Monday, February 9, 2009


Hi hi, salam Monday to all, Singapore not on holiday today, we are working, but some parts of Malaysia today holiday right, beshhhhhhh nyerrrrrrrr...........

I'll be on half day today, need to help my sis with her immigaration matters, will chow at 12pm today.

My weekends was okay okay, Saturday after settling Aqil Madrasah in the morning than Madarina went to Madrasah in the afternoon, Yana pulak went to her fren bday party, me n Aqil went to nenek house, lepaking there. I need to do something to my hair, since the place is near MIL house, I tumpang Aqil at MIL place, bleh he main-main with hubby anak sedara yg lain. Arin balik nenek house from Madrasah, hubby fetched Yana than came to nenek house around 6pm. We were there until around 8pm.

Thought nak lepak sampai malam sikit, but need to sent kak Yana to clinic, she's not too well, doctor confirmed that she has urine infections. Alhamdulillah now getting better.

Sunday, usual chores at home, hubby working, Yana pulak Madrasah in the afternoon. After I had finished with the housework, ingat nak masak, aduhaiiiiiiiiiii.....gas pulak habis, the gas man came around 4pm, dah malas nak masak. So I called hubby we makan out jer lah for dinner, since I'm going to meet nad and ross after magrib at Civic.

We went out before maghrib, left the house around 6.45, walked slowly to civic centre to meet nad n ross at MacDonald. After makan we lepak outside Civic, bertonyeh-tonyeh sekejap than left around 9.45pm.

ross adjusting his cam to take our group photo, hubby pulak took his photo

This was taken by Aqil

Ingat nak naik cab from Civic but we ended walking home jugak.............santai-santai we all walked, reached home at 10.30pm.


atty's said...

pandai aqil snap gambo...hehehhe..

rasp said...

wah very the happening aaa... suka tgk last pic yg aqil amik tu, semua nampak ceria jek!

PerantauSepi1306 said...

hehehehe gas abisss mmg potong stim je kan ;D

yup, best tgk last pica tu sbb ceria je semer..

Moralle said...

atty, ah ah sejak ibunyer berblogging, anak-anak kenek jadi main photographer, hehehe...

rasp, hari minggu sis, lepak umah boring, lepak kejap kat luar :)

ps, haha, terus mood nak masak ilang :)

IdzaRis79 said...

bestnya derang bergumbira!!