Thursday, February 28, 2008

SO TIREDdddddddd...........

I m back in the office today, took a day leave yesterday, came back today with lots of works, which I didnt know came from where, it is piling up in my tray. Sometimes I just felt like quitting and stays home. If I m born with golden spoon, dah tentu I tak nak keja, duk umah diam-diam jadi tai-tai. Siapa yang tak nak kan??Tapi ape kan daya, ape yg dah ade pun I dah bersyukur.
Had no choiced but have to do all these shits, rushing so many things, and I dont think I can finish up everything today, impossible.
Enough lah about work, lets story mory about my leave yesterday. I took leave because my new gajet will be installed yesterday. Its the MIO Plan from SINGTEL. Its my new broadband service provider. I migrated from PI to Singtel. A fren recommended it, but its worth. Especially me yg ade anak dara who likes to bergantung kat talipon. MIO plans came with unlimited access of broadband services, free incoming and outgoing local calls n also MIO mobile plan with free HP. Oh ni my hubby lah dapat, cause amongst us only his hp yg dah teruk, old model. So we decided that the mobile line will go to him. Well the plan is good, but one disadvantage is , once they had installed the MIO box, we cant remove it anywhere and the phoneline also can only be accessed at where the MIO box is. Buttttttt, they can help us to do the telephone wiring to get the access from other rooms. The contractor who came yesterday was a very nice chap, instead of waiting to get another appt. for contractor to help with the phone line, he freely do it for me on the spot, so now I can also access the phone line from all the 4 connections at my home. Ahhhhhh, everything was settled yesterday, without any hassel and hiccups.

The MIO box

To continue with my yesterday story, my nephew came with his wife from JB. He bought a 2nd hand desktop from my fren, the LCD rosak so I sent him to my fren place to change. At 8pm we are back at my place, serve them dinner which I had cooked before I left. Nothing fancy, i fried laksa goreng, "hmmmmmm sedap busu" sedap ke atau dah lapar sebab dari keja terus masuk Singapore. Heeee, cian dia, nak rush time terpaksa lah buat camni. Well me pun memang ade intention to go in to JB to pump petrol, so kite pun bertolak lah sama-sama. Guess what, its 10pm, and I m stuck in the jam from 10pm and only cleared at JB checkpoint at 12.30pm. Goshhhhhhhh, its unbelievable. Kalau we know its going to be that mad the jammed, sumpah we all tak masuk, pump je kat sini. The real reason for the jam, which we didnt know, we only knew when we reached the S'pore counter, we tanye the custom officer why the 100% check. ITS IN THE NEWSSSS, JI leader had escaped from his detention yesterday. So tak nak elaborate lah pulak pasal ni kan, kot kot nanti salah cakap, aku plak masuk jail. So kite pun ape nak cakap, dah stuck for few hrs, lepas je Singapore custom, stuck lah pulak up to JB custom. Of course lah both sides mesti ade 100% check kan, this is bukan main-main beb. At this time, my nephew and us dah seperated, we go our own way lah. Ingatkan after JB custom, all will be cleared, tapi "oh my goddddddd" out from JB custom stuck in the jam lagi sepanjang-panjang tidak, ade Chinggay lah pulak kat JB, bayangkan how fed-up and frustrated we are in the car, luckily Aqil tak buat hal. My hubby jangan lah cakap, dah sumpah seranah segala. So stuck lah lagi kite for another 1 1/2 hrs nak get out from the traffic. I SMS my nephew, they are about to reach home soon, n kite baru nak pump petrol. Si dua ekor tu pun lupa yg JB ade Chinggay celebration, dah masuk and stuck in the jam baru ingat. Ended up kite reach home at 2.30am. Aqil sampai dah berdengkor kat keta, my hubby hilang mood pasal dah ngantok sangat, and myselft, felt so tired and gerammmmmmm. What a day to remember, never before we are stuck that long, from 10 to 2.30am. Ikutkan hati memang malas nak masuk JB just to pump petrol, tapi apekan daya, petrol kat Singapore mahal, sangatlah mahal, jadi untuk enough kan budget, terpaksa lah redah jugak.

I will chow early from office today, and nak sleep early today, my hubby yg kesian, he had to worked till night today, will only reached home at 11.30pm, i dah pesan him, "ayah ibu nak sleep early ok, so dont kacau me when u balik, n of course ibu will prepare yr dinner first, if ayah tak makan, campak je kat dalam fridge" spontan jugak my hubby jawab, "tidur lah, tak de sapa pun nak kacau, tak yah prepare dinner, I will eat dinner kat keja, ayah pun balik terus nak bobok" So its settled, I will sleep early, nak wake-up fresh tomorrow, and oh ya, tak sabar nak meet up and have dinner with my best frens tomorrow.

I tried to control my eyes yg tersangat ngantok ni, tapi ya allah, susahnye. Dah bercawan kopi i sebat, ngantok gak. Lucky my boss came in early this morning, than chow after that. If not, tak tau how I nak sit here with my eyes half closed gitu. Well panjang lebar jugak my story, walaupun ngantok. Kalau ade typo error tu, betulkan lah sendiri kalau u all baca, maklumlah orang yg mengantuk yg typed this entry :)

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