Monday, June 30, 2008


Updates on the weekends activities. I'll start with my dag dig dug feelings.

I had made arrangement to meet someone on Sat night. Venue confirmed at ASEANA restaurant, Danga Bay Johor Bahru. I've passed by Danga Bay almost often but this is my 2nd time stopping at Danga Bay.

Morning of Sat as usual very bz sending the kids to Madrasah, going to the market and fetch the kids back from Madrasah. I'm very excited since morning, preparing gifts make sure all in order, hehehe.

At 5.30 off we went to JB. I was very dissappointed with Singapore Immigration. Woodlands custom very heavily congested, the jam started from expressway all the way to the custom, from Marsiling MRT, masyaallah teruk betul lah. Looking at it, we all pun proceed to 2nd Link at Tuas. Actually dah expected Tuas also will be heavily congested, but if we continue to queue at Woodlands, we might be stuck there for hours.

Guess what??????? Tuas was also bad, the gueue started before the bridge, well what can we do, we had no choiced. We reached Tuas at 6.05pm, cleared only at 8pm. Malaysia custom very clear, sikit pun tak jam. Goodness, I was very angry betul lah. Already very far using Tuas Checkpoint, the toll pun very expensive, lucky I'm only thinking about meeting my dearie frens, if not I will not continue with it, patah balik lah nampaknye. I salute betul with my hubby, dia yg begitu panas baran, but that night he cool aje, he knows this appointment is important for me, and I really appreciate his support walaupun I knew he was very tired, after worked still need to layan the jam and all. "Thanks ayah for yr understanding, love u muachhhhhhhhs......".

Bored to death stuck for 2 hrs at Tuas Chkpoint, hubby tired, Aqil take over the steering while ayah relaks a while, gaya dan pose from Aqil while driving

I was supposed to meet them at 7.30, but I sms them to changed it to 8pm instead. At the end I reached Danga Bay at 8.30pm. Felt ashamed jugak first time jumpa tak tepati masa, but they knew pun I bukan nye sengaja kan dearies..........

I'm meeting............. rasp AND ted. I've met Ted last wkend and this wk kite meet again. Both of us knew that Rasp in coming down to JB with hubby and Sapphire for short holiday, so kite pun beria-ia betul wants her to meet us. Surprisingly Rasp agreed to meet us.

Tak sangka, Rasp yg tak pernah kite lihat di blog, ooooooo orangnye ahem ahem. She looks like Arab, very fair sangat, hubby and Sapphire pun putih-putih belaka. Macam family Arab lah pulak. Both wife and husband very friendly, macam kite dah kenal lama gitu. Ted second time meeting her pun dah macam old buddy, hubby nye pun dah rancak betul with my hubby and Rasp hubby. Looking at the guys berbual mesra, macam its their occasion pulak that night not ours, hahaha.

Dinner at ASEANA was good, oh its was Tod and Ted who paid the dinner that night. Me malu jugak, I hve 2 grown up kids, four of us ordered individual serving while Rasp and Hubby tak makan pun. They had eaten before they meet us. Ted next time we return back to ASEANA my treat pulak okkkkk ........ :)

Chit chat chit chat, tak sadar its almost 10pm, Sapphire and Ned dah rengek-rengek nak sleep. Kesian two babies ni, according to Rasp, Sapphire suka golek-golek dulu before she goes to sleep, and of course lah she tak feel comfortable that night, dah ngantuk sangat agaknye. Ned pun dah ngantuk sampai mengamuk-ngamuk jugak. Rasp make a move first back to hotel just before 10pm. My hubby with Tod still talking and talking while Ned kesiannye dah ngantuk sangat. We parted about 10.15.

The meeting with the 2 bloggers was very memorable occasion, they are peramah and their hubby are peramah to, I really felt happy that night, tak sangka orang yg kite tak pernah jumpa selama ini, we interacts and communicates through blogging for few mths and we met on 28/6/2008.

Some of the photos taken, I've asked permission from Rasp to post her picture in this entry, she has given me her permission, so this will be her 1st photo in the blog for bloggers who wanted to c how she looks like. Rasp I'm really honoured to be the first one to post yr pic here in my blog.......... :)

To Shopper-Mama, as I had promised, this is specially for u, it will be more fun if you can joint us that night.

RASP, Hubby and Sapphire

Here we are, at ASEANA Danga Bay, Moralle, Rasp and Ted

The kids, Yana and Sapphire, Ned, Me and Family

To Rasp and Ted, thanks for the wonderful evening dearies and thanks for the advance bday gift and gifts for my kids, my kids love it soooooooooo much.... :)


:: p R i n c E s S _ N :: said...

beshnyerr jmpe blogger....

moralle said...

N, memang best kan jumpa bloggers, fun gitu, lagi-lagi if they are ramah mesra :)

Ted said...

hi sis!! such a wonderful nite kan!!
i lum smpat nak update my blog lagi.. cookies begawan solo tu sooo yummmy!!! :)

Shopaholic Mama said...

tks so much for the special entry (kalahkan edisi majalah Manja!) & the pics. so happy for you guys to meet! now I nak kacau Sis Rasp pulak! I dont think I will go JB pun coz my hubby tak sanggup merentangi the jam etc!

moralle said...

Ted, Yup its wonderful and memorable, glad u love the cookies....cepat-cepat update k, agak-agak sis Rasp dah sampai KL tak??????

moralle said...

Mama, specially for you tu, kenek ask permission lagi tau from Rasp, lucky she agreed spontaneously. They are wonderful bloggers.

Memang tak kuasa if thinking about the jam all that, but what to do, my sis pun kat sana, so nak tak nak kenek lah jugak, n my Lancer pun nak kenek minum JB nyer petrol, hehehe.

BTW, so when is our meeting session, specially for Raps and Ted pualk :)

rasp said...

sis, it's 11pm 30 june..reached home around 6.30pm tadi.. hati tak sabar nak read ur blog *ihiks* but of coz reality checks kena unpack and layan my kids yg tak ikut tu semua dah sleep i apalagi.. on je lah internet..

lovely2 meeting u guys..tapi mmg rasa tak puas lah, with baby merengek and all, cemburu tgk hubbys kita semua berbual kan..i hope one day we'll meet hubby sends his regards to ur hubby..

the cookies are superlicious! nasib baik sempat amik pics sblum habis *ihiks* & tqs for minnie too...

esok probly i update! nite2 now!

moralle said...

Hi Rasp, alhamdulillah u all dah sampai KL, mesti banyak nak unpack kan, yg shopping-shopping lagik, hehehe. Cian yg lain tu mesti windu ngan u n hubby. Next time I must c them to.....

Ape nak buat yang, nanti Sapphire dah besar sikit dah alrite lah tu, she is cute, geram tengok. My hubby kalau kenek kaki memang rancak lah bual, tak ingat sapa yg nak meet sapa, hahaha. Insyaallah I convey his regards to my hubby.

I m sorry dear, dont know what to buy for yr kids, so I hope yr other kids dapat rasa the cookies to.

Cepat-cepat update k, tak sabor.

Shopaholic Mama said...

Sis, Insya Allah, if I go Causeway Point, nanti I mayday2 you ok since you are staying nearby there kan. In fact, wats so funny is that, my close frens all staying in Woodlands & Admiralty but we all seldom meet, only calls & sms only. Only me at eastern side.

moralle said...

Mama, ok I will be waiting and waiting till the day come, really want to meet u, sedih tau, I can meet far blogger but no chance to meet u yet ):