Thursday, May 16, 2013


Now u see u don't.....haiii m like a biscuits kan, kejap ada kejap tak der.

Really blogging ni dah macam malas lah pulak......almost everyday at FB till blog tak berupdate n dah macam tak bertuan.

I have realized ramai jugak my frenlist at this blog yg lama jugak tak update eh...dah berhijrah ker FB :)

So don't say I don't follow....I did...but at FB, hehe.

Penantian satu penyiksaan.  Satu penyiksaan bagi setiap individu yg akan melalui process penukaran kehidupan.  Hrmmm macam mana pulak kan.....well process yg amat sensitive yg semua wanita tak mahu melalui nye, but disebabkan keadaan, terpaksa jugak di laluinye walaupun pahit dan perit.

It has been almost 8 months, things still have not settled.   It takes too much time to settle this, but well itu lah procedure nye, we have to go through stages before the whole process is done with.  So waiting n waiting lah, and while waiting there are so much hurting also that we have to go through.  When both party cant compromise, its definitely not going to be easy.

And when the other party started to provoke you in many ways, you hardly cant control yr anger and patience.  But Alhamdulillah I managed even thou darah dah naik sampai kat otak ni.  But m still cool lah sebab nye I don't want to create any issues before semuanye settle dengan selamat.  I rather keep my distance and act I don't care or hell care.

Its not easy, I can tell you its torturing, only those yg ever melalui process ni jer yg tahu hw it felt.  Like me jugak, dulu when gfrens went through this process I only know hw to kasi pendapat jer, but when I went through it myself, ya Allah macam gini rupanya keadaan dan reality yg harus di hadapi.

M really hoping that everything can be settled in a proper way without any issues atau pertelingkahan, it involves so many people in our life, so it has to end in a proper way....In Shaa Allah.

Till then, till we meet again here in this blog of mine...ASSALAMMUALAIKUM


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