Saturday, August 9, 2008

....... AT HOME..........

Today is a Public Holiday in Singapore, its Singapore 43rd Bday.

Hubby of course at home today, its Public Holiday kan, so all of us are at home and we didnt go anywhere........... except for 2 weddings that we had to attend, 1 is our neighbour at the same block and the other is my fren niece wedding. Only me, hubby and Aqil went , the girls dont want to follow, nowadays this kind of occasion they dont want to tag along.

We did not go ahead with my other plans, Kak Yana not feeling well actually, having cough, flu and also senggugut, so we decided to stay home to watch National Day Parade from TV jer. Afterall, last week we already went to Padang to watch the "Fireworks", its still the same, but of course today will be worst the traffic, road closure here and there around Marina area.

After we went to my fren niece wedding, I asked hubby to follow me to Golden Mile, I need to c the embroidery guy for the company Logo, already made an appt. to c him today. Reached there his shop is already open, discuss with him a while on the design and pd him the deposit.

From Golden mile we went to buy foods for the girls, I didnt cook today so need to buy foods back.

Reached home about 4.30 felt very tired, took a nap while hubby do his house chores, cleaned the fan and washed the toilets.

I tertidur lena banget, sadar-sadar NDP dah start, the kids cekik darah didnt wake me up. When I woke up hubby still doing his chores.........

Now everyone lepak-lepak watched TV at the hall, me sibuk mengupdate, lots of things to settle in the office on Monday, so now since I hv the time, update lah my precious blog ni :)

Niteeeeeee to all............selamat berhari minggu...........


rasp said...

like my kids too, the 3 elder kids, prefer to stay home rather than tag along to functions, get together etc..that stage of growing up huh!

Neway, aqil maintain model of the year!!! hansem boy tu!

moralle said...

Rasp, dah grown up lah katakan, ajak pegi wedding or kenduri-kendara pun dah susah at this age, butttttttt if u cakap nak gi shopping, ha okay ajer, tak sempat-sempat ajak-----

Oh Aqil sentiasa nak berposed yg gedik, **ihikss**

Shopaholic Mama said...

teens memang like that, dah tak nak follow & prefer to go out with their school frens. but I still have to keep an eye jugak, takut2 ade cewek nanti!

Anonymous said...

bila da besar,
jrg anak2 nk ikut parent berjalan,
sm cm kitrg gak
adik sy tu,
x plak,
memane parnt g
nk jek ikut..=)

moralle said...

Mama, kalau yg jalan-jalan with frens me memang strict to them, takut kan, nowadays kids ni bukan boleh kita lepa, siap ah ade je yg jadi, cewek and cowok sana-sini nanti........

Nemo, kalau nak ikut lagi bagus, sentiasa depan mata kan, selagi nak ikut bawak jer :)