Monday, July 14, 2008

WHAT THE HACK.................

No matter hw I rushed, I still cant get everything complete by today.

To many things to settle. My Accounts for June, GST submissions by this month. Manpower Issues, Advertisements and the best is Human related issues. I thought after Matilda took over some of my responsibilites, I will be hooray hooray a bit, but it doesnt looks like it.

How clever my boss is, I got an increment last month, and he increased my work also, hmmmmmmm i dont loike it at all ):

Bit of update on what I did on Saturday and Sunday :

I went to visit my brother at his house with Hubby, Aqil Umi and Abi in the evening. The two girls dont want to follow, to tired agaknye, lagipun they hv Madrasah earlier.

When we reached there my SIL is about to drain my brother dialysis water from him kidney than change it to a new Peritoneal dialysis water. My brother has to be on dialysis since he was discharged from Hospital. Its like 4 to 5 times a day. I knew a bit about kidney patients caused I ever worked with Baxter Healthcare for 8 years. Baxter is specialized for Kidney dialysis patients.

My brother looks week as usual, no improvement, now depending on the dialysis. We can only berdoa that he will recover soon, Insyaallah.

Chit-chat a while with my SIL, she explains how she took care of my brother, the cost involved for dialysis, tentang hal anak-anak yg tak bertanggungjawab, I am really sad to hear. At the same time I am very very angry with my anak-anak sedara. Me and sis will help sebanyak mana yg kite mampu, we all pun hv our own responsibilities, insyaallah we will visit him often untuk memberikan bantuan yg termampu.

We left my brother place about 8pm. Abi felt hungry so we went to Teh Tarik to tapau some foods back. Dinner is paid by my sis as a thanks to drive her & Abi to brother house :)

Sunday is to kadaq tidur and relaks-relaks at home. Hubby still need to work, cian hubby. Woke-up, house cleaning a bit than cooked lunch. Lemak sayur, sambal udang and fried fish. Hmmmmm yummy yummy :)

Yesterday night while waiting for Incredible Tales shows at 10pm, we received called from Umi. She needs help from hubby to sent Abi to hospital. Abi kenek sesak nafas lagi.

Kelam kabut jugak hubby siap-siap and went to Umi house. Lucky our house are not that far apart, hubby drove Abi car to sent him with Umi.

Hubby came back about 11.30pm, he didnt wait for Umi caused BIL kenek observation dulu. At about 2.00am Umi sms, Abi had to be warded again, his heart beat not stable.

This week will be difficult week for me. Umi had to stay overnight at the hospital. According to doctor someone need to be around with Abi, takut-takut dia kenek serangan lagi.

So I hv to bring Aqil to work from tomorrow onwards than send him to school at 1pm. Petang pulak the two girls will fetch him back from school.

Mudah-mudah semuanye akan berjalan dengan lancar dan Abi akan cepat sembuh.


rasp said...

sis, biasalah kan bos2 nie, bagi increment gaji plus work responsibilities *uwwwwaaaa*

neway, i hope ur bro & BIL will be much better soon... mesti Aqil suka datang opis with the mama dia kan... hehehehe mama dia lah yg nak fenin...takpe aqil good boy!!

moralle said...

Rasp, tu yg tak soka, gaji naik keja pun lagi naik, so stressed.

Me to hope my bro and BIL cepat-cepat lah sembuh.

My BIL if at hospital, I pun ikut-ikut susah jugak, Aqil tak de orang nak jaga. Lucky my boss ni understanding, if not terpaksa lah I take leave. Aqil mesti happy go lucky nyer dia, ibu nye yg fening fening....

Shopaholic Mama said...

so you were from Baxter? ubatnya mahal tau. fyi, my dad kena kidney failure for almost 10 years & the cost of the dialysis & medicine etc memang high. I think my brothers spent more than $100k throughout his illness but alhamdullilah, they took it as their responsibility as sons. I know how yr sis must be feeling. I pray for the best for them & your brother too..

Ceera said...


anak2 sedara akak nape??? dorang tak lawat mak pak dorang ker?

moralle said...

Mama, yup I was from Baxter for 8 yrs. It is very expensive, now cost of the dialysis je about 1500 per mth. My brother considered disabled so dapat jugak bantuan from few places but not the dialysis, that is the problem.

I salute my SIL, semangat dia as a wife really made me respect her.

moralle said...

Ceera, akak lagi very angry ngan dia orang. Bukan tak jenguk, tak de responsibility langsung towards the parents. Tunggu je masa yg tepat before they get it from busu dia ni.