Thursday, May 8, 2008

THE BAKING MOOD IS BACK...............

I love baking & cooking, I love it because my family loves my baking & cooking :)

Its been almost 2 months I didnt try any new recipe. I was browsing through Aunty Yochana's blog few days ago n found a choc cake which looks superlicious. When she posted the recipe yesterday, I pun ape lagi, call my daughter and ask them to go to supermarket to buy for me the ingredients yg tak de at home. Its called Warm Molten-Centred Chocolate cake. Its superb, very simple and nice to eat.

By the time hubby came back at 10pm, I hv finished baking and just nice for him to hv his supper, coffee and choc cake. So all 5 of us hv a late supper, choc cake. The kids sanggup tunggu cause nak makan the cake panas-panas. Its nice to eat when its hot cause in the centre ade chocolate. So lets c how it looks like :)
The Ingredients

C the inside, there is a melt choc inside


rasp said...

melts in my mouth not in my hands huh!! *sungguh lazat especially when baked out of lots & lots of love ;)

*ayat my son slalu guna for me

moralle said...

Rasp, choc is a favourite at home, memang lazat kalau kite ikhlas untuk orang-orang yg disayang kan.

Aien cute said...

wah... sedapnya kak! tertelan air liur lynn ngok cupcake tu. Lynn nak kak? yummy... yum.. yum... sedapnya! kempunan ar ngok kek akak nie.

pos ar kat sini nak rasa bangat! nanti kalau ada masa lynn ngan iera dapat pi sana tolong wat kan untuk lynn boley... :(

"nak sangat...!"

moralle said...

Lynn, cian nye, okey akak promise when u gals are here I will bake specially for u n the gang okie. Tapi bila lah agaknye kan, nanti kempunan pulak adik akak ni :)