Friday, February 6, 2009


Let's cheer up and have a nice weekend.

Boss: Where were you born?

Sardar: India ..

Boss: which part?

Sardar: What 'which part'? Whole body was born in India .

2 sardar were fixing a bomb in a car.

Sardar 1: What would you do if the bomb explodes while fixing.

Sardar 2: Dont worry, I have one more.

Sardar: What is the name of your car?

Lady: I forgot the name, but is starts with 'T'.

Sardar: Oh, what a strange car, starts with Tea. All cars that I know start with petrol.

Sardar joined new job. 1st day he worked till late evening on the computer.

Boss was happy and asked what you did till evening.

Sardar: Keyboard alphabets were not in order sir, so I made it sequencely..

Museum Administrator: U stupid..That's a 500-year-old statue u've broken!!

Sardar: Thanks God!!! I thought it was a new one..

At the scene of an accident a man was crying: O God!! I have lost my hand, oh!!

Sardar: Control yourself sir.. Don't cry.. See that man. he has lost his head. Is he crying?

Sardar: U cheated me.

Shopkeeper: No, I sold a good radio to u.

Sardar: Radio label shows Made in Japan but radio says this is ""All India Radio! """


In an interview, Interviewer: How does an electric motor run?

Sardar: Dhhuuuurrrrrrrrrr.....Dhhuuuurrrrrrrr......

Inteviewer Shouts: Stop it !!!!!

Sardar: Dhhuuuurrrrrr.. dhup dhup dhup dhup...... Stop ready sir..

Tourist: Whose skeleton is that?

Sardar: An old king's skeleton.

Tourist: Who's that smaller skeleton next to it?

Sardar: That was same king's skeleton when he was a child .

Last but not least, nenek jeeee makan sphaghetti for lunch..........hehehe....HAPPY WKENDS :)

Chicken Black Pepper


~Eila @ Along~ said...

hahha..sis..sgt menceriakn hari ni...huhuhu..best2..

rasp said...

hahahhahaha mmg lucu and yummy! :D

atty's said...


dah kelakar..sekali..tgk..ade lak..chicken black pepper...

terus lapo jadik nya..huhuhuuh

sHwEeT ByAtcH said...

ngah gelak2...suddenly chicken black pepper tu menaikkn nafsu..

Me, Mrs Taj said...

hahaha lawak lawak..pecah perut..

PerantauSepi1306 said...

ughhhh terusssss kecur tgk spaghetti nie.. ;D