Saturday, July 5, 2008

DINNER.......... PART 1

While hubby and kids dah nyenyak di lamun mimpi indah, me cant close my eyes. Cant sleep, may be risaukan my BIL yg sedang kat Hospital. Sambil menunggu my sis call memberi khabar, I pun made a cup of coffee and ape lagi, update blog ah.

Friday I received called from my sis (Umi, Aqil babysitter) from the hospital that my BIL will be warded. My BIL had kidney stones. Few times he was sent to hospital but he had to be warded this time caused the pain is getting worst.

Today I had few places to visit, my BIL at the hospital, my brother at home, since he was discharged I hv not been visiting him and also planned to go Simpang Bedok for dinner.

Sis called me this afternoon, my BIL will be discharged today and will go back to the hospital on Wed for his surgery. And hubby says we visit my brother on Sunday je so today we can bring the kids out for dinner and walk walk.

But before we went to Simpang Bedok for dinner, I singgah my sis house to visit my BIL first. He looks ok, but masih in pain lagi. Chit chat kejap at 6.30 we left my sis place.

We drove straight to Bedok. I nak bring my kids to eat Spize @ Simpang Bedok. Simpang Bedok is quite well-known for its foods. Its an open air restaurant, but looks like coffee shop to. Our first time there. According to people who ate there before, its a very crowded place especially during wkends. When we reached there, its not that crowded yet so easy to get parking and seat.

Macam-macam ade, from seafood, local delicacies, Mediterranean and western.

From the menu, we all pun tak tau ape nak makan, since I told hubby nak bawak the kids makan western, so we all order western foods except for Aqil, he and his Chicken Rice.

Overall not bad, place not so cosy, bz and crowded, but the foods are delicious jugak. Price pun okay, not so expensive.

Nak snap photo pun malu-malu, banyak sangat orang, so I just snap the photos of the foods that we ordered.

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