Friday, May 2, 2008


My feeling this morning is like the title lah tu, but before I really make my own decision, my boss sms early morning at 7am, "once u r in the office, make sure you prepare all documents that I need first thing in the morning" alehhhhhhhhhhh, leceh betul lah, I almost forgot I need to pass him an urgent documents, so i draggggggggg myself to work this morning ): but ok lah, only 1 day kan, tomorrow dah pun wkend.

Thought of going to the Post Office today but Opel is used by my boss, looks like I hv to tunda again my parcel to Malaysia.



Labour day was great for me, really great, mak soka sangat, "Shopper Mama I went to Taka" c what I grab there. We actually planned to go out early morning to have breakfast and jalan-jalan, but suma sedap membongkang sleep, ended we have breakfast at home, hubby went out early, I dont know what time, to buy roti prata from the best Bai Sarbat stall at Woodlands. When I woke up breakfast is ready, so we all tukang santap je, hehehe.

The roti prata from Sarbat

We went out about 10.30am, first destination to Causeway Point dulu, hubby bought for kak Yana new sim card for her HP from starhub n school shoes for the girls.

Tengok ape dua branak ni!!!!!!!!

Aqil training for F1

From causeway Point, we went to Orchard Road, still early so not so crowded, its like ages I tak jalan-jalan at Orchard Road, dont really suka lah, very crowded most of the times, unless I want to get something branded, hehehe. I hv a few things in mind to get, but so sad, 1 of it I didnt get, always camni when it comes to buying a shoe, no sizeeeeeeeee je, fed-up. Actually the shoe I want is Guess Wedges, its the last season nye stock, S$94.00, but size pulak tak de, I recky OG and Robinson, both places tak de. Well bukan rezki I agaknye, sad jugak, but what to do, hubby suggest we search for it at other places this wkend.

I managed to get my perfume from Robinson, not expensive but I loike the smell, fruity tutty lorrr, sweet jeeee.

And we went to Takashimaya, I wanted to get something from there. I saw it, its the latest model, I pilih-milih, try merai, until sale girl pun agaknye boring kot, but who cares, before I decided on it I must make sure I like it right. Until hubby came back from the gents, I still hv not make any decision, at last hubby says "Ibu take je yg u hold tu, nice, ayah pay ok, its advance mothers' day presey for you" dengar tak suka ke??? terus confirm with the Sale girl to take a new pair for me. Ohhhhhhhhhhh I love u soooooooooo much ayah, thanks for the gift, muachhhhhhh muachhhhhhhhhh. Yang paling I soka, selamat my $$$$$$$$$, hehehehe.

GUESS COUNTER, the newest range from Guess, black & gold, guess which one I bought??

Ku lagi keriangan
Posing outside Taka before we chow

Senyum simpul from Aqil

Sempat bought Old Chang Kee, for alas perut

After Taka, we pun ingat nak blah, dah penat seyyyyyyy, its already 2.30pm and we have not taken our lunch yet. The girls nak eat kat Al Ameen at Bukit Timah, than kite pun proceed ke sana. BTW, the girls and Aqil didnt really buy anything, Aqil only bought Transformer key chain, soka sangat dia, Arin bought quarter slim pants, Yana bought perfume, she tak de mood nak beli yg lain. Baguslah jugak kakak, save duit ibu, hehehe. Sempat the girls usik ibunye, "ibu happy sey dapat present".

Since its already late afternoon, we ordered simple seafood for our late lunch. With these lunch I dont hv to cook dinner lah, mesti penat by the time we reach home nanti.
Kesian ayah, lapar kot, muka nye semacam je

Ibu rasa kenyang cause dah dapat present :)

The drinks, Star fruit juice for me, Dinasour Ice Milo for Aqil & kakYana, Godzilla Ice Milo for Arin, hubby biase lah teh Halia

Simple lunch, Chilli Lala, Kangkong goreng belacan, telur dadar n Stingray bakar

Close-up Chilli Lala & Stingray bakar

We reached home at 5.30, very tired, the girls relaxs dulu before they study, lucky its only CPA paper on Friday, they hv the wkend to study other papers for next week.


The chosen bag, S$159.90

Kak Arin posing for ibu

Me and hubby plan to go in to JB to pump petrol, its already 3/4 tank, so at 9.30pm we went in. Singapore clear, happy lah my hubby, but ya allah, from JB to Singapore jam macam nak rak, we r stuck for 2hrs and reached home at 11.30pm

Last pose from my man, penutup tabir my entry ni, oh photo snap by Aqil, budak kecik yg tak tau penat, dari pagi sampai malam tak tidur jugak.

Ohhhhhhhhhh panjang sungguh entry ni, but kata nak story mory kan, so I story mory lah what I did during the holiday. Really telling stories ni, no short cut okayyyyyyyyy.



Shopaholic Mama said...

wah best betul, labour day dapat present from boss at home! I've been to Taka 3 times the last 2 weeks but still tak puaslah.

moralle said...

Mama, tak puas shopping kat sana?? I masuk Taka kepala dah fening n fusing lorrr, I think it will be better during the wkdays kan, hmmm to bad I'm soooooooo far dear, if not kite sama kot, hehehehe.

Ceera said...

besnya dapat hadiah... dah dapat hadiah, perut terus dilupakan... rasa kenyang ajer, sama la kita kak oi, hehe..

moralle said...

Ah ah lah yang, rasa kenyang je kan, bila dah sedar diri rasa lapar lah pulak, hehehe, maknanye tak cukup lagi kan.

Blushwax said...

Bestnyer Mothers day dpt hadiah! Hehe...reading all these posts about shopping is making me itchy. Tangan dah gatal ni....nak keluar duit! Ehehehe.

moralle said...

Hi Raf, memang best kan kalau shopping n lagi no need to use yr own money, hehehe. Go ahead lah, over the wkends pun sana sini on sale, gerammmm banget.

rasp said...

best kan yang dapat hadiah, tak kira lah murah/mahal, it's the thoughts tat counts.. bertambah2 lagi kasih sayang cinta sejati tu..hehehehe..

Ted said...

bestnye dpt hadiah!! mesti sis tersenyum simpul aje kan..ngee :D

moralle said...

Rasp, betul what u says tu, no matter what its the thoughts that counts, and at that point of time when I was still thinking if I want to buy that bag or not, adelah pulak orang tu nak tolong belikkan, so mak soka lah kan, bertambah lah kasih sayang yg dah di semai bertahun-tahun, hehehe.

Hi Ted, senyum simpul sampai terkehel kejap, anak-anak perli ibunye semacam je, tapi terharu tak sangka, cepat pulak dapat mothers' day present this year.