Monday, February 25, 2008


Wat a day, until I didnt realize, lagi 2 hrs dah nak chow. Today very bz, a lot of works to do. But, even though bz, I m still chatting with my ex colleague, minah ni ngan I kalau dah berbual tak ingat dunia, we used to be very closed when we work together, suka duka slalu bersama, "boleh gitu Ana". She reads my blog to, hopefully she will read this entry. Kite hv lots of secrets together, and it will be our secrets forever. Oh ya, I'm meeting her and my other ex colleague this Friday, get together, dah lama we didnt see each other, miss them lah.

I dont really want to talk about work today, hari-hari pun sama jugak, work never ends. So back to my story ngan my ex colleague ni, kite ni sama kepala tau, sebab tu kite leh klick. When I used to work with her in my previous company, hari-hari tak kering gusi, ade je story yg nak di storykan, lucu-lucu pulak, and she memang lah suka kalau I ni talk rubbish, menggelikan hati. Sometimes in work place, u hv to have that kind of kawan which will make your day. While chatting with her pun, leh jugak cakap yg rubbish-rubbish gitu ???????? . Maklumlah orang dah kahwin, wakakaka. Ade lah ups and downs with her tapi tak se-serious mana pun, tapi pun macam never pulak I quarrel ngan dia, slalunye yg gila-gila ade lah. We shared our stories, from family to in-laws to ape-ape aje, except yg private lah kan, nanti dah story part tu, susah lah pulak, "sorry Ana". K lah I pun dont want to story banyak-banyak about her, marah pulak makcik ni kang. Well, I cant wait to c u, dah berapa kali this get together kenek postpone, insyaallah, this Friday on k.

Saturdays Updates :
As mentioned in my last wk friday update, I have something planned for Saturday. We were invited (me n hubby only) to a posh restaurant, its called 'CAROUSEL' located at Royal Plaza at Scotts hotel. Its serves Asian & Mediterranean buffet. From 1 to 5, I give 4 rating lah, because I ni bukan nye suka makan Jap food, or raw-raw food ni, so I only enjoyed the desserts, and of course the seafood. The story is like this : we were invited by this couple, the wife and daughter actually my hubby trainee, btw my hubby is a driving instructor, so bila the daughter dah passed the mom pulak belajar driving. Bila dua-dua dah passed, tu yang as a gratitude they invite us for dinner, bukan we all je, there is also another instructor which is in the same group with my hubby, was also invited. But its couple je lah, so my 2 daughters I terpaksa post kan kat somewhere, but no choice I still hv to bring the bujang kecik. Well the dinner was quite good, this hotel belongs to Brunei, so kebanyakkan of their customers pun from Brunei. Susah nak compare, brunei ngan singaporean muslim kan sama je, unless kite dengar their conversation a bit je different. Back to the foods, they have everything served, and the desserts was marvellous (sorry tak de gambar) I didnt snap any photos of the foods, its very crowded and malu lah pulak nak snap-snap. Only a few photos taken, during the makan and also me posing at hotel lobby. This is the 1st time my hubby was invited to such occasions if trainee passed their driving, all the while only small token je. Normally he will bring back chocolate, sampai muak makan chocolate.

Sunday nothing much to update, was at home the whole day, hubby is working, left me n the kids at home. As usual, banyak kerja kat umah yg harus di perbuat. Actually I pun dont really like to go out on Sunday, i rather spend time at home. At least all those house works u can finish up on Sunday. If not it will keep piling up every day.

Nothing else to story mory, so I end my story here, will upload the photo yg I snap sikit-sikit kat hotel tu k.


Ceera said...

orang dah kawin2 memang cam2, suka citer benda2 gitu(apa tu, hahaha)

time saya lambat lagi, =P nak jugak, hahaha

moralle said...

Adelah Yang, cite-cite sensasi yg sangat sensasi,hmmmmmmmm, nanti Ceera dah kawin call akak, akak baru bleh britau, heeeee, btw bila plan nak makan nasi minyak, jemput eh