Friday, August 1, 2008

ITS FRIDAY...............

Happy Friday to all, for me it will be relaxing and relaxing for the wkend. No plan yet so far, which I doubt we will be going out, Aqil is still under Quarantine, so better be at home before other kids out there got his virus.

Yesterday night I hv been listening to Aqil story mory about his ZOO excursion on Monday. I thought he will forgot about the trip, but he difinitely did not :)

Aqil story telling session with me :

Aqil : Ibu, I enjoy u know going to the zoo, so many animals
Me : So u felt very happy going there with frens and your teachers
Aqil : Yes, very very happy
Me : What animal did u c at the zoo
Aqil : Monkey, Giraffe, lion, elephant, chicken and tiger, fish also
Me : Oooooo, so many animals, r u scared
Aqil : Noooooooo, Ibu, the tiger bite me seyyyyyyyyy
Me : Is it (smiling at him), where did the tiger bite u
Aqil : Here at my arm (showing me his arm), the tiger teruk seyyyyy, bite me here and here
Me : Wah u very strong kan, tiger can bite u
Aqil : (Showing me his small muscles), u c i got muscles, the tiger bite me not pain

The story telling continues without ending telling me this and that. Kids are still kids, their imagination run wild. But I knew that he really enjoyed himself yesterday when I entertained him with his story mory while eating Honey Stars.

Enough of Aqil and his ZOO story, today at work as usual BZ MIZZZZZY, but will try to find time blogging and blog hopping :)

Here are few photos taken which I dont hv the time to publish earlier, mostly are Aqil photos taken senyap-senyap while he is enjoying his own moments and photo of me and my sis (Umi).

Loving moments between Son and mother

Getting ready to go wedding with Umi and Abi



Honeylemon said...

wah... mcm2 aksi aqil nengok ironman kan.... hehehe.. :)

happy weekend 2u2...

moralle said...

Honeylemon, sampai dah hafal Aqil cite Ironman tu........

U 2 hv great wkend :)

Mommy Lily said...

syukur la aqil dah sihat kan yah risau2 and sedih lagi.

tp betul ke dia kena gigit dgn tiger tu..? ngerinyee...tiger takde gigi ke?

moralle said...

Mommy, alhamdulillah, kalau budak-budak sakit memang kite susah hati kan........

Hahaha, mommy lawak lah pulak, tiger ni ade gigi tapi nenek tiger kot, gigi dah separuh bogeh :)

zie said...

Alhamdulillah Aqil dah sehat. barulah nampak Kak Moralle boleh menarik nafas lega. Yeay!!!

moralle said...

Zie, lega bangetttttttt, now recovering, he looks much much better today, thanks laling, enjoy yr wkend :)

rasp said...

aqil dah sihat iye.. syukur alhamdullilah..

the neverending story ek! if tiger serang i leh i panggil aqil *ihiks*

suka tgk u lovey dovey with him..

This weekend u try to have a gooooood rest k.. take care sis!!

moralle said...

Rasp, dah sihat sangat lah si bujang kecik tu, story mory tak habis lagi....

Kalau u kenek serang, seru jer nama Aqil, he will come with his power sword *ihiks**

U take care 2 okayyyy....