Saturday, July 12, 2008

STILL TIRED.............

Happy happy Sat to all. I am still very tired , not enought rest yet.

This morning nearly missed my quarterly blood test. My lab test is at 10.20am, I woke up at 9.30am. Hubby forgot to set my alarm clock when he went to work this morning. He must have forgotten that I had lab appt this morning. I rushed to sent Arin to Madrasah than Kak Yana and Aqil followed me to the clinic. I arrived clinic just in time for my appt, and I dont hv to wait to long for my no. to be called. Finished all the lab test at 11.30am, bought roti prata for our late breakfast and went home.

Reached home, I hang the clothes that I had washed earlier when I left to the clinic than had my breakfast. Do a bit of housework here and there, at 1.45pm went out again to send Kak Yana and fetch Arin to Madrasah.

Now baru lah nak relaks kejap before I went out again to fetch Kak Yana at 5pm and after Maghrib nak visit my brother at his house.

WHAT I DID ON FRIDAY............

Me, hubby and Aqil went out at 9.30am to visit BIL at the hospital first. I tumpangkan my sis and his son cause she is going in the morning. My BIL will be discharge in the afternoon. Alhamdulillah he looks better but the operation is still not done yet, waiting for his scan results. Doctor found another lump outside his kidney beside his kidney stone problems. So next week he need to return back to AH for further investigations. Hopefully nothing serious.

Sinced we all belum breakfast, so we ajak my BIL skali to have breakfast with us at AH canteen. Not bad and cheap :)

We left AH at 11.45am and proceed to KK Hospital for Aqil check-up. As usual not crowded and the timing also just right. Appt at 12.20pm, we waited for 20mins only for doctor to c him. Alhamdulillah his lungs are cleared, heart beat ok, except for his blocked nose. Doctor are happy with his health. Next appointment was set for another 6months, Dec 26th 2008.

We left KK and fetched the girls at Newton MRT. The girls was at shcool in the morning than after school they went home to change and took MRT to meet us at Newton.

By the time we fetched the girls it was already 2pm. We are supposed to go to ICA to change the girls photo but realized that it cannot be done. Sinced S'pore implemented the Biometric passport, no photos are allowed to changed. Lucky SH commented on my entry on Thursday and informed me about this, if not I will be wasting my time to go there. 2 choices, leave it first as it is until they stamp on the girls passport to change as a warning or change both the girls passport to Biometric. We dicided to wait and c :)

After fetched the girls we went for lunch at Hajjah Mainmunah and went to TKC. Round and round the boutiques at TKC, ended we found something sweet and nice at FL2 for me and the girls. Than we hunt for hubby and Aqil baju kurung melayu. We found theirs to and all are completed. Alhamdulillah we got wat we wanted and I'm so happy we managed to find it on the same day. So dont hv to return again to TKC before or during Ramadhan.

One thing good about my gilrs, they are not fussy, just like the mommy :) As long as they like the colour, it suits them, than its settled.

Our mission had been accomplished, so after that we went walk-walk. We finished at TKC around 6pm, from TKC we went to EXPO centre a while, hubby want to pick-up our car Rd tax from our car agent, their office is at Bukit Timah but they hv exhibition at EXPO.

From EXPO we went to Suntec, me wanted to buy something there. Got what I wanted to buy at Suntec than we bought Char Kway and sit around at the Fountain of Wealth to relax while watching the fountain show. Not bad, very nice, frankly speaking its my first time watching it. Ha ha ha, what a Singaporean I am.

Its already 8.30pm, all of us dah very tired. We went home from Suntec but before that had our dinner at Woodlands Transit. Ate our late dinner than went home. We reached home almost 10.30pm.

Almost more than 12hrs we have been out sinced morning, break record hubby says, its really very tiring, and till today I m still feeling very tired and lethargy.


Ceera said...

mana tak penat. banyak nau aktiviti akak nie ha...

rasp said...

wah...very bz day for you kan, sbb tu very tired... sunday have a gooooood rest b4 going to work on monday...aaaarrrgghhh work!!!

Shopaholic Mama said...

wow, that was a loooooonnnnnggggg day for you! Tapi you enjoy kan? Dapat shopping ape!

I managed to change the kids passport on that very last day 31 Aug 2007 even thou ICA dah kasi warning via letter. You can imagine so many kids at ICA coz Teacher's Day holiday & semua pun nak tukar their pics - typical Sporeans last minute last day baru nak buat!

moralle said...

Ceera, since dah on leave, ape lagi yang, banyak lah nak kenek rancang, tu pun ade yg tak habis lagi :)

moralle said...

Hi Rasp, very tired sangat, memang Sunday tak de rancangan ke mana pun, rest and relaxs at home jerrrrr :)

moralle said...

Mama, ape yg di hajati dah di kecapi, *Ihiks*, I dont need to be bz body at Geylang during Ramadhan.

Aqil 2 change his Passport photo in Sept 07, I think that is the last date kan. Geram, hubby can forget, lucky u gave a tinkle, if not sia-sia gi sana unless I want to change their passport to Biometric lah. But wait sampai kenek warning, hehehe.