Sunday, August 31, 2008


Kejam celik, kejam celik, tomorrow will be the 1st of Ramadhan, so u all semua dah bersedia untuk bersahur dan berpuasa :)

Alhamdulillah kami sekeluarga dah bersedia, even my little boy Aqil pun cant wait for Ramadhan, he wants to fast, that is what he says, well, lets c tomorrow, I'll train him for 1/2 day first, itupun if kesampaian.......

Since tomorrow is the 1st day of Ramadhan, me and hubby will be at home, we took leave just to celebrate the 1st Ramadhan together, caused hubby will be in the afternoon shift this week. The rest of the days will be me, Aqil and the girls, except for weekends definitely hubby will be around to break fast together with us.

I was deciding yesterday whether to go out or not, at last we went out. We went to Bugis Junction first to find the girls shoes, Charles and Keith is having its last 2 days sale, the girls tak cerewet so they managed to find their shoes fast. Nice and simple. As for me, I love this one shoe, but my size dah tak de, I ask the CS to call other branches to see if they hv the size, City Link pun tak der, ended I hv to go down to Suntec branch, itupun left one pair which is my size, so they reserve for me. After we jalan-jalan at Bugis, we went down to Suntec, collect my shoes and look around for Aqil shoe.

Nothing at Suntec for Aqil, at last we decided to go down to Bata at Peninsular. The branch there quite big so I think we will be able to find Aqil shoe there. True enough, we managed to buy Aqil his shoe, Bubble Gummers and Ben 10 slipper for him. My son now addicted to Ben 10, so now everything he wants are all related to Ben 10.

By the time we finished with the shoes shopping, its already 9.30, we all dah lapar, we went to Bukit Timah to eat at Al Azhar. We reached home about 11.30pm, put everything aside, clean ourselves and went to sleep.


Today we planned to shop for Aqil his hari raya outfits. Me and hubby tak suka bershopping time bulan puasa, penat and letih. We will settle the kids baju-baju and others needed before puasa.

Hubby fetched me at 4.30 and we went to fetch Aqil at CP. Umi bawak Aqil walk-walk at CP Bazaar Ramadhan earlier. The girls dont want to follow, so only 3 of us went.

We recky-recky at Kiddy Palace, Robinson, Metro, all tak de yg berkenan di hati, at last we managed to buy 2 pairs of kemeja and 2 pairs of shirts at Tom and Stefanie for him. Beres, all dah complete for the kids to celebrate their Hari Raya this yr. Now its time for them to concentrate on their puasa for 30 days, insyaallah..........sebelum they melaram with their new clothings and shoes :)

On the way back, we went to NTUC to buy groceries for stock jugak. Reached home about 7.30.

Aqil now already in dreamland, tired agaknyer, while the girls and hubby watching movie Isabella. Me, what else, blog-hopping and updating.

Tomorrow I will be going for my medical check-up, mudah-mudahan semuanye okay..............

Alrite, now I'm done with this post, now nak blog-hop pulak before I go to sleep, hv to sleep early, tomorrow nak selamat bersahur to u all semua and selamat berpuasa :)

Saturday, August 30, 2008


Hi all, happy wkend, wah ramai yg berholiday this wk, Malaysia is celebrating its 51 bday on Sunday, so Monday its a holiday in Malaysia.

To all my Malaysian bloggers, HAPPY HARI MERDEKA YG KE 51"

As for me, I'm still thinking whether to go out or not, its raining heavily now, hubby will be back from work later. The girls pulak lagi lepak caused dah tired. They just came back from (FAAS) 2008, its First Aid Across Singapore. Kerjanye collect donations at shopping complex, MRT and places yg crowded with people. Thought of going out to look for the girls and Aqil Shoes, next week dah Ramadhan, tentu malas bangettt nak merayap.

Me pulak this morning I hv been bz with Aqil. We went marketing :) belanja for Ramadhan, next week kan dah berpuasa, so stock barang2 for 1 week, bulan Ramadhan ni nampaknye hv to go marketing every week lah, if not tak de barang2 pulak nak masak on wkdays.

Got to go now, hubby dah on the way back, I'm still deciding to go out or not, if not shopping may b just go out for dinner with the kids, cheerssssssss........ n happy wkend to all :)

Friday, August 29, 2008


Assalammualaikum semua, few more days to Ramadhan, sebelum I terlambat, maklumlah tomorrow wkend, sumtimes wkend I wont hv time to blog or even log-in to my PC..... so rasanyer today is the day to do this................

Sempena akan tibanya Bulan Ramadhan , Bulan dimana nafas kita menjadi
tasbih, tidur kita menjadi ibadah, amal kita diterima dan doa kita
dimakbulkan .

Jari disusun memohon kemaafan tidak terhingga, di atas segala kekhilafan
yang pastinya ada....
Berharap padi dalam lesung, yang ada cuma rumpun jerami,
harapan hati bertatap langsung, cuma terlayang warkah ini.
Sebelum cahaya syurga padam, Sebelum hidup ini berakhir,
Sebelum pintu taubat tertutup, Sebelum Ramadhan datang,
Saya mohon maaf lahir dan batin....


... FOR YOU...

I was lying on my bed serving the blog using my hphone, I didnt served my blog but instead I served I just got this feelings that I can find sumting from redmummy blog caused tomorrow is 29th, and I was very curious about 29/8, what is going to happen on the 29th.

And my feelings was right, I woke-up like halilintar, on my PC at exactly 12am and wrote this special dedication to this special lady...


Glitter Photos

We met in this cyber world not long ago, thou we have not met before, but we are very closed in this blogging world...

Yr care, your thoughtfullness towards others, yr comments that sumtimes or should I say most of the times made me smile and laugh shows that u r such a special and caring person...

U go all the way just to surprise me with yr lovely gift during my bday and I felt so touched with what u hv done...

Sis, its yr birthday, I terkilan sangat caused I dont know how to sent yr bday gift (i'm not a good detective like u), u r so secretive and its really very difficult for me to find or trace where u r, so for now this is the only way I can show u how grateful I am to hv a fren like u.

I wished that u will hv a wonderful bday, di lindungi dan di sayangi oleh orang-orang di sekelilingmu, di rahmati dan di berkati ALLAH swt selalu, AMINNN....

Sis u remember this phrase :)


Thursday, August 28, 2008


I'm counting the days again for our precious and everlasting marriage, insyaallah. Its 7 more days to go :)

I nak tayang semula our nostalgic pics yg I managed to find, there are more nostalgic photos of us but malas pulak nak selongkar album yg bertimbun, so I just snap yg ternampak depan mata jer, these are years back when we are dating :)

Insyaallah this year kami akan menyambut nye di bulan Ramadhan yg lagi suci dan mulia .....


Good morning to all, its a cold morning today and while me being bzzzzzzzz here, u all enjoy this k :)

Just for laugh….End of the week just round the corner with this !! =)

Once upon a time there lived a king. The king had a beautiful daughter, the PRINCESS.

But there was a problem. Everything the princess touched would melt.

No matter what;




Anything she touched would melt.

Because of this, men were afraid of her. Nobody would dare marry her.

The king despaired. What could he do to help his daughter?

He consulted his wizards and magicians. One wizard told the king, "If your daughter touches one thing that does not melt in her hands, she will be cured."

The king was overjoyed and came up with a plan next day, he held a competition.. Any man that could bring his daughter an object that would not melt would marry her and inherit the king's wealth.


The first brought a sword of the finest steel.

But alas, when the princess touched it, it melted, and the prince went away sadly .

The second prince brought diamonds.

He thought diamonds are the hardest substance in the world and would not melt. But alas, once the princess touched them, they melted. He too was sent away disappointed.


The third prince approached. He told the princess,

"Put your hand in my pocket and feel what is in there."

The princess did as she was told, though she turned red

She felt something hard. She held it in her hand..

And it did not melt!!!

The king was overjoyed. Everybody in the kingdom was overjoyed. And the third prince married the princess and they both lived happily ever after.

Question: What was in the prince's pants?

(Scroll down for the answer)










M&M's of course. They melt in your mouth, not in your hand.

What were you thinking??

U Very Ham Sap Leh!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Hye all, I dont hv anything interesting to update lah. Just came in to the office. I was on 1/2 day morning leave, need to go for my routine blood test. Actually its supposed to be next month but I requested to bring forward caused next mth kan dah Ramadhan. The results will be out on Monday, so Monday I wont be in the office.

Okay lah now I'm trying to blog hop a while than need to do my work yg sememangnyer tak pernah habis ):

Cheerssssssss, n good day to all, di sini hujan lebat bangetttttttt, the weather so cold...........


Invite others towards good with wisdom. Live life with no excuse and love with no regrets. When life gives you a 100 reasons to cry, show life that you have 1000 reasons to smile. Face your past without regret. Handle your present with confidence. Prepare for the future without fear. Keep the faith and drop the fear.

Great men say, 'Life has to be an incessant process of repair and reconstruction, of discarding evil and developing goodness. In the journey of life, if you want to travel without fear, you must have the ticket of a good conscience.

'The most beautiful thing is to see a person smiling And even more beautiful is, knowing that you are the reason behind it!!!


Hi u all, I've been bzzzzzzz for the past few days, hardly hv time to blog-hop, if I blog-hop pun, I do it in such a hurry that I might not leave any comments :)

I received this today from my BIL, lets share it together-gether, not sure if u all ever read it before :)

Untok renungan kita bersama...................................................Terutama bulan Ramadhan yang sangat mulia dah nak menjelang.......

A blind boy sat on the steps of a building with a hat by his feet.
He held up a sign which said: "I am blind, please help."
There were only a few coins in the hat..

A man was walking by. He took a few coins from his pocket and dropped them into the hat. He then took the sign, turned it around, and wrote some words.

He put the sign back so that everyone who walked by would see the new words. Soon the hat began to fill up. A lot more people were giving money to the blind boy.

That afternoon the man who had changed the sign came to see how things were.
The boy recognized his footsteps and asked,

"Were you the one who changed my sign this morning?
What did you write?"

The man said, "I only wrote the truth. I said what you said but in a different way."

What he had written was:

"Today is a Beautiful Day and I Cannot See It."

Do you think the first sign and the second sign were saying the same thing? Of course both signs told people the boy was blind.

But the first sign simply said the boy was blind.

The second sign told people they were so lucky that they were not blind.

Moral of the Story:

Be Thankful for What you Have........sometimes we tend to overlook things at first sight....

Be positive ...look at what you already have been given...there are many unfortunate people around us....

Ever imagine how it felt to be blind ....just close your eyes for 5 minutes and try looking for the door...

Help others if you anyway possible....

Monday, August 25, 2008


Assalammualaikum u all semua, today I macam orang sakit but tak sakit.

I felt lethargy sangat, my head spinning may b because I tak makan. I today membayar puasa, macam small kids jugak kan, baru 1.30pm rasa dah semacam, betul-betul menggugat puasa ku.....

But I need to stay strong, few more days left for me to bayar my puasa. Begitu kejap jer masa berlalu Ramadhan akan menjelma lagi, 7 more days to go. So sesiapa yg belum habis membayar tu sila-sila kan lah membayar kalau termampu .....

Kak Yana pun fasting, her last one to pay back today, mine few more days, mudah-mudahan di beri kesihatan untuk membayar sebelum Ramadhan.

With works yg tak habis-habis ni, lagi membuat I felt very tired sekali, hmmmmmmmmm cobaannnnnnn..................

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Cold Sunday, its has been raining since morning until now. I'm at home the whole day, its hubby working day today, so we didnt planned anything. Just relaxing with the kids, as usual cooked and house cleaning.

After that layan my 2nd story book that I bought, hmmmmm yg ni tak tau lah pulak bila nak habis, the 1st one took me abt 3 weeks to finish. Nowadays read story book kenek c my mood, if mood kusyuk I can finish fast, if not dragging lah for few weeks.

At 4.30 we went out a while to the tailor, hubby fetch us there. Need to alter Aqil baju melayu and Arin baju kurung. Bought it for quite sometimes already only today teringat nak send for alteration. On the way home, singgah beli kuih apam balik kat Woodlands. Cuaca sejuk-sejuk ni syokk jugak makan kuih apam with coffee........and read story book :)

Well that is my Sunday, beristirehat at home with my family, waiting for tomorrow, MONDAY..................


Saturday we went to my mom and dad pusara. All of us went, I brought my kids along, Yana and Arin wanted to c their grandparents pusara. Dah lama I tak bawak the kids, so since hubby pun tak work so I heret semua sekali pergi. Umi and Abi bawak her 2 daughter. We all tak drive, tumpang Abi car jer, he fetched us at 11.40 from our place.

The weather is not so good, mendung and by the time kite reached highway its already drizzling and cuaca very gelap. But alhamdullilah when we reached kawasan perkuburan, cuaca jadi terang, hujan yg tadinyer renyai-renyai berhenti seperti mempermudahkan urusan kami ke situ.

We went to arwah my mum pusara dulu, bersihkan mana yg patut than after that we went to arwah my dad pusara, the same thing, we bersihkan dulu before my BIL bacakan doa di kedua-dua pusara. When I lagi berdoa di pusara my mum, I tak perasan yg I menitiskan airmata sehingga Aqil asked me "Ibu why u cried, ibu sedih eh ibu tak de emak" perasaan begitu sayu sekali when I was there, I terasa rindu yg teramat sangat dengan arwah my mum, sehinggakan I didnt realized that I was crying tersedu-sedan sampai menyebabkan Aqil bertanya. Hw time flies dah bertahun lamanya my mum and dad passed away, dah bertahun jugak I tak dapat lagi menyambut Ramadhan dan lebaran dengan mereka.......

After visiting my parents pusara, we went to visit my BIL father and brother pusara. We help to bersihkan jugak mana yg patut.

While doing the cleaning, I saw jugak few pusara yg dah tak terjaga, mungkin family member tak datang membersihkan, tak menjenguk sampai di timbuni rumput-rumput. U cant even c batu nisan nya, kesian kan. Sempat jugak I told my kids to look at it and told them if I were to go next time, I want them to visit and look after my pusara regularly supaya tak seperti yg mereka nampak.

We also went to see pusara-pusara lama yg di gali balik than di tanam di tempat yg baru, satu kuburan dengan at least 8 names. These are all pusara-pusara yg dah bertahun lamanyer, di pindahkan ke tempat baru, family member has to come and collect the bones and di tanamkan bersama-sama yg lain, kira macam sharing gitu. Satu kubur sharing with at least 8 others.

We finished about 2.30pm, after semua dah selesai kite pun balik. On the way home the weather jadi gelap balik and started to rain heavily. Ni lah yg dinamakan kekuasaan ALLAH, kite minta kepadanya untuk mempermudahkan kerja-kerja kami, ALLAH merestui dan memperdengarkan kami, dan apabila semuanya selesai hujan turun dengan lebatnya.

The kids semua dah lapar, so we all singgah makan at Jurong. Makan sambil berborak-borak with my sis and anak sedara.

By the time we reached home its already 4.30, mandikan Aqil and the girls pun mandi. Umi singgah my house cause hubby nak tolong Abi cuci kereta, kotor bekas-bekas pasir and rumput. Umi left our hourse about 6pm.

Felt very tired the whole day spending time kat kuburan, watched TV sikit lebih kurang, all of us went to sleep quite early on Saturday night.

Friday, August 22, 2008


I was super duper bz the whole day in the office today, dont even hv time to blog hop............

Never had I encountered this bzness sampai no time to blog-hop. No matter hw bz I am, still I tried to curi-curi blog-hop but today I di dampingi boss siok yg was looking and chasing at me the whole day..............really didnt leave me in peace.

Morning I came in late caused I had to go to the bank, than when I reached office and checked my email there are so many things for me to settle before 12pm, all related to HR. Termination letter, MOM issue, manpower issue, confirmation, blah blah blah, need to complete all before 12pm.

Than once all are done, I continue with my hunting of the documents. Alhamdulillah I managed to dig out all the documents needed before 4pm. Actually yesterday I managed to get some of the documents than the rest I got it all today. But I missed the deadline to discuss with my boss today. I need to sort it out first, digest the issues related to it, at least it takes few more hrs to do it. I'm lucky enough he was quite ok about it, so we will meet on Monday to sit and discuss before we approach the customer and supplier.

It all went very well today, I was loaded with tons and tons of work and I managed to handle it with patience and I went home without feeling guilty but happy because its already wkend and I want to spend my time with my family without worrying about my work :)

What to do tomorrow??? no plan yet with the kids and hubby, but insyaallah tomorrow afternoon me, hubby, sis(umi) and BIL dah plan to visit perkuburuan arwah my mum and dad and also arwah my BIL father and brother. The girls will look after Aqil at home.

Puasa pun dah nak dekat so we normally will ziarah before ramadhan. Dah lama jugak I tak visit perkuburan my parents especially sejak ade Aqil, tapi walaupun I tak menziarahi slalu, I sentiasa mendoakan mereka. My sis and his family lah yang slalu rajin visit dan bersihkan perkuburan arwah ibu dan ayah.

K lah u all, I belum sempat nak blog-hop. After this nak layan Aqil watch Ben 10 pulak while waiting for hubby to come back from work.

Nite nite to all, muachhhhhhhhhhhhsssssss............

.....IN AND OUT.....

Hi hi to all, I am super bz today :)

But dont want to miss saying this important phrase to u all......... :)


Thursday, August 21, 2008


I'm definitely going to be in a messy conditions today looking for old docs so I am well prepared, I had curry puffs for breakfast with coffee sui tai :)

Yesterday I managed to list down all the docs involved that I need to find, invoice no, purchase order no, shipping docs no., so today the hunt will start, hopefully I can gather everything by today, tomorrow is my deadline.

Hope u all hv a great day ahead :)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


TQ TQ TQ, TQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ to tya, ted and rasp for the wonderful awards

Thou I'm in a wrecking stage but the awards made me felt stronger and happier :)

From tya n rasp...........

from ted.........

Everyone I meet online deserves this, so I am giving this award to all my online darlings. Be it my frequent reader, blog hopper, its to all that is wonderful and full of love.

Enjoy the day. I am passing this award to my beloved bloggers

come-come, lai-lai, mai-mai, big hugs n kisses from moralle, please accept these awards :)

... CHASED...

Who is chasing me ?????? ):

My dear boss is chasing me, aiyohhhhh cannot take it already, I'm going to faint soon in front of my PC and desk...........

I've been asked to dig-out documents dated few yrs back, to be precised 3 yrs ago, I hated this, really hated this.

All these documents related to this stupid supplier who supplied us with their China Boat. There are some problems with the boat and other issues related, now I hv to dig-out history of all our orders. Not 1 but 7 nos of boats from them, aiyohhhhhhhh I very fening now, felt like running far and far away.............

I'm given a dateline to complete it by this week starting from today, 3 more days to go, I'm very sure I'm not able to do it on time, the documents are here and there very messy.

**sob sob**

Sorry k my dear frens, I'm bzing with my so called crazy task, I dont hv time to visit yr blog and I felt very sad about it ):

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Ha ha what a singlish, actually I'm very bz or should I say damn bzzzzzzzzz today ):

Had nothing good or power to update my blog but just letting frens know that I'm bz I might or might not hv the chance to visit bloggers blog, if I managed to visit that means I curi-curi to blog hop.

But than, I want to show-off my trophy to u all boleh kannnnn :) yesterday night while all the kids was asleep and me had nothing to do, nothing interesting to watch on TV, while waiting for hubby to come back from work, I tried to find my precious one and only trophy that I have kept, hehehe, one and only okayyyy, tu pun dah berhabuk di simpan kat almari.

At last I got it, kesian trophy tu, hiding in hubby wardrobe, merajuk agaknyer tak di jaga. I took it out, bersihkan and snap photo of it.

If u all still can remember, my entry on Ratu Merak Kayangan, so this is the trophy for all finalist. I'm going to ask hubby to polish it sampai kilat than will display it kat luar, this time not inside the wardrobe.

Monday, August 18, 2008

.. LOVING U ....

This morning tak sabar-sabar I hand-over to hubby his bday gift :)

"Happy Bday ayah" semoga ayah sentiasa happy, panjang umur, di murahkan rezki, di beri kesihatan dan mencintai ibu setiap hari dan setiap masa sehingga ke akhir hayat.......... that is what I wrote in his bday card :)

U know where I gave hubby the gift?????? kat depan pintu rumah, hehehe.......... we all dah nak keluar antar Aqil to sis house than hubby will go to work after that, I pun took the opportunity to give it to him. He was surprised jugak, tak sangka dapat gift kat depan pintu agaknyer. His first comments, asal beli-beli gift, kan waste money. But than he pun tak sabar-sabar nak bukak ngan Aqil. But before that, warm kisses from him terbang ke pipi I, left and right ***ihiksss*** "thanks dear for the gift" words that came out from his mouth :)

Before we all naik kereta sempat hubby open the presey kat bawah void deck, si kecik tu pestering his ayah to open the gift, dia yg tak sabar-sabar. Than I asked them to pose lah sikit with my gift.

Kesimpulan nyer, pemberian I amat di hargai oleh suami tersayang, thanks to RASP yg beri I suggestion for the ring. On the spot he used the ring and the other 2 rings from his father yg dah berkurun lamanyer di tanggalkan dan di simpan sebagai kenangan.

He even sempat to say that pandai I tipu dia pasal project my daughter with the ring, thanks to SM for the suggestion, it works really superb :)

snap this last wk right after I bought the gift


Sunny Monday :) , alhamdulillah I'm feeling better. Thou the cough is still not totally gone, but at least I felt better compared to last week.

I felt very touched and bersyukur sangat having this blog of mine. When I'm happy there are frens who congratulate me with my happiness, when I'm sad lots of warm encouragement given to me to stay strong and bersabar, when I'm sick, I hv frens that care and berdoa for my speedy recovery. Ya allah, amat tak terhingga kesyukuran hamba mu ini, di kelilingi orang-orang yg mengambil berat dan menyayangi ku.

Thanks again to all my dearie frens, thanks for all the doas for me, hug and kisses from me, muachhssss..........

I hv nothing much to update on my wkends activities. I spend my time at home beristirehat secukup-cukupnya. Time to cook I cooked, time to berkemas I berkemas, but after that its all relaxing and watching TV, reading story book and sleep. I managed to finished one of the story book I bought during the NLB sale, its a good story. Life of a married couple, its about a wife who loves the hubby that much that she did not see his true colour, until one day when she knew that she had loved the wrong man and she fought all the way to get her life back.

Chow now, got to do my work first and will update later what happened this morning :)

Friday, August 15, 2008

......... SO SICK LAH ............

Pity me **uwekkkkkkk**, I m really-really sick today but still working. This morning thought want to c doctor, lucky I check my Hp this morning. My colleague Matilda sms me early morning to say that she is not well and taking unpaid leave. Well that's it then, I hv to drag myself to work with this bad cough, stomach cramp and flu which started yesterday night.

Cough not getting better, yesterday night I could not sleep, coughing badly until hubby had to wake-up to attend to me. Help me with my Panadol and cough syrup. Panadol is for my stomach cramp, middle of the night my good fren came, what a good timing all in one and flu also started yesterday.

Seems that my body resistance is very bad nowadays, hmmmm understood also lah, already 40 ishhhhh.......

Not really in the mood to work today, just took panadol for my stomach cramp and the cough is really killing, dont talk about the flu which makes my nose stuck. I'm praying very hard my boss wont come in today, but I doubt so, its Friday definitely lots of things to talk to the guys for wkend duties..........

Looks like I hv to bear with all the pain and everything, no choiced mahhhhhhhhhh...........

Weekend is here again, hope u all will enjoy yr wkend, as for me , looks like I will be stuck at home this wkend, resting to make sure I get well soonnnnnnn..........


Thursday, August 14, 2008

.....COUGH N COUGH......

**kong kong kong*** I'm still coughing, its very uncomfortable lah. My throat is killing me, lonzenges taken, cough syrup taken, what else ????????? still **kong kong kong***

My fren Matilda is also not well, she's bz with her nose **sut sut sut**. What a suitable couple, one with the nose and the other with the throat.

My boss was out the whole morning for seminar and came back a while to sign important docs and chq, he noticed that both of us with our own personal activities, **kong kong** beside him and **sut sut** in front of him, than he says, "what is wrong with both of u, u two fighting with each other is it and killing each other" wakakaka, actually member takut nyangkit kot :)

Me and Matilda went out this afternoon to CP, I wanted to buy the confirm bday & anniversay gift for hubby. Thanks for SM for giving me the idea about the ring thing and I did managed to get his actual ring for sample . So today I went to CP to buy and engrave, walaaaaaaaaaaa its ready, only waiting for the actual day so that I can pass it to hubby :) everything now on standby, hehehe

Thought want to have lunch at Banquet CP, but because both of us are sick with our cough and flu, so we decided to pack our lunch and eat it in the office. Due to my terrible sore throat, I only ate Fish Bee Hoon Soup, hmmmmmmmm so soothing and noice..............


Fuyoohhhh, I am so tired, just reached Singapore and straight came to office.

At first I thought of using DHL, TNT, UPS or OCS to collect it for me, but I dont think its appropriate so I went there myselft. I drive up to KL, Bangunan MAS to collect what is mine and drive back to JB to collect what is mine also and than back to Singapore.

Its tiring thou, but I'm happy to do it. Am I dreaming ?????????? nooooooooooo, I'm not, its the truth, I went to collect this okay u all............

I am really speechless now, jam ku redah, segala highway ku lintasi just because of this award. Walaupun my blog tak lah brilliant apetah lagi content dan design nyer, I tetap terharu dan happy bangeettt, I still loike it, TQ TQ TQ TQ, big hug and kisses to my bloggers frens yg memberi I award ini :)

Brilliant Weblog is a prize given to sites and blogs that are smart and brilliant both in their content and their design.

The purpose of the prize is to promote as many blogs as possible in the blogsphere.

Here are the rules to follow:

1) Put the logo on your blog.

2) Add a link to the person who awarded you.

3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs.

4) Add links to those blogs on yours.

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I'm nominating this lovely award to these lovely people, lai lai lai, come come, dont shame shame okayyyyyyyyy ...........

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

....... MAKE-OVER ME.............

Not that I m sooooooooo free, but just want to release my tensions. Tried to c if I'm still creative enough. Years back when I work as a PA, I used to design slides for presentations, multimedia presentations, be it for teambuilding activities, mgmt meeting, etc and etc.

Its being sooooooooooo long, very very long I didnt do all these, so this is what I came out with, feel free to laugh its alrite, ku tak kisah.....................just being bored :)

Special Limited Edition stamp, interested pls email me directly :)

.... DECIDED........

Tired u all today, very bz since morning, rush out a while to the bank than back to office.

But I sempat jugak singgah Causeway Point to recky-recky Bday + Anniversary gift gitewwwww...... 6 more days to Superhero will be celebrating his bday :)

Before that I want to thank all those who had given me ideas on my entry for my Superhero gift, after really considering what to buy and of course the budget that I hv, hehehe, I hv decided to gim him a ring.

Rasp had given this idea of giving a bronze ring or frame, its symbolize 19 yrs anniversary. Well I'm not going for the frame cause hubby wont hv any table to display the frame, my hubby kan Instructor, unless he display it in his locker, hahaha, nobody else can c except him. So since for 19 yrs we hv been married, I hv never buy any ring for him I think its the best presey for him this yr, Bday cum Anniversary. It wont be bronze cause the shop dont hv bronze for guys, so it will be silver ring. For the actual Annniversay day which falls on 3rd Sept, since its fasting month, I'm going to hv candle light break fast together with the kids :)

But I hv a bit of problem with my gift, I need help also from all of you. I cant think of a way hw to get his size for the ring, how am I going to get his size, I'm going to engrave sumting on the ring, so if its the wrong size I cannot change it, I dont want to tell him anything yet, kan nak surprise..........I've thought of few ideas but u all can suggest anything or not...................

Sowie tak habis-habis I ask for help kan, but I know for sure u all will definitely help me, kan kan kan, muachhssssssss to u all..................... for giving me suggestions and everything :)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

..... ME BACK......

I'm back in the office, bz gilerrrrrrrrr today................. Alhamdulillah I felt better but not fully recover yet, still coughing macam nak terkeluar anak tekak :)

But no matter how bz, still update n blog-hop here and there. I hv no mood to eat lunch, my throat macam satu macam so layan blogging jer lah....

Yesterday whole day doing nothing except still need to cook for hubby and the kids. Hubby pun on MC, not sick but nak temankan isterinyer yg sakit :) the kids yesterday school holiday so all of us at home with our own activities. Hubby kadaq watching TV, maklumlah kerja pagi sampai ke malam hardly had times to watch TV, the girls with their comp. and revising their studies. Me pulak lepak-lepak sambil layankan Aqil yg tak nak tidur-tidur at last I yg terlelap, sadar-sadar already 5pm.

At 6.30 we sent Kak Yana to c doctor. She already had flu and cough, than yesterday complaining she kept urinating, sampai sakit perut. Doctor says she kenek Urine Infection, macam-macam hal Kak Yana ni, tak satu-satu. She was given antibiotics and orange powdered to dissolved with water for the infection. We went to a lady doctor yesterday, recommended by my sis, Dr Elly Sabrina, I heard she memang good doctor tapi waiting to c her takes about 1 1/2hrs, boleh pengsan. From 6.45 to 8.30 baru habis. Memang she is really good, her explaination about why Kak Yana kenek Urine infection, how to take care, thats really good lah, jarang ade doctor yg nak do this kind of explaination. Mostly semua check than thats it, take yr medicine, in fact we are the one yg kenek ask why.................

My hero with his bored face waiting at the Clinic

Reached home, I missed 1/2 of my favourite Sinetron, hmmmmmmmmmm gerammmmmmm, but what to do, anak sakit tak kan nak besarkan TV pulak, managed to c half of the show pun dah okay lah tu.

Alrite lah u all, now nak back to work, looks like I hv to work OT today, lots and lots of things to settle, but it all depends on my mood, if my mood ok, I stay back if not, bye bye and continue it tomorrow, cheersssssssssss........

Monday, August 11, 2008

... SICK......

I'm on MC today, down with fever, flu and cough.

Got the virus from Kak Yana agaknyer, my daughter was hving flu and cough the past few days, so ni menyangkit pulak to me. Hopefully the rest wont get it lah, but if already in the same house, hard to say kan. Went to c doctor this morning, its virral infections, the norm for flu and cough. May b all these virus yg we get is from Aqil HMFD. Adults symptoms is diff from kids, so mudah-mudahan its only the normal fever.

Sunday yesterday pun at home didnt go anywhere. Hubby working, the girls pulak bz revising their study for the common test. Me pulak satu badan tak sedap, dah already got the cough and flu.

To u all happy working ya, jangan malas-malas, nanti kenek marah ngan boss :) me pulak ni, nak makan ubat than nak take nap kejap, definitely drowsy after taking the medications.

Cheersssssss, hv a great day ahead, muachhhssssssssss....................

Saturday, August 9, 2008

....... AT HOME..........

Today is a Public Holiday in Singapore, its Singapore 43rd Bday.

Hubby of course at home today, its Public Holiday kan, so all of us are at home and we didnt go anywhere........... except for 2 weddings that we had to attend, 1 is our neighbour at the same block and the other is my fren niece wedding. Only me, hubby and Aqil went , the girls dont want to follow, nowadays this kind of occasion they dont want to tag along.

We did not go ahead with my other plans, Kak Yana not feeling well actually, having cough, flu and also senggugut, so we decided to stay home to watch National Day Parade from TV jer. Afterall, last week we already went to Padang to watch the "Fireworks", its still the same, but of course today will be worst the traffic, road closure here and there around Marina area.

After we went to my fren niece wedding, I asked hubby to follow me to Golden Mile, I need to c the embroidery guy for the company Logo, already made an appt. to c him today. Reached there his shop is already open, discuss with him a while on the design and pd him the deposit.

From Golden mile we went to buy foods for the girls, I didnt cook today so need to buy foods back.

Reached home about 4.30 felt very tired, took a nap while hubby do his house chores, cleaned the fan and washed the toilets.

I tertidur lena banget, sadar-sadar NDP dah start, the kids cekik darah didnt wake me up. When I woke up hubby still doing his chores.........

Now everyone lepak-lepak watched TV at the hall, me sibuk mengupdate, lots of things to settle in the office on Monday, so now since I hv the time, update lah my precious blog ni :)

Niteeeeeee to all............selamat berhari minggu...........