Wednesday, April 30, 2008

BLOGGING & ME.................

Tonight after watching sinetron Cinta Fitri I just felt so bored terus on PC and recky-recky bloggers blog, satu persatu ku tuju, ternyata dalam masa yg begitu singkat aku telah merapatkan silaturrahim dengan orang-orang yg tak pernah aku kenali dan jumpa. Before I thought blogging is a nuisance, buang masa, but the day when I created my blog and when I had frens visiting it, I felt that what I felt before is soooooo wrong, there is nothing wrong with blogging and in fact its making me more happier now with frens all around.

My blog might not be the famous blog that everyone wanted to visit but I still had frens who wants to read it, comments and even felt that there are someone out there who cares for you.

The first person I met which I knew from blogging is the green girl, CEERA, I met her when I am in KL, and she brought with her these other 2 bloggers, NEMO and AEIN, i was happy I am able to meet them, sambil menyelam minum air, even thou I am in KL with my family for holiday, hubby was so understanding to let me meet my frens there.

I wanted to meet other bloggers, when the time is right, insyaallah. Hopefully I can meet my Singaporean bloggers which I think its easier for me to meet them, oh itupun if they want to meet me lah, if not its ok with me, some people wants their identity to be a secret, I cant force them to meet me, I m only saying if I hv the chance. Then I want to meet my JB bloggers, tak ramai pun, ade lah kot 1 or 2 gitu, insyallah kalau masa mengizinkan. Last but not least the rest who knew me through blogging. And I really wanted to meet RASP, someone who had given me lots of advise and caring sangat, RASP hoping someday we will meet ok dear.

So this is it, blogging world, shall I say I m addicted to blogging, nooooooooo its just spending part of my time here with frens that are far from me but all around me.

LOVE TAG................

I've been tag again by my adik frm Singapore, I love this tag, its love tag......... that is why I want to do it before I leave office today.

Got this tag from blushwax! Thanks for spreading the love laling.

(Note: Some of the links were lost before the tag was passed on to me. Sorry, but you can google the name of the blogs if you're interested to find their links. Thanks!)

Cut and paste the following starting here.

I have randomly selected 5 of you below to be tagged and I hope that you will similarly publish this post in your blog. You will have to tag 5 other bloggers and just keep adding on to the list. (Do not replace, just keep on adding! Yes we hope it will be a long list!)It’s real easy!

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Now I am passing this beautiful Pink Heart Tag to:

  1. Rasp
  2. Ceera
  3. EJ
  4. Apple
  5. Aein


To all frens, selamat bercoti for the Labour day, for that 1 day, nothing much to do, but for those who extend leave till Friday, happy long holiday.

For me, hubby dah plan to bring the kids out early tomorrow, but we have to be back early, the girls need to study for their Mid-year exam which had started since Monday. Most probably we will go out early to hv breakfast, than jalan-jalan n go hv lunch with the kids. I think by 3 we will be at home already, relaks-relaks cause Friday need to work. I thought of going to JB to visit my sis but hubby takut jam lah pulak, biaselah holiday like this for sure the custom will be jam. Terpaksalah batalkan niat nak ke JB, so kite pusing-pusing kat Singapore ni lah jugak, which I also dont know where to go.

"Shopper Mama any suggestions or is there any sales going on at Orchard Road". Hope she will hv time to read my blog today :)

I m bored in the office today, so now nak go out a while to go window shopping, Cheerssssssssss to all & HAPPY HOLIDAYYYYYYYYYYY.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I was tag by Rasp last week, had promised her will do it this week, so Rasp here it goes dear, akceli banyak sungguh yg pertama tapi cukup lah yg 5 ni je, nanti over lah pulak kan kalau bikin berlebihan :)

Syarat wajib dipatuhi:

Bukan cerita rekaan dan tiada kena mengena dengan hidup orang lain. Perlu mengetag 5 lagi rakan blogger pilihan anda setelah anda di tag.

1) Pertama kali .............. melahirkan anak sulung I, Yana, maklumlah setelah bertahun lamanye berumahtangga baru lah mendapat cahaya mata yg pertama, sungguh terharu, when she was delivered, she was so adorable, n hubby at that point of time so terharu sehingga melilihkan air mata kelakiannye, hehehe. Anugerah tuhan yg paling berharga buat kami pada ketika dan saat itu.

2) Pertama kali ............... we had our own place, after married I duk MIL house. We bought a 4 rm flat and can still remembered and still freshed in my mind, when we shifted, in the house was empty ok, kesian kan, we only had our bedroom furniture and the pinggan mangkuk sedikit sahaja. When we talked, its like we are talking inside a gua sey. The house was fulled with furnitures after we had shifted for few months, that is the most memorable moments where me an hubby had struggle through untuk jadikan mahligai kami mahligai yg sempurna.

3) Pertama kali .................. when I had my driving licence. Its in 1997. Hubby is so supportive throughout, he send me to and fro to the driving centre with my 2 kids. Every lessons they will be at the centre waiting for me until I finished my lesson. And I can still remember hubby says to me on the day I m taking my TP test, "I dont think u can pass lah Ibu, ayah tak de confident", but I know its actually his way of telling me, I will sure pass, saja je tak nak puji-puji I gitu kan. And when I passed on that day, senyum Lebar member, cause he know I will pass, belakang tabir dia lah yg jadi instructor I, hehehe.

4) Pertama kali ........... of course bila hubby bought for me car, its our first car, Honda Civic. Walaupun my work place tak berapa jauh from home, he still bought me a car for convinient sake. Apelagi mak sokaaaaaaa lah, bergaya sakan go to work with keta baru. And pertama kali jugak lah when I m separated from my 1st car to change to our 2nd car, I nangis macam nak rak, over kan, but keta Honda tu banyak berjasa to me okeyyyyyyy, sekejap je lah kesedihan I, I got a new car from Hubby, our 2nd car, Mitsubishi Lancer. Mak happy semula :)

5) Pertama kali ............ I m interrogated at the police station, believe or not, its the truth nothing but the truth. I nearly masuk jail, adoiiiiiiiiii lucky ade my brother in-law, if not merengkuk jugak mak kat jail for few days kot. The jail issue is because of my maid lah, to cut the story short , she ran away ikut Bangla , than on the day I was supposed to pay bank her $5000, she came back. We brought her to police station to make a report caused she said the Bangla raped her. Dalam sesi interrogation between her n the police, she mentioned to the police pulak that I ill treat her at home and that is why she ran away. Kurang ajar kan pompuan satu ni, well ape lagi I pulak kenek interrogation lah. After all the soal siasat, the issues are all settled, and she was repatriated back to Indonesia, balik kampung lah kau pompuan. That is the last I pakai maid, rasa serikkkkk betul.

K Rasp, mission I dah accomplished, now I hv to tag 5 bloggers, sape I nak tag eh????????

  1. Shopper mama
  2. Nemo
  3. blushwax
  4. Todtedned
  5. Ceera

Monday, April 28, 2008


Wuuuuuuuu, so tired betul ah today, the whole morning rushing things out, and now just came back from the bank to cash out salary for workers, i did it today cause for sure tomorrow will be crowded with people, as usual month end kan. Weather today was very hot, I turn on aircon to the fullest pun tak rasa, the company Opel need servicing but nobody is free to bring it to the workshop, hmmmmm so teruk, since Uncle (the driver) resign, the company vehicles is not taken care properly. Looks like I need to talk to my boss to hire a new despatch boy or uncle to take care of things here in the office, and also of course to help me go to the bank lah, I dont really like going to the bank, especially if its long hrs of queing-up.

The weekends was ok ok for me, alhamdullilah what I felt is just my imagination, things turn out to be ok. We didnt went out thou, spend the 2 wkends at home with the kids while hubby has to work.

Saturday, I went to c my doctor for the lab results and check-up, alhamdullilah, the results was very good, I m happy about that, the only thing that made me unhappy is that I need to spend almost 4hrs waiting to c my doctor. My appt is at 10am but I was called at 2pm. Btw, my follow-up is not at the hospital, I hv requested to be at the Polyclinic cause its nearer for me. When I reached there I saw many people complaining and making so much noise, I m not sure why, may b the doctors are sleeping kot. One thing about going to Poly camni lah, always ade problem, namanye pun government clinic kan. I actually pun dah naik darah, but what to do, some of them ade yg appt. early morning pun still waiting. So i pun wait and wait untill when its my turn, bila doctor check my blood pressure , guess what, my blood pressure shoot up to 140+++. Ooooooooooo high kan, so I told the doctor, its because of the waiting yg make my blood pressure shoot up, doctor smile jeeeeeeee, geram kan, anyway itu lah dia kalau nak murah, terpaksalah kite take it kan, unless I change back to private which I think not at the moment lah.

After the check-up I rush home cause Yana is late for her Madrasah at 2pm and Arin had waited for me to fetch her at the mosque, ape lagi, pecut lah I drive the car takut mak nenek yg dah dok menunggu kat masjid tu nanti mengomel. For sure kakak is late by an hour and Arin muka masam cause Ibu lambat fetch her. Lucky Aqil very quiet, good boy, cuma when we reached the car park after sending and fetching the girls, he only says "Ibu Aqil hungry", than only I realized we have not taken lunch yet and its already 3.30pm. Kesiannye bujang ibu, actually I pun rasa lapar by then, Yana went to madrasah without hving lunch, kesian anak ibu. But its ok, diet for kakak, she is putting up weight lah, macam dah montel. Reached home I fried simple fried rice and ate with Aqil and Arin. Dah tired pun still hv to do house work, but I dah tak larat nak cook dinner, hubby came back at 4.30 asking if I cook anything, sorry ayah, ibu so tired tak larat nak cook. About 6.30 he went out with kak Yana to go and buy dinner. So we had dinner from Al-Ameen, seafood fried rice, nasi goreng Pataya and hubby bought me rojak which I felt like eating since last week, syokkkk, rojak char kuay. Ate dinner sambil watched APM, not bad this year, artist boleh lah tahan.

Sunday, I m stuck at home jugak, didnt go anywhere, as usual, house chores from morning I woke up at 9am until about 3pm baru relaks, dah including masak ok, what a day kan, 3pm than I managed to complete everything.

Wkends ku tak berape memuaskan, but alhamdullilah it doesnt turn out to be bad for me and family, syukurrrrr.

Friday, April 25, 2008


The wkends are here again, when its Friday I m always happy, but this week I am not, not sure with this feeling, perasaan tak sedap since 2 days ago. Hopefully nothing will happen insyaallah. I ever felt this kind of feeling before, it was 4 years ago, lama kan, I really hope that it wont happen again.

"Ya allah kau lindungilah hamba mu ini dari segala musibah, tidak kuat rasanye hamba mu ini untuk mengulangi ape yg pernah berlaku sekali lagi".

Tomorrow I had appt. to c my doctor for my test results, hopefully everything will be fine.

To all frens, "Happy Wkend".

Thursday, April 24, 2008

THE BOSAN DAY...........

Akceli today amat membosankan, dah lah masuk office lambat, I reached office at 10am, wuhhhhh boss muka bonyok, bleh blah lah k pak cik oi, I dah informed him that I will be late anyway. I m not feeling very well today, woke up this morning with a headache and my heart is beating very fast this morning. Hubby had asked me to go and c doctor today, but malas lah pulak cause this Saturday pun I hv appt with doctor, so ended I just took the medication i had and back to sleep until about 845am. I missed my coffee again today and now I m very sleepy dehhhhhhhh, will go n buy coffee after this entry.

I wanted to post this story sent by a fren, not sure if anyone had read this, but its very sad, read on k................ its lengthy thou, hopefully bersabar lah kalau baca tu.


Dear all,

Untuk bacaan papa & mama - (dan bakal papa & mama)


Malam itu saya benar-benar sibuk. Selepas solat Isyak Dan menikmati hidangan, saya terus ke meja tulis, mahu menyiapkan kertas kerja yang akan saya bentangkan pada mesyuarat tiga Hari akan datang.

Baru nak mula, anak tunggal saya Serena 6, tiba-tiba datang menghampiri dan membawa sebuah buku. Saya kerling nampak dia tersengih-sengih manja.Begitulah dia, kalau Ada sesuatu yang dimahukannya, dia akan bersikap terlalu manja.

"Papa? Bacakan buku cerita in. Bagus tau! Cerita pari-pari, Ina nak dengar," Kata Serena menghulurkan buku bergambar itu pada saya. "Buku baru ya?" SayaBertanya berbasa basi tanpa menoleh, sekadar melayan.

Serena mengangguk lantas memberitahu buku itu dibelinya pagi tadi.

"Papa sibuk, lain kali boleh tak?" saya memujuk. Serena memuncung, memperjelaskan rasa kecewanya, tapi saya benar-benar sibuk. "BolehlahPapa?..sekejap saja. Ceritanya sedap?." Rengek Serena enggan mengalah."

Kan papa kata sibuk! Suruh mama baca?.." "Mama basuh pinggan. Alaaa? Bacalah, papa!" Serena merengek sambil menghentak-hentak kakinya ke lantai. Nyata dia tidak mahu mengalah

"BUDAK INI?..!!!" Tak reti bahasa ke. Pergi sana !!!!" saya jerkah permataHati saya itu. Serena panik. Dia terperanjat sungguh kerana tidak menyangka saya bertindak sejauh itu. Nampak jelas matanya sedikit berkaca, lalu dia beredar sayu.

Dalam nada sebak, dengan muka yang sebek, Serena beredar sambil menoleh ke arah saya. Dalam suara tersekat-sekat dia bersuara, "Nanti papa bacakan duat-kuat cerita ini kat Ina, ya papa!

"Saya hanya memandang tajam ke arahnya. Sebaik tiba di pintu bilik dia menjeling saya, kali ini saya mengangguk. Masa terus berlalu, seminggu, DuaMinggu namun kesibukan saya semakin bertambah. Setiap kali pulang, Serena tidak merengek minta dibaca cerita pari-pari itu, namun tangannya tak lepas memegang buku itu. Mungkin juga dia faham saya terlalu sibuk.

Pada minggu berikutnya sedang saya, isteri Dan Serena menikmati sarapan bersama, saya perhatikan buku itu masih dipegangnya.

"Mama dah baca, seronok papa," kata Serena. Saya mengangguk sambil tersenyum. "Bila papa nak bacakan?" tiba-tiba Serena bertanya. "Mama dah bacakan, okeylah TU!" Nampak wajahnya terkuncam. Saya terus menyuap makanan."Mama baca perlahan. Nanti papa bacakan kuat-kuat ya! Katanya.

Saya mengangguk.

Selesai makan saya mencapai akhbar. Lembar demi lembar saya tatapi. Tidak terfikir untuk menunaikan impian Serena. Tiba-tiba terdengar bunyi suatu dentuman yang cukup kuat di luar. Konsentrasi saya cuma terganggu seketika, sebelum kembali memusatkan perhatian ke dada akhbar.

Tiba-tiba pintu pagar rumah digegar, saya segera menjenguk. Jiran-jiranMengatakan Serena dilanggar kereta. Saya panik, sempat berfikir, bilaPulak dia keluar? Tadi Ada kat dapur. Saya memekik memanggil isteri sebelum meluruKe lokasi kemalangan. Sungguh kabar itu benar, Serena terkulai diribaan seorang jiran yang sedang memberi bantuan. Saya terus pangku anak saya, masuk ke kereta jiran yang sedia memecut ke hospital..

Darah membasahi pakaian Serena. Nafasnya sesak. Isteri meraung sekuatHatinya.

"Ina?! Ina?..! Inaaaaaaa!!!" saya memanggil-manggil perlahan namanya dipangkal telinga Serena yang berada dalam pangkuan. Tatkala itu nafasnya tersekat-sekat. "Papa? Mama..Ina takut. Ina sayang papa, Ina sayang mama,Ina tak nak mati!" bersuara Serena antara dengar dan tidak sambil membuka matanya yang dipenuhi darah, saya kesat darah itu dengan tisu. Namun sekadar cuma. darah kembali memenuhi wajahnya. Tangisan kuat isteri saya membuatkanJiran yang memandu terus memecut. Di hospital, Serena di tempatkan di bilik ICU ekoran keparahan kecederaannya.

Masuk Hari kedua, keadaan Serena tak berubah. Dia masih tidak sedarkan diri dan terpaksa bernafas menggunakan respirator.

Itulah saatnya saya merasa cukup bersalah. Lalu petang itu, saya bacakan cerita pari-pari dalam suara yang kuat tetapi tersekat-sekat di sisi katil serena. Semakin kuat saya membaca, semakin merumbai air Mata.

Kekesalan berlabuh, tapi segalanya telah musnah. Mungkin Serena tidak dapat mendengar jalan cerita yang sangat diminatinya itu.. Keesokan harinya,Saya bacakan sekali lagi, masih dalam nada suara yang kuat.

Kemudian setiap Hari saya bacakan cerita itu ditelinga Serena, sementaraIsteri saya tak henti-henti menangis. Dia mungkin terlalu marah Dan kesal dengan tindakan saya terhadap Serena sejak seminggu yang lalu.

Masuk Hari ketujuh, sebaik saya mula membaca, Serena tiba-tiba membuka matanya perlahan-lahan. Saya nampak terlalu sukar untuk dia melakukan.

Bacaan saya terhenti, Air Mata merembes Dan saya usap-usap kepalanya. Beberapa ketika kemudian, Serena memejamkan semula matanya, pejam untuk selama-lamanya. Saya seperti terdengar suara Serena mengucapkan terimakasih kerana membacakan cerita itu padanya.

"Papa?? nanti bacakan cerita ini kuat-kuat pada Ina ya?" kata-kata Serenamasih terngiang-ngiang di telinga saya sehingga ke hari ini, walausetahunberlalu.

Hingga kini saya tertanya-tanya, apakah sedikit perhatian yangdiperlukanoleh seorang anak terlalu mahal untuk diberikan oleh seorang lelaki yangbergelar ayah? Saya tidak dapat menjawap, selain air mata yang tumpah.


Wednesday, April 23, 2008


To all my dear frens who cares, thanks again for all the lovely words given during my sadness moments......... even thou we hv not met and we only knew each other through blogging, but I m so touch with all your support and concerned.

I may b over sikit about this tiff that I had with hubby, sampai nak publish kat blog, but I just felt relieved with words I received from frens out there.

Cant describe my feelings to them, but this is for Ceera, Rasp, Shopper-mama, Apple, Blushwax, VP, Aein and Nasaz, with love from me, Moralle :)

Glitter Photos

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I just cant express my feelings right now, I m just letting the pictures do the talking.

Glitter Photos

Thou I have sooooooooo much to express here in my blog, but its to personal for me, I just cant, ohhhhhhh god.

But one thing for sure that I can expressed, my HAPPIEST FEELINGS to all my bloggers frens out there who cares for me.

Thanks to all my dear frens for being so supportive.

Monday, April 21, 2008


What can I say, I m not in a good mood today, not only work really make me suckssssssssss, I m deeply sadddddddddddddd ): This is really a Monday blues for me ):

Had a tiff with hubby over the wekend, and of course because of this, my Sunday outing to Kota Tinggi had been cancelled. I dont want to elaborate here in my blog what is it all about, but I can only let go of my anger and frustation here.

Everything was planned on Saturday for our Sunday outing, and because of one small matter it made 2 of us angry with each other, macam budak-budak kan, but in reality ini lah hakikatnye.

I hated this war that is going on right now, I really hated this, oh it really makes me felt so down mentally and physically when not in talking terms with hubby.

Hope it will end soon ..........................

Friday, April 18, 2008


The girls and Aqil all are asleep, while waiting for hubby to come back from work, what else, on PC and check blog.

I hv taken few pictures yesterday of me and Aqil, while watching TV and waiting for the 2 girls to come back from school. I actually dah rimas baru balik work, but nak mandi si bujang kecik keseorangan jadi kenek lah layankan kejap. Kite layan tengok pics je lah, tu pun kalau ade yg sudi nak melihatnye.

Me watching TV, Aqil with his PSP

Cium budak bucuk ni, tak heran pun dia

Terkangkang bujang ni main PSP

Same ke?? sapa yg over

Konon nak buat muka over lah sikit, tapi macam tak jadi pulak

Kak Yana came back with her new NPCC uniform

Budak kat blakang tu sibuk je

Look at me, bergaya kan, I nak jadi polis macam Abi, Abang Hisham & Abang Nizam

Ni pulork posed with his new gloves daddy brought back from work, nak jadi cyclist pulak lah.

AT HOME...........

I'm blogging from home sambil menikmati coffee panas !!!!!!!!!!

My cup of coffee

Its very tiring today, I woke up early this morning to do some house chores before I went out to c my doctor. Yana is out at shcool while Arin is at home, its E-Learing day for her school, she will be studying using the computer from home to log in to her school web.

Hubby is on afternoon shift so he and Aqil will accompany me to c the doctor. My appt. is at 11.30, sempat jugak I went to Sheng Shong supermarket and wet market to do some marketing, tomorrow is Sat, for sure it will be crowded and I dont like it.

I hv to undergo few test today, blood test, urine test and also ECG. There is another special test which I cant remember what is the name, its to determine the level of my hormone. I was like very blurr, the nurse told me that my appt today is only to do all the testings and the appt to c my doctor is next week once the results are out. Why lah I m so forgetful nowadays, tapi ok lah, dapat jugak I hv lunch with hubby after the appt. rather than be at the office cracking my head.

Afer all are done, we pun proceed to Causeway Point to cari makan, very hungry, both of us and Aqil have not had anything yet since morning. We went to banquet to eat our lunch. As usual me ate Tom Yam Yee Mee fried fish noodle, hubby and Aqil ate Fish & Chips.

Budak kecik ni never fail to ride this batman car if we go CP

My two laling, menyantap Fish & Chips

After makan lunch we thought nak jalan-jalan kejap but looking at the time its already 2pm, hubby need to work, so dengan sedihnye we balik lah. Well what to do, nampaknye tunggu wkend je lah. Afterall me also not feeling very good after taking some blood this morning.

Hubby sent me home than he went to work. After hubby dah chow pegi keja I pun apelagi, made myself a cup of hot coffee than terus on computer to blog. N before I shut this computer to take my nap, I nak visit frens blog first so that I wont miss any update from them, cheersssssssssss.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Oooooooooo whats the meaning of the title ........................


Today will be my last day at work, which means I m on leave tomorrow, hehehe.

I will be going for my medical check-up tomorrow at 11am, so instead of taking 1/2 day kan lebih baik I amik full day, after check-up I can jalan-jalan with hubby n Aqil but without the 2 girls, they will be at school.

Every 3 months once I need to go for Medical Check-up, I m sick of course, tak kan lah jumpa dokor suka-suka kan. This sickness had been with me for few years, I m just hoping that one day I will recover from the sickness that I m suffering from, insyaallah. I dont want to elaborate further about my sickness, cukup lah cuma hubby n family member je yang tahu. I cuma perlukan doa dari frens out there so that I will recover soon for the sake of my kids, they are still young and they still need me now until its time for them to be independent.

Because tomorrow I will be on leave, so today there are lots of things to clear. But as usual, bz like what pun I still will and must update my blog.

So to all frens out there, happy upcoming wkend and enjoyyyyyyyyyy. For me for sure I will loike this coming wkend, hubby promised to drive me to KOTA TINGGI, not to visit the waterfall but to go and do other things which I will blog about it next week.


Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Thou I had a bz day today, I still want to blog, who cares, janji work jalan kan. As for my son Aqil, he is recovering, alhamdullillah, tenteram hati I at work.

I still want to accomplish my tag to someone. To Shopper mama, this is for u k.

This year will be our 19th Anniversary, alhamdulillah our love are still strong and its getting stronger and stronger each day. I guess its good also for me to do this tag, to c how strong is our love.

"What I love most about my Man"

  1. He loved my nagging, I hv been nagging for the past 19 yrs, that's the most important things of all.

  2. When it comes to cooking, oh btw, I loved cooking and baking, he never critized my cooking, its always good and nice praises from him, Iknow its nice, so I expected it already, hehehe.

  3. His passion for us, I mean me and the kids, as it says "wife and kids are no. 1".

  4. When I m sick, he will take care of me, I m being pampered, no cooking, no house work, no no to all, except relaxing.

  5. His loving and generosity towards my families, nieces and nephews, and of course all my cucu-cucu. He cant be compared with other pakcik, "Pak busu is the best", I still can remember my nephews & nieces praised towards him.

  6. His lips, I love his lips, tak yah elaborate lah, malu seyyyyyyy, ahakkkks.

  7. His understanding, even thou I' m a mother of 3, he knows I need a break from being a mommy & wife once in a while, being with frens, no such things as u r married, u cant mixed around with yr frens anymore, that is totally not him. (This do happened in some marriages)

  8. His naughty words and actions made me laugh and happy, no wonder we have been together for almost 19 yrs.

  9. He bought me new car so that his loving wife can drive to work everyday, yahooooooo, no more wkend car for me.

  10. Last but not least, all about him lah I love, afterall he is my man right.

Okay Mama, hope I dah answer yr tag, wahhhh fening jugak nak bikin tag ni, dok 1 corner brush my brain. I'm not tagging anybody, had visited few blogs, banyak tagging going on, so relakssssssss lah dulu.


I hv 2 tag to settle, this is to Rasp who had tag me, ni ez so I will do it first, to Shopper mama I will definitely do yr tag, but nanti dulu k.

I hv taken the pics last week but now only I hv the time to post it, Rasp this is for you dear, utang dah langsai k.

Tadaaaaaaaa, ha ha this is my workplace where I spend almost 8hrs everyday, berselerak sungguh kan

Very messy kan, since I joined the company 5 years ago, it had been this way, not that I didnt kept it clean but I cant because I hv lots of things to do, the hunny bunny is a gift from my ex colleague

It overlooked the production area downstairs, so if I want anything I just opened the window and just shout at the production people, super efficient kan

So Rasp, not like yours right, yrs looks classy alright, mine, all the khazanah are surrounding me.

Do I hv to tag others, okay lah, I will tag only these 3 :

  1. Shopper Mama (Sori mama, utang u I lum langsaikan i dah tag u lagi)
  2. Apple
  3. Todtedned

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


My eyes are still wide open, I had a good afternoon nap with my son early today. I was on urgent leave, went to office, I 'm there about 30mins than I rushed home.

Monday night Aqil had his stomach flu again, I was worried it will continue the whole night but after giving him the vomit medicine, he slept till morning. This morning he doesnt look to good, he wanted to drink milk, so I made about 4 ounce for him. On the way to my sis house, he looks very pale, especially his lips, so I dah rasa satu macam but still went to work, I had asked my sis to call me if he vomits again or anything that goes wrong. Belum sampai office, my sis called my hp and told me that Aqil vomited again. Morning je dah 2x he vomited, once kat depan rumah my sis when I send him than 1 more time at about 9am. So I told my sis let me reached office and settle those important things dulu than I will rush home.

While rushing all my work yg important je, I called hubby office and left message with his operation manager to inform him that I will sent Aqil to hospital. I'm at work but my mind cant concentrate. I called my sis again to check on Aqil, sis told me that he is sleeping and he had fever, he also looks very pale from face to toe. After hubby got my message, he called my hp and told me that he is taking urgent leave and had asked me to wait for him at Umi house. I left office about 9.45am and rush home first to change. When I reached home hubby pun baru reached home.

We rushed to Umi house, when we reached Umi house, he had just woke-up and playing with Abi. I packed his things and proceed to KK hospital A&E for children.

Aqil looks very pale, tak de mood ibut still nak snap his photo

Hubby lagi tension driving, at 10+ highway still jam

Lucky tak ramai orang, wkdays and early morning, so quite fast jugak lah the waiting period. The doctor said that may be the vomiting re-occur because it is not totally ok yet, stomach flu will at least take 1 week to fully recover. And Aqil dah makan macam-macam so may be that also caused the problem, pasal the stomach baru nak baik kan. I m glad that he didnt suffer from dehydration, if not for sure he will be admitted. After about 1 hr observation we were allowed to go home and the doctor advised that Aqil cant take any solid food for least 8hrs.

Reached home I gave him medicine and alhamdullillah he looks better. Tu yg I dah penat sangat, lepak with Aqil from 2pm sampai nearly 5.30. Hubby pulak bz cuci car at carpark.

Tomorrow I m going back to work, macam nak apply cuti lagi but I cant, banyak sangat kerja yg tertinggal and furthermore I will be on leave again this Friday for my own medical check-up pulak.

Entry ni ends my eyes pun dah kelat, timing bagus betul, NITEEEEEEEEEEE to all.

Monday, April 14, 2008


Very happy Monday to all :) The weekends are over and now its work and work again, I'm rushing to submit the company March accounts which dah long ovedue. Need to do it by today, the consultant has to submit 1st half of GST for 2008 which will be due by end April. For info, accounts section I'm only doing bookkeeping ok, compiling accounts for the month and submit to consultants to do the rest of the accounting works. HR section, I m doing everything, recruitment, CPF and all HR related matters lah. So no matter what I need to finish up my accounts and submit by today, like some says, die die must do also.

Now I can relaxs sikit because I hv finished all my accounts and can update my blog first, hv updated it since at 1pm, but have to save it first cause boss balik office. I still hv other pending things to complete, but that can wait, not so rush for me, still have time before the deadline.


Lets c how I spend my wkends, "WARNING" its very lengthy story mory, so dont get bored reading it :)

Hubby didnt work on Sat, we are going to watch kak Yana at Home Team Academy for the NPCC 2008 Annual Parade. Both my girls early morning dah went out, Kak Yana ade training in the morning and afternoon before the parade start at 6pm, Arin went to her Red Cross charity event at Geylang, so left me, Aqil and hubby at home. After solat subuh I pun went back to sleep n woke up at 11am, hmmmmmmmm best betul tidur skali skala bangun lambat kan. Hubby pun woke up at the same time, we had our late breakfast and start doing the house work lah sikit-sikit. Hubby cleaned all the fans, its his usual house chores which he will do it every 2 weeks or longer, it depends on his mood. As for me, tak kan nak duduk diam, so me pun make the effort to clean all windows and all the furnitures, dah lama tak clean, nampak kotor sangat. Last time my maid used to do all these cleaning, but now, sendiri bikin lah kan. Since we tak de maid anymore, we will do the cleaning at least every quarterly, jadi lah kan, kalau every wkend nak do cleaning for all these things, boleh pengsan.

Finished with all the cleanings, we had our late lunch and than get ready to go to HTA. Parade start at 6pm but we have to go down early to pick-up ticket from kak Yana from the guard house. 1 student is only entitled for 2 tickets je, so only me, hubby and Aqil went. Arin kenek lah stay at Umi house while we are gone. We reached HTA early, so kite boleh lah recky-recky the best seat dulu. Met my fren at HTA, her daughter is also selected for the parade, so kite duduk together-gether lah, sok sek dulu before the show start. How I admired her, now 5 months pregnant, no 5, dah rezki dia kan.

Lagi felt bored, we reached there early

Hubby managed to snap kak Yana in full u on the way to the gents

At about 5.45pm the show start, event by event, boring jugak, lucky my daughter is in the parade, if not haiiiiiiiii go shopping lagi best kan.

this guy searching for the daughter yg sedang parade, bawak teropong lagi

Parade had started

Almost half of the event dah over, suddenly Aqil complaining he had stomach ache, and suddenly, "wuekkkkkkkkkkk" my son muntah, habis my pants, my blouse kenek his muntah, I kelam kabut ask him to stand at one side, he let go all, melambak muntah dia, sampaikan audience yg kat depan terpaksa change their seat, I apologized to them, lucky they understand, what can I do, budak kan. Me and hubby brought him to the toilet to clean up, lucky his baju tak kenek, except his sandal yg teruk.

The show ends at 6.45pm, there are light refreshment for all visitors. While waiting for kak Yana to change, we all pun pegik lah cari makan. Not bad, lots of varieties. At the same time Aqil sakit perut lagi and vomit again, from than on he has been vomiting for 6 times until we reached home. When we reached home he vomit again, so I told hubby we better bring him to KK or the 12hrs clinic. We ingat nak bawak him to hospital je, but its Saturday, sure crowded, so at last we decided for the 12hrs clinic nearby. At the clinic he vomited again, dah more that 8 times he vomit, when its our turn to go in, the doctor confirmed that he has Stomach Flu.

at the doctor, lagi nak tahan muntah, kesian kan

waiting for his name to be called

Umi and Abi rush down to the clinic to c Aqil, biaselah, Abi will not stay still if dengar Aqil not well, his loverboy. His vomiting continues sampai lah kemalam, kesian my boy, dah tak de tenaga betul. At the same time kenek fever pulak. The doctor had said, if the vomit continue with very high fever we hv to sent him to hospital. Alhamdullillah the fever not so high, after giving him the medicine he felt asleep sampai lah the next morning.

Sunday morning :

Aqil woke -up at 6am and ask for his milk, agaknye lapar, just imagine he only had lunch on saturday with us than after that tak sempat nak eat anyting else dah kenek stomach flu. After drinking his milk he started to vomit again, I felt like crying looking at him, the way he vomit, sampai-sampai dah nothing came out, kan pity, hati ibu mana yg tak sedih looking at him like that. At that time hubby dah ready nak go to work, so I told him its okay lah, u go to work, anything I will call him. I gave Aqil his vomit medicine than he went back to sleep sampai 11am. I really hope when he wakes up he will feel better. Alhamdullillah, when he woke up he nak minum milk and this time after drinking he tak vomit, I happy sangat, he looks ceria balik. The touchy part, "Ibu Aqil lapar, Aqil nak makan" . I pun hug him and terus go kitchen to prepare for him breakfast.

When I c that he is getting better, I pun start as usual lah, sibuk with house chores and cooked lunch for the kids. I sms hubby and Abi to inform them that Aqil dah ok and not vomiting anymore. Yesterday tak tau how many time Aqil mintak makan, so I layankan aje, bayar niat my boy ni satu hari tak makan. When I saw him eating and back to his normal condition, tuhan aje yg tahu macam mana perasaan I at that time "Ya allah, kau telah mendengar doaku untuk menyembuhkan anak ku"

Hubby came back at 6pm, he also happy lah to c Aqil dah sihat. Play PSP and watch TV with Aqil, GP motor racing, their favourite tu orang lain tak leh kacau.

So at the end, wkends I hv to nurse Aqil yg tak berape sihat n alhamdullilah he is ok now. And my plan to go JB to visit my sister had to be cancel, may b other wkend if hubby tak work.

~~~~~~~~THE END ~~~~~~~~~~~

Friday, April 11, 2008

WINDU TAU................

Suddenly mood windu pulak datang. I lagi sedang di landa kewinduan, I am a person who treasure moments with all my hearts, that's me, since young, after married, after having kids, and till now.

I missed my sis at JB, my anak-anak sedara at JB, its almost 2 mths I didnt visit my sis. I missed her cooking the most, she always cooked my kids favourite dishes when we are there, she cooks like my mum, for information, I ni anak yatim piatu, my sister in JB and here in Singapore lah tempat I mengadu dan bermanja. Sometimes I missed my mom, I missed her love, her caring towards me, the days when she nagged at me for being so nakal, kasih sayang yg tiada bandingannye, kasih seorang ibu. (Oh god, tears are falling when I type this entry)

I m very closed with my sis here in Singapore, she took care of Aqil since 4 mths old. We are not in so good terms before, biaselah lah kan adik beradik, but alhamdullilah since Aqil was born our relationship had grown very strong, as I mentioned my sis lah tempat I mengadu dan bermanja. My brother in-law, he is just superb, greatest brother in law, I cant even compared him with my other 2 brothers. They really showed their love and concerned to my family. "Thanks Abi, Umi for the love you have showered us " - Oh my kids call them Abi & Umi.

Recently I met bloggers frens in KL, 9/3/2008, still freshed in my mind, I went to KL for holiday and dah berjanji with Ceera to meet her, not only her, she brought along Nemo and Aein. 3 great gals, I love them, even though its my 1st time meeting them and they are so much younger than me, I dont seems to be out of place, I felt young too at that moment, mengimbas kembali semasa zaman remaja dulu. May b because I m the youngest in the family, and I dont have younger siblings, so that is why I cherished the moments with these young gals. Dont know when can I c them again, not only them, perhaps other bloggers to. Hoping Ceera cepat-cepat get her passport and they will come and visit me in Singapore.

The gals I've met

So itulah sesi windu I pada orang-orang yg I lagi rindu right now, I'm thinking of going to JB tomorrow after my daughter NPCC parade to visit my sister and hoping that one day I can meet the gals again, insyaallah.


I'm in a happy mood today, why????? I pun dont know, hehehe, probably bcause wkend is here already. U all know why I loike wkend, I think all mommies out there will love wkend kan.

First of all for me I can spend time with my kids, cook for them, jalan-jalan shopping with them, since my girls dah grown up ni, hmmm every wkend pun ajak ibunye gi shopping, ibunye pun memanglah kaki shopping, so just waiting for ayah to send us je, normally while we shop ayah will layankan Aqil, so the ladies can shopping sakan gitu. When its Friday, they will sure ask me "Ibu besok ayah work tak", these phrase will definitely be asked every Friday, never fail, if its not kakak it will be the adik.

Secondly, if we dont go out, I will be at home relaxing. After all house chores dah beres, I will relaxxxxxxxxx the whole day while watching TV and of course lah layan kan Aqil. As usual the sisters bz with school work, bz with computer and their own things, so me still have to entertain Aqil.

Last but not least of course the bonding between us. If hubby tak work during wkend lagi best, we will spend the day with activities, well tu pun if hubby tak tired lah kan. If we dont go out, I will cook and we will eat together with the kids, sometimes play games with them, the fact is walaupun sometimes the kids get on my nerves but I still love and enjoy every precious moments with them during the wkend.

Bila lagi kite nak bermesra with them right, Mon to Fri everyone is bz and slalu ade anger management, so wkend I will try to forget work and give all of mine to them.

Happy wkend to all, hope it will be another enjoyable wkend again, me nak chow dulu, as usual work lagi waiting for me and will blog again later :)

Thursday, April 10, 2008


I bought the gift for my sis, thanks to all the 4 bloggers yg sudi sent me the suggestions, tak sangka, suma nye mengena pulak tu, but I can't tarik balik what I say right??? mine tak de dateline, tak de yg keberapa baru dapat gift, so all the 4 kenek lah tu. Kalau 10 yg antar, kenek lah I antar balik 10 gifts, ooooooooo, banyak tu, but anyway, treat it as a frenship gift okay gals. So gals dont forget to send me yr address to my email,, I malas nak log in to yahoo or hotmail, so I kasi my company email add je.


Today is soooooo tiring, on top of works yg berlambak di depan meja, I m so stressful with myself. There are lots of personal things that I need to do and complete but I just dont hv the time to do it. What am I going to do with myself. Some of these things had been ding dong ding dong for soooooooo long, hai bila lah agaknye nak completekan. Even my wishlish pun tak complete lagi, wonder when can I get what I want.

My hands are tight, I just cant get anything and do anything at one shot right, looks like I hv to berserah je pada takdir, I will try to complete those yg ding dong ding dong and kalau ade rezki dapatlah semua yg dihajati.

Why am I writing all these, I hv nothing to blog actually, but suddenly je all the thoughts about what I should do and must have jump out from my mind, so at least ade lah jugak sumting for me to write.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

MY SIS BDAY...............

Pls pls someone out there, pls give me an idea what to buy for my sis bday, I cant think of anything right now, all ideas are greatly appreciated or I might also be like VP, idea yg I loike I will treat it with a gift from me, if you win, I will surely let u know and will send u a gift instead, so pleasssssssssssssss give me some ideas, Im running out of ideas beb.


No doubts I'm very bz today, but still sempat nak memblogging, I want to blog sumting yg melucahkan, its for fun je okie.
All Singaporean need to submit Income tax by 15th April. Everyday hubby dok membebel to me, cause I hv not submit it yet. Ape je lah, hari-hari nak remind tau, kalau submit early pun bukan nye dapat lucky draw ke ape, I know lah wen to submit. I told him everyday at office pun I very bz, I only hv time to update my blog je okayyyyy.

So today he sms me again to remind, "Ibu dont forget to submit the income tax", I replied, "Okay will do it later today".

During lunch, I pun log-in to mytax-portal to do the submission, actually tak lama pun nak submit, less than 15mins je, saja suka delay-delay. My hubby pulak, he dont like to delay important things, to him do it ASAP, kan sonang. Dah lepas update I pun sms him to let him know lah, nanti sibuk send me reminder lagi, mak bosan ok. This is the part yg I mentioned earlier, yg melucahkan sikit k :)

Me : I hv submitted yr tax, u hv to pay me $25 for my work, every yr I submit for u I tak charge, rugi, u ask outsider to do pun they will charge, so this yr I will start to charge u

Hubby : OK thanks, no problem, nanti ayah kasi $25 n also dessert to enjoy night time

Me : Ye eleeeeeeee, hmmmmm best jugak, dessert, I loike

(Amacam, gediks tak conversation between wife n hubby ni, mak sokaaaaa, it makes my day, okayyyyy)

Nak posed gedik sikit ah

Lepas bersms, I pun start to eat my lunch, dengan berselera skali walaupun i just ate 2 pcs of balance biscuits and orange for my afternoon dessert.

Orange yg juicy

MORNING STORY...............

I'm rushing doing this entry, jiwa lagi tertekan banget, kerana ape????? because my work so manyak lorrrrrrrr. But I nak update jugak, cause yesterday tak sempat nak update ape-ape, anyway tak de ape-ape pun nak update, hehehe. So today, before I terus khusyuk doing my work, hmmmmm lebih baik I do my update first.

Early morning I dah naik darah, want to know why????? As usual I normally buy coffee from the canteen, last time coffee stall ni the person doing coffee is old uncle, he did a good job, coffee he did sedap je, but recently they change to someone else, I heard uncle tua tu dah retired tak sihat, so now a lady, looks like from China.

From the day she did my coffee, hari-hari pun I drink the taste lain slalu. Lady yg incharge at counter, dah biase nampak I, so if she saw me she will just jerit "Kopi po sui tai, akak", time uncle tu masih work, the shout sama jugak lah, uncle ni dah tau my taste so everyday I minum best jek. Sejak this China lady take over, dah about 1 year dah, tak faham-faham jugak my taste, boring with her, everyday taste tak sama, macam bodoh. 1 year i dah menahan kesabaran kerana my coffee, but today I naik angin betul, my patience dah gone, today she betul-betul kasi I hot, dah lah cair, hitam banget and the taste, tak de taste langsung, what is wrong with this lady, datang bulan ke today, macam siak betul ah. I terus cakap kat counter lady tu lah (ignore the singlish k, maklum bual ngan amoi)

Me : Amoi, everyday also she do my coffee not nice leh, everydah also not same taste, dont like u know, yr coffee also not cheap somemore, today lagi worst okay, why like this.

Amoi : Akak sori ok, so many many people complain already, and today i c yr coffee also i tell her why like that, she say okay mah

Me : Ok her head lah, u tell her lah, if not happy dont work, go back China an plant tree (I lagi betul-betul bingit this , ade my coffee dia cakap ok, ingat ape, she think I get it for free ke)

Amoi : Akak sori ho, u try lah, not nice I change for you

Me : No need lah, if everyday like this she do coffee, everyday u want to change for me is it, I think ha u sent her back n look for old uncle to do coffee

Amoi : OK akak, wait I tell boss

So thats it lah, at last I drink coffee tu pun tak finish, geram betul lah, u all c lah the colour of the coffee and tell me what u think.

Just look at the coffee

Ni biscuits yg I prepared at home, sedap tau, spread with butter n jam, kan sedap with coffee

Dah best-best I brought biscuits from home, thought leh lah menghayati my biscuits with coffee, at last I ate my biscuits with plain water. I jamah lah jugak the coffee, the rest I buang je, bodoh betul lah pompuan satu ni, gerammmmmmmm.

Now dah lepas geram kat blog ni, I nak pi bikin work pulak, I hv deadline to meet today, if not mati hang.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I'VE BEEN TAG........

Wooooooo, 1st time being tag, macam tak paham, but apple akak try k...... this is for you :

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1. Picturing of Life
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12. …the Guru-Guru life…
13. Ezooone
14. mangosteenskin
15. restnrileks
16. Nikli
17. Ita.Itu
19. aRa
20.Everything Happens for A Reason


~~End Copy~~

Lets c who should I tag, limited koleksi, sorry girls :

  1. Ceera
  2. EJ
  3. shopper- mama
  4. Linda-skymoonstar
  5. Nemo

Monday, April 7, 2008

KERJA GILA .......................

Everyday pun at work macam orang gila bikin kerja, normally its monday blues, for me everyday Mon to Fri pun all day long blues je, my meaning of bluesssssssss is boringggggggggg.

K now I want to blog about my wkends, what I did during the wkends, Saturday I attended Ayuni bday at Downtown East, and Sunday, boringggg, melekat at home, I planned to go down to Expo for JL sale but its cancelled, hubby tired, to shopholic mama, sorry I tak dapat nak sampaikan salam u to Mr John Little, what about u ????

Sat, we are invited from 5pm onwards, I janji my anak sdara that we will be there around 7pm, cause pak busunye work, ended we arrived downtown East at 9pm. All because of Yana, she has to attend parade at HTA, supposed to finish at 5.30 gitu, but hubby waited for her until 7pm. By the time they reached home almost 7.30pm. Ape nak buat, this parade is important to my daughter for her NPCC ranking, insyaallah she will be promoted to NCO by May this yr, suka banget anak dara I tu nak jadi NCO. This parade will be the last session before the actual NPCC parade 2008 next wk on Saturday. Hmmmm cant wait to c her in full uniforms to perform the parade in front of so many many officers. Ok, I will blog about my daughter parade next wk.

Back to my cucu bday, we reached Downtown East at 9pm, ramai sungguh olang lorrrr, macam malu pulak, mula-mula felt out of place, cause I tak nampak my cousins-cousins and the rest of my families or anak-anak sdara yg lain, yg ramai suma my anak sdara nye wife families. Malu gila lah, nak snap-snap photos pun I sooooo malu, than after that when I saw my brother n sister in law (datuk n nenek Ayuni), and their other kids, baru lah rasa lega sikit, macam dah ok gitu. Than me n the kids, baru nak start amik itu ini makan, maklumlah malu kan, dah nampak family sendiri, baru terbuka selera, hehehe. Anyway, most of my cousins and my other families tak datang, they all ade hal, my side, cuma I yg came. Cian ngan cucu, jauh-jauh pun nek n atok busu ni datang kan. Surprisingly, Ayuni have not cut her bday cake yet, so ade lah chan nek su dia snap photo budak kecik ni time meniup lilin.

Ayuni n mommy nye (bday cake from Creative, sungguh "Yummy")

Tak ketinggalan me sekeluarga

My kids and Ayuni

Kesian dua eqok ni, anak sapa ek, dah sleepy n tired

This is my eldest brother on wheelchair, my brother suffering from diabetics, one of his leg already amputated, cian abang, but I still love u "muachhhhhhhhh"

We ate, borak-borak and left the place about 11.30pm. We reached home almost 1230am, the kids dah melepak belakang kereta, reached parking je, I gegah suma bangun, tak kan lah I nak dokong satu-satu yg dah besor gedabak suma.


Sunday I lepak at home with the kids, hubby biaselah work, me bz as usual with house chores.

my new maid imported from Sri Lanka, hahaha, 2 anak dara kenek dera lipat baju, hai kakak tutup muka malu ker nak kenek masuk blog this entry

Aqil as usual, with his PSP, bila dah boring, menjerit tak tentu pasal, nak tunjuk stress