Monday, February 18, 2008


Today mrng hubby send me to work, after that nak go and service our car. Mrng sangat sampai today, reached office about 8.10, woooooh, sangat lah pagi. BTW, i had Macdonald breakfast this morng, hubby drove me to Mac and I bought 2 sets of Mcmuffin with coffee, 1 set for hubby so that he can makan while waiting for the car.
I had planned to have lunch with hubby today, while waiting for the clock to reach 12pm, I pun bikin lah kerja sesungguhnye walaupun my tummy not feeling to well today, meragam pulak perut ni, apasal agaknye. The whole tummy cramp, I had to take pain killer in order to stop the pain. After taking the pain killer, ok lah sikit.

At 12 sharp hubby sms yg dia dah kat bawah, I pun turun and we go and have our lunch together gether. Dont know where to go, Banquet jugak lah at Causeway Point. I had E-mee soup while hubby had kueteow kerang. Ok lah, dua-dua pun sedap. After lunch I drove him back to take his motorbike, me back to office while he off to work, this wk he is on afternoon shift. While driving back to office, my tummy cramp datang balik, so uncomfortable having tummy ache while driving. Alhamdulillah sampai office ngan selamat, than kelam kabut take the pain killer lagi. Rasa-rasa macam nak kenek c pak doktor, kenek kasi duit lagi lah nampaknye malam ni. When the pain is gone again, ape lagi, continue with work and blogging. Sempat jugak update my blog while work is piling up jugak.

Monday blues ah today, so bikin keja also a bit slow and I m taking my own sweet time until 530 pm :)

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