Friday, December 7, 2012


Helloooo...haizzzz hw come eh malazzz betul nak berblog...really tau, tak der motivations langsung, nak kata bz kat office ni, not really, now lagi holiday mood, cause the boss is on holiday :)

Many things to story mory....but dont know where to start.  Will just start with my freaking out medical issues.

When we dah berumur ni macam-macam boleh berlaku kan.  Especially our health conditions.  The past months I noticed that my hormones ni dah over sikit, meaning if I hv my period dah macam tap water, not only that, with the blood clot yg sebesar paru 1/2 kg jokes, this is very serious.  Pernah satu hari tu, I went to the toilet lah nak tukar pad, than I rasa macam something came out macam very fast, macam rasa give birth pulak. Than when I looked at it, mak ai besarnyer darah beku, I was like shocked lah kan, macam terus pitam.  So decided the next day must go n see doctor.

This is how it looks like...oh this is not mine lah, tak kan nak snap pic pulak kan...thanks to Google :)

So I went to see Doctor, government clinic jer, nowadays medical very expensive, so lets just bedal Government clinic dulu lah.

Blah blah blah, explaining to the doctor my problem, I was asked to go for a scan + scopic (dari bawah ok).
And also baru lah I realize after I went for a blood test on the same day, I have :
  • Anemia - a decrease in the number of red blood cells (RBC), which may lead to low red blood count. 
The treatment for Anemia, either I have to go for blood transfusion or can try and take more Calcium n Vitamin C  for a start.  If it doest improve, than I have to go for blood transfusion.  Well for this I am still taking the medications, it's better and will just continue with it.  

Ok, back to my scan results, doctor diagnose that I have a fibroid which is about 3.5cm and  also something that they could not detect which is dekat kawasan rahim.  So the solutions is, I have to go and see a gynae to make a thorough check.

Date was set for me to go n see a gynae at KKH, it was on the 15/11/2012.  This time I am really freaking out ok, sebabnye if dah sampai go to hospital, confirm lah macam anak ayam nanti, I ni kan very the penakut bab seluk-seluk ni, haha.

OK, I went to KKH with hubby, he took leave to accompany me, actually I told him tak payah lah, let me go sendiri, but he insist, than ok lah ada orang nak teman why not kan.  M lucky, even its a subsidize clinic but I got this amazing specialist, mat salleh doctor, she was gentle and friendly ok and memang baik sangat untuk akak yang penakut ni.  Well, went in and told her abt the scan results and all the stories, than after all her explainations, she wanted to do a vagina scan and do some test. 

Something like this, cause intrument macam sama, sanggup google 

Okay, this part yg I really-really wanted to cry ya,cause I m freaking takut sangat sampai I genggam lengan doctor to kuat-kuat.  She was so gentle and even told me stories sampai I tak rasa benda tu dah masuk.  One done than she said ok dear, I need to put in my finger just to check...wattttttttttttttttt.....huwarghhhhh, cold sweat masyaallah, macam nak lari jer lah.  Frankly I memang takut sangat pasal ni semua, dari mengandung anak pertama sampai yg ketiga, n sampai now lah, memang sangat takut.  Anyway, I redha lah, dah nak kenek seluk, nak buat camner kan, so ok, lagi skali I genggam lengan doctor tu sekuat-kuatnye.  Macam nak masukkan apa, padahal cuma doctor wanted to check and ambik some sample to do a Cancer test.

When all done, I was so relieved sangat, macam baru lepas perang, thou kat dalam tu aircon full blast but m sweating.  

Continue with the chit-chatting, results will be out in few weeks time, n she had suggested few things for me before further things terbongkar.

For the heavy mensus flow, she suggested 3 things, to take medications, to use IUD or to go for holes surgery to remove the uterus (meaning I will not have mensus anymore, so no more buying of KOTEK)

Of course I chose no. 1 to try on the medications first, if it doesnt work, than will look at the other 2 options.  Which the doctor also think its wise of me to choose the first one :):)

And alhamdulillah, just got my mensus,took the medications for my 1st and 2nd day, the blood flow was normal , really under control, thou there are blood clots, but its the norm.  I am super happy, looks like the medicine works so far.

And now only waiting for my scan results, any urgency or not it will be send via sms and will be mailed also. So next appointmnet to see doctor for follow up will be in Jan 2013.

The results came on 20/11/2012, that was fast via sms..................TO BE CONTINUED....penat menaip

Dear frens I will sambung with this story soon ok, another freaking news yg membuat I lesu tak bermaya ':(