Thursday, June 5, 2008


Ayooooooo want to sign in to my blog also very difficult leh today, boss in the office, no chance to blog hop and pot pet.

Yesterday free but today bz. Like he knows I spent more time blogging than working. We did minor changes for the sitting position last week in the offfice cause we have new girl to join us. Me sitting next to him, not very near, quite a distance. My sitting position n my boss are the same, so my boss can c what I do on my PC. Very no shiokkkk like this, no privacy. But I doubt he can c properly cause his eyesight is not so good and he is not wearing spectacle :)

This is our sitting position, me on the left, sempat snap pic for u all to c

Now he is out for lunch, I kelam kalibut update my blog :) He is coming back laterrrrrrrr.

I will be on leave tomorrow, not going anywhere, will be at home with the kids, spending time with them.

If I'm not lazy, I will blog from home, if not sampai jumpa on Monday, cheerssssssss.............. "HAPPY WKEND"


rasp said...

Sis, jgn sesekali rekomenkan boss u to beli specs tau :D u tak lunch ke?

Neway, have a great time with your family, enjoy your holiday and have a happy weekend!!!

Shopaholic Mama said...

Understood Sis. kalau you tak bersuara, it means your boss is in!
Also, dgr cakap Sis Rasp - Never ever recommend boss pakai glasses, biarkan dia potek terus!!

Haha, Bloggers UNITED!

moralle said...

Hi Rasp, of course I will never recommend nanti I susah, hehehe, being selfish.

I just came back frm lunch, tak makan pun, window shopping je, but bought tahu panas, shokkkk makan tahu panas ujan-ujan ni :)

U 2 have a great wekend.

moralle said...

Caya lah mama, bloggers UNITED okeyyyyyyy.

For the glasses, no worries, i shut my mouth since day 1 he told me something is wrong with his eyesight, hahaha :)

Mommy Lily said...

Yey ! My boss is not in also.

Tapi kalau dia ada pon i blogging gakk..cuma tkde la sehebat kalau dia tk ada. anyway, blogging kt umah tk best sgt tk mcm kt ofis kan..ngeh ngeh

moralle said...

Mommy, memang tepat skali, kat rumah hmmmmm ade je lah yg nak di lakukan, nak pegang PC pun tak sempat, kalau kat opis, lagi-lagi boss tarak, ooooooooo hebat gilerrrrr.

Ted said...

sis..jaga2 sket..skali gitew ur boss pkai contact lense tak ckp dgn u....ayoo big problem tau.
so fast meh u weekend!?? yg jeles ni! neway enjoy ur weekend n keep on posting! ngeee :D