Sunday, June 8, 2008

MY WKENDS..............

Morning of Saturday was bz with housework. Woke up quite late also on Saturday, the whole day I watched TV with the kids while waiting for hubby to come back at 4pm.

By the time hubby came back, me and the kids are ready, we waited for daddy to bath and get ready. At 4.45pm sharp we went out. We dah janji with Umi and her family to meet them at Suntec City.

Aqil lagi merajuk nak tukar shoe, at first he wear shoe than nak tukar to sandal

When we reached Suntec, we had to parked our car at Suntec convention centre, parking at the cinema was fulled. As usual, ramai orang sana-sini, sales still on here and there.

Harus lah posed jugak kat Suntec

Since it is still early, janji Umi at 6.30, so kite jalan-jalan kat Suntec. I went in to Guess boutique, C & K but never buy anything. Its already 5.45 so macam kelam-kabut, I just tengok-tengok only. At convention centre ade sale near the entrance, IORA sales, office wear, casual pun ade. I tak go near pun the sale, dah tak de time, we need to walk from convention centre to the Cinema, quite a walking distance.

When we reach the other building of Suntec where the Cinema was, its already 6.30pm. We reached there but Umi is not there yet, received called from her, she's on the way, but Mastura her daughter is already there. I called Mastura to ask her to meet me at the Cinema entrance.

Me, Mastura, Arin and Yana

Waited and waited, Umi reached at 7.05pm. Show start at 7.20pm. Kelam kabut Abi (BIL), collect the goodies. Nachos with cheese, drinks, Hotdog bun and Popcorn.

Abi told us, seating kite berpecah, we are not sitting together, the guys sits at Hall 4, the ladies at Hall 3. Tak syokkk nye, but what to do, the tickets was issued differently.

Overall, the movie Indiana Jones was good, I loike the movie, but not hubby and the kids. Aqil told me "Ibu Aqil dont like to watch Indiana Jones, I want to watch Transformer" "Okay next time we watch Transformer again okayyyyy"

gedik time, my sis, me and my 2 niece

Bergambar after the movie, going down the escilator

After the show, we all janji to meet at Al Ameen to hv late dinner, since kite park at different place, so kite janji to meet there.

On the way back to the carpark at Convention centre, I saw that IORA sales tu belum close lagi, so I sempat jugak lah belek-belek and dapat lah jugak merembat 2 pcs of simple blouse . Hubby dah mengomel suruh cepat, so I tak sempat nak try, main amik je size than pay. I paid $39.00 for 2 blouse, murah kan.

Al Ameen pun on Saturday betul-betul crowded, nasib baik jugak we dapat tempat duduk, order gedebak gedebuk, makan makan and we all pun chow. We reached home at 11.45pm.

Tak de kejo, posing while waiting for the foods
Aqil, Nizam and Nisha

Sunday, I'm at home, tak de plan to go anywhere, hubby pun work. As usual, woke-up, wash clothes, cooking, bersih itu dan ini sampai lah ke pukul 1.30. Just nice for me to watch ulang tayang Sinetron "Cinta Fitri" which I tak de chan nak watch on Sat night.

After watching "Cintra Fitri", I watch DVD, "Ayat-Ayat Cinta", best nye the story, u all watch already ???, should watch its nice movie.

My fren Ana, called this morning while I'm still sleeping nak pass me the DVD, she's on the way to the market. I told her okay lah jugak since I pun belum belik the DVD.

The movie was good, so touch and so sad. No wonder my sis suruh I bring my kids to watch it, but until now tak pegik jugak, so layan DVD je at home.

Now I layan update blog pulak. I'm afraid tomorrow I had no time to update or blogging, I kan dah cuti since Friday, biaselah kerja mesti berlambak.

Okay lah, now nak pi salot magrib than nak layan "Cinta Fitri" lagi at 8pm.

Selamat bekerja to u all semua on Monday, no blues blues ok, ceriakan hari Monday u all dengan penuh senyuman :) and insyaallah to me toooooo.........


Ceera said...

bestnye weeken akak... saya duk umah je, hoho... bosan nak mamposssssssssssssss...

wah, gambar gediks harus ada untuk blogger kan, =P

rasp said...

looks like u had a great fun weekend! yippee! Sempat shopping lagik tu... berposing itu wajib!

Best ek crite "ayat2 cinta".. leh cari kat kl if dah ada...

u too have a great monday and hopefully will be colorful not blues *ahaks*

:: p R i n c E s S _ N :: said... besh jerkk citerr sis tgk 2...nk watch jgk..layannn....

Anonymous said...

Indiana Jones?sy da tgk..
x fhm la cite tu..siap tdo dlm pggung lagi..heehehehe

moralle said...

Hi Ceera, kalau ade activities memang lah best, kalau tak sama gak, mendak kat umah je, tak slalu pun wkend kite went out, kalau ade occasions je, if not prefer to stay at home.

Gambar tu nak ajar my sister bergedik :)

moralle said...

H Rasp, the wkends was wonderful, spending with sis n anak-anak sdara. Shopping tu pulak dengan tak sengaja :)

"Ayat-ayat Cinta" best banget, u should watch with yr kiddos.

moralle said...

N, to me Indiana Jones best, ayat-ayat cinta pun best sesangat. U should find time to watch, cheersss.

Nemo, kan best the movie, akak suka tengok this kind of movie, u tidur camna nak follow the whole story, hehehe.