Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Ape niiiiiiiiiiiiiii, so frust betul lah today, dah lah comp asyik hang je from morning, every time I open file, save file, go to internet, it hangs, may b dah too many things uploaded agaknye, tapi really frustrated betul lah.

Since morning dah lah bz macam nak rak, every single things are urgent, fed-up betul lah. I m really in a bloody moody mood betul lah. Tak tau camna nak expresskan at my blog ni, the only thing I know I m really eeeeeee :(

I went out a while during lunch just to take a fresh air, rasa nye tersumbat pernafasan today duk dalam opis, if I didnt go out, I will feel miserable the whole day. So I went to Sun Plaza for shopping. Pusing-pusing, at last I bought a simple and nice black top, though its simple tapi harga leh tahan gak, but I dont care, lagi boring nyepasal I just grabbed it and pay. Hmmmmmmmmm I can wear this on Saturday for my ??????????, oh my last wkend event was postponed to this Saturday, will blog about it next week. I spend almost 2 hrs for lunch today, terover pulak time, but who cares.

My New simple black top from This Fashion

Reached office, my boss is waiting for me, Phrghhhhhhhhhhhhh, ade lagi si tua ni kat opis. So I kasi lah excuses yg I was held up by something, tu sebab late. Actually dia tak tanye pun why I'm late back to office, he is waiting for me because he want to drive the Opel out. Ooooooooooo, abih lah aku, he has appt at 2pm, I reached office at 2.30pm. I malas nak drive my car out, so I drive the office Opel car. Asal pulak dia tak drive his Lexus ???? well anyway, I felt a bit better after the jalan-jalan n shopping.

Than, while doing my work, suddenly it happened againnnnnnnnn, ni kali I angry pulak ngan my Ops manager, dia ni tak patut pun jadi Manager ah, he really didnt have the Manager responsibility, geram ah, because of his dont care attitude I yg kenek with customer. Really toooooooo much, I have to bring this matter to my boss, if not every time customer could not get him, I will be the person yg kene attacked, its not fare, really not fare for me, I m not paid to be his bullet proof jacket, to hell with him, I will definitely put this to a stop.

Nak tayang muka orang lagi penggggg, nampak tak my angriness ni

Today betul-betul menguji kesabaran I, kalaulah I ni tak leh control, rasanye dari tadi lagi I dah cabut balik, rumah bukan jauh pun, bedek -bedek not well, jumpa doktor amik MC.


pearlEJ said...

cantik la top tu akak.. nanti pakai jgn lupa snap gambar yer... :D

moralle said...

Hi Ej, thanks, ok, nanti this wkend event akak pakai n snap snap.

Ceera said...

ha kau, nampak nau marahnye tu.. amik gambar siap buat muka garang lagi, takut i tau... =P

moralle said...

Ni Kureng lah garang gamaknye, nanti bila marah lagi, lagi best akak snap k