Monday, August 23, 2010

For a start......... the stories goes like this.........wkends was super tiring, hv to do lots of house chores, from the norm ones to the yearly ones, what I meant was, since its going to be Hari Raya soon, as usual the kemas-mengemas, wash the curtains, wash the cadar-cadar and all the alas-alas yg ade, so now my house is totally togel, no bedsheet, no curtains no alas-alas watsoever, its going to be that way till petang raya :)

I memang selalu over, 2 weeks before Raya I dah start to do all these, especially nowadays cuaca tak menentu, better do it now, I dont like to see my house like kedai dobi during Raya, at least only the daily laundry lah, not curtains or cadar-cadar yg tersidai.

All these was done on Sunday.  Sat we went out for Iftar, me and Aqil mengidam nak makan Chicken Rice,  few friends recommended the best chicken Rice at Clementi, I tried to reserve but dah full house, so we went to BrickWorks to hv the so called not bad chicken rice.

After Iftar, we went to Ikea to buy some stuffs, than off to Geylang.  Huby was very reluctant to go, but because his doter si Arin macam orang ngidam nak makan dendeng and ayam percik, we all go jugak lah, so Geylang was like aduhhh.....malas nak explained.   Parking also susah nak cari.  By the time we dapat parking, its almost 10pm...ok lah jugak, caused we nak amik kak Yana from work.

We didnt buy anything at Geylang, setakat jalan di kesesakan yg penuh dengan manusia, cari dendeng and ayam percik than pusing balik to TKC to wait for Kak Yana yg finish work at 11pm.

While waiting its almost 11pm, but still Geylang masih ramai dengan orang-orang yg bershopping or may be just jalan-jalan, still sesak, parking still penuh sana sini, and I was liked, arggggggggghhhh this will be my first n last to Geylang during Ramadhan......tak sanggup dengan kesesakan yg melampau-lampau.

It was a tiring day for me on Sat, tired berdrama di Geylang Serai, reached home almost 12pm......sleep n sahur at 430am.

Friday, August 20, 2010


Salam untuk semua...........hw is the Ramadhan, mudah-mudahan uols mendapat hikmah yg tak terkira di bulan yg mulia lagi suci ini.

Cepat rasanye masa berlalu dan dah lama rasanye tak update blog, hehe......kemalasan melanda n further more dah macam kekok nak update blog.

Nak write this entry pun macam gelisah sangat, cause tak tahu aper yg nak moralle story kan.  I dah type I erase, than type lagi, save as draft than continue lagi, hehe macam ader yg tak kena.

Maaf kalau cara menulis pun dah macam tak kick gitu, lost touched betul macam mana nak write blog.

Well my frens semua, let me get the touch again, insyaallah, I will try to update and will try to kembalikan kegembiraan mengupdate blog.....SALAM...

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Assalammualaikum to all my dearest frens................

My neighbour RAMADAN will be visiting you soon with his wife REZK and two children SAHUR and IFTAAR. They will be accompanied by three grandchildren RAHMAT, BARAKAT n TOUBA, they will leave after thirty days bye EID AIRLINES. Treasure them and you will be blessed...........SALAM RAMADAN MUBARAK UNTUK SEMUA......