Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Woiiiiiiiii, wat a day, only now I have the time to update my blog, dont even have time to chat, to kepo-kepo read people blog. I hv been out since I reached office this morning, all round Singapore, ape lagi, jadi office boy kejap, here and there. And even have to rushed down to Aqil school for parents teacher meeting.

Aqil school review ): so many complaints lor, bukan complain ape, dia malas nak buat work kat school, everytime day dreaming, playing, bila time belajar, dont want to listen. Oh btw, he is in K1. The best review, his teacher said, he himself told the teacher this :

Teacher :" Aqil did u study at home, teacher ask u to study at home right?
Aqil : " No teacher i dont study, I play PSP.

Alamak, i was like, hoooooooo, this son of mine, boleh gitu tell the teacher that, budak kan, mana lah nak tipu-tipu, ape yg dia bikin tu leeeeeeeee yg dia cakap. But overall he is ok cuma need to supervise him more on his writing.

I was like zombie today, working hard, doing all sorts of things, at the same time, felt very sleepy. Was up since 4.30am this morning. Aqil woke me up, he was having fever and cant breath properly due to his running nose. I macam kilat bangun and rush to the first aid box to look for his puff. Gave his puff and fever medicine. Than he could not sleep, so hv to layan him with his kerenah. He felt asleep again at 7am. By then me pun nak get ready to work. So ape lagi, ngantok sangat niiiiiiii, kelat mata.

Just got a call from my sis, Aqil fever shoot up to 38.9, she n my brother in-law had to sent him to the doctor first. They pun takut gak if his fever is to high, my son ade history of fits, so when he is sick all of us kancong. He was inserted with bullet to his anus, given bufen syrup to lower the temperature. Terbang S$53 ketul. Tapi tak pe, demi anak kan, furthermore, me can claim back from company. So nampak-nampak nye today I hv to do overtime lah, tak boleh tidur lenyak, when Aqil is sick, he needs more attention, slack sikit nanti lain jadinye. Moga-moga Aqil lekas baik dan boleh ke sekolah lagi. AMINNNNNNNNNN.

Well, now dah nak balik, finishing a bit more of my stuff than nak blahhhhhhhhh. Cheerssssssss to all.


pearlEJ said...

wakakaka.. tetiba lak tergelak bila baca dialog aqil tuh tau.. hihihi.. tapi mmg pun kan, budak2 ni mana pandai menipu, ckp yg betul la kan.. hehehe... :D
kesian aqil demam lak, so akak pun mesti tak cukup tidor lagi kan.. tapi demi anak2 kan akak.. sikit sebnyk pun kena korbankan time kita..
ej doakan semoga aqil cepat2 sembuh.. aminnnn...

moralle said...

Hi Ej, Aqil masih demam lagi, risau sey, yesterday night akak sleep 2 jam je, all the way aqil merengek cause panas badan. Today gi keja macam zombie lagi, tengah type ni pun macam nak tutup mata ni, hopefully he gets better today, thanks for your doa.