Friday, July 4, 2008

MY FRIDAY MORNING..............

The past few days are really foolished and iritating day for me.

This morning I'm so lazy to wake-up, drag myself to work and when I reached office I lagi felt bored.

Early morning someone iritate me and made me angry for nothing, si Pak Sapam.............

I had to arrange a parcel to Malaysia, Perak. Before that I need to check the cost for the shipment and advise my cutomer if they are agreeable with the cost. So I called OCS, I called thrice, someone pick-up the phone, but when I say HELLO, no one answer me.

Than I called another number, someone pick-up :

Me : Hello, OCS
Someone : Yes
Me : I want to send a parcel to Malaysia, i need to check the cost
Someone : Oh, who u want to meet
Me : No, not meet, I want to check cost of parcel to Perak, can u transfer to customer service
Someone : Oh, this is condominium
Me : What!!!!!!!!!! ok than, I got the wrong no, can you also next time listen carefully

So, bayangkan betapa bingit nye I pagi-pagi lagi dah kenek ngan Pak Sapam yg pekak.

Really too much right, cant get things right these few days. Lucky tomorrow is Friday, I really dont want to spoil my wkend..........


rasp said...

Sis, today is Friday dah! Yipppeee! bagi mood up skit!

moralle said...

Rasp, tu lah sebab, control mood je kat sini today, boss pun mood swing jugak today ):