Friday, May 22, 2009



"The things I want to do with my family!" .......

Spending time with families are the most important things in life, its important to keep families together and strenghten family important that sometimes those precious moments are being neglected and forgotten :)

I'm a mom with 3 kids, have a very hard working hubby who most of the time arent at home, even during wkends.....our time together are so limited and we hardly see each other except on wkends when he comes home from work. During wkdays, its either we are already asleep when he comes home or we are still sleeping when he left to work ):

So any opportunities for us to be together will be the most happiest moments for us, especially my kids.

Its either a walk at the beach, cycling, a short gateaway, window shopping or eating out, these are a fews that we always did together when we hv the time.

I had always dreamt of going for a cruise together with my family, a day cruise to nowhere with outing that is not at their interest, hubby having phobia with cruises due to an incidents that happened long time ago at Tioman Island and the kiddos, they got seasick easily and they just dont like going for cruises.

this is fun, perhaps this might changed their mind.........coolness...crystal clear rivers
but for a start, this could be fun to...........
Hoping one day my dream to go cruising with my family will come true, spending that special day out together in the middle of the sea, watching the sunset with my loved ones.

Why wait, lets "Start planning for your own Family Day Out on 30 May 2009! Visit!" to c a wide range of events and fun filled activities for families to participate...............its going to be hilarious and exciting...

"NFC 2009"

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Me, Mrs Taj said...

yup, spending time with own family is the most precious experience!

atty's said...

salam sis..bersama2 family adalah saat palin besh kan

mummysyafie said...

sis, honestly saya tak penah terfikir pun nak naik cruise. mayb sebab tak reti berenang kot. hihihih..

masa bersama family mmg best kan sis, tak dapat nak ditukar ganti

Shopaholic Mama said...

I hope you win the cruise Kak!

Kalau dapat naik that boat pun jadilah! Tapi kalau naik cruise ship yg besar, you wont feel mabuk, unlike naik boat or ferry, so better menang cruise!

Anonymous said...

huaaa!! all the places adalah sangat heaven-feel

rasp said...

all the best sis..i doakan u mng cruise tu!