Friday, May 23, 2008


Its Friday, its supposed to be a happy go lucky day for everyone out there cause tomorrow is the weekend. Long waiting day for all.

For me, its wrecking day at the office today, my moods for the wkends had been destroyed ):

Anyway walau ape-pun, only 1/2 day left, i will stay strong till end of today and will chow from this office at exactly 5.30pm.

Wkends no major plans, most probably will be at the hospital visiting my brother yg masih lagi dalam keadaan yg still not stable.

Looks like I will not serbu the GSS which had started today, not in the mood this wk. To my dear fren SM, enjoy yr shopping spree laling.



Ted said...

sis moralle...relaxx..take it easy ok..hopefully thing will back to normal InsyaAllah... :)

Anonymous said...

hi sweetie ;)
hope everything will be fine very soon..take a deeeeeep breath..

moralle said...

Ted, thanks dear, too stressful with lots of things going on, hopefully, next wk will be better, hv a great wkend.

Hi Rillys, thanks dear, hv a great wkend, cheerssssss.

Shopaholic Mama said...

Sis, how is you brother's condition now? any better?

anyway, you no need to rush for GSS. Still got 8 weeks left. No hurry. I went 1st day, like mendak aje. Takde mood pulak thou I still shop jugaklah sikit2 aje, kasi mood naik!

moralle said...

Salam Saturday mama, my brother condition still the same, no major improvement on him.

I cant be thinking of shopping right now, serabut jugak my mind, insyaallah hopefully things will get better next week, thanks again dear.

nasazfrog... said...

hai kak update ler,,, kak bile kite nak jumper nih,,, jauh ker??

moralle said...

Hi Nasaz, macam dekat tapi jauh gitu kan. When i visit my sister nanti kite plan jumpa k