua orang ni yg membuat anak dara ku tak bosan, maklumlah anak mama ni malu-malu kucing, retna, with her own personality dan ramah, sodep a fun guy, tak kering gusi sis ketawa ngan tingkah laku nyer, Rosli (no blog yet) the available handsome bachelor, seperti ku pernah lihat muka mu tapi di mana ya ???? and thanks layankan Aqil malam tu yer, soka dia ade abang yg melayan kerenah dia, lastly, Mr shai, yg agak-agak pemalu jugak, but a fun guy to be with, love kids to, UNTUK SEMUA, U ALL ARE SUPER HAPPENING, thanks for making our family wkends so ENJOYABLE .............hugs hugs sikit lah yer.....

To shai, thanks for the Sunday lunch, caterer from dirfara family, sodap lah, kekenyangan after that, malam pun masih leh makan rendang but with nasi, kebuluran cari nasi, hehe...

I felt happy to, I dapat dua anak angkat baru, hehehe...nad n matok, thanks to u girls caused layan my kiddos like yr own sis n bro..........mama love u lah, nad, jangan ler kecik hati ngan papa Lan, dia tu memang camtu, hehehe..........asal boleh jer nak tinggalkan anak orang kat tepi jalan, kenek kidnap, mama gak yg susah kan nad :)

Me and family, Nad n Matok arrived Singapore around 7.15, alhamdulillah tak jam sangat, JB clear, Singapore stuck for about 35 mins. Reached home, terus on washing machine, cucu baju......we went for 1 night, tapi baju like few days, n today tersidai sana sini baju-baju ku, like kedai dobi pulak. Nasib baik cuaca cerah, if not, hmmmmmmmmmm confirm jadi kedai dobi lah for few days.

I had minor chest pain yesterday night, probably over aggressive main games agaknye, tak serious pun but hubby cam risau jugak..........alhamdulillah tak berpanjangan, but I had bad flu, went to c doctor this morning, high blood shoot up according to doctor, so MC 1 day, tomorrow back to work. Oh hubby pun on MC, sakit aper lah agaknye, sakit ponat lah ni..........


We went to settle few things after visited doc, had our lunch n now back at home, trying to update........seems that almost every members dah update, cuma I jer ni ketinggalan, kepala lagi kenoneng after taking medicine tetap nak if ader salah kata n spelling tu, thousand n million apologies lets just enjoy few pics that I managed to snap..........for story mory from other bloggers, uols sudikan lah diri to visit their blog yer........


meeting point at Terbrau City and some pics taken at Sedeli Jeti

Mutiara Resorts, Sedeli, 27/12/2008


At Kota Tinggi, lunch sodap !!!!!


** Note: Aiseyyyy of all pics, forgot to snap my tent with my sepanduk ):


Thursday, December 25, 2008

...HARI NATAL... kan sit at home relaks-relaks with family, thou still need to do housework , need to cook, but I still love the relaxing moments being at home with my family. Holiday menu for today is Curry Chicken, fried vege n papadam..............beshhhhh.......

We all woke-up very late, cooking pun was done very late :) Hubby since after light breakfast this morning until now baru lah nak relaks.........he took this holiday opportunity to clean all the fans at home yg dah berabuk and washing the toilets. We all dah lunch, he baru nak relaks now n makan his lunch.

The kids since few hrs ago continue to do sepanduk for our tent for the holiday camping....since yesterday night doing it till today.........bersungguh-sungguh betul my kids doing it, hopefully their hard work will be paid off...........sepanduk survival, hai entahlah, hentam jer lah, janji jadi sepanduk, dengar-dengar ader presey for the best sepanduk, but actully its good for them to, I wanted to c how creative they are, sebab tu lah I leave it to the kids to do it, I just supplied them with $$$$ for the materials and idea sikit-sikit dan yg important that need to be shown.

We have no plan to go out today, nak relakssssssssss jer at home bersantai dan bermalasan. Tomorrow morning need to send Aqil to KK hospital for his 6 mthly review. Hubby is working tomorrow, so after KK I will send him to his work place. Packing for the camping will be done tomorrow........nothing much to pack, anyways its only 2 days 1 night event, so tak lah banyak sangat pun baju yg need to pack.

Oh ya almost forget seyyyy, presey lum wrap lagi............hmmm will do it tonight lah sambil santai-santai, tak nak stress kan minda , its holiday beb, relaks relaks n relaks

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

...BYE BYE...

Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh nak balik, nak balik, bye uols semua, my boss released us early today, so anytime from now we can chow.....

Happy holiday to all, I'll be back in the office on Monday 29/12/2008 insyaallah.

C ya......will update as n when if I'm free from home.............cheerssssssssssssss.


Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Aper nak story mory ek......selain dari bzzzzzzzz memanjang kat opis ni, my visitors yg masuk blog ni pun bored tak sudah........."si moralle ni cam tak der citer tau, asyik lah bz memanjang ngan office work dia" ):

Well memang pun bzzzzzzzzzz jugak today, but happy because I lunch with my love ones, hubby n my kids. This morning hubby drove me to work, cause he wants to settle the girls madrasah books. Than around 12.30 he came down with the kids to my office, we had lunch together at Sembawang.

Sajer jer taruk vain pic of Arin here

From Sembawang I fetched them back and drive the car to office. Hubby went to work at 2.30, the kiddos at home.

That's all my story ya, now I'm going back home, promised the kids to cook western today. Simple western foods, french fries, drumlets, hot dog and omelette for dinner.

Monday, December 22, 2008

...I'M TIRED...

I've been so tired, tired with lots of things, especially with work. May be my doctor is right, I really need a rest and a break for a while, the stressed and all is going to make me suffer.

Going to let go of my stress this wkend for sure, meeting bloggers from KL, JB and also Singapore of course.

Thought of taking long leave but leave pun dah tak der, left with 2 more days only, just enough to cover for Aqil doctor appt at KK on the 26th and one more day probably before the new year.

Btw, my sunday was tiring also, I woke-up around 10am, did my cooking, vac the house and washed clothes. I left to Andalus at 2pm with Aqil, fetched my fren, she pun needs to purchase books for his son, dah settle semua we all lepak kejap at Admiralty food court, my fren belanja teh tarik n rojak mamak, chot chet a while than we went home.

Reached home macam keletihan betul, my energy ni tak macam dulu lah, kejap jer dah felt macam so tired.......lack of vitamins ker, or may b my sickness yg buat I camni.........

Lucky all housework semua dah settled, ingatkan nak lie down lah kejap, but Umi n Abi came, they just came back from Geylang, Umi belikkan I kuih-muih from Geylang. Abi belek-belek buku Madrasah Aqil n baru lah I realized penjual buku tu gave me the wrong book....he gave me tadika 2, patutnye Aqil will be in tadika 1 for madrasah next yr, lucky lah Abi checked if not leceh nak kenek tukar kat Toa Payoh....jauh kan. After Umi n Abi left I pun called Andalus, its already 4.30, they asked me to come straight away since the guy is still there....apelagi kelam kabut I drive there to change. Baru nak relaks dah kenek rushed keluar lagi to change the book....really exhausted seyyyy....

Reached home dah almost 5.30, kelam kabut suruh the kids mandi and siap-siap........we are going out to CP to look for the camping 6pm, we went down to wait for hubby...than off to CP.

Ya ampun, dah lah tak sedap badan, CP so crowded with people, here n there sales going on, Giordano, Bossini on 50% sales, metro n JL pun on sales, up to 20%.............betul-betul sesak, nak try-try baju pun so leceh, long queue at the fitting room...........round n round ended we only bought red T-shirt for the girls and myself at Bossini, hmmmm alrite lah jugak for the camping, red for Sunday :), Saturday blue.............pakai jer lah aper yg ader, nak jalan-jalan lagi dah tak larat.

For Aqil we bought for him blue n red T-shirt from JL, hubby dont need to, he has it already. Around 8pm we left CP n singgah Umi house a while to settle Aqil bday photos...Abi is going to develop it for us first, so we need to choose the photos, banyak wooo photos, tak kan nak develop semua, bleh pengsan bayar nanti.

we left Umi house at 9.30 than before balik, singgah lagi to my MIL house, tapi tak naik pun, amik barang jer kat void BIL bought for the kids some titbits, ayamas n french fries, my MIL nak datang hantar but I was out kan so she suruh we all collect jer from her place.

Singgah sana , singgah sini, at last sampai rumah at 10.30pm..............ponat nyer, letih nyer. tak larat lah badan ni...........

Took our late dinner, than went to zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz............

Thats my Sunday, tired sunday n today tiring Monday...................updating this entry pun I macam tak larat.............but still nak update.......................

Nite nite............another day tomorrow...........cepat lah coti, tak sabar nak rest & relaks to ilangkan stresss di jiwa raga ni.

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Saturday morning I had my quarterly medical check-up , spend almost 1/2 day at the clinic. My appt was supposed to be at 9am, ended I went in to c my doctor at 12pm. Was so upset with the clinic arrangement of my appointment, really a mess, system doesnt show my appointment time, so I hv to take a queue no. like other patients. I argued with the appt. centre, but still they cant do anything, well biaselah, govt clinic, if private easier jugak to handle.

By the time I finished + collect my medications, its almost 2pm..........I reached home tak larat nak cook lunch, the kids ate whatever available lah..........I thought nak went out a while to NTUC supermarket to do some marketing, but I ketiduran from 3pm until 6pm. Hubby came back from work pun I tak sadar.

Really felt tired betul spending time kat clinic sampai malas nak ke dapur masak. After Maghrib we went out to hv our dinner at our usual makan place, E Kampung Seafood, tak jelak rasanye makan there caused they hv varieties of foods.

After makan I sound hubby to bring us to Woodlands Garden for nightwalking. Yer lah dah makan melantak, excercise lah sikit, brisk walking, I put on weight lah, my check-up results pun not so good, my doctor grumble cam nenek-nenek kat I tau, menci betul ah, results semuanye so bad, especially my high blood, its not so good, doctor wants me to control if not nanti i will get into complications...........gini lah kalau dah berumur, kesihatan mesti nak take care, susah kan kalau sakit-sakit, the kids still young, kalau I sakit siape lah nak look after them, sedih jugak bila di fikirkan, so I hv to take good care of my health for the sake of my family.

From Woodlands Garden we went to car wash to wash the lancer, white car ni susah nak maintain, musim hujan habis lah, mesti nampak kotor..........I cuma tau drive jer, hubby yg jaga the rest :)

Since hubby pun lagi kemalasan nak wash sendiri, so masuk car wash lah tadi...............bukan bersih sangat pun but terserlah lah jugak keputihan nyer, if not aduhhhhh, tak cantik itu Lancer.

We reached home around 11.45pm, the kids clean up than went to zzzzzzzzz, hubby pun zzzzzzzzzzzz, except me, tadi siang dah puas tidur, so aper lagi, on laptop and update.

Tengahari nanti I need to go down to Andalus to settle Aqil madrasah books and uniform. Hubby will be working, so I'm going out with the kids only.

Happy sunday to uols, terasa sleepy pulak after taking my medications, me actually not feeling so good, having slight fever, flu and cough. Hopefully tak melarat, the rest of the family dah kenek pun, ni virus from them lah pulak kenek to me ):

Friday, December 19, 2008



I'm promoting this event on behalf of to all Singaporean bloggers and readers, well actually all over the world lah yer, bloggers that visit my blog , be it everyday readers or silent readers (perasan lagi)............if uols happen to be in KL for holiday ker, for work ker or for aper-aper tujuan yer......... come and joint with other bloggers for an exciting and memorable event dan jugak untuk mengiratkan lagi silaturrahim dia antara bloggers-bloggers di muka bumi ini........yesssssss attend lah event ini anda tak akan rugi payment needed, its free itu yg best nyer, .........but uols pun tahu lah kan, its potluck concept, so paham-paham lah sendiri yer :)

(Potluck????? can be anything, anything that can be shared with others, oh kalau yg datang serbu KL tu direct dari Singapore, bawak ler sumting yg agak-agak tahan untuk di kongsi bersama, to those yg dah berada di KL tu, pandai-pandai ler cari sumting to be shared yer........jangan lah tangan kosong jer :)

Date : Saturday, 27th Dec 2008
Time : 4pm to 6pm
Venue : Taman Putra Perdana Presint 1, Putrajaya

If uols berhajat to attend, just email yr attendance to and pls include these details :

Name :
URL if u hv a blog :
Nick yang selalu diberi di dalam jika anda bukan silent readers:
Jenis makanan yang akan dibawa :
Jumlah kehadhiran : (total no. of people attending lah gitu yer)
Mobile no. :

Datang lah beramai-ramai with yr love ones, frens, relatives, adik angkat or abang angkat or segala yg di angkat, lets make this event the best event of the year for everyone yg hadir, marilah bersalam-salaman, berpeluk-pelukan dan bercium-ciuman............oppsssssss terlebih sudah............

..ITS READY... mood to work today agak2 kurang, boss pun tak masuk lagi.............probably later, if tak masuk lagi lah bagus nyer. Alhamdulillah kerja yg berlambak dah beransur kurang, tak habis lagi yer, cuma berkurangan sahaja :)

Yesterday I went out with Matilda to CausewayPoint, tujuan sebenar is to shop for office pantry stuffs, but we all cari kesempatan lah membelit. We had our lunch at Banquet than Matilda temankan I cari gifts for my upcoming event with MSJBox members.........27/12/2008....this event clash lah pulak with redmummy potluck event ):

Both events gerenti super happening and gerek, but I can only choose one, and its the MSJBox event, which I had confirmed before redmummy potluck event was announced. So to the redmummy potluck organizers, lain kali arrange lagi yer, so I bleh lah turun gelanggang join redmummy event pulak....

Well back to my MSJBox holiday camping, we need to prepare some gifts (untuk di exchange gitew) and I'm done with it, now nak kenek find shirt yg sedondon pulak.....we have to wear blue on Sat n red on Sun........this will be done during the wkend, shopping cari baju sedondon pulak.



Terkejut, terharu, feelings di saat dan di ketika itew, when I knew that I'm going to receive sumting from someone that I never met before......we only communicate through comments box jer, but I'm sooooooooo touched with what I had received, not only for me but for my kiddos to.

Thanks sooooooooo much sis, the kids especially Aqil was so overjoyed with the control car that u had given him..........ulang sikit what he told his daddy on 17/12/2008 (night)... "Ayah, Aqil dapat control car tau, kawan ibu blogger kat KL post for Aqil"...........the girls, they love the gifts to sis....especially hair band tu, cute mute semuanyer and of course mine to, I love it :) ..........thanks again sis kerana bersusah payah menghantar parcel to Singapore for us, thou I know it cost a bomb jugak kan.

Gifts for us from sis perantausepi .....


Sweet tak...........very sweet kan.........thanks mrs taj for the sweet award, really terharu and soka bangetttt, muachhhsssss....

No rules stated.............but I wanted to give this inspiration award to sis rasp, perantausepi, sm, and mommylily

"uols had inspired me a lot in this blogging world, my inspiration came from uols semua"

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Next time you think your hotel bill is too high you might want to consider this...

A husband and wife are travelling by car from Brisbane to Melbourne .

After almost ten hours on the road, they're too tired to continue and they decide to stop for a rest. They stop at a nice hotel and take a room, but they only plan to sleep for four hours and then get back on the road.

When they check out four hours later, the desk clerk; hands them a bill for $450.00. The man explodes and demands to know why the charge is so high. He tells the clerk although it's a nice hotel; th! e rooms certainly aren't worth $450.00. < /B>

When the clerk tells him $450.00 is the standard rate, the man insists on speaking to the Manager.

The Manager appears, listens to the man, and then explains that the hotel has an Olympic-sized pool and a huge conference centre that were available for the husband and wife to use.

'But we didn't use them,' the man complains

'Well, they are here, and you could have,' explains the Manager. He goes on to explain they could have taken in one of the shows for which the hotel is famous. 'The best entertainers from New York , Hollywood , and Las Vegas perform here,' the Manager says.

'But we d idn't! go to any of those shows, 'complains the man again. 'Well , we have them, and you could have,' the Manager replies.

No matter what amenity the Manager mentions! the man replies, 'But we didn't use it!'

The Manager is unmoved, and eventually the man gives up and agrees to pay. He writes a cheque and gives it to the Manager.

The Manager is surprised when he looks at the cheque. 'But sir,' he says, 'this cheque is only made out for $50.00.'

'That's correct,' says the man. 'I charged you $400 for sleeping with my wife.'

'But I didn't!' exclaims the Manager.

'Well, too bad,' ! the man replies. 'She! was here and you could have!'

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Thanks laling rasp , thanks for the wonderful award, tersangat lah terharu mendapat award ini, tiada kata yg dapat I luahkan selain, I loveeeeeeeeee u lah sis :)

My blog rocks and the best blogging buddy, hmmmmmmmmm??????????? alah orang dah kasi I amik jer lah, if someone gave me this mestilah betul tu, hahaha, perasan betul kan :) oooooooooo I love this lady lah.....

Yeszzzzzzzzzzz there are rules to it, I nak follow rules lah okayyyyyyyy, blehkan ...

1. Pick 5 Bloggers that you consider as your best blogging buddies and deserves this award for their
contribution towards the blogging community, no matter what language.

2. State the name of the author of each blog as well as a link to each one’s blogs.

mrs taj

(Why them???? because they r rocks to like me, hahaha, n uols pun semuanyer rock okayy)

3.Each blogger (upon acceptance) of this award should do a post and show the award on their blog and put the name and link to the blog that has given her/him the award.

4.Show these rules…SIMPLE!

P/S : of course this award goes back to my laling rasp , ikhlas from me and also sm, I cant forget u tau sis, I sengaja put it here sebab I knew u pun my best blogging buddy tau :)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Here it goes, I dont hv much time to update blog nowadays, I wrote ape ader jer lah, janji ader kan, nak berblog hop pun tak terhop-hop.......baru jer habis ku kadaq hopping here n there, ader yg ku tinggalkan jejak, ader yg ku baca terus hop to next jangan lah uols think I tak menjengah or menjenguk k............ku masih ke rumah cyber mu, cuma seperti kilat ku sambar sana dan sini :)

My works right now betul-betul menggangu urusan blogging ku, tak habis-habis kot rasanye kerja-kerja kat office ni...............n nowadays my blood pressure hari-hari shoot up kat opis ni, all this because of someone, someone new yg made my blood pressure shoot up everyday.......sabor jer lah moralle oiiiiiiiiiii....nanti lain pulak citernyer ):

Cant wait for my short holiday somewhere nearby...............very excited to joint the MSJBox members event.................lots of new frens to meet and suai kenal :) work work n work.............................kerja keras ni, beraper lah agaknyer imbalan yg ku dapat akhir tahun ni ??????????????

chop chop, ader photos of foods yg I snap yesterday evening, biaserlah, the big M melanda, so we all makan luar, our usual port, E kampung seafood corner..........sodap sangat tempat ni, ape yg uols nak makan semua ader di jual, tak yah nak go jauh-jauh cari makan .

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Its been a tiring day for me n family..........alhamdulillah doa selamat cum bday celebration for Aqil on 13/12/2008 was a memorable event for us, we enjoyed it so much and so were all the guests, almost everyone we invited came, we were so happy, family members, frens and relatives enjoyed the hospitality and the foods that was served, it ends till late night and we still hv frens and cousins that came quite late, but foods are still available for them to enjoy it.

The foods was super good and delicious, thanks to the caterer, Kak Maria n her hubby abang Hamzah, we will definitely used them again for other occasions. Thanks to Umi n Abi family who had helped us and Umi who had sponsored the berkat and kuih-muih. To my families from JB, thanks for coming down, thou some of them tak de passport, they all pay for entry visa RM200 to come and celebrate the event with us.

Would also like to thank my dear frens, kak Ani for the kuih, the dadih, bubur pengat pisang and Ija for the kuih-muih.

Syukur Alhamdulillah dengan rezki yg telah diberikan Allah kepada kami.

This morning I woke-up at 9am, kelam-kabut prepared breakfast for my sis family yg nak bertolak early pagi tadi to visit my brother than balik ke JB.

After they left, me n hubby continue to clean the house sampailah ke pukul 2pm............we hv jemputan to hubby aunty house today pun we all tak pegi caused dah terlalu penat mengemas, rasanye penat ni pun tak habis lagi, n tomorrow I hv to work ):

Here are some photos taken sebelum ramai tetamu, bila dah ramai tetamu, sowie no pics, dah tak terlayan nak amik photos...........and also photos taken this afternoon, Aqil with his bday presents .....

Friday night preparation

Saturday 13/12/2008

BEN 10 cake

My first guest, Matilda n husband

The spread of foods, we ordered Briyani


End of pics, dah tak larat, waiting for my niece photos pulak, she is my camerawoman yesterday

14/12/2008, Aqil with his presents

Okay, now senggugut dah melanda, nak makan panadol and zzzzzzzzzz, tomorrow need to work, happy working to all :)

Friday, December 12, 2008

...1/2 DAY...

Happy Friday to all................wkends are here again, hoping that uols will hv a wonderful weekends with yr love ones.

I will be on half day today, need to settle few more things for Aqil doa selamat cum bday celebration tomorrow. Most of the things are done, left with few more things, than Gao Dim already (means done).

Goodies bags, completed

Telur as berkat, need to rebus n taruk kat sampul yg cantik jer, simple kan

It had been an hectic wk for me this wk, bz at the office and had to bring back office work home in order to meet my dateline.

The tarts and makmur sodap, my fren gave it to me, I ngappp while doing office work at home with coffee

Hopefully the weekends will be a wonderful and memorable wkends for my family :)