Friday, January 23, 2009


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Oh this is cut and paste from nad entry, afterall it will be the same event, venue and all, tak payah lah I perah-perah otak to think of what to write :)

Concept holiday: Santai & Lepak
Date: 27(Fri), 28 & 29 March, 2009. (3 days, 2 night trip)
Location: Shah's Beach Resort, Melaka, Malaysia

For more info you can visit: Shah's Beach Resort here!

Standard room per night + 3 breakfast = RM212 (x 2 nights = RM424)

Currently we have already booked 3 rooms and are still open for more! Bloggers or not, if you happen to blog hop here and read this and would like to join us, lets lah! Mane tau kot-kot kalau lagi ramai join, boleh dapat discount kan kan kan? =)

Confirmed participants:

1) Nad / Otak Belacan
2) Sodep
3) Mama Moralle & Family
4) Kak Retna / AKO
5) Brader Ross Lee

6) Raf/Cikgu Hawt/Blushwax

Tak kisahlah yang mane nak stay satu malam kah, dua malam kah, terpulang. Free & Easy. Just chill, lepak, gelak, makan, lepak, chill, makan, ahhh gitu lah. Its holiday kannnnnn ....

Bagi sesiapa would like to join, sila message kat comment board or you may want to e-mail me personally at or (nad email) if you have any queries.

Please do confirm soon pasal chalets are limited! confirmed participants and other info will be updated from time to time if there is any changes. Let me know latest by Tuesday, 27 January 2009 but before end month :)


aFkaR'z said...

sis, cuti apa erk on dat date?

moralle said...

not a public holiday, its Friday to sunday :)

Blushwax said...

Nak pergi!!! Nak jugak!

28th is a special special day. hehehehe.

Shopaholic Mama said...

The resort looks good! Cikgu Raf going too?

Erinsza said...

sis cute sngt, tapi bila I free nak kesana haisssssshhh

sis sila ke

Ambil award tau

Blushwax said...

Yes Kak Ann. Cikgu Raf pergi juga. Taknak pergi ke?

Me, Mrs Taj said...

so sis moralle ada di msia la skang ye? apsal tak ckp awal2..blh jmpa memana..turun KL tak?

moralle said...

raf, yok yok, wah special day kan 28 tu, hmmmmmmm :)

sm, looks nice lah sis, the actual look tak tau lagi, oh the loushi pegi kot :)

erinsza, bz slalu ek sis, nanti i try masuk again eh, asyik hang jer ah :)

mrs taj, alamak sis, lum lagi lah, in March lah laling........KL soon I will be there :)

Kasawari said...

wah gerek seh tempat ni.. perghh dasyat sehh.. blogger singapura ni kencang seh.. he he.. ermm nanti tgk kalender dulu ek.. he he.. best gak kalu joint ni kan.. he he

Me, Mrs Taj said...

owhhh..lmbt lagi tu... ;)

rasp said...

nak kena check dgn SH nie if he's free then, then nak check schedule kids if they free or not too... if can i nak join if cannot i nak cry uwaaaa....

moralle said...

rasp, let me know k, opportunity for u to meet sis raf, hehehe...roger roger me, nanti i let u know the details.