Tuesday, May 20, 2008

MY TUESDAY..........HOW'S YRS?????

Happy Tuesday to all, today back to work, now I felt like taking MC ):

Today not a good day for me, its all concerning work. My boss not in a good mood, wake-up from the wrong side of the bed I think, myself worst, lagi no mood, I m sooooooooooo bz, like everything are urgent today, my colleague are also not in a good mood. So today office is really moody moody day. If everyone is looking moody and bored, the best thing is to go and c doctor to take MC, am I right ??????

I hv lots to update during the wkends and holiday, will download the photo first and will update slowly , may be later on when I dah feel good sikit. The MC, c how dulu, if the moody situation continues, besok I nak take MC for sure, I cant handle this type of peoples. Thou just had a course on how to handle human related issues, but susah banget ni, myself pun I tak leh nak handle lagi.


rasp said...

Hey morning sis! bestnye kan if leh mc, nak gak lah! *ahaks* Bila coti lelama ni mmg very lazy nak start then bila workload byk lagi malas + surrounding yg moody ..adui.. terus feel yucks khaann..

Take care ya!! Jgn lupa load gambar jenjalan... i loike!

Shopaholic Mama said...

kabare Sis, gimana sih Batam? cepatan update dong! nggak sabar ni!

moralle said...

Hi Rasp, a very good afternoon to you. Kalau boleh skarang jugak nak chow amik MC, tak feeling ah moody-moody atmosphere ni.

Mama, the picture dont look like u,hehehe, tapi saya ngerti kok, kamu udah mood shopping ya, tukar gambar segala sih. Anyway, Batam was okay, but I tak dapat belik the cheap "Kotek", no time lah.