Monday, September 14, 2015


Alhamdulillah, bertemu kita kembali di segment simbang-simbang sendiri.

Anyway hw uolzzzz semua, the haze is killing ya, take care n try to stay indoor if you are not working.  To those who needs to work, we have no choice unless Company want to close because of the haze.  Here in SG is bad, u can even smells the burning and felt suffocated with it. Hope it will go off soon.

So what happened with the weekends. Its polling/voting day in SG on 11/9/2015, so its a public holiday for all.  All Singaporean will have to vote on this date unless they r not able to with a reason.  No reason means must vote, die die must vote, who you vote, that's a secret that should not be revealed to anyone, "undi anda adalah rahsia".  So we went voting at 2 different places, hub and kak Yana in Queenstown, myself in Woodlands, so funnehhhh, I don't know why we have to vote at different places.  Anyway tak kuasa nak check we just followwwww.  Hub and Yana went at around 11am cause kak Yana need to go back to work to settle his project and than hub sent me to Woodlands.  Yeahhhh super excited to vote, but my vote tak pakai, after telling huby what I did he said my vote will be void haha, so vote saya rosak sudahhhh, never mind there are other voters thou haha.  Sempat jugak we berselfie and welfie....

After voting, told hubby since at home gurls pun not around, why not we jalan jalan, we went for late lunch trying Nasi Ambeng at cafĂ© ZADA and off to Singapore Expo for Food Fair and Robinson sale.
Not really interested to buy things at first looking at the super longgggg q, but ended bought pyjamas for gurls n myself and lipstick, which is super good price. 

yummylicious Ambeng, sedap bangettt
Than after done with Singapore Expo we felt like having a coffee, think n think where to chill to have coffee, than it came to my mind near my place there is a Churros Factory, so we headed there, chillax while drinking Latte and of course the Churros yg sedapppp.
So that was our Friday outing, the three of us without the gurls :):)
Sat was just relaxing at home, wanted to meet up with my bff last minutes it was cancelled, so its a stay at home event.
Already pre-plan on Sunday to visit my fren aka kakak Haniz, I have regarded her as my sis and we had known each other since 2008 until now.  She is going to Mecca for her pilgrimage this yr so Alhamdulillah managed to find time on Sunday to visit her.  I really admired her, she is my inspirations and I salute her for who she are.  Kak Haniz, have a safe journey and may you have Haji yg Mabrur, muachhhhh muachhhhh luv you kak.
The story doesn't ends here, during the day after all done, I still have time to do baking at night, trying my new mixer bought by my doter kak yana... thou its not my dream Kenwood Mixer, but I appreciate it so much that she had bought it for me during my birthday in July.  It was kept for nearly 2 mths and I decided to bake simple butter cake for a start before I tried many other bakings with it, like macam betul betul rajin kan.  So here it is, red mixer my fav colour of course and the butter volcano cake retak seribu, haha.

Yeahh ok that's about it on what I did during the weekends, hopefully I can write more and more after this, itu pun if m not lazy to write, today super long because m super free in the office that is why I can managed this entry.
Ok uolzzz take care ya and c uolzzz here again, in shaa allah.


Tuesday, September 8, 2015


OMGGGGGGG.....its been ages and I lost touch of how to blog again.  seriously I dont even remember my log-in password and hv to re-set.

First and foremost I would very much would like to say hihihi and that I am doing fine, alhamdulillah, masih bernafas dan Allah masih menyayangi saya sebagai umatnya yg kerdil ini.

I am very active in FB now, not only very....should say very very active there and those who had been with me for ages will know that very well..hehehe.

Only yesterday I posted in FB that I wanted to blog again, or may be just delete this blog away.  But after thinking about it, no lah, why must I delete right, I can just leave it here and update it as an when am free.  This blog had so much memories, really many many memories abt myself, my previous life my friends and other stuffs that I had stuffed it here.

All these memories will never go away or fade, its going to be forever with me because this is where I started my cyber friendship with others.

Ok enuf for today, in shaa allah will continue blogging if time permits.

N I belanja uolzzzz photo of my kids  and my new life partner,  my family....may Allah protect us always forever..aminnnnnn.