Thursday, May 15, 2008

I M BACK TODAY...............

Today back in the office after 2 days out at SMU. Try u all semua imagine, walaupun 2 days only, imagine the workload................ n let me know, hehehe.

I dont even hv time to eat lunch, just 1 pc of leftover bread that I had for breakfast. Tengok keja yg overloaded my hunger for food pun tak da lah.

Reach office this morning rushing things here & there, went out to the bank to settle things, and now still bz like mad. I dont even hv time to call my son Aqil this morning before he go to school. I always call him and talk to him over the phone at least 10 or 15 mins before he go to school. Nanti sure he will be angry with me cause Umi called earlier and says that Aqil today go school ngambek, maknanye merajuk gitu lah.

Short brief of the course : The course I attended yesterday was good, very good I should say, I hv learned lots of things that are related to my job & responsibilites to the company. Things like Identify yr position, staying proactive, Task orientation skills like planning, organising, leading and controlling. People skills, understanding yrself and others (I loike this part), well this is part of the course outline, there r lots of other topics related to the role of Aministrator that was discussed.

It was fun thou, the group discussion, role play, games and last but not least the trainer itself.

Alrite, now I hv to rush back to work, still lots of pending works, what time agaknye I can leave office today ):



rasp said...

Welcome back to the ofis and the blogging world!! after gi course normally kita rasa bersemangat balik kan and we learned so many new things.. life is a learning process.

moralle said...

Rasp, yes yes betul tu, tapi yg tak best bz macam nak rak, tu yg I tak loike ):