Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Hi all, since at off ni I dah macam tak banyak work cause its my last week here, so ape lagi, banyak pics yg dah snap but not posted yet, hehe.......below are some random family raya pics  :):)

Thats it..........more pics ade, c how lah, kuasa tak nak post....cheersssss everyone :):)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Right now, at this moment, m really really tension.................why????????? caused dah berpuluh, beratus, berjuta kot job applications I send out, ermmmmmm still waiting n waiting..

I NEED A JOB............what is wrong with all the companies ni, only papers jer ker yg layak, experience tak layak ker.............haizzzzzz..

Frens, please doakan I dapat work k, m leaving here soon, very soon, like next wk, but still hv not found any job yet.........may be m destined to be a full time housewife now ker :(

The happiest person will be Aqil, he kept telling me, "Ibu Aqil dont want to go Powerlife (his after school care), I hate powerlife, Ibu jaga aqil can, pleaseeeeeeeee"..........thats him, everyday without fail I will hear this from him.

May be ek, may be god is listening to my son, suruh Ibu dia duduk rumah, aduhhhhh.....can I, can I, keep asking myself that.

M really hoping thou I can find something, be it full time or part time, insyaallah, kata orang tu, untuk buat duit jajan sendiri, hehe.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Assalammualaikum.....hai hai uols semua, ermmm raya dah pun habis, masih jugak tak berupdate this blog of mine.

Me hv been very bz since last wk of raya, had started with the wedding deco, ramai lorrr yg mendirikan mahligai musim raya and alhamdulillah rezki mendeco agak padat jugak till end of the year.

Past two weeks jer, I had 7 deco altogether, penat rabakkkkk, less sleep and long hours work, but memuaskan :):)

Pics banyak nak upload, insyaallah will do so when I dah pilih-pilih, lagipun thou lots of pics but deco colours are almost same jerrrr.....if tak gold, will be grey, ermmm bila lah nak dapat colour yg garang-garang macam my fav colour RED.

Well, do feel free to visit my kawin-kawin blog at