Monday, June 30, 2008


Hubby was supposed to work on Sunday, but he took M/C.

Early morning he went out, need to report to work first and take medical chit to c doctor. He reached home about 10am, thought he bought breakfast for us yg lagi sedap tidur, huru hara di buatnye, semua kenek bangun. We are going out to hv lunch and go walk-walk.

Woke up, hubby help me with the house chores, vacumm and wash clothes. We did together-gether while the kids get the school things ready for Monday. All these have to be completed before we go out, if not balik dah penat semua nak mengamuk nanti.

I intent to survey some furnitures at IKEA so we had our lunch at Anchorpoint. We wanted to eat Nasi Ayam at Brickworks but its closed, so we ate at Signature Banquet. Alahai, ingatkan like the normal banguet, memang very signature, few benches and only one stall selling few dishes, Nasi Briyani, pratas and wontan noodles only. The kids and hubby ate rice while me ate the Wanton noodles, hmmmm its nice thou.

After lunch we went to IKEA, survey here and there, decided on this and that. We had few things in mind, but not going to buy it now, may b before Hari Raya.

From IKEA we went to Causeway Point. Hubby had promised Aqil to go to TIMEZONE. Enjoy sakan the kids at Timezone, while I snap-snap their photos.

Oh ya I bought BEARD PAPA Cream puff. The counter had just opened at CP. Very the niceeeeeeeee, I loike it, not like the normal cream puff, this is much much better in taste, the cream is so smooth like ice-cream okayyyy, the kids and hubby love it to.


rasp said...

ooooooo jadi juga hubby amik MC ek.. *ihiks*

i pun looove cream puff...nak skit...

moralle said...

Hi laling, u r back, hw's yr journey back????

Yup hubby MC lorrr on Sunday, member malas nak work, so mem happy dapat gi jenjalan.

Beard Papa cream puff memang sodap, lain dari yg lain, I think they hv it to in KL right???