Tuesday, July 1, 2008

BEEN BZ.................BUT CRAZY THOU

I hardly had the chance to blog today. I hv been bz with month end closing accounts and etc, etc, etc. Like a theft playing hide and seek. While working still desperado to blog hop. As usual boss disappeared a while, me will appeared to blog hop as fast as I can.

I used to blog freely everyday but not now, it seems that my boss had changed his routined and its very hard for me to except it, very very hard simply because I cannot blog freely ):

My only wished now is that I can hv a laptop ASAP so that I can blog from home without hassle. I'm lazy to blog from home because I hv to go in to the study room, log-in to the desktop, ohhhhhhh its very troublesome. When can I get my dream laptop ??????? so that I can blog freely from every corner of my house, ohhhhhhhhhh its really torturing me now, " ayahhhhhhhhhh, lalinggggggggg, lawkonggggggggg oh please please get me my laptop, am I going to get it on 19/7 or am I not ????????????? u hv asked me what brand, what colour I want, I'm still wondering if I'm going to hv it soon....................

I hv been typing and saving this entry since 3 hrs ago, keep receiving interruption from left, right, up and down.

Now my boss are out of the office, or should I say, left for the day, another 1hr for me to rush my entry and blog hop.

Posting pictures of my son Aqil with his new haircut , snap his pic while watching Ironman alone at the entertainment area yesterday night while the rest of us watching TV at the hall area.


rasp said...

Aqil is still handsome boy lah with the new hairdo... u kena ngendeng leh skit kat laling u for the next few days *ihiks* gud luck dearie..

moralle said...

He looks neater with shorter hair, hmmmm he asyik ask me which one I loike jerrrrr, bayang pun tak nampak lagi, cedih ):

Shopaholic Mama said...

Sis, dia dah tanya tu tanya ni, means almost nak dapat tu! Bawak bertenang, lagi 17 days aje. Kalau nak kasi yr hubby stress, you buat countdown terang2 paste kat rumah. Nak lagi stress, you buat petition, then we all sign. Lepas tu, you paste kat bantal dia! Remember, its Bloggers United! Kegembiraanmu, kegembiraan ku jua!

moralle said...

Mama, not bad good idea jugak eh, hmmmmmmmm should I do that, but he looks calm je tau, when I ask him u know what he says????? Tak habis-habis, nanti I chop-chop the $$$$$$$ for you, you go and buy ):

Very sakit hati kan, but its okay, 17 days je lagi kan, I just wait lah, if its good news, blog dulu I terjah, hehehe.