Tuesday, September 8, 2015


OMGGGGGGG.....its been ages and I lost touch of how to blog again.  seriously I dont even remember my log-in password and hv to re-set.

First and foremost I would very much would like to say hihihi and that I am doing fine, alhamdulillah, masih bernafas dan Allah masih menyayangi saya sebagai umatnya yg kerdil ini.

I am very active in FB now, not only very....should say very very active there and those who had been with me for ages will know that very well..hehehe.

Only yesterday I posted in FB that I wanted to blog again, or may be just delete this blog away.  But after thinking about it, no lah, why must I delete right, I can just leave it here and update it as an when am free.  This blog had so much memories, really many many memories abt myself, my previous life my friends and other stuffs that I had stuffed it here.

All these memories will never go away or fade, its going to be forever with me because this is where I started my cyber friendship with others.

Ok enuf for today, in shaa allah will continue blogging if time permits.

N I belanja uolzzzz photo of my kids  and my new life partner,  my family....may Allah protect us always forever..aminnnnnn.