Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I kan dah cakap, If I hv time I surely will update lah blog I yg tak seberape ini, well good enough for frens who knows me and who wants to read :)

Quick update before I go to sleep bebeh!!!!!!!!!!!!

K, If u all read my entry yesterday, I m supposed to go for course on Wed & Thurs. But am I forgetful, my god, getting older right, or am I to bz till I forgot the actual date for the course.

This morning I reached office as usual, bz here n there, than when I was about to go out to the bank at abt 9.15am to settle TR, TT and cash out the workers 1/2 mth salary, I received a phone call from EON the training provider, and here it goes :

My briefed conversation with Agnes (from EON)

"Mdm Mariah, are you coming down to SMU for the course"
"Oh when, today? I thought the course is tomorrow"
"No mam, the course is today, 13th and 14th"
'Oh my god, oh I'm sorry I overlooked on the date'
"Its ok, can u rush down now to SMU and be there by 10.30am"
"Whatttt, I dont think I can make it, with the heavy traffic in the morning, even if take a cab there, I can only reach SMU by 10.45 or later.
"What if I change to another date, is it possible, or if I arrive there late will I get the cert for the course"
"Mam if u change the date, its consider cancel and we will charge 80% of the course fee for cancelation and if u really cannot make it by 10.30, no certificate will be given cause attendance is at least 75%.
"No I dont want that to happen, I do want the certificate, its important for me, well I think I will try to rush there and would appreciate very much if you can help me with the cert"
"Ok mam, I will try my best to help u and will talk to the trainer"

So, dah huha huha with the lady, I pun packed all my things, get help from my technician to send me to nearest taxi stand. I left my car at the office, will go back to office to pick up my car after the course. I took a cab from Sembawang MRT taxi stand to SMU, and $18.00 terbang for nothing kan. Luckily tak jam pulak, so I reached there just in time at 10.30am.

When I reached there, everyone was having tea break, and I pun ape lagi joint sekaki, rushing nye pasal sampai kelaparan. After tea break, I pun introduced myself yg star karat ni to all the candidates and the rest of the day was fun, new frens, group discussions during the course, and so on.........

Well itulah yg berlaku pada ku hari ini, but what to say, bukan sengaja I lupa kan, ini semua tak di sengajakan.

Okay lah, I pun nak bobok and will blog about my course when I m back in the office on Thursday. N I apologized cause tak sempat nak visit all yr blog, will do it when I hv time tomorrow night okay, tata titi tutu.


Shopaholic Mama said...

Well done, Sis. you made it walau $18 melayang. If not, pay 80% cancelation fee lagi not worth it. But SMU location not bad, dekat Plaza Singapura - boleh window shop jap!

rasp said...

Wah! I baca pun dah rasa tired! Bravo coz managed to sampai on time. *clap clap* :D

moralle said...

Mama, $18 bugs I managed to claim back from company, hehehe.
2 days course and I dont hv time shopping, oh my oh my, rugi nye tak dapat shopping, tapi tak pe lah, I'll do my shopping kat Batam je lah.

Rasp, lucky tak jam lah yang, normally that route will be heavy traffic, alhamdullilah arrive on time.

Ceera said...

lor, camne leh salah tu kak oi... takpe la, biasa memang gitu... bukan pasal tua ok.. saya pun cam2 gak apa.. hehe..

tapi nasib baik orang tu call kan, kalau tak lagi haru...

moralle said...

Ceera, agaknye dah terlalu bz sampai tak ingat lah, tu lah sebab nasib baik they all call, if not abih lah kenek maki ngan boss, dah bayar lagi.