Friday, July 4, 2008

I MISS THEM BOTH.....................

Di hari jumaat yg tenang ni, teringat pulak lah at my dearest sis yg jauh di mata.

Few days ago, when hubby and Arin was helping me to search for my Ratu photos, terjumpa lah pulak photo my sis and her hubby.

My sis is in New Zealand, she gave-up her Singapore I/C and migrated to NZ with hubby. My BIL is from NZ, he ia a Moari. He is with the NZ Navy and they met when he was in Singapore , I was still very small than. He converted to Muslim and they got married.

He was a kind man, thou they have no children but he still love my sis with all his heart. A kind hearted men, warm and friendly, loving and caring. He loves to eat Satay and sambal belacan, one of his favourite traditional dishes. Its all in memories now, he passed away few years ago, sorry I cant remember which year, if I am not wrong about 10 to 11 years already.

My sis called from NZ crying, "Abang Long dah meninggal", I was shocked to hear the news, tak pernah I dengar from my sis that he is sick, and suddenly we heard from her he passed away. Its due to heart attack.

For my dearest late brother in-law, "U hv been a good BIL, good hubby to my sis, u take care or her, gave her love, luxury and I missed u sooooo much. Its still fresh in my mind, how u used to carry me when I' still a young little girl, bought me toys, love and cherished me like you love your own. ALLAH lebih menyayangi mu, semoga roh mu di tempatkan di kalangan orang-orang yg beriman, AMINNNN"

My sis was devastated after my BIL left her, its a very big lost to her. We encouraged her to stay strong and to except the fact that he is gone and life had to go on. It takes sometimes for her to get over the trauma. She is alone in NZ, no families except my BIL and her frens.

We did tried to persuade her to come back to Singapore and stay with us, but she refused. She dont want to leave her job, her house and her memories with my BIL there. Only memories will keep them together, their love towards each other.

Last time I saw my sis is 8 yrs ago, she came to Singapore for a short break with her fren. It had been yrs now and I missed her so very much.

"Along when r u coming back home" we missed u a lot sis.

This is a very old photo, taken when I was still a small kid. She is now 50+, eldest sister in the family.


zie said...

Kak Moralle, touching nyer their love. I wish my love would be as strong as ur sisters love towards her husband.

Kak,jgn sedey-sedey kay.

Akak has been tagged.

moralle said...

Zie, touched kan. Many years of marriage without kids and he still love my sister very much. Hingga lah dia meninggal, tak de zuriat.

I miss them very much tu jerr.

Lah kenek tag eh, nanti aku visit and c k.

rasp said...

i could sense how much u really missed them dearie.. sabarlah ... insyaAllah you'll be able to see her again.. perhaps one day u go holiday NZ ke? you'll never know.. but i do respect ur late BIL & sis, great & touching love story...

moralle said...

Rasp, me hoped to that 1 fine day she will come back here in Singapore to stay with us for the rest of her life. Dia dah berumur, so we all risau jugak if anything happen to her. Ajal dan maut kan di tangan tuhan.

I do hv the intentions to go there, not sure when, budget tak mengizinkin, hehehe.

Shopaholic Mama said...

Yr Along so strong hearted. Sanggup stay there alone. If me, I dah lari balik time tu jugak coz nothing beats being together with the family!

moralle said...

Mama, what I heard from my other siblings here, she is the strong hearted and strong headed to, if me pun I dont know hw am I going to survive alone there.