Monday, February 11, 2008


Me in RED today, Gong Xi Fa Chai lah katakan, nak semangat sikit, red kan luck, so hopefully luck will be with me today and any other day, this pic is using my hp camera, cepat-cepat install the CD so I can transfer photo pakai phone pulak.

Posing after lunch tak senonoh gak, lum touch up muka sey, macam pucat gitu. Anyway, after I update my blog this morning, I cabut gi SunPlaza shopping centre during lunch to get my personal things. My face wash, vaseline and my hair care, dah kontang kat umah. Today tak makan, diet, over the holiday, macam dah banyak sangat makan, serammmmmmmm.

Today kat opis macam quiet je, may b pasal most of the company at this building still on CNY holiday. Some company sampai 1 wk cuti. Bagus jugak, senyap sikit kat sini, kalau tidak, even though i keja dalam opis, tapi kelentang kelentung kat luar still leh dengar, bingit. Today I hv new girl, she is an attachment student from Singapore Polytehnic. Her first day orientation with me, going throught rules and regulations of the company and also introducing her to the company products. Tomorrow I will pass her back to te Ops Manager, she is taking Diploma in Marine Engineering, so he profession is more to engineering.

Kejo banyak jugak tapi holiday mood still in me. Internet connection kat opis ni pulak today macam gila, intermitten lah pulak, dont know why. Dah nak masuk 3 kali I re-type this entry, bila nak post internet down, all gone. My boss out of town, so boleh lah I keja sambil blogging, if he is in the office susah gak, gerenti a lots of things to do for him. I think I want to suggest to him to get his own PA, so I can concentrate doing my own things, doing his PA things je, my lain keja dah tergendala. Or the other way round, I b his PA, ask him to get another admin & finance staff. Actually, me ni skarang looking for other opportunities in other company, I want to go back to PA line lah, bosan bikin admin & finance. Tapi belum ade rezki lagi, still looking. Interview ade jugak sana-sini, tapi no reply, dah tua kot, orang tak nak lagi, company nak employ yg muda-muda, hehehehe ): Rasa bosan kadang-kadang kat sini, dah lah underpaid, and yg tak best I m all alone most of the time, tiade teman untuk berbual dan mengumpat, melainkan, chatting kat blog with my new and existing frens. Mudah-mudahan di murahkan rezki I, dapat new job this year with better salary, hopefully before middle of the yr, so tak rugi bonus :)

Haiiii, naik jenuh jari jemari ni, nak stop writing and nak pegi visit blog kengkawan pulak, nak mengepo kat blog orang pulak, cheerssssssssss to all.


Ceera said...

saya pun pakai baju merah gak hari nie, together2 la kita nie, hehe

moralle said...

Ye ke, ade sixth sense lah Ceera

pearlEJ said...

waaaaaa akak in red!! suka ej.. hehehe.. :D

hope akak cepat2 dpt keje baru yer.. aminnn..

viruspadu said...

lama nyer dorg cuti CNY

bakar lemang ke hapa tu hiks

hari i pakai ijo, sok i pakai marah hiks

vouge tau

moralle said...

EJ, merah kan lucky color, so hopefully I'm in luck looking for new job and in life.

HI VP, wah ijau-ijauan, today merah-merahan lah pulak, hope u r in luck to.